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Review #1, by adluvshp 

29th March 2011:
aww this made me cry :( i loved fred.



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Review #2, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

24th March 2011:
So much Death, So much destruction, but alas such is the price of war.

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Review #3, by In The Shadows I Dwell 

22nd August 2010:
Before actually reading the many fics in this collab I never paid much consideration into Lee, however, then again, before reading this fic I never considered how strong the Fred - George - Lee friendship was. And looking back on it, it's clear that it was very strong, from the beginings of Fred and George's joke shop, from idea to the actual store itself until the battle. It is clear that the friendship is likely to have faced many trials which it managed to survive, and yet I never paid it a thought, how horrible I feel now!

I particularly love the strength you've given him, taking the death of one of his best friends and transforming it into a strength, fighting for him rather than allowing his death to stop them. It was really moving and touching at the same time that he could even get George to do this!

Such a lovely piece despite the sad moments, be sure to keep up the wonderful work!

- Ashlee

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Review #4, by blueirony 

28th June 2010:
Lee was almost overshadowed by the twins in the book. But with this piece, I think you brought him to life and made him a real character, one that we can all sympathise and empathise with.

I loved you showed the relationship between him and the twins and, more importantly, the strength of it. But you also made sure to show that there was a special bond between the twins that Lee could not penetrate.

This was really sad, but it was just really nice to see how close Lee was with the twins and how much they meant to him.

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Review #5, by theelderwand 

28th June 2010:
Wow. I've got somthing in my eye...

This was perfection. Your descriptions were fabulous:

"Lee himself swayed, and barely kept his feet. He saw Fred and George as they were knocked flying, turning almost graceful rotations in the air as they arced downwards, condemned by gravity. They landed beside each other, in a redheaded heap on the debris-strewn floor of the hall."

Its amazing how you got into Lee's head and, basically summarized his entire relationship with the twins from start to finish - and underscored how important their attitudes toward life were and are.

The end was stupendous and emotional.

Great work!


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