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Review #1, by slytherinchica08 

30th March 2011:
I really liked how you incorperated the colors of all the different spells and feelings through out the piece it kind of tied it all together in a different way then just the war. I liked seeing this from someones pov that we dont really know it gives you the freedom to do whatever with the character and it would still fit in. This was a great idea i enjoyed it. Great Job.


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Review #2, by adluvshp 

29th March 2011:
Ohk. this was abrupt but very very touching.

well-written again.


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Review #3, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

24th March 2011:
Well written and interesting POV. YAY you! now off to the next chapter..

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Review #4, by Jazzeh Turnip 

22nd August 2010:
Wow. Who knew colours could be so powerful?

I feel kind of annoyed that from this fic Remus died trying to save this kid, and he dies anyway. That sucks.

The action in this, however, is amazing. It does terrify me a little bit though to think of how young this Stewart kid seems. He seems far too young to be fighting in the war.

I like how he doesn't know the names of the people he's around. I always enjoy reading storys that describe characters we know/knew from an outsiders perspective.


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Review #5, by momotwins 

18th August 2010:
Fabulous title. I love all the colors. What a great concept for the story.

It was very sad, and very well executed as a story. Our view of Stewart's life is so brief, but it's still so very sad to see him die at the end. I particularly like the paragraph where he compares what he thought battle would be with the reality.

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Review #6, by melian 

15th August 2010:
Wow. This was intense. I really liked how you concentrated on the colour of the spells being flung back and forth - I can imagine how that would be distracting to someone who didn't really know what they were getting in for when they came back to fight. I wondered for a little while if you were going to give the narrator a name, because in a sense we didn't need one, but then when you did it made it feel just that little bit more personal, you know? All in all a fantastic piece, and I loved Ron's little cameo at the end there. Great job! :)

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Review #7, by maskedmuggle 

15th August 2010:
Wow. This is a very intense story, but wonderfully written. Using the colours/spectrum is such an original unique idea, and it makes your story stand out as something a little different. The characterisation of this little-known kid (Stewart) was fascinating to read about, you really brought him to life. And I love how Ron tries to help! The ending is a bit ominous, I hope they were on the first floor! This is a great story though! I loved it!

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Review #8, by slytherangoddess 

14th August 2010:
I love the color theme with this story. It was a great read. You definately brought a new and fresh view of the battle and of story telling... good job

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Review #9, by alicia and anne 

14th August 2010:
First off I liked how you used colours in this story, and had him not knowing of the people around him such as Ron and Tonks and I'm assuming that the man was Remus? In the end did he jump himself or was he forced to? This was so good and so terrifying that I don't know what happened to Stewart at the end but I'm too scared to find out. You've captured the evilness of Death eaters well.

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Review #10, by ericajen 

14th August 2010:
Intense. And exciting. I liked it. I think you described the action of the battle very well. And you also managed to capture not only the action, but the essence of it, as well. Because it's not all action and fighting, some of it is just trying to help people recover. So I liked the mixture of the two aspects. Well done.

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Review #11, by propertyoftheHBP 

23rd July 2010:
Wow. I really love the way you followed each spell with its color, it really sets the tone for the craziness and all-over-the-place-ness of battle.

It's interesting to read a piece like this, right smack in the middle of a battle, from the point of view from someone who's essentially an OC. Tonks and Remus are just more bodies to him, his seeing them aren't drawn out and dramatic like it would have been from a developed canon character's perspective--I liked that.

And oh my, he jumped. It ended abruptly, but it fit perfectly and though I shudder at it, it was written fantastically well, as was the whole piece. If the Collab wasn't, well, a collab and already in my favorites, this oneshot would be favorited for sure. 10/10

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Review #12, by blueirony 

28th June 2010:
The idea of the colours and the spectrum was a really unique one and I loved how you incorporated the sense of sight and that visual aspect into the battle.

It may be a short space to get to know a character, but I feel like I know the character of Stewart well. Determined, slightly foolish, terrified yet not willing to back down from a fight. In very few words, you conveyed that to me really strongly.

The addition of Ron into this was a nice touch. The interaction between them was brief, but memorable, as was the rest of this piece.

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