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Review #1, by Debra20 

4th August 2011:
What a wonderful wonderful story this is!

How you managed to convey the horrors of war so eloquently is beyond me. I felt shivers down my spine all the time while reading your lines. You transformed Madam Pomfrey from the secondary or even tertiary character into a main one with so much depth. How she resisted the urge to soothe the children, when she knew that others needed her. How she barely heard the echoes of joy when Harry killed Voldemort, knowing that even that couldn't bring the dead ones back to life.

I loved George's depiction also. How hallow it felt to read him so down, so shattered, so angry. You can almost feel, taste his thirst when hitting the Death Eater. He even ignored his wand, going for a bare hand fight.

Not to mention McGonagall, even with only one line, was masterfully kept in character. I have nothing to say but praise your quill. Incredible work!

House Cup 2011, End of an Era Review Extravaganza
Forum name: Debra20
House: Gryffindor

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Review #2, by adluvshp 

27th March 2011:
wow. a first i have read from madam pomfrey's view. its actually good. and the idea is even better, writing it from someone's POV who suffered the most during the war, seeing dying people everywhere and not being able to save them despite of being a healer. its a good work all in all.

P.S. It gives me hope :)

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Review #3, by LadyMalfoy23 

27th March 2011:
Never have i read a story from Madame pomfry's POV It was something knew that is for sure. I think you handled what little was known of her personality well. It was definitely something new to me! :)

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Review #4, by slytherinchica08 

23rd March 2011:
I really enjoyed reading a piece from Poppy's pov. It was a nice idea and different then most people would think of. This was a great idea and i liked how you added the two little children. Especially the one girl who died in Poppy's arms. It really captured what the war was like to all who were in it including the person trying to heal all the wounded. It was beautifully written and I enjoyed it very much. Great Job.


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Review #5, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

23rd March 2011:
Interesting take on Madame Pomfrey's role in the battle She is the Clara Barton of Hogwarts

(History Lesson for you: Clara Barton was named "the Angel of the Battlefield" by Civil war Soldiers on both sides of the Mason Dixon line and helped start the American Red Cross)

I think i got that right if not feel free to correct me

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Review #6, by Ginny45 

22nd March 2011:
This is my favorite line. "This child was long gone; all traces of life had departed far earlier. I moved onto the next body, and the next, soon learning to skip to the stirring ones."

Never has a harsher but true aspect of war been written so perfectly. It is so heartbreaking because it is true, you seem to make it angelic though, like all is not lost. Gorgeous.

I really love this story, giving a voice to Poppy, character who would have to see the war at its worst. I can't imagine to courage you would need to do that.

Ginny45/RandomRed xxx
OPERATION:Green With Envy

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Review #7, by Galawen 

20th August 2010:
Oh wow. Wow, wow, wow. This is perfect, exactly as I would have thought Madam Pomfrey to be, even though to be perfectly honest it took reading this to make me wonder about her part in the Battle. Having to have to decide between those more likely to survive and bypassing the dead or nearly dead is a heartbreakingly realistic image of war when difficult decisions are made. There were so many lines in this story that just made me stop and amaze at their effectiveness. This was wonderful, well done :)

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Review #8, by AndrinaBlack 

16th August 2010:
What a heart wrenching piece. This is such a well written piece and you had me reading it more slowly than I intended as I really wanted to take in everything in it. This makes me think about how the teachers and other staff at Hogwarts had more people they knew and probably felt somewhat close to and protective of that for example students. So they also had more people known to them dieing in front of their eyes. Pomfrey might not have known everyone but she had probably taken care of a lot of them before, and I can really feel her pain here.

Apart from Pomfrey's feelings, you also show the horrors of the war well through the other people she comes across. The references to Fred and Colin are so sad and you show them so well through the cries of pain from the ones close to them.

I like the way you included the exploding Ravenclaw hour glass. It's a sad and beautiful image at the same time. Pomfrey's italisized thoughts also fit in really well and gave her some more personality too.

Overall this is a really well written story and it was really worth the read.

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Review #9, by Amberfire 

15th August 2010:
I loved this snippet into what it would have been like for Madame Pomfrey. Loved it. I was considering doing a Madame Pomfrey piece but didn't find the time. I think you did it so well :)

The little lines in italics were very strong and powerful, setting out the message touched on in the paragraphs. I really liked your use of that.

and I liked the idea that the even after victory had been declared, and the fighting had stopped, there was still more fighting taking place with those who were healing. That idea is so right and I'm so glad you put in in there. It shows a of the consequences of fighting I guess, it was such a right moment.

I liked the mention of George we got, and the way he defended against the death eaters. The way he used muggle fighting spoke for how much he was effected I think; that he was so sickened by the wand type of fighting that was used to kill his brother so he used muggle fighting, and in such inner turmoil over Fred's death that he needed a release.

Such a strong piece. Well done, I really liked your portrayal of Poppy in this; '"I can handle myself, Mr. Weasley, thank you very much,"' I can so imagine her saying that.

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Review #10, by Drummergirlred 

14th August 2010:
#8...Nurses, the un-song heroes, expect in your story! Such a great perspective. I would have never thought to write about Poppy myself, even though it makes COMPLETE sense to do so. I like the "somehow' section because for me it drove home to point of how much death there was. nice job!

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Review #11, by propertyoftheHBP 

22nd July 2010:
I think you captured Pomfrey's character and voice perfectly. I started reading the story thinking that the internal dialogue was rather stiff, but after realizing who it was, it made perfect sense.

I love how you incorporated the Ravenclaw hourglass into it--the sapphires bursting everywhere is such a sight to imagine. (Also, how awesome is it that Ravenclaw's was the last one standing? xD)

Overall, it was a great idea for the challenge, and you wrote it flawlessly. Great job!

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Review #12, by Julia Perry. 

15th July 2010:
I never would have thought to put it in her point of view. Very well writen.

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Review #13, by melian 

1st July 2010:
This was a really good one-shot. I would never have thought to write Madam Pomfrey, but she's an excellent choice and I could really feel her pain and her surprise at how well she was actually able to cope with the destruction around her. All those "somehow"s join together to form a triumph of the human spirit - very much the theme of this piece - that, however small it may have felt, was still enough to spur her to go on in the face of such despair. I liked too how blase she was about the victory itself, concentrating more on the dead, the dying and the wounded who needed her ... like victory was nice, but paled into insignificance when compared with the immediacy of her duties.

Well done!

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Review #14, by momotwins 

29th June 2010:
You know, I somehow never considered what Mme Pomfrey would do. Of course she would have been there helping. I think you captured her perfectly. She's a very unrecognized character, and I'm glad you decided to tackle her. I think I got new insight into her with this. Thank you!

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Review #15, by baletgir 

28th June 2010:
That was wonderful! And such a great person to choose! Great job.

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Review #16, by mione P45342 

20th June 2010:
I enjoyed this chapter very much. Its one of my favorites. I know its sounds stupid; but i didnt guess the person behind the perspective. Until Prof. McGonagal said Poppy's name.

The chapther flowed beautifully and I happy to say it had perfect grammar.

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Review #17, by Malvado 

19th June 2010:
This is... haunting... But in such a good way. I'd never given any thought to Madame Pomfrey being at the battle, but you did an excellent job bringing that idea to life.

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Review #18, by queen_luna 

18th June 2010:
I really liked reading about the great battle from Madam Pomfrey's point of view. She's a character you don't get to hear much about, so it's as if she's not that important when in fact she is. I can't even begin to imagine what it'd be like to be the school nurse when all the children under your care are injured and dying or worse, but I think you captured her thoughts and feelings very well. The lines in italics are especially powerful, and I'm glad you included them. The same goes for that part where you repeated the word "somehow." Also, I love your style of writing. Nicely done! :)

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Review #19, by JLHufflepuff 

17th June 2010:
I just love your writing! I love the way you captured the chaos and emotional intensity of having to sort through the wounded and dying during a time like this. Your characterization of Poppy makes me interested enough to read more, and believe me, normally the thought of her makes my eyes glaze over... Also, I loved the tidbit with George in it, with his poor red-rimmed eyes. I like how Voldemort v. Harry was very secondary in her mind to the actual lives she was trying to save and that there was a flash of hope at the end - that she could keep doing her job. Awesome!

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Review #20, by RonsGirlFriday 

17th June 2010:
Sarah, this is so beautiful. I know that's not a very original thing to say, but it's true here. I think you wrote Madam Pomfrey excellently, really tapping in to her nurturing side and her concern for these children. We always see her as fussy and cross, but she really does care about them. It makes sense she would be doing everything possible for them on this occasion.

I really liked the italicized lines, and I thought they fit in smoothly. My favorite was "I'll never heal them all." It's so sad and resigned, but also very sincere in that it suggests she wishes she could heal them all.

The images were vivid and heartbreaking. I had a clear visual of her just moving from body to body, finding the ones that still moved. With this battle, there's a tendency to keep to the action scenes, or find the levity in it (I know that's what I do) - it's rare when someone pays attention to the horrible realities of death and pain and suffering, and even rarer to find someone who does it well, as you've done here. It even more painful for the fact that it's through the eyes of someone whose job it is to make people well, and someone who has watched these kids grow up and really cares for them. You can feel her despair over each body.

Oh, and by the way, thank you for giving George that bit of gravity. That was brilliant. I don't know exactly why you picked him, of all other characters, but I liked the choice. Even the jovial twins have their breaking point, when nothing is funny anymore and only anger is left. That was very humanizing for him.

Anyway...I loved this. Really well done!


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Review #21, by Drecklin 

17th June 2010:
The real tragedy of all those who died in the battle is really present here. When Poppy mentioned children dying it just made it all seem too real. Thats a real feat for an author. You displayed the sadness without making it seem overwhelming, almost like we were Poppy and were making ourselves immune to it, just doing our duty. It was a fantastic read and made me think about the aftermath a little, great work.

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Review #22, by blueirony 

17th June 2010:
I never considered someone like Madam Pomfrey in the battle. And I loved reading about her.

That guilt she has, knowing that she has the skills to heal everyone, but can't. You show that so clearly here. And it's horrible to read, but it's just another part of the ugly side of war that exists and we have to accept.

That part where the Ravenclaw asks her when it will end tore at my heart. So sad. It's horrible to think that so many young people lost their lives.

I especially love that last bit about how she believes in the human faith to stay strong. That was really lovely and worked so well with it all.

This was really sad to read. But a really lovely insight into a character we rarely read about.

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