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Review #1, by Roisin 

3rd June 2015:
OK, so glad that this is the Book Club story because I've been meaning to come back!

Your characters continue to be amazing. I love that the chapter ends with their all hanging out under the table--VAIR accurate "art school" behavior :P

I also really like all the clever little details you pepper in, like "communication design." I have a hard time explaining why I think that is so clever, BUT IT IS! My friend is actually enrolled in a VERY tiny art school right now, that has a Fine Arts population of under 20 students, so it seems realistic to me :) [and, clever move keeping characters down to a manageable size]

This is definitely a unique take on Scorpius, and one I really enjoy. THAT POEM. Amazing. Like, so SO wonderfully terrible :) The over-enthusiasm on line breaks and 'o'er' and everything were ACE!

I feel like all of these characters are sort of Lost--even the ones who are seemingly self-assured, and I CAN'T WAIT to see this whole story play out!


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Review #2, by TenthWeasley 

21st January 2013:
I absolutely, fully, hands-down adore this story. And it's only chapter three. ♥

I think that one of the things I like best about it is the fact that, in reading it, I can just tell that you were having a load of fun writing it, and when that comes across in writing it makes the paragraphs fly by effortlessly. I'm already on tenterhooks, anxious to read more about Lucy and Scorpius and all of the rest of the art school bunch (I can't remember precisely from your one-shot, but please tell me the brooding boy makes more appearances). This is so unlike anything else I've ever read, in the best way possible, and I am really regretting the fact that I chose to start reading it during the busiest school semester I can remember having in ages.

Scorpius is a poet! And really not a bad one, either, although apparently his handwriting leaves something to be desired. I actually loved the last line of the poem, though, which means all the more credit is due you. I am racking my brain to try and come up with more examples for how enjoyable this story is, but it really all is coming together so splendidly in a mesh of fic that makes me want to read more and then read some more and basically not stop reading until the end.

I am extremely sorry for the rambling. This is a shoddy review, to be sure. But thank you so much for this enjoyable chapter, and as soon as I can (and my eyes aren't aching with overexposure to reading, which happens when I read fic after reading my textbooks), I am going to return for chapter 4. Rest assured! This is brilliant, Julia, and I very much mean that. Can't wait!

Author's Response: Rochol!!!

Baww! Yep, I definitely had fun writing this. Although there is a smidge of angst later on (and let's not get started on the angst of the sequel), this was a hoot to write. Brooding Boy definitely makes more appearances. His name may be revealed at some point. Gasp.

/Not/ a bad poet? Are we thinking of the same Scorpius?!? Baha. He's a melodramatic poet, fo sho. Rose is fantastic inspiration for him.

It's not a shoddy review at all! Thank you very much for being so lovely :3 ♥

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo 

26th October 2012:
Haha, poor Scorpius - Lovely chapter! I'm loving the characterisations of Tarquin and Gwen/Raven. The immersion of Lucy into the arts world, with the slightest incorporation of open mic, is wonderful.

And I'm ready to suspend all disbelief; for all I know, it's AU, and the parents thought of the name Molly before Lucy.

Author's Response: this entire story (and the prequel and sequel) can pretty much be summed up by the phrase 'poor scorpius', to be honest.

awh, thank you! ♥

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Review #4, by marissa lily potter 

29th July 2012:
I love how Hipster they all are. I think Lucy will fit right in with this lot. They're all crazy but I can't help but love them. I've never read a story like this before & it's lovely to see such a twist. Awesome work! :)


Author's Response: art is a bit of a magnet for those of a hipster inclination, I've found. heh, a few people have said that - in reality, a lot of the people I know are like this. unfortunately. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by amymc81 

29th June 2012:
This chapter was hilarious! I really enjoyed it

Author's Response: thank you! :D ♥

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Review #6, by LunarLuna 

21st April 2012:
Can I just say I love it?^^ Gwen/Raven's the best! xD She sorta reminds me of my friend :P And Scorpius is so much like me it's comical! Except, you know, I'm a girl...

In any case, I love that Lucy's hair is BLUE that was MY color!! OoO

I'll try to get used to a younger Molly but no promises!! :P



Author's Response: thank you! well, I did base her a wee bit on my best friend and her way of showing love through punches~ (and, eek, I'm such an idiot for making molly younger...it's the dark room chemicals, they're getting to my braaain). thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #7, by soliloquy 

18th March 2012:
julia, you are doing a terrific job of distracting me from my homework. ;) i'm liking this better than writing this stupid paper (which i still have to read one other article for...heh) but yes!

i'm loving these characters. gwen/raven seems pretty legit. and hilarious. and they're welcoming and nice to lucy! who, when the poem came up, i imagined her reading it in cassie's voice -- with her jumping on stage and everything. hehe. DONE VERY WELL. TANYA ENJOYED A LOT. (that's what i've been meaning to say.)

god, i really loathe open mics. my school is full of hipsters so when we go to open mics, there are like ten thousand "singer/song-writers" with their acoustic guitar like, strumming away, singing songs that sound like every other song and i'm like -falls asleep-

i do really like beat poetry, though. or spoken word. those are fun. omg. i'm rambling again :/

anyways. LUCY IS LOVELY. also, you've probably gotten people wondering but i always thought molly was older? though, not that it matters, really keke. :D

LOVE YOU, DARLING. now i really have to get back to homework but i'll come back and read the remaining chapters. I SWEAR THIS

Author's Response: OH HEY TANYAR. ofc i am more important than your schoolwork *preens*

cassie's voice! aahh. yeah, that's about right.

maybe we should swap schools. you can hang out with all the srs and normal academic people at my school and I can go hand out with your hipsters. except you know we live on different continents, sad times, i'm not crying it's just raining on my face etc

yeah, molly is older, i just...i just really messed up my family tree when i copied it out lolol. too late to change it now, haha!

anyway. thank you for the review, dearest! ♥

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Review #8, by SunSation Gal 07 

24th December 2011:
Oh gosh, most of this chapter had me in stitches I was laughing so hard. Where they introduced themselves I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard. A girl named Nice. Wow. And Lucy getting up and reading his poem = priceless.

Author's Response: Haha, really glad you liked it! Oh, yes, 'Nice' Eunice is based on a couple of so-happy-it-hurts people I know in RL. Fanfiction is my revenge on their crippling cheeriness...thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #9, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd December 2011:
Eunice followed suit. 'I'm Eunice, and I'm nice!'

Oh boy. What an interesting cast you have here. Really the most original OCs I have ever come upon. I don't know who I like more just yet. I really can't decide on a favorite. How do you keep up with all these people? They're so random and yet they mesh well together.

Author's Response: OCs, OCs everywhere! How do I keep up with them? Extensive plot notes and family trees, plus the occasional catch-up tea party around Christmastime ofc.

Thank you for the review ♥

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Review #10, by classicblack 

28th October 2011:
Aww, Scorpius missed Rose :) Great job, by the way! This story is just filled with hilarity and I like that the chapters don't take too long to read.
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm always self-conscious about how my writing flows, so it's a relief for people to say things like that :) thank you! ♥

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Review #11, by hdawg 

16th October 2011:

HAHAHA: 'We like going to see Scorpius' band...'/'...it's good for practising your heckling.' I love those lines too much. I want friends like these.

"I found Gwendolyn/Raven outside, desperately puffing on the tiny stub of a cigarette, engulfed in a cloud of purple smoke." SHE SO HIPSTER. SHE SMOKES LIKE A BEAST.

This reminds me an awful lot of a certain teacher at our school with very little hair: "Amazingly clever guy. Barking mad, though. No idea what he's on about at the moment." You will know who I mean. He fancies my mum. AWKWARD.

"After asking for a leg-up from a rather bemused looking man with a mullet" That's me, isn't it? My small cameo. I feel you got my appearance spot on, particularly the 'Hannah-doesn't-get-it' face. I can see it now...

That. Poem. Was. AMAZING. Honestly, Julia, if you don't get an A* this year I'll never understand ;) joke, really, you probably will. And I'll just be crouched on a sticky floor with Raven, laughing about the man with the mullet (me).



You have friends like these. Including scorpius!me. You can heckle me any time you want, darlingdearest.

She's so hipster she's basically a triangle.

'Is that your mum? ...PHWOAR.'

That's your cameo. HEYYY WELL DONE THANK YOU.

I better get an A* in art after that poem. Love me some poems. Poemy poems.


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Review #12, by honoraryweasley 

2nd September 2011:
Review the third! I am home from a busy day of socializing (ie. eating in the company of others who are socializing), and my feet are sore. (I'm sure you are enjoying these insights into my life.)

You know what, I like you, doppelganger. The problem is - and I say this with great reluctance - that I may need to sue you. Gwendolyn/Raven, I believe, is based on me. And we only met 48 hours ago or something, but you may be a very fast typer and/or bribing validators. Or you have been stalking me. BUT ANYWAY, GWENDOLYN/RAVEN IS ME! YOU STOLE MY PERSONALITY! Actually, it's kind of a sad story, because Gwendolyn/Raven is who I would like to be. Indeed. She is so Classy that it capitilize-able.

In other news: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. I laughed. I am going to art school, goddammit.

Author's Response: And also response the third (I am procrastinating from writing/graphics/life by clearing my review backlog). Ooh how fascinating. Well, doppelganger, I've spent the day playing Muse songs on the piano, but, like, extra slow so they sound like show tunes. It's like Muse: the Musical. Aaand I cleaned a tent. It was an exciting day. You could say that it was intents. Cough.

Yeah, that's what I've been doing. While you were eating in the company of others, I successfully stalked you, then bribed the validators to let me put nineteen or so chapters with subtle references to you in them through the queue. Tru story.

But then again you may also be interested to know that I kind of based Gwendibird on my best mate. ARE YOU HER TOO? This is getting very inceptiony, brrr rrr rrr rrr rrrm and all that.

Heh. Art school's a funny old place. Not that I've been or anything. But art itself is, you know, pretty weird. Don't get me started on some of the things I've had to do in the name of art *traumatised, miserable look out of the window*

thank you for another review, ~enigmatic doppelganger~!

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Review #13, by HarrietHopkirk 

8th August 2011:

Author's Response: TA HATTIE ♥

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Review #14, by Hyenni 

22nd July 2011:
i've started this review about five hundred billion times (that's a lie, it's more like six hundred billion) and i still can't quite form coherent sentences.

this is the first story which has me holding back PHYSICAL LAUGHTER. i've read other stories where my inner voice is laughing, or stories where i can read a line, stop, and think 'that's funny', but i've never actually read a story which makes me physically have to hold back giggles. WELL DONE, YOU.

'Reaction time - poor.' Gwendolyn/Raven had entered the room, scribbling in a notebook, Tarquin and his gun beside her. 'Needs improvement, newbies. Scorp, you were fabulous.'

Gwendolyn/Raven and Tarquin are, i think, my new best friends (just kidding, that'd be reaaally weird). the whole introduction thing actually made me split my sides with laughter. i wanted to paste my favourite bits of that scene in the review, but i realised that i'd genuinely just be pasting the whole scene in. so this is my absolute favourite line from that bit:
" 'I don't exist.' he finally said, then went back to looking broody. "

And oh God, Lucy's reading of Scorpius' poem...she's so funny. so, so, so funny. and this line, this one RIGHT HERE...
" Morgana struck up a number that seemed to be called 'This is how I scream, it's rather noisy.' "
...was GENIUS. well, not Einstein level (who can compete with that guy, seriously?) but on a comedic level? brilliant. just brilliant.

Scorpius is so pathetic. I love him. It makes such a change from 'cocky-jerk-who-feels-the-need-to-prove-his-masculinity-at-every-point'. I WANT A SCORPIUS. he's so much more real. love him.


Author's Response: I've...been neglecting to respond to this review. I'M SORRY. Hipster responding. Better late than never.

Heehee! Glad you laughed. Hope you got funny looks from people ;D

You know what? All based on RL people. I kid you not. My life is that bizarre, sometimes.

Dayum I've always wanted to compete with Einstein. As does Scorpius but, you know, I don't think Einstein ever did that much in the way of poetry~

no, sire, thank you for leaving this lovely review! ♥

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Review #15, by nightingale14 

11th July 2011:
Wonderful story; I really love the whole 'Starving Artists' title. It's something really fresh. I've never read a story with a herione who dyes her hair blue. I would never do that! She's got guts, that girl. Also, have you read the 'Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging' series? Because there's a 'Dithering Ellen' in there too :) Anyways, really nice job, and keep writing!

Author's Response: Blue hair for the win. I did a bit of my hair blue the other week, but, alas, the dye was cheap and it swiftly turned green, and then grey. I wouldn't recommend going blue. Srsly. And yes, I did read those books! They are a bit of an inspiration. Love me a bit of Dave the Laugh and voles and such.
Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #16, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

10th July 2011:
Oh I love themmm. Love love love them and I'm uber jealous of how good you are. Your dialogue is absolute genius. It's so smooth and flowy and real. I can hear everyone's voice really clearly, which doesn't happen very often, and they're such unique characters in this very samey FF world in which we live.

Open mic night ♥ Scorp is so artsy. He's a big handful of stereotypes chucked into one wonderfully characterised bloke. Screaming Bloodthirsty Disco is a great name for a band - they shouldn't mock him.

The end of this chapter was really rather lovely. I can just see the four them all sitting under a table sipping at whatever drinks they might have in their hands like kids in a fort they've made under the kitchen table. It was really sweet!

Eunice -claws own eyes out-
She's a wonderful character for which I give you tonnes of credit because to make someone appear for only a small chunk of chapter and have readers pulling a o.O face as well as making eye-scratching gestures at the screen is a pretty mean feat.

I've just realised I've not listed any favourite lines for the first two chapters! I apologise profusely and give you many for this one instead:

- On the other side of the room, a boy with dark eyes stared at the floor, brooding. - I just love that word. Brooding. I could say it all day. I also know someone very much like this who, on our leavers tea-towel in year 13, drew a question mark to represent his face. He was very brooding but at least had a name.

- 'I'm Raven, and I like poking dead things with a stick.' - because let's face it, who doesn't?

- Isn't he adorable when he’s trying to be stern? - and the line above it. Adorable Prefect-like Scorp.

- A man stood onstage, with a wild beard that gave him the appearance of a distinguished but somewhat mad hermit. - Can I marry this man? Please?

Anyway, rambling and just really wanted to c&p most of the chapter. You're amazing. And now I understand Skypeland a little bit more.


Author's Response: Okay, so, firstly, sorry for taking such an obscenely long time to respond to this review (nearly two months! whaaa).

Thank you! ♥ I do like writing dialogue. I feel it compensates for the difficulty I often have in writing description.

Fridge poetry and randomly flicking through a dictionary gave me the name 'Screaming Bloodthirsty Disco' - unfortunately, I never had time for 'Jubilant Davenport Shindig' or 'Stalk My Cat', but I had fun inventing them.

Eee ♥ I kind of based it off that episode of Black Books I love, where they all have to go to a restaurant with Manny's parents and...it's a long story. I'll find a video link for skypeland.

Hehhh. Eunice is a one.

Eee thank you for the lovely (and FAB) review! ♥ ♥ ♥ currently missing your prescence in skypeland - hope RL isn't nomming you too much!

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Review #17, by gingersnape 

2nd July 2011:
Aww, this was adorable! I really like Raven and Tarquin, and the poem was awesome! Lucy will be Lucy, so her reading was great and I can't wait for more of Starving Artists! The pow wow was epicness in scene, and every little detail in this makes me smile. :D (like that. *nods*)

Author's Response: Thank you! Ah, I based Raven and Tarquin off my two best mates, who are indeed rather mad and brilliant. And poetry - ah, poetry! When it's good, it's good, but...well, it's easy to be a bad poet like Scorpius, let's just say that. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by TallestTower 

3rd May 2011:
I feel it's my duty to inform you that your characterization is officially the best thing ever. ♥
The characters are amazing. I was laughing so much. Oh god, the-super-happy-girl. I know a girl like that, she turned to me the other day and said "My teeth are cold." Yeah, she smiles a lot. The faded check shirt Henry was absolutely perfect. All of their intros were hillarious, I love the characters that you've picked. Wispy whisper Frances haha. And I laughed so much at ‘I don’t exist.’ (I had to quote it in Skypeland. Cue SA squeeing from the general population of Skype country. It is deservedly, and extremely well loved.)
Oh god, pathetic-nerdy-hipster Scorpius is the finest piece of characterization. And I love the development of (the conveniently renamed - I read your review response, thanks!) 'Bob' ;) and Tarquin. They actually turned out to be approachable! "Lucy. You're interesting." Hahaha, the dialogue is so perfect. The characters are so vivid too, I can really picture them as cheesy as it sounds. Another great quote from ... Bob... "Selective amnesia." The humour and the characters and the dialogue, it's all so addictive. Lucy's first experience with the wider art world haha :D I loved that final line.
One of the amazing things I've noticed about this fic is that you've made these incredibly vivid characters without making them overly (and unrealisticly) quirky - they're eccentric and funny, but in a realistic way. It's not uncommon to encounter a lot of the personalities you've described and that's what makes it even funnier. Yeah, I think eccentric yet realistic is something that's hard to get right but you've done it. Absolutely loving this, and Scorpius' awful poetry skills!

Author's Response: OHHAI AGAIN HELENA~
okay, i'm going to start responding to reviews again now. because i've been neglecting them and now I'm kind of swamped by them and it's a bit like ahwhatdoido
ooh, ta ♥ well, in regards to how vivid the characters are in your mind, I'd be worried about chapter five. There's a character in that I don't think you want to see that vividly. Hahaha! But thank you for saying so! And yes, her first brush with the art world (EXCUSE THE TERRIBLE PUN parhar.)
ooh, and ta again! (I can't stop saying ta, but you're really being very nice and this review makes me very chuffed ♥). Ooh, and yes, it isn't uncommon to encounter a lot of these guys; I deal with a lot of people like this on a near daily basis. (this fic is so based on real life I'm just waiting for someone to sue me or something). And Scorpius' awful poetry...my poetry is no better. That might even be some of my poetry there, come to think of it. Yikes. Really glad you like it! (I've seen your other reviews, and I might have to officially declare my love for you right now). Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #19, by Marzipan 

10th January 2011:
Wonderful pow-wow, very productive. Learned so much about each character - Gwendolyn/Raven is terrifying. Henry is a horribly boring. I think Gwendoyln/Raven recapped the whole meeting best:

'Lucy,' she said. 'You're interesting. Fancy a cup of tea? '

A band? A poet? Scorpius is growing interesting-er and interesting-er. LOVE the name, Gwendolyn/Raven doesn't know what she's talking about. I want to go out with these guys. SO MUCH FUN. Lucy ... Oh my, did Lucy actually just do that? Is she really reading poor Scorp's poetry? AND COMMENTING ON IT AS SHE GOES?? AND HE'S MOST UPSET ABOUT HER READING IT WRONG AND MESSING THE STYLE UP??

'I stopped, held the poem away and waved at the back of the room. 'Hey, Scorpius, is this about my cousin?'

You are freaking brilliant. I want to be you when I'm older. ILY

Author's Response: Ooh, me too, a night out with them sounds like a super lot of fun! Gwendoraven especially, she seems to instigate a lot of interesting conversations. And Scorpius would just be fun as a doormat friend.

He's an avant-garde poet, of course his main concern is her interpretation of his poetry.


>You are freaking brilliant. I want to be you when I'm older. ILY
Gosh, that's such an ego boost, I'm going to be strutting around for days :D

Thanks for the lovely review! :D

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Review #20, by justonemorefic 

11th September 2010:
WHY, oh WHY have I not found this fic earlier? Dear Merlin, I have an unhealthy obsession with fic full of bitter people. I can see Scorpius slowly crumple and wither. I love you. He is totally my favorite character just for his D: WHY ME. And I can totally see Rose doing all that to him. Even if things are sort of Muggle, you wizard them up so well.

Fav line: ‘If you do feel educated and academically motivated in anyway, please let us know so that we can knock it out of you post haste,’

Author's Response: Scorpius crumples and withers like a proverbial flower being trampled upon by a proverbial toddler wearing proverbial Doc Martens. (I love the word proverbial, it makes me sound so wise and omnipotent. That's another word I like.)

Rose is the toddler in the Doc Martens, just a little bit bigger and a lot more violent, especially in the hair department. Do you like my analogy? :D

I love that you said 'wizard them up' - can't you just imagine that being a line in a rap song? Like, 'I'm rollin' with my bredren, let's wizard this party up.' Not that rappers probably even say bredren, I dunno, I'm more of a folk music person.

Thank you very much for the super review ;D ! I apologise for what probably turned out to be a rather alarmingly incoherent response.


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Review #21, by Ronsgirl29 

21st August 2010:
Haha, the poem bit was halarious. Stopping in the middle to ask if it was about Rose was probably my favorite part.

I'm just loving all the art school students. They're all such unique, humorus characters. I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: The art school students are certainly a motley crew. An odd bunch. A peculiar congregation. I'm exhausting my synonyms here, but the basic nub and gist of my point is thank you very much for reviewing :D


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Review #22, by Yoshi_Kitten 

20th August 2010:
Hello, I'm back again!! (Oh, and I guess I don't mind it if you call me Yoshi, lol! My username on the forums id different tho... It's RoxiMalfoy...)

"I don't Exist" (Rotfl!) OMGosh, I had a friend back in Middle School who used to answer "I exist" every time they called her name for attendance, lol, and that just reminded me of her! :)

Ok, so I read this chapter last night before I went to bed, and I was too tired to leave a satisfactory review back then... So here I am, back today!! Anyways, I did have some small errors to point out to you then, but I can't seem to find any of them now. Sorry! I think with a quick read-thru tho, they shouldn;t be too hard to spot... ^_^'

Oh dear, Lucy certainly is making a name for herself there, isn't she? Poor Scorpius!! You can't help but laugh at him, lol! But still, I hope he doesn't stay mad at her forever... I had a feeling the poem was going to be about Rose tho, before she even read it. Either Rose or her, lol! Oh dear, it would have been REALLY awkward if it had been about her, lol!! -_-'

All in all this chapter was pretty good; probably my most favorite so far! I really like how we got to see a lot more of all the characters personalities! I think Raven is really starting to grow on me, lol! I can't wait to see what Lucy gets herself into next!! =)

Author's Response: Ah! I recognise you now! Well, Yoshi/Roxi, hi again :D

REALLY! Ah, sorry, that made me do a bit of gasping and pointing at the computer screen there. You know a real life Brooding Nameless One! How did the teachers take that? Not well, I presume, unless they just got used to it.

Aww, I'm glad you came back to leave a review! Eh, small errors seem to be my forte. I sit and write and proofread about five hundred times and they still slip through. I'll have a look again if I ever re-edit these chapters, but I'm pretty keen to just bash on ahead with this so I can get it up ASAP (:

Oh, gosh, so awkward that the universe itself would have imploded under the weight of the awkward. Nah, I think Scorpius' main concern is Rose right now, or, rather, trying not to have a panic attack every time anyone so much as thinks about her. He'll get over Lucy's hijacking of the poem. I expect Gwendoraven's made him put up with much, much worse!

I love writing Gwendolyn/Raven, although her name is one whole heap of difficulty to type. She's good fun :P

Thank you very much for the review!


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Review #23, by purplewings721 

18th August 2010:
"I don't exsist"
Bahaha, that line pretty much sealed my love for this story. Those students seem rather... odd. Exactly how I picture a class full of aspiring 'artists' to be like. Poor Scorpius - that must've been mortifying, although extremely hilarious. Ah, I love Lucy, in this story! She's just a right scream, and I can't wait read more from her!
- Camila :)

Author's Response: They're a rather bizarre bunch. I got the idea from them half from my cousin's chatter about his year doing foundation art, and half from the sort of idiots I had to put up with when I did a stint of work experience in a piano/guitar shop. So you could really say that this story is based entirely on real life. Unfortunately, I'm a lot like Scorpius in the way that I tend to trip over my own feet a lot and play lame music and just generally fail at life. I do feel quite sorry for him sometimes while writing this but, ah, he'll have his cake and eat it yet, so to speak.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #24, by Singularity 

18th July 2010:
"this particular art school anyway – is like the giant proverbial middle finger of life.’

‘It tends to annoy and offend people,’ Tarquin cut in. ‘And, aesthetically, it looks quite neat,’

‘And if you show it to your gran, she’ll probably have kittens. Not literally. That’s a figure of speech,’

^^Ok, that was fabulous :P Very clever. I felt bad for Scorpius at the end of the chapter though. If someone did that to me, I would be quite angry and hurt. This story is great so far!

Author's Response: 'I felt bad for Scorpius at the end of the chapter though. If someone did that to me, I would be quite angry and hurt.'

So would I, but he's probably used to it by now.

Thank you so much for reviewing! :)


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Review #25, by Nar 

11th July 2010:
Peppersweet! I had no idea you'd posted another chapter! I'm terrible.

>On one couch, two girls sat side-by-side, flicking through a magazine with about as much interest as a dead pigeon.

Ironically, as art students they would probably be more interested in a dead pigeon. Art students don't make much, and they might not have eaten for weeks.

Although they're probably also vegetarians. Poor children.

>Scorpius didn’t bother to introduce the boy.

"This is... actually, I can't tell you, he's legally given up his own name as a protest against the occupation of Tibet."

>‘I don’t exist.’ he finally said, then went back to looking broody.

No, wait, I was mistaken. He's just a nihilist.

>‘There’s one on tonight, I think,’ Tarquin mused. ‘We should go, just for kicks. Down at The Banshee on Knockturn alley. Should be a scream,’

Well, if Scorp's performing.

>Morgana struck up a number that seemed to be called ‘This is how I scream, it’s rather noisy.’

Hee, that made me laugh.

Oh, Scorp, you silly muppet *shakes head* Iambic pentameter? Lucy must really be reading it wrong.

I like Gwendoraven and Tarquin. They're a lot of fun, and clearly HAVING a lot of fun, and I like characters like that.

Inexplicably, however, my new favourite is the Nameless Nihilist. I'm such a sucker for dark-eyed brooding boys. *woe*

Author's Response: 'Peppersweet! I had no idea you'd posted another chapter! I'm terrible.'

It's no tother a ball! You're also forgiven because of all the AS/S jokes you made in that ship thread, which made me giggle and snort a bit. In an entirely attractive and ladylike manner.

'Iambic pentameter? Lucy must really be reading it wrong.'

Ahha, I tried writing it in iambic pentameter and it was just one big dollop of poetry fail. Plus you're supposed to stress every other syllable, aren't you? So Lucy would be like 'get DOWN from YOUR toWER' which sounds a bit weirdy.

'I like Gwendoraven and Tarquin.'

GWENDORAVEN! That's the best name ever. I was getting so tried of having to type her full name that I started bashing out G/R instead. You, madam, are a genius.

'Inexplicably, however, my new favourite is the Nameless Nihilist. I'm such a sucker for dark-eyed brooding boys. *woe*'

For reasons I cannot fully explain, as soon as the word 'sucker' was mentioned, an octopus popped into my head. Not literally, that'd be weird and it'd probably kill me. I mean, like a dancing octopus just turned up. Arm...well, tentacle in arm with the Nameless Nihilist (his name is Barry, but he doesn't like it. Actually, that was a joke, he's got a different name according to my plot diagram.)

*thrice times woe*

Thank you for your review! Ah, your pearls of wisdom make me smile.


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