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Review #1, by merlins beard 

27th April 2015:
SEVEN is a magical number, isn't it?

It has definitely been magical so far. Every chapter has pulled me in further, bewitched me some more.

Don't laugh at me when I tell you this: half way through this chapter I had to get up and get myself pen and paper so I could write down all the things I wanted to tell you about while reading - I didn't want to forget anything.

I LOVE how Augusta Longbottom has the perfect moment to enter this story. No one would be better suited than her to deal with George at that moment. She's the voice of reason he needed to hear, but she isn't someone who's talking empty phrases, she's been there. She speaks from experience, and that is probably the only thing that can get George Weasley to listen.

It was about time that someone took care of Harry's money troubles. It took him forever to tell Bill, that's just so HARRY.
I like that Bill tries other things before going to Kingsley, who really has enough on his plate - but I think they should all make time for Harry. If it wasn't for Harry's great sacrifices over the years, be it loved ones, childhood, credibility among peers, you name it - they all probably wouldn't be there.

There was one sentece I want to point out:

“Well, I reckon it’s about time this world started doing something for the boy who saved our collective posteriors,” said Kingsley (...)

I couldn't agree more.

Seriously? Ron's checking everywhere for SPIDERS? I thought there was something actually dangerous hiding in the room. (that being said, I have been to Australia, I don't underestimate poisonous animals, but spiders really are misunderstood creatures - wow I sound like Hagrid)

Maybe the deluminator will serve it's purpose again and take Hermione to her parents.

One of Ron's comments stood out:

More scared of me than I was of them? Ron thought with a scoff. Not bloody likely.

This is SO Ron Weasley. I love how well you capture the personalities of all the characters.

Poor Harry still needs lots of time to finally get over everything that had happened to him (starting shortly after his first brithday), but with the help of a certain fierce redhead (and her bunch of redhead family members) he should be fine...


Author's Response: Wow! Such compliments! I'm blushing so much! Thank you!

And I'm not laughing! I'm just humbled that you would take the time to do this!

I have a confession. I didn't mean to write Augusta Longbottom. She just showed up in this fic unannounced and took over the chapter. And I let her, because what she was saying was good, but seriously, I still wonder to this day how that happened.

Harry is stubborn, but more than that, he's not used to having anyone TO go to with problems, or ask for help. He's used to solving everything on his own. I think it's a hard habit for him to break. But I agree completely - if anyone deserves a little bit of extra time and help, from EVERYONE, it's Harry.

Hey, it's Ron - and it's spiders! He hates them - it doesn't lead to rational thinking. LOL

Maybe you are right about the deluminator...hehehe.

Thanks again! This was an outstanding review!

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Review #2, by MargaretLane 

12th September 2013:
Augusta Longbottom should know how he feels. Compared to what happened to her son, I guess this is comparatively minor. Though that plays it down more than it should, but I guess everything's comparative.

The Beater thing reminds me of a story about Irish President Eamon de Valera, in his 80s and pretty much totally blind, throwing a sliotar (small ball used in hurling) in the air and hitting with a hurley. The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) apparently commented he hadn't thought the President could see well enough to hit the Presidential residence with a hurley.

Love Augusta Longbottom's words about how war doesn't have happy endings. I agree completely with that. Everybody loses to some degree in a war.

Oh crikey, how dreadful must that be, to lose your son AFTER the war is over. *goes to play an Irish rebel song about a rebel who was killed on the last day of our War of Independence*

You portrayed her feelings when she heard so well. You almost brought tears to my eyes again.

Also like the way you've shown Percy still feeling awkward about his rift with the family. It makes a lot of sense and I love the way you have things taking time to sort out.

And *cheers for Kingsley leaving the handmade sign up*

To be honest, my sympathy in a lot of the wizard-goblin relations is with the goblins. If they consider items to belong to the maker and wizards are aware of that, then wizards ought to enter into the contract knowing they are only renting and will have to return the item on their death or else not buy from goblins. I can also see their side of things here; the trio DID break in to Gringotts, but I do think they could understand the situation Harry was in here. After all, I doubt the Death Eaters were that fond of goblins either. On the other hand, considering how the wizarding world treats part-humans, I guess it's understandable that they would want to remain outside wizarding wars.

Love the detail about Hermione's father liking universities. It's so personal and considering Hermione's personality and her insecurity about her grades, it sounds like one or both of her parents may well have been very academically inclined. I mean, obviously you have to be very smart to be a dentist, but it sounds like they may also have valued education for its own sake.

*laughs at Ron taking Death Eaters over spiders any day* Funny how irrational fears can be, isn't it? Like Ron's so brave when it comes to facing down all kinds of evil people and monsters, but faced with a spider, he's terrified.

I love that nightmare. It fits Harry so well. Actually saying I love the nightmare makes me sounds somewhat sadistic, doesn't it?

*laughs* I had a line in one of my stories where the villain is jailed and one of my characters was talking about how some of his victims are still in counselling and "this is victory?" This is what we've all been hoping for?" The ending of this chapter reminded me of that.

Author's Response: Augusta Longbottom inserted herself into this chapter. I had no plans to use her, but she just kind of showed up. So, I let her talk. *shrugs* She apparently had some things she needed to get off her chest and I'm just honored she chose my story to do it in, as I think it worked out perfectly. And yes, I think wars, although sometimes sadly necessary, always cause pain in the end.

That's a great story about the Irish President! You will have to tell that to Fred, to give him some hope and a good laugh.

I have a soft spot for Percy and really want to bring him back into the family fold. But I also think even choosing the right side in the end wouldn't instantly change his basic personality, or how he felt he fit into his family. So, as much as I want to have him right at home, I think it will take time. And lets face it, some people, no matter how much they love their family, just always feel a little like they don't fit in with them.

He IS still a Weasley, however - hence the sign. Glad you liked it.

It's true. Wizard relations with non-humans is a very shady gray area of the book. As a children's series, I believe JKR was trying to be funny and light-hearted. And so I usually read it that way. But if you delve very deep and think too much about it, they can turn very dark indeed, and often it's the wizards who come out seeming dirty. I guess I choose to not look too deeply.

As for Hermione's parent's, well, no one grows up in a vacuum. I figured there had to be something at home that helped influence her character.

Irrational fears. Yes, they are funny. Until it's you facing that spider/snake/mouse. LOL. But, it makes the characters human, doesn't it.

Whew! Writing the nightmare was hard! I was afraid it would seem corny. So glad you liked it. And no, you sound fine. I understand what you mean completely.

That's a weird coincidence! LOL. Too funny.

Thanks again so much for reading! These reviews have been great to get, randomly popping up. You've almost caught up to my last chapter, so I suppose I'd better get busy writing a new one.

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Review #3, by schoenemaedchen 

30th January 2011:
And.I'm back! With more reviews.

I thought to myself tonight, it's been a while since I've been around with another review. I'll just read one chapter when I have a few minutes. Curses, I'm already heading to the second chapter.

You still have that uncanny ability to suck the reader in. My husband heard me cracking up when he was in the restroom and was like "what are you doing". I said to him--I was laughing at fanfiction. She's gone and written the 8th book for us!

No really, it was a great chapter. Great elements brought in. I really liked how you had Augusta approach George. It was a nice touch, really. It was nice to hear the story told from her perspective. I think its so easy to forget that Voldemort wasn't gone with the death's of Lily and James--he lingered for a very long time through his followers. Brilliant idea.

So um. HUGE COMPLIMENT to the return to Ron and Hermione's grand adventure. I thought to myself...what on EARTH is he doing. Is he just being paranoid that they're being followed by death eaters? But it was the SPIDERS, of course. (That's where my husband caught me cracking up.) Man...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Positively brilliant--especially the comments about Ron reading a book. I love when she asks him "Did it also say in the book that spiders are more afraid of you then you are of them..." Classic!

I had an ex who was afraid of spiders and I always had to kill them for him too. Kudos to Herm for being a good girlfriend.

I also wanted to mention how good and realistic (I've already told you how I love that your world is not all rainbows and butterflies) you've made the pain and struggle that Harry is going through. I think its good. A little part of me hopes that he toughens up soon, though. I don't like boo-hoo woe is me Harry, a part of the reason why book 5 was somewhat of a chore for me to read. I found him very whiny.

I'm sure where you're going with him will be excellent!! Looking forward to reading more, as always.


Author's Response: Okay, first of all, I'm SOOO Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this wonderful review! My life has just been insane this last year and I had to let some things slide. :(

Now, I have to say your review left me with a huge grin on my face. It makes me feel like a million dollars to know the story is sucking you in! So, thanks!

And your comment to your husband? I'm totally blushing deep red here.

Mrs. Longbottom - this part still stumps me. I honestly have no idea where she came from in this! I didn't plan to have her there, or even mention her. It's like she just waltzed in while I was writing it and started saying what needed to be said. I'm not complaining! I just still can't really explain it! So, I'm glad you liked it.

Aw, Ron and his spiders. That part was so fun to write. It makes me extremely happy you liked it! I just needed a moment of lightness in all the sorrow and such.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of whiny Harry either. I will have to remember to keep an eye out for that. Hopefully I haven't gone too far that way. I want to show that he's really having a hard time adjusting to life after the war, and needs a break from fighting and such, but I don't want to turn him into a whiny pansy. Hmm.will have to think about this.

Thanks again for such a wonderful review! And again, I'm sorry for my lateness!

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Review #4, by kandekisses 

27th December 2010:
Urgh! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get to your story hun.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I have missed this story. Your just so darn talented. I'm still in awe lol.

I absolutely loved the beginning with George and Mrs. Longbottom. She really shared some wise words with him. I never really thought about how Neville's parent's conditions affected her, so it was nice seeing her point of view. She is a strong lady. The pain never really goes away but it will lessen with time. Hopefully George will start feeling better soon. Also Fred.

Hmm I really do love Kingsley, I couldn't help but smile while reading the whole interaction with him and Bill. It's nice to see them care so much about Harry. Oh&the Percy part was hilarious and sweet in its own way. I know Fred will be proud.

Another funny part was Ron and the spiders. It's so funny to me because I can relate. I'm deathly afraid of spiders too *shudders*.

&Last but not least poor Harry! Once again. I really truly hope he can move on from this. I know he will though, he has all these great people that are there for him. He just has to learn he can rely on others to help with his problems.

Man oh man. This story gets me everytime lol. Fantastic job once again!

Author's Response: Well, I've just taken almost a year to respond to your wonderful reviews, so I'd say we're more than even. Actually, I'm probably very in your debt. And I am very sorry it's taken me so long! Life just kind of jumped me this last year and I didn't have time for anything fun.

Now, I will proceed with the real response, and will start it off by blushing furiously. Wow! Such great praise, and from someone I admire so much! Thank you!

I have absolutly no idea where Mrs. Longbottom came from in this fic. I didn't plan to have her there, I didn't even think about using her, but when I was writing this chapter it's like she just waltzed in and started saying all the right things! It was amazing! The only time I've ever had this happen in a story, so I won't complain. It just still sort of amazes me. :)

Now, Kingsley...I never really liked him until I started writing this fic. I didn't dislike him, he was just one of those characters I didn't really pay attention to. But since I've been writing for him more, I've decided he's one cool dude. LOL. And Bill and Percy - that was fun to write. I love letting Percy come back into the family, bit by bit.

I'm not too fond of spiders either (and I hate snakes) so Australia has never been big on my vacation list. Just thought Ron would probably feel the same way.

Yeah, poor Harry. I'm sure he'll move on, it will just take him a little time, and all the love and care the Weasleys can dish out to him.

AGain, thanks SO much for the praise, and for being so patient with me as I had to take time off before getting to these replies!

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Review #5, by FriendofMolly 

29th November 2010:
May I say Wow, and another Bravo. You are expanding your scope and bringing in more characters. Mrs Longbottom, being the one to talk to George was perfect. Few can relate to what they both are going through. When you had George thinking about seeing for two. I just know things will be right. The conversation between Bill and Kingsley another bullseye. Oh please let us into the meeting with the Goblins! Oh the possibilities! And the visit with Ron and Hermione, classic. You had to update us on Harry. Now that he is over the shock of it all, the nightmares will have begun. All the ones he never dare think of before. I must go on.

Author's Response: Mrs. Longbottom was a stroke of luck I can't really take credit for. To this day I have no idea how I thought to include her. It's like she just appeared on the paper as I started writing that scene with George. I'm so glad she did as it's one of my favorite scenes, but I just can't figure out where she came from.

Bill and Kingsley was fun to write, especially since we see so little of them in the series. As for the meeting with the Goblins, stay tuned. :)

And yes, poor Harry, the nightmares are starting. At least he has a family to help him this time.

Again, thank you!

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Review #6, by Pacific Wizard 

14th November 2010:
1917 Farmgirl: Been missing you and Eldy but I know how life can get in the way of your art. Just wanted to drop you a line to say that your stories are like a fine wine. The more they age the better for the palate. Enjoying rereading this story until your next chapters. You are definitely worth waiting for. Wanted you to know that I'm still hanging around. Hope Eldy gets his computer fixed too. It's not the same without your magnificent stories to look forward to every week. Be well and have peace. PW

Author's Response: Wow! Talk about loyalty! Thanks so much for this note! And I know Eldy would say the same thing - it's an honor to have readers so loyal but also so willing to understand when updates get slow. Yes, life has been crazy lately and writing, as much as I want to do it, just hasn't been happening. But, slow though it may be, it is coming. Your compliments REALLY help with the motivation!

As for Eldy, I think the computer's fixed, now he's just waiting for life to slow down a bit as well. I'll make sure and tell him you are waiting.

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by Pixileanin 

21st August 2010:
The talk with Mrs. Longbottom was great. I don't think you could have picked a more appropriate character, and I'm sure not a more surprising character for George to get insight from. but you were absolutely right with it.

You can't leave ANY of the Weaselys out of this story. We had to see Percy too. And you gave him a sense of humor! You know, you threw a lot of stuff in here. It's hard to focus on just a few things. The spiders... and Harry's nightmare. It's like a transition of sorts. They're all going through it. And at least they have people to go through it with.

Author's Response: I'm not sure I actually DID pick her! I honestly have no idea where she came from. I just started writing and she showed up. Seriuosly. Too bad that only happens like once in a blue moon for me.

Hope I didn't throw you off with all the characters and different scenes. I do that a lot with my stories. I can't seem to just pick a character and stick with them. I like to explore all of them, and because of that I'll jump scenes a lot in chapters. I hope you don't mind.

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Review #8, by pennyardelle 

18th August 2010:
A conversation between Mrs Longbottom and George was an unusual choice--they're not two characters that I would think of throwing together in a scene, just because they had no real contact in the books that we saw. But it worked for me, once I read it, and they do have a very tragic sort of kinship with one another that made their conversation very touching to read.

The sign on Kingsley's door--made by Percy, of all people!--was a brilliant little touch. In fact, the whole story about Kingsley and Bill heading to Gringotts was hilarious, yet also very realistic, what with the explanation of how goblins were so averse to taxes. It really seemed to fit into the HP-verse.

I also really liked that you showed Harry's guilt over having "killed" Voldemort (not that he ever used the Killing Curse against him, of course), and the guilt about other people dying in battle. The dream was very well-written, too--very vivid and realistic, but it also had that kind of odd, dream-like quality to it where not everything made sense. :)

Author's Response: Mrs. Longbottom and George was a total surprise, even to me. I honestly to this day have no idea where she came from. It's like she seriously just showed up and wrote herself into that chapter. I'm glad she did, as I'm pleased with how it turned out, but it still baffles me!

I'll admit to a soft spot for Percy, probably because at my annoyingly worst I see a bit of myself in him and therefore understand him. And it was fun to have him surprise everyone with the sign. And Kingsley and Bill are just such fun, underused characters! I had to get them in there.

Thanks for noticing the guilt! No one else has pointed it out yet. They've said they're worried he's having nightmares and such, but no one has really said anything about the fact he might be feeling guilty for having killed someone. Glad you noticed and that you approve!

Once again, fantastic review!

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Review #9, by melian 

16th August 2010:
Boy am I glad that was a nightmare. I figured it had to be, but because this is ever-so-slightly AU I wasn't game to call it definitively one way or another until Harry woke up. It was telling, though, wasn't it? "I don't want to be alone any more." With nine Weasleys, Harry, you won't have to.

I loved the bit with Ron and the spiders. It's true, Australia has a very high proportion of poisonous spiders, though Hermione is right in that they don't actually kill anyone. And I loved the idea that a shoe is a better weapon than a wand against them - dead right, of course, though I admit that it probably wouldn't be so effective against an Acromantula. But that's beside the point. I do hope they find Hermione's folks in Melbourne. She needs the closure.

As for the Kingsley/Bill conversation, again it was perfect. From the sign on the door (that PERCY did? Magnificent!) to the pile of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes to Kingsley wanting to give the goblins at Gringott's a surprise by a personal visit, it was all so natural and believable and beautifully written. Again, I bow to you.

Oh, and four words. I LOVE Augusta Longbottom.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: So, the nightmare got you? I was afraid is was rather the weakest part of the chapter, but I'm glad it worked the way it was supposed to! And yeah, let's get that boy surrounded with Weasley care! Hehehehe

Ron and the spiders was really fun to write, and I'll admit Ron was channeling a bit more of Farmgirl there than he probably should have been. I HATE snakes, and knowing how many poisonious ones Australia has, it's always been on my least likely to vacation there list. Irrational I know, but I can't help it. Well, they also have a ton of spiders, as you pointed out, and I figured Ron would feel just like me. We can both be a little irrational about our fears. Hehehehe.

*Pictures a shoe trying to squish an Acromantula...* Thanks for that image, Mel. I'm sure I'll sleep tonight...

Stay tuned for the finding of Hermione's folks.

Kingsley and Bill was fun to write, and yes, that was our Percy! He has a bit of mischieve in him after all, doesn't he. And I just figured King would have some Weasley products around, for security purposes, of course.

No, don't bow to me! I bow to you! I'm still so thrilled you read this little story!

Augusta I'm not sure I can claim. I honestly did NOT plan to use her. She litterally just waltzed into that chapter and informed me she was gonna chat with George. To this day, I can't figure out how I thought to use her. *shrugs shoulders* But I'm glad you loved her!

Thanks again! You rock!

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Review #10, by Amanda 

20th July 2010:
holy crap you amaze me.

Author's Response: Thank you! Your reviews are amazing me!

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Review #11, by sda94 

6th July 2010:
Hi! :)

Just wanted to say that it is wonderful that you are back! :D I almost started wondering about you were dead or something, no kidding. :P
But anyway, good luck with the writing, and I look forward too the next chapters :D

And btw, thanks for the respond on my review, maybe I should start reviewing regulary now ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks! And I WAS almost dead, lol. Life really ganged up on me and it wasn't all that fun. But I am working on getting back into the writing habit, so hopefully more soon. Thanks for the support! It means a lot!

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Review #12, by jrg0715 

30th May 2010:
So far you've done a wonderful job on this story. I can't wait to see where you take it. The sense of loss and grief has been so effectively conveyed. I absolutely bawled at chapter 4! You've totally sucked me in! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! *hands over tissues for chapter 4* I'm flattered you are sucked in and wanting more. My life got a little crazy for the last few months and I didn't get any writing done, but I'm getting back into it now so hopefully there will be more soon. I hope you'll come back and read it.

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Review #13, by Sirius Black Dog 

20th May 2010:
Next chapter please...:) I love how you used Bill and Kingsley.

Author's Response: I'm working on the next chapter. My life went a little crazy the last few months and I've had to pay more attention to real life and less to hobbies. Things are starting to calm down now, though, so hopefully I'll be back on track soon. Thanks for the support!

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Review #14, by Kenna 

2nd May 2010:
Wow. I found this story and got sucked in right away. Wow.

Okay...For starters: This is the most realistic post-battle story I've ever read. And I've read a lot of them. It deals with Ginny and Harry getting together in a way that both makes sense and doesn't involve them sleeping together or her hitting him (much to my delight). Hermione actually goes and finds her parents instead of milling about, and with Ron to boot! Which makes me happy, because the World needs more R/Hr action.
I love that it's not just centered around Harry, and that there are many scenes that don't even involve him! (not that I don't love him as a character..) It's great to see what happens with all the Weasleys, not just Ron, Ginny and George, which a lot of fics tend to concentrate on.
Also: Love, Love, LOVE that Fred is not dead, he's one of my favourites! (and I can never take it seriously when he's dead, all I can think is "Fred is dead; Hey! That rhymes!") It's also great that the reason for him being alive makes sense and that there are some repercussions (i.e. He's not just miraculously better with no health issues at all). This makes it far more believe-able.
The way you write the characters is fantastic too. They behave exactly like the characters in the book would, which can be hard to write.
Your writing style is also impeccable: You have no grammatical or spelling mistakes in your story, and your vocabulary is refreshing.

Wow. So, yep, there's my freakishly long review. Usually there one-liners! Anyway, I absolutely LOVED your story and I hope you continue to write it, as I'm looking forward to more installments. Keep up the fabulous work!



Author's Response: Cool! Thanks! It is always a wonderful thing to hear as an author that your writing is sucking people in!

I am so happy you think the plot is realistic. I do try very hard to keep it that way, but it's always nice to hear it from someone else. And the things you mentioned, those are some of my pet pieves as well so I'm glad I'm not the only one. (Although I won't entirely rule out Ginny hitting Harry at some point. Every once in awhile boys need it, LOL.)

The Weasleys are my favorites, so many scenes with them in it are a given. And I agree. I love Harry and think the boy is great to write for, but it's so much easier to tell a tale when you branch out and let other people help. Besides, I wanna know what "happened" to everyone, not just Harry.

Fred alive? That was a given for me. I love the twins the best of everyone, and there was no way I was going to invest time writing a long story without both of them there. But I also agree that it's much more believable if there are consequences. Glad you agree!

Thank you so much for the wonderful praise and compliments! It means a lot. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get a response out, but life went a little crazy there for a bit. I'm pretty much back to normal now, though, so hopefully a new chapter will be coming soon!

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Review #15, by sda94 

24th April 2010:
hello :)

I just have to write a review. I have read your story and i like it so much! You write really good, and understand the different characters perfectly. And now I just wonder when your next chapter will be up? I am looking for it every day, hoping, and I just have to ask when you think yo will upload it.
Not take this so very personally, English is not my mothertounge, so I hope you understand what I mean :)

But keep up the good work! :D

PS: and i liked this chapter very much! It warmed my heart when I saw what Percy had written on the sign :D

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!

Before I respond to your wonderful review, I must offer you an apology. I am incredibly late getting you this review response. My life went sort of crazy at the end of spring and I haven't had time to write or respond to reviews. So sorry!

Now, back to your comments. I can't thank you enough for your lovely review. You have me blushing with the praise you've given me!

As for my next chapter. It may be a little while, but I'm getting back into the swing of things and finally getting time for writing again, so hopefully there will be more of this soon. I love this story and would never leave it, so don't think it has been abandoned.

Thanks again for the great review!

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Review #16, by Husain 

30th March 2010:
Well the story is good but i think there is a flaw in this story its abt Fred being blind its not possible because u have mentioned that when Harry visited fred at the hospital he was able to see how Harry was disturbed and how he(Harry) could not meet his eyes.
then how to do suppose that Fred would loose his sight as he started recovering.
Hope u take notice of this.

Author's Response: Husain! Glad to see you back and that you're still reading. And you are reading very carefully, too.

I went back to check, just to make sure I hadn't messed up, and in the chapter when Harry visits Fred in the hospital Fred still had bandages over his eyes, so while he didn't yet know he was blind, he still couldn't see. It was George and Charlie who were noticing that Harry was upset.

I appreciate a careful reader, though! Keeps me on my toes! Thanks for the review.

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Review #17, by simplyshiny 

25th March 2010:
So that was both a hilarious chapter and near tear jerker. I LOVE Mrs. Longbottom! She was such a great character! So wise! I loved her advise! And Percy wrote the sign? haha thats so great! and so was Ron being terrified of the spiders! But of course, the dream was so sad, but amazingly well written

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the chapter, as it would have been very easy to see it as disjointed and such with so many different sections. It's always nice to get such wonderful reviews from you and I'm so happy you keep coming back to read.

Thanks again!

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Review #18, by Laugharama_llama 

24th March 2010:
Gah! This is such a fantastic story! Every time I think anything MINORLY critical, you switch it up and do something that puts my thought to shame.

I don't even know what to write. Amazing?!

I just favorited this!

Author's Response: *blushes greatly*

Aw, thank you! It's always great to read reviews from you! And favorite-ing it? WOW! Sweet! Thanks!

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Review #19, by siledubhghlase 

24th March 2010:
Okay, so a few fires were lit under a few people--Augusta Longbottom put a few things in perspective for George. Fred may be blind, but he's still here. He can adapt. He can be George's ears and George can be Fred's eyes. Nothing's changed--they're still twins, they'll still think alike, they can still do what they do; it's just that they'll have to do what they do a little differently is all.

So Bill did go to Kingsley on Harry's behalf. I love the sign thing on the door courtesy of Percy, of all people. Percy just went out and won one for the Fredster. Very clever. Now I hope that between the two of them, they can convince the Goblins that Harry did what he did because he HAD to, not because he WANTED to. Usually a fair offer of fair restitution works with business-types, so they might be able to convince them that way.

Ron's fear of spiders is so funny! The Amish have a saying, though, that goes, "if you wish to live and thrive, let the spider walk alive." But spiders that big don't belong in hotel rooms. The Amish would have had them call on hotel services to capture it, but Hermione's not Amish and Ron's such a baby about these things.

I'm not surprised Harry's still having nightmares. Nobody comes out of a war unscathed, especially having seen and lived the things Harry has all his life. Sounds like a touch of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). But with a loving family around him and his mind on his job, this should pass. Ginny'll be a big help there.

Harry also has abandonment issues stemming from the loss of his parents and the neglectful treatment from his relatives. His nightmare is a combination of PTSD and abandonment anxiety--Voldemort's war/death machine against Fred and then Ginny and then his family and friends walking away from him, calling him a murderer.

Kingsley wasn't kidding when he said Harry deserved as much help as they could give him more than anyone else. Harry needs love, acceptance, forgiveness for some reason, and a lot of TLC...and a treacle tart or two wouldn't hurt either.


Author's Response: So, here I finally am with your VERY tardy reply to a very wonderful review. I humbly beg your forgiveness.

But I do mean WONDERFUL review. I know I've said this before, but your reviews are so deep and thoughtful they always make ME rethink what I'm writing and what is actually coming across to readers. I appreciate that!

I'm not entirely sure where the Augusta and George conversation came from. It was all stuff George needed to hear, but that it was Neville's gran that said it, that surprised even me. I really liked it, though, so I'm glad it showed up, wherever it came from.

Fred - I really do hope I can do this part justice. I want him to still be Fred and to find a way to still do the things he loves, but I'm not one to just brush away this new part of his life either. I'm going to have to work really hard to balance that.

Aw, Percy. I think I'm discovering that I have a soft spot for Percy. It was fun to let him "go Weasley" for a moment. And yes, now Harry is getting some help to get his acounts back up so he can start looking at helping the Weasleys out.

Poor Ron. I really picked on him in this chapter, but it was just so much fun I couldn't help it! I have a horrible fear of snakes, and as such Australia has NEVER been on my vacation list. I just couldn't help thinking Ron, finding out about the spiders there, would feel the same way.

Harry has always had nightmares, so I figured they'd just be worse now. But, you're right, this time he has family to help, and Ginny. I'm sure they'll catch on to what's happening soon and figure out how to help him. As for his abandonment issues, those might take a little longer to sort out, but they'll get there.

Treacle tarts! That's a good idea! I think everyone could use some sweets by this point! Maybe we need a party in the next chapter. :)

Thanks again for such a great review, and for following this story! Your reviews always make my day. I want you to know that. I might not get to replying right away, as your reviews are special and take more thought than most, but they mean a lot to me and I thoroughly enjoy reading them!

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Review #20, by Pacific Wizard 

24th March 2010:
You're entire story is so cleverly written and once again you showed your genius of portraying profound interactions between characters. This time between George and Augusta. Where did that idea come from? It was touching, wise, humorous an even showed desperation overcome by love and compassion. Amazing.

Your banter between Bill and Kingsley was priceless. Kudos to you for showing an unexpected side of Percy. Ron and the spiders was preciously cute.

As the song goes..."I've got you under my skin..." You really got under the skin of these characters and know them so well. This is why your writing is so effective. You put us inside the characters with you and we are grateful to go along for the ride.

Big kudos to the Elderwand for assisting you. He too is prolific and a great writer. I'll be waitng for your next work of art. PW

Author's Response: Firstly, I must appologize profusely for taking so long to reply to your wonderful review. I was very swamped with work at first, and then it was Spring Break and I had a hard time motivating myself to do anything. Pathetic, isn't it?

Thank you so much for your kind words about my story! You've got me blushing. I'm not sure about genius. More like too much time spent thinking about things that aren't really real, hehehehe. And I don't honestly know where the conversation between George and Augusta came from. I knew George needed to have someone tell him a few things, and I knew he probably wouldn't listen very well to a family member, and then suddenly I just saw this little lady in a vulture hat standing next to him and went with it. I'm so glad it worked, because it very easily could have backfired.

Thanks for the comment about the banter! It was fun to write. As for Percy, I think he's growing on me for some reason. I have discovered I have an heretofore unknown soft-spot for the Middle Weasley, so there may be more of that that shows up. Ron and the spiders I just couldn't resist.

I do love these characters and try to think things through before I write them, so again, thank you for the kind words.

As for theelderwand, he IS a great writer isn't he! I can't say how much I appreciate his beta and plot help and I know my story wouldn't be nearly what it is without it. Anyone reading this should go check out his fics pronto if they haven't already!

Thanks again for such a lovely review! I hope you'll keep reading!

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Review #21, by theelderwand 

21st March 2010:
Wow. Great Chapter! Where to start? Well, SD, always says "At the begining, you dolt!" so I'll take her advice.

St. Mungos. The George/Augusta scene was simply brilliant. Had I taken a stab at this scene, I would've stared at the screen for hours and eventually had Bill give George a big-brother talk about his being attacked by Greyback (or maybe Fleur would be the one to chat with George about that) but not in a million years would I have ever considered having Augusta Longbottom be the one to have the heart to heart here. This was genius. What character could more easily relate and tell George exactly what he needed to hear? Her speech was poignant (sp?). Well done that.

The little flourishes were excellent, like the twins no longer being able to carry on a conversation with just a glance and, especially, George's thoughts of becoming the eyes for two people. Stunning.

The Ministry. Hehehehehehe. Loved this scene. Percy? Straight-laced git, Percy? BRILLIANT. The back and forth between Bill and Shack was great. Really liked their conversation about "too many Weasleys" and that the wizarding world would be "swimming" in them soon. Their convo about Harry was spot-on too, how he (and all the Weasleys) need a rest but that that there's too much to do, how it was time for the Wizarding World to give back a bit. The fact that the "give back" will be in the shape of an irrate Minister of Magic descending upon the Goblins is all the better. I do hope we get Bill's version of what happens at Gringott's later on, maybe over a Weasley family dinner. That could be fun!

Australia. Ok. The entire spider sequence had me laughing out loud. Ron's half-listening, until all three of his name's were used was just brilliant characterization. As was Hermione's reactions. You really have those two down pat. Just perfect stuff.

Harry's Nightmare. I know you struggled with this scene, but no worries. It packed the proper amount of punch, displaying Harry's worst fears: Ginny dying and then losing Harry losing his "new family" as a result. Strongly written.

And, once again, sis, you've managed to book end a chapter with seriousness on both ends and some humor in the middle. Not easily done but you did it quite well. Normally, four such disparate segments would feel disjointed, but the flow is smooth and it allows the reader to keep up with all the story lines without having to wait for several chapters to find out what's going on.

Hm. Just had a thought. Could it be that Ron will save the day by using the Deluminator to find the Grangers? Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: You know, it always amazes me that, after reading these chapters multiple times before they are posted, you can still give such amazing reviews!

And, since you started at the beginning, I suppose I shall as well. :)

Thanks so much for the compliments! As for George and Mrs. Longbottom, I honestly have no idea where that came from. Really! And the Bill giving George a heart-to-heart, honestly that would have been a rather brilliant idea! I sorta wish I WOULD have thought of that. Perhaps I can use that later, only switch it and have it be Bill and Fred who have that little chat. Have I told you lately you're a genious?

Thanks for noticing the, as you put it, "little flourishs." Before I so calously did this to Fred, I did think a lot about it. Some of those stem from thinking through what leaving him blind would do to the characters.

Writing Bill and Kingsley was fun. That was actually the first scene I wrote, but then realized I needed to finish up the George bit first. I've never written for Kingsley, so that was also fun to do. As for the account of the Minister storming the bank, I think we can squeeze that in somewhere, just for my bro.

And poor Harry really does need a break, but it's not gonna happen for a bit. Poor kid.

The spider bit with Ron was just something that kinda grew. I was online researching some cities in Australia to figure out where to send Ron and Hermione, and came across a site listing the spiders and snakes in Australia. I HATE snakes, so I've never wanted to go to Australia, and I just started thinking that Ron hates spiders as much as I hate snakes, and if he found out how many there were in Australia, he'd be a bit jumpy. The chapter needed some comic relief, so I put it in. Thanks for your help with it, btw!

Yeah, I struggled with the dream. So glad it ended up working in the form I left it in. And once again, couldn't have done it without your help, so THANKS SO MUCH!

I worry about my dis-jointed style of writing. Jumping from one scene to another and one set of characters to another. Some people like it, but I know it can throw others off. It's comforting to hear that it works for you.

Deluminator? Stay tuned...(but honestly, do you know me THAT well?)

Thanks again!

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Review #22, by blueirony 

19th March 2010:
HARRY! No, no, no!

Oh my God. I mean, just...

I've said this so many times before. But you really are the first person to go into the suffering that poor Harry must feel. I swear, I just want to leap into the screen and give him a hug.
There are so many people who have written nightmares that Harry has. A lot of them involve Ginny. And a lot of them have the people he loves turning against him. But this was the first time that it really affected me. I just... Harry, no. Don't be sad.

Oh my God, poor Harry. He is just going through so much. And you can tell the helplessness that the Weasleys feel - you went into it when you were talking about Bill saying to Kingsley not knowing what Harry wants.


Um. I had intelligent thought about this. But that dream just threw me way off.


“Wars don’t clean up nicely. They stop. They might be won. They might even be called victories, but they don’t have happy endings, not really.”

“I said wars don’t have happy endings, George. I never said life couldn’t.”

Those two lines above. LOVE them. Especially the second. That second line just embodies your entire story. And the first one - I mentioned how necessary it was for Fred to come out scathed and it just... it's just so real. And so very true.
Augusta was a lovely addition. She just has such a wealth of knowledge. And the story about Frank and Alice. And the things she said to George - argh, how is it that you understand basic things about life so well?

George's grief was so well done. He's not the silent type, I don't think. He needs to throw things around, punch a few walls and slam a few doors.
Poor George. I don't know who I feel more sympathy for - Fred or for George.

This line: Disappointment, stunned disbelief, overpowering sorrow – those all remained, but there were other emotions stirring again as well.
Stunned is an adjective, disappointment and sorrow are both nouns. It doesn't flow. Maybe change stunned to shock? I'm not sure what the noun of the word stunned is, come to think of it.
(That is me being crazy nit-picky, by the way.)

I absolutely love the sign on Kingsley's door. And to think that Percy of all people did it!
You know, when you were talking about how Percy did it as a tribue to Fred, for a split second, I was operating on the basis that Fred was dead. And then you wrote about how Bill would tell Fred and I immediately thought, "Wait, what? But he's dea... oh, wait. He's not."
I'm not sure why I felt the need to tell you that. But I did.

And then Ron and Hermione. I hate the two of them together in most fics, but this is one of the very few in which I can actually tolerate and love (yes, love) them in. They're so cute. The spider! Poor Ron.
And OH MY GOD they're coming to Melbourne! Insert massive excited shrieking attack from me here. I don't even care if you don't write about it. Just the fact that the word "Melbourne" has turned up in HP fanfiction. My life is now complete. Heh.

I don't get how you do it. Some of the emotions you bring out, especially with the bits about Harry are just so hauntingly real that it's just...
It's almost painful to read? I think the more real something is, the more we can relate to it, the more it is reflective of what the human condition is, with and without all its flaws, the harder it is to read. And this is one of those.
It's just... I mean. You have me sympathising with George, loving Augusta, feeling sorry for Frank and Alice, sympathising with Nevile, wanting to give George a hug, loving Bill, loving Kinglsey, adoring Percy, wanting to kick Harry for being so damn self-sacrificing and then wanting to cry and give Harry the biggest hug in the world.
All in the space of the chapter.

How do you manage to get so much into one chapter without it not failing? And how do you tap into such real emotional stuff?

It's just... this story. So heart-wrenching. But so beautiful.
It's one of the most honest and real things I've read in a long time - and that includes things outside of the Internet.

Joop :]

Author's Response: Joop!

So how does one respond to a review this good? And when one is so tardy doing it?

I really, really love getting long reviews. They make my day, week (year sometimes), but I have a confession to make. I sometimes don't like replying to them. Not because I don't like responding to what readers have to say to me, but for a very dumb reason... I have a BAD memory! And I can't see the whole review on the screen as I type the reply, so I can't remember what I was going to say without scrolling up and down and up and down...

And I have no idea why I just told you that. *shrugs*

Anyway, I do LOVE this review, and I shall now attemp to do it justice with a reply. If it's slightly wacky it's because I'm dizzy from the scrolling.

Sorry the dream got to you. And thanks for the praise about going into Harry's feelings, but I must confess something. I really didn't intend to when I started this. I wanted this to be a happy, hopeful fic. Guess the muse knew better than me and knew characters would need to work through some stuff before we got to that. Glad you like it though!

Thanks for the high praise of the George part, and those sentences. I did kind of plan that whole conversation around those sentences, so it's cool that you picked them out.

As to understanding life, I really don't. Promise. I just spend too much time thinking is all.

I really think I have a soft spot for Percy. Didn't know I did until this fic, but I'm thinking it will show up more as this thing progresses.

Now, Melbourne. I wish I could say I put that in there just for you, but I didn't know. However, as I've now made your life complete, I'm still gonna take credit for it! How cool is that! I completed your life! hehehehe

Ron and spiders in Australia was just too good for me to pass up. Glad you liked it!

The last half of your review leaves me seriously blushing. I really don't deserve so much praise. I don't TRY to put emotion and such in there. I honestly don't see these chapters as being packed with emotion like everyone says they are. I just write! I write what I would have liked to see happen, and scenes I think wouldhappen if these people were real. So, it's really a huge, huge compliment when you say things like that. Thank you very, very much!

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Review #23, by Husain 

19th March 2010:
Really well done.
The conversation between George and Mrs. Longbottom, reminded me very much of the conversation between Sirius and Harry in the Order Of the Phoenix when Harry feels that he is responsible for the attack on Mr. Weasley.
Try and update faster.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you came back!

What a compliment! I hadn't thought of the conversation being reminiscent of that scene in OofP, but it makes me really happy that you would compair them! Thanks!

I hope to update regularly, but I do get really busy in real life as well. A chapter ever couple weeks or so is good for me. I'm so sorry to make you wait, but I do like to make sure a chapter is ready before I put it up.

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Review #24, by icefire_lioness 

18th March 2010:
Oh, the top part was so cute. I love Nervous!Ron. Although I have to wonder about the Deluminator...it sort of sounds like a hint of Bad Things To Come. But maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

And the nightmare was horrible and well written and sad.

You're still amazing, and I'm still building a shrine to you, and I am WAITING SO HARD for you to write the next chapter. Go on! *pokes*

Author's Response: Ron is fun to write. He's just so...unique. I love him. At first I had the hardest time getting into his head, but once I figured him out, I realized he's a hoot to write.

As for the Deluminator...not sure. He could have just really lost it under the bed you know...:)

Poor Harry and his nightmares. The kid needs help somehow, that's for sure. Hopefully the Weasleys can do it.

I'm so so flattered by all your kind words and glowing reviews. And the next chapter will come, promise. Just remember, I'm not one of those "chapter a week" kid of authors. Hopefully that won't make you abandon the story. :)

Oh, and btw, in answer to your question in your review thread, calling me Farmgirl is perfectly fine. I've learned to answer to it really well.

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