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Review #1, by merlins beard 

27th April 2015:
Getting sick of me yet?
Well, I'm back anyway. ;)

I wonder how long it will take you to reply to all this ;) (feel free to take your time and make it short if you want to)

Such a sad quote to start another emotional chapter.

I feel like Ron is finally starting to behave like an adult. It's so great how they face difficulty yet again and how he steps up and handles stuff. Hermione can't give up and I'm glad he's not letting her.

I guess it would be different for Ron - sharing a tent with Harry and Hermione was hardly the same as living in the same hotel room with only Hermione. While the first was for convenience only, he probably can't help but think about what the latter might mean in the future.

Hermione's spellwork has always been perfect, I'm not surprised this isn't any different.

It's so nice of Charlie and George to give them what certainly was all their savings. It's just what Weasleys do.

I'm glad Fred can talk again, and is back to being his usual charming and cheeky self. Harry certainly seems to get funnier with age (or with the ending of the phrase 'mortal peril' applying to him)

The joke with the toffee was pretty funny ;)

No magic, huh? this is gonna take some getting used to for everyone involved.

Also, no eyesight... that's terrible. I can't even imagine how helpless that would make me.
I don't blame Molly and George for the way they react, but it might have been better to look at it from another perspective. Surely, it has to be better to have a blind Fred back than none at all?

I love where you're going with this.


Author's Response: And I'm back, with more of my embarrassingly late review responses! I'd say sorry, but you've heard it all a million times. Though I do find it ironic that you asked how long it would take me to respond to all of them...I guess now you have your answer. LOL.

Awww, I'm glad you liked my Ron. I get tired of people writing a Ron that is not able to hold his own. Just because he's a bit of an airhead, doesn't mean he's not competent. And he's willing to walk to the moon and back as far as Hermione is concerned, so I feel like of course he'd step up.

And yes - the dilemma of the hotel room. I'm sure many, many people and authors would think differently, but I tend to try to keep my stories at the same level as the books - and the books were written for kids. So, that probably explains my choices for this scene right there.

Hermione is a great witch, isn't she.

And yes, it was very refreshing to write Harry being a little light-hearted and more like a teenage boy instead of a resigned adult.

Yes - blind. You probably knew it was coming. But you are right - a blind Fred is better than a dead Fred. They will both realize that - it just was a sudden shock.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #2, by toomanycurls 

2nd November 2013:
I'm at review 300 - As you got review 200 I wanted to come back after 100. :D

...and I wanted to read on with this.

Ron's attempt to be cute/romantic/tender is adorable. I mean, he's clearly young and inexperienced at being tender but it's so sweet that he's trying.

International travel for wizards sounds more complicated that international travel for muggles. I mean, just hopping on a plane is rather straight forward. I'm a bit surprised they don't have a fast magical way to get places.

I love that Hermione's spell was so well done that it's not in the way of them finding her parents. Awesome and sad. Ahh, Hermione can't give up!! Ron's offer to get a job to fund their time in Australia is so incredible. I mean, he's never been one for muggle work but offering to do it just for Hermione is quite awesome. Now I'm going awww at Ron asking Hermione out. (His timing isn't the best though :P) The bet idea was hilarious - genius maybe. I got a really good laugh out of that.

The Weasley banter towards Ginny is extremely cute and elder-brotherly. I'm sure glad they approve of Harry or he'd be in trouble.

Poor Fred's diet. :( I wouldn't want to be on that stuff either. I do like that he's in good spirits about it. A warmth spread through me too with Harry being included as one of the brothers. :D

:-o The ramifications the Healer explains for Fred's recovery is quite well done. (my shocked face is at what they are, not that it's well done) I felt that it was very well thought out and seemed a good combination of magical and medical. Oh man, being blind isn't as bad as being dead but it's still a harsh blow.

Really amazing chapter!! I promise to come back before I hit review 400. :D


Author's Response: Hi Rose! Sorry I'm SO slow responding to this amazing review! But I have to tell you how excited I was to see it pop up! Thanks for remembering me!

Oh, and before I get into the responce, please know I haven't forgotten about Remus and his story. Still trying to make a LITTLE progress on my now probably unreachable NaNo goal, but as soon as Nov. is over I'll be back to reading and reviewing for you.

Ron really is a sweetheart when he tries to be, isn't he? I really hate it when people portray Ron as just a stupid, clumsy sidekick. There's so much more to Ron than that. And I tried really hard to show that here - to still let his personality shine through, but also show that he's growing up and learning. Glad you liked it.

Figuring out Interenation travel was really hard. I probably made it too hard, actually, but then sometimes I think that despite magic, wizards do things the hard way. I mean a good ballpoint pen is ten times easier than carrying around ink, quills, and parchment but wizards stick to the later anyway. So, I decided to just roll with it and make it difficult for Ron and Hermione.

Hermione can be too smart for her own good sometimes, can't she? And yes, after I wrote it, I wished I would have made the odds a little more staggering. Oh well. I'd just read too many stories where Hermione's parents were either forgotten, or it was like Hermione says "Gotta skip down to Australia and get my folks, be back in half and hour." Way too easy. If wanted it to be a bit more realistic than that.

And yes, I had fun with Ron offering to get a Muggle job. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up. As for his timing in asking her out, let's face it, Ron's never had good timing.

I love it when Ginny's brothers are protective of her, but I get annoyed when it gets way out of hand, like suddenly they all turn on Harry and won't let him touch their sister. Seriously? Harry did just show he was willing to give his life to save the entire wizarding world - that has to show he's a pretty decent guy. I think they'd be glad to have him dating their sister. Besides, as you mentioned, I think they claim him as an honorary brother anyway.

As for Fred - yes, he really is pretty messed up, isn't he. And he's trying to stay positive and in good spirits. I felt like I saved Fred from death, but I couldn't just go "poof" and make him all better. There had to be some long-lasting complications and consequences. You are very right that being blind isn't as bad as being dead, but I imagine it will still be pretty hard for Fred to take at first.

Thanks so much for coming back and reading! Maybe, by the time you hit 400 and come back, I'll actually have another chapter up so I can stay ahead of you.

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Review #3, by MargaretLane 

12th September 2013:
Really like the amount of information you've given about Ron and Hermione's search for her parents. It's bound to be difficult. After all Australia is a big country. And I like that you've given a sense of that difficulty.

Love George and Charlie's words to Ron.

I also like the part where they don't feel ready to share a bed at this point of their relationship. Often it seems like stories have every character immediately ready to consummate their relationship as soon as they reach adulthood. And of course there's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it's nice to see a couple behave differently.

Ron's awkwardness about it is also quite in character.

Yeah, I'd imagine that once the Ministry realises who Hermione is and what she and her friends have done for Britain, they would be anxious to help, particularly since Britain and Australia seem to have a pretty close relationship - both being part of the Commonwealth and all - but it is a big country and without the Ministry having any record of their having entered the country, this could get tricky.

Aw, that part where Ron wants to comfort Hermione but doesn't know how is SO in character for him. He is rather...not insensitive, but not the best at knowing how to deal with emotional stuff, isn't he? And he always puts himself down, always feels his brothers and Harry and probably Hermione too are superior to him. And looking at what he's done in the books, he really shouldn't. I mean, yeah, Harry and Hermione probably did more. And Neville much the same, but among the younger characters, that's it. None of his siblings faced what he did.

Those are actually fairly small numbers, considering they are searching a whole country. They could well have had thousands with the right names.

Actually, they should try getting hold of the airport records. That could be fairly hard to do though.

*cracks up at the comment about the bet with Charlie*

I don't really think Harry would bet on something like that though. He can be insensitive, but I don't think he'd bet on his two best friends' happiness.

I actually did laugh out loud at the five fingers pointing at Harry. Oooh, he's in trouble now.

Oh gosh, no using magic for months. That would be difficult for somebody who's been used to using magic for years. I guess he had to manage like that for his first 17 years, but it would be hard to go back to it after years of using it pretty much constantly.

And yikes, those instructions would be hard to remember, especially since magic would be so instinctive to them. It would be like having to pay attention to how close somebody is to you before you use your mobile phone or put a meal in the microwave or something.

Think it should be "bear in mind" not "bare in mind".

And yikes, he's blind. This just got extremely interesting. Not that it wasn't interesting already, but you know, this adds rather another dimension.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for such a lovely, detailed review! I am so very sorry it's taken me this long to reply. Real life has been a beast this last week or so.

Now, to the comments.

I haven't read a huge amount of other fics that cover the period I'm writing about, but one thing I noticed from the ones I have is that no one seems to remember Hermione's parents! Which makes me sad. Or if they do, it's just a zip off to Australia to bring them back and everyone's home for tea. That's not the way I work. I love to put my characters through events and trials to see how they respond, but I've never bought into the "quick fix" approach to resolving things. So it makes me very happy that you are enjoying the time it's taking for them to find her parents.

I also really didn't want to send Hermione off alone. I struggled, deciding if Ron would leave Fred at such a time, but in the end, I knew he would go with Hermione. She's as alone as Harry is right now and needed his support.

I also really loved that part about Charlie, Ron, and George. Glad it made you smile.

This could just be my personal beliefs and upbringing leaking into the fic, but I just don't see Ron and Hermione jumping into a physical relationship at the first chance. The books were completely free of that, so I see no reason not to continue that way until they are ready for the next step in their relationship. Not ALL teenagers jump into bed after only a few weeks. LOL.

I love Ron's awkwardness. It's just so...Ron.

Yup, tricky is a good word to describe their search. The Ministry have helped as much as they can, but even the best of governments are still tied down with red-tape. And Hermione did a brilliant job with the spell. So, this could take a while...

I have never seen Ron as particularly insensitive, just a typical teenage boy. They are really good at missing the obvious or putting their feet in their mouths. I work with them everyday, so I get to see it first hand. And I feel like Ron did just as much for the wizarding world as Harry and Hermione did. So he shouldn't feel inferior, but being at the end of a large family probably contributes to that as you suggest.

I was a little unaware of just how many people have the same names in the world when I wrote this. Since then, I've seen something about how just in NYC alone there are usually 20 or 30 people with the same name. Had I known that at the time, I would have increased the numbers a lot. Yeah, guessing gets you in trouble. Hehehehe

Airport records. Never even thought of that. LOL.

And glad you liked the joke between Charlie. And I didn't mean to imply that Harry would be insensitive about their relationship. I just...well, it goes back to that teenage boy thing again. Sometimes, boys are just boys.

Now, on to Fred.

Yes, no magic for two months, and limited magic after that. Gonna be rough, but if anyone can do it and with a smile, it's probably Fred. And his family will rally around him.

Actually, this was in some ways a thing I threw in because I'd always wanted to see it. I wondered how the Weasleys, who practically ooze magic, could cope without it for a while. I figured for a good enough reason, they'd figure it out.

Thanks for the typo catch. I really do need to sit down and take the time to put in all the edits I've been collecting in red for this fic. I'm kind of holding off until I have a new chapter to put up with them.

And yes, you've reached the zinger of the chapter. I figured I could get away with bringing him back from the dead, but I couldn't let him walk away completely unscathed. So, yes, Fred is blind. Glad that makes you more interested instead of screaming at me with rage. LOL.

Thanks again for reading! I love your reviews!

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Review #4, by FriendofMolly 

29th November 2010:
Oh my, even with the miracle of bringing him back from almost dead, there had to be after effects. If they can't regenerate his optic nerves, can they still use magic eyes like Moody had? I guess they just have to wait. Even blind, Fred still has his pranking skills. This will add an element to the story. For now I must continue. Reading this is an adventure. Oh and thanks for giving us a glimpse at what Ron and Hermione are doing. I have high hopes they will locate her parents. Have they looked into the Dental World?

Author's Response: Yes, I'm afraid the realist in me wouldn't allow for a complete and instant recovery. That would have just been unbelievable and too easy. And believe it or not, I had forgotten about Moody's magical eye. For the purposes of this story I'm gonna say they won't work, although now that you've pointed it out to me, I'm gonna have to make sure and justify that somehow... (Note to self, fill PLOT HOLE, LOL.)

But yes, even blind, Fred is still Fred, complete with pranking skills. And I'm so excited you find this story an adventure to read.

Don't worry. The mystery of Hermione's parents will be solved in a few chapters.

Thanks for a brilliant review!

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Review #5, by schoenemaedchen 

14th November 2010:
Hey there,

Had some time this evening so I thought I'd leave another review. Mostly because your story has a way of sucking me in...its not like you can just review one chapter and leave... ;)

So as I was reading through this chapter, I have one thought that kind of sums up what you do here in both parts. You keep it REAL.

Hermione isn't "magically" and immediately able to find her parents. Money, oh...horrible...money is always involved. This is so true and one of the most difficult and complicated things in life. Even more so for Ron, but honestly. Thanks for keeping this so REAL. It really is a joy reading your story for these kind of details.

I think the way Ron is there for Hermione, as awkward as it sometimes is, is really a sign of how much Ron has grown and it was a great characterization on your part.

I also enjoyed that you "keep it real" in terms of Fred--that the Magic wasn't perfect. How you were able to kind of give us a glance of what Healer's would probably do in a 1 in a million case like this. Very interesting!!

The story is developing so nicely. Great pace, great flow, great everything. I really don't have any CC...its wonderful as it is!

As usual, can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Well, I've got a little more time this evening as well, so lets see if I can't get a few more responces out. :)

My story is sucking you in? YIPPY! That's like music to my ears! Seriously, my grin is huge right now.

Real? - YES! Velvetine Rabbit issues aside, I really do try so hard to make my writing believable. I know I shouldn't, especially for someone my age, but these characters are like dear friends to me. I sometimes feel like I know them better than people that really exist. (Sad, isn't it!) When I write them, I want them to live like they do in my head on on the pages of those books. It is so incredibly nice to hear you say you think things are realistic.

Ron and Hermione - it's just so nice to write them like this. They spent seven years dancing around each other, completely in love and completely unwilling to admit it. Now they have FINALLY let it out! It's so much fun to play with that now.

As for Fred, you are probably one of the first people to have actually liked what I did to him. Most people are upset or begging me to fix it, asking when he'll get better, etc. You're one of only a handful to understand why I did it and why it isn't just going to go away.

Thanks so much for reading and leaving such great reviews, as always! I always, always love getting them!

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Review #6, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

12th September 2010:
Aha, this is what I was talking about in the last review. A unique take on the characters, something that is all your idea, gets my curiosity. Both halves of the chapters, Ron and Hermione's and the Weasleys', were completely original and compelling. I was so hooked.

I liked this line: "have you forgotten that we did just spend ten months living in the same tent? I think I can trust you to stay in the same room as me without worrying you're going to ravish me in my sleep." It's very Hermione and also very true.

Other great Ron lines, they were so... great! Very encouraging, sweet, I got all warm just reading them. :P
"Yeah, I know. No one's trying to kill us this time."
Ron shrugged. "We've had worse odds."
Oh, and this one: "I'm a Weasley. We've never been big on timing," he said with a shrug. "Besides," he added, "you snogged me for the first time in the middle of the biggest battle in fifty years..."

It was quite ironic that Hermione was too good at Memory Charms that landed her in such trouble. Should probably teach her a lesson, but knowing Hermione, it won't.

Just a great chapter overall! So unique, so new, so witty. This is what I was talking about in the last review. This was so highly enjoyable. Fred's attitude was so Fred (puke-a-licious!), and you introduced more Healer-ly concepts about the spells holding up Fred's insides that I began grinning at your cleverness. Really fantastic job here.

Author's Response: So, I must appologize profusely for the tardiness of my reply. I keep thinking I'm getting on top of things, and then something happens and I'm suddenly five steps farther behind than I was before. I'm really, really sorry I have taken so long answering you! I hope you don't think it at all reflects the importance of these reviews to me, because it completely doesn't. Your reviews are wonderful and I can't tell you how good they made me feel.

Now, on to the responses. And yes, I'm going backwards, from the top of my list down.

Thank you so very much. What a wonderful compliment you paid me! I really just write what I wish I could see happen with the characters I love so much, but it tickles me pink to think you find it original and engaging. And to have you hooked! YES! Thank you, thank you!

Write Ron and Hermione can be the hardest for me to do so it gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies to have you quoting the Ron lines back to me and saying they were your favorites. And I'm glad you liked the line about them living in a tent. That was fun to put in.

Yes, Hermione can go a little overboard with getting things right, can't she. And I figured with something as important as protecting her parents, she's go all out. As for it teaching her a lesson, you're right - probably not. :)

I really am glowing from your praise. It means so much to have you like the story like this. I hope, once I get caught up on my reviews, that you'll come back and read more. I'd really like to see what you think.

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by Pixileanin 

21st August 2010:
I really loved reading Ron and Hermione's scene up there at the start. It was awkward and sweet all at the same time. He'd better not mention the bet. No way!

So then you move the story forward and give the Weasleys something big to deal with. It just flows. I don't know how else to say it. Like wafting curtains in a breeze, gently wafting... and then BAM, something new smacks you upside the head. Gently.

Author's Response: Sweet and awkward. That's exactly what I was going for, so it's great to read that you felt that! Yippy!

I did give the Weasleys a sort of wopper to deal with, didn't I. Poor Fred. But at least I left him alive! And things will get better, I promise. I refuse to leave my Weasleys distraught.

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Review #8, by pennyardelle 

18th August 2010:
So, I guess the other shoe has dropped now. It was clear from the way you were building up to this that Fred was going to have some serious health issues to deal with, and now we know the extent of them. I have this horrible feeling that the whole no-exposure-to-magic thing is going to go wrong somehow...and then Fred's insides are going to fall out. :/

I really liked the part of the chapter with Ron and Hermione, as well. Once again, I enjoyed that you didn't make their task one that was performed simply: it was exhausting, they had little money, and they didn't even know where her parents were. I thought that Ron was very well-characterized, too--his comments about "kerputers" made me laugh. :)

I'm still really enjoying this, and that was a great way to end the chapter, by the way!

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry about that. But I felt I could MAYBE get away with bringing him back from the dead, if I thought really hard, but I knew I couldn't let him come through it completely unscathed. Sorry!

And thanks for that lovely image of Fred's insides, btw. Maybe I won't have that spagetti I was planning for dinner...

As for the no magic thing going wrong, I shall give the classic author response and say, you'll have to wait and see.

Ron and Hermione are fun to write, but they can be oh so hard for me as well, especially Hermione. I can't seem to get that mix of annoyingly smart and headstrong, but loyal and kind. I hope she worked out here. Glad it made you laugh, though! And also glad you like me draging it out a bit. I hate it when problems get solved in two paragraphs in a fic. Once in a while that's refreshing, but not very often.

Thanks for reading! I love these reviews, if you couldn't tell.

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Review #9, by melian 

16th August 2010:
Bugger, indeed. Such a Fred way of dealing with news like that.

Poor Fred, though. He really has gone through a lot, and will be going through a lot more. Seeing as you kept him alive, I do wonder why you're putting him through such pain, though I'm sure you've got an excellent reason for it. I'll have to read on (or - horror of horrors - WAIT) to find out. Excellent scene, though, from the ribbing of Ginny about Harry to George's reaction to Fred being blind.

I liked the bit in Australia, too, and I must say I appreciated the fact that you had them in (mild) winter clothes because it would be getting towards winter there when this is set. 1997 was the early days of the net too so Hermione would very likely have had trouble locating her parents. I liked the twist that her magic was too powerful to be traced - very Hermione and of course her being TOO good would complicate things.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: *wonders if she should hide*

Yeah, I am rather mean to Fred, aren't I? But at least he's not dead, right? Honestly, I didn't do that to Fred just to put him through more pain or suffering. I just felt I couldn't justifiable bring him back from the dead and have him walk away scott free. Of the many issues and problems I could have left him with, this seemed the one that he could adjust to the best, therefore giving us back the Fred we know and love, but still being realistic. Does that make me a horrible person?

Glad you liked the scene, though! And yes, sorry you will have to wait for more. I am a HORRIBLE slow author. Don't know how anyone puts up with me.

Writing for Ron and Hermione is crazy fun. And I ALMOST forgot about the season swap but managed to catch it and fix it before posting. As for the date, I'll admit to something, but you can't tell anyone. I'm sorta pointedly ignoring the dates given by the books. I read the entire series not thinking of it as set in any particular time frame, just a good old English boarding school story, until that last book when JKR hits me with a date on a head stone and blows my world out from under me. But it means that in my mind, these stories are still rather timeless and I like it that way. Also, I have big plans for a sequel to this story, which for reasons I can't disclose, need to NOT be tied to any specific date. So I'm trying to get away with being vague and neither supporting or dissagreeing with dates, but rather letting readers draw their own conclusions. Hense the internet reference, but lack of detail with it. So, does that mean I'm disowned now?

Thanks for reading! Hope you are intrigued enough to keep coming back.

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Review #10, by Amanda 

20th July 2010:
aawww. sad!!! thanks again. keep on doin this

Author's Response: *Hands over tissues*

Yeah, I knew that part would get to people, but it was unavoidable. Sorry!

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Review #11, by Laugharama_llama 

24th March 2010:
Hello! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to review this! As an apology, I will also review chapter 7! (aka I want to read chapter 7 hahaha)

This was fantastic! Once again, I am in awe of the way you balance the dark and the light. I was going through this chapter and began to think, 'Hm, something bad needs to happen because everything seems too perfect." and then BAM! Fred is blind.

I love the way you write out all the scenes, especially the way you use comic relief! Gah! You write amazingly! :D onward!

Author's Response: Considering how long it's taken me to reply to the review, I think we are very much even and that there is no need for you to apologize. :) However, reading a second chapter does give me warm fuzzies, if that means anything to you.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review! I do like to try and keep a good balance of fun and serious in my fics, just to make sure nothing gets too depressing, so glad you like that! And yes, poor Fred. Sorry about that, but I did pull the boy back from the dead. He couldn't come through completely unscathed. It just wouldn't have been realistic.

Thanks again, for such kind words!

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Review #12, by icefire_lioness 

18th March 2010:
Oh my godh, I'm crying again!

You...you just...oh dear. I love you and all, but this is just TERRIBLE. Fred's blind? How will he...and then...and poor George...and Harry and...

*sad face*

You're amazing. If you don't write a new chapter after the next one very very soon I shall have to die. And also, by the way, I'm sorry my reviews have just been joygasms rather than actual constructive crit or anything, and I'm also sorry they're short, but woman, what do you expect when you keep me on the edge of my seat like that??

Keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm sorry to make you cry, really I am! And I'm sorry about Fred. It's just...you knew he couldn't come through completely unscathed!

He'll be okay. He's a tough kid. And he has George and his whole family and Harry to help him through this. *Hands over a box of tissues*

Once again, thank you for the compliments. It's very exciting to hear you have been on the edge of your seat as you've read this.

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Review #13, by siledubhghlase 

17th March 2010:
Ron's really something else. He has such a low opinion of himself, he doesn't realize what a wonderful guy he really is. He won't let Hermione despair and he's willing to do whatever he has to to help her find her parents, including get a job--something he's never done before. I get a feeling it's going to be a Muggle job.

As for Harry's money, something's going to have to give. He needs to make his peace with the Goblins so he can get on with his life. He'll do well to enlist the help of the Ministry--namely, Kingsley--and Bill, who knows how to deal with the Goblins. Between Bill and Kingsley, they might be able to moderate an agreement for compensation based on the extenuating circumstances.

Harry needed to get at that cup to defeat Voldemort. It wasn't like he wanted to hock it or anything for personal gain. Granted, it could have been handled better, but do teenagers think like that? No. They didn't want to destroy the bank either, but Griphook turned on them and forced the issue.

Anyway...he needs to get at his money so he can help with Fred's medical expenses (you know he will) and maybe help Ron and Hermione find her parents. Not to mention make a life for himself. This needs to be resolved soon or it's just going to get worse.

George has a heavy weight on his shoulders. He's going to insist upon being his brother's keeper. That's a given. I think what he expected was that Fred would recover in time and everything would be as it was. Even if that were the case, nothing will ever be the same. Too much has happened for that to be possible.

There are scars inside and out that have brought about the end of any shred of innocence anyone had left. Fred is a wounded/disabled veteran and they're all going to have to adjust. But the one who has the hardest job adjusting is Fred--they need to remember that.

Fred's reaction is typical Fred, but when the magnitude of it all sinks in, he's going to go through the stages of grief. In his heart, he's in denial, then anger will follow, then reflection, depression, and finally acceptance. There's another school of thought that says there's first numbness, followed by feelings of loss classified as disorganization, and then reorganization, which is a way of accepting and adapting to the new circumstance. "Well bugger" tells me Fred's in the numbness/denial stage at this point.

Molly's actually mourning, which is natural, but she'll have to get over that if she's going to be any help to her son at all. George is taking the anger/disorganization stage and might even do the bargaining thing. Molly's going to want to mother Fred, the siblings--including Harry--are going to walk on eggshells around him, but George is going to want to protect him. But knowing Harry, the walking on eggshells might not last long. He didn't like it when his friends did that around him.

Somehow, Ron and Hermione are going to have to be notified about the use of magic around Fred. They don't know anything about this, so it's going to come as a shock to them on top of the parents search. Harry knows how to function as a Muggle, since he was raised that way, and Hermione is Muggleborn, so the Weasleys have two wonderful resources to help them live for a while on minimal magic. I can't wait to read how this all pans out. GOOD JOB!

Author's Response: You know, I always come away from your wonderful, wonderful reviews a bit in awe. You give such detailed, thoughtful, and in-depth reviews that I'm almost afraid to answer them! I feel like, sometimes, you know this story better than I do and perhaps we have our roles reversed! You think SO much about this story (which has me flattered beyond belief) that I'm sometimes ashamed to admit I should probably think MORE about it.

I love Ron. I struggled with him at first, but once he really started to go, it was just so much fun to write for him. And he's so fun to write as he discovers this new territory called being Hermione's boyfriend. As to the job...you'll have to wait and see.

The money issue will be resolved, promise. I won't leave Harry penniless. I just liked the idea of him really having to learn to ask people for a bit of help, which is part of why I threw this in there. That and I couldn't see goblins being okay with teenagers breaking into their bank, no matter what the reason. Bill, Kingsley, and a whole slew of others will get his back, though, if needed.

Of course Harry will try to help with Fred's expenses, which are probably getting pretty steep by this point. As for making a life for himself...he'll get to that. But I think I'm gonna let him learn how to be part of a family first. :) I think you'll approve of that.

Yeah, George is taking this really hard. Actually, harder than even I planned, and I'm the author. But once it started, it seemed right to let it continue, so I'm following through with it. And yes, he'll insist on being Fred's keeper, his "eyes." Which might actually start to annoy Fred, although being twins, I'm sure George will quickly learn where to step in and where to stay back. He's just got to get over some anger and hurt himself first so he can help Fred. You're absolutely right in that too much has changed for everything to go back to how it was, although I do hope that I can convincingly, over time, get them back to being MOSTLY the same old Fred and George. I'd miss them too much if they were gone for good.

I'm going to have to work hard at that, as an author, and I thank you for reminding me. It will take Fred a LOT of adjusting, and his family as well, to learn to deal with this. Hopefully, you (and my other trusted friends and readers) will help me keep this realistic and such.

The description of the stages of grief and analysis of my fic according to it? WOW! That's all I can say! I'm so...floored that you took the time to think about all that for my little fic and the scenes I set up! It opened my OWN eyes to what I'm writing and I thank you for it! And such a good observation about Harry maybe being the one to know how to act around Fred first, since he knows what it's like to have people walk on eggshells around him. I probably wouldn't have even thought of that!

I honestly hadn't thought about notifying Ron and Hermione about Fred. I figured they'd just find out when they got home. (Which I still might do...the shock factor could be a fun scene.) But you are right in that Harry and Hermione will be a big help to the Weasleys as they adjust to a reduced magic life for a bit.

Thank you so so much for reading and for such a WONDERFUL review! I'm sorry I let it sit for so long. Life has been insane lately, and a review this good deserved a response at a time when I was actually coherent enough to remember what I was typing.

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Review #14, by simplyshiny 

17th March 2010:
The Hermione/Ron parts were awesome, once again I could feel Hermione's pain. Same with in the hospital room. Poor Fred, it's becoming clear what this has done to him...and poor George! He must have just snapped! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you! It's a pleasure to hear from reviews and know what they think of the words I put on paper.

Yes, sorry about Fred. It had to happen. You can only do so much when you pull someone back from the dead. And poor George. You're right, it is hitting him very hard. Hope you'll come back and see what does happen! The next chapter is now up, if you're still interested.

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Review #15, by kandekisses 

3rd March 2010:
I don't think I've mentioned this before but I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. They all fit so perfectly.

Now, its funny because I was just thinking about Ron & Hermione, so I'm glad you wrote about what they're going through. Seems as though through all the struggles and pain everyone is getting closer &finding that courage inside themselves. I really hope Hermione finds her parents soon. &That they can all come back soon. Oh &the bet that Ron made was hilarious.

Well the scene where everyone gathered up in Fred's room was both happy and sad for me. I'm glad that he is going to heal eventually and that he will be okay but poor poor Fred. Its going to be rough being blind. But hey at least he's alive. &Poor George! He's still taking everything so hard.

Wow, I have to say I've had a great time reading this story so far. I've laughed, I've cried. I'm glad you decided to write a story like this. To show what its like to heal from tragic events.

This story is definitely going into my favorites and you my dear have to become one of my favorite authors. I LOVE the way you write and I love all the stories you have brought my way.

Stop by my thread anytime for any reason hun! Keep up the good work =) I'm jealous right now lol. I wish I had your skill at writing.

Author's Response: You know, you're the first one to mention anything about my quotes. That's an old habit I picked up while writing for a different fandom and it carried over. I have fun with it and so I'm glad someone notices them!

Glad you liked the Ron/Hermione scene! It was fun (but HARD) to write because I'd never done anything from Ron's perspective before. And as for the bet, I just couldn't help myself on that one.

Finding her parents? Stay tuned to see how that turns out *evil grin*.

Yes, poor Fred. I felt really bad doing that to him, but I really couldn't snatch him back from the dead without SOME lasting effects. It will be a big adjustment, but yes, at least he is alive.

Again, you are the only one to comment on George's reaction here. I was beginning to think no one had noticed him. Yes, you're right, he's taking this very hard. That will be delt with again, don't worry.

I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading this story! I have so enjoyed reading your marvelous reviews! Writing stories is so much fun, but I'll be honest and say that reading what the readers think makes it more worth it! Your's have made my week! Everytime I got on and saw them there, they'd give me this big grin.

Favorites! Oh, wow! Thanks so much. You are making me blush now with the praise. Thanks for reading the whole thing, of your own accord! I hope you'll come back when there's more up.

And don't be jealous. This isn't easy for me. Much hard work and a lot of help from a good friend go into these chapters as well.

Thanks again! You're the best!

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Review #16, by TheWeirdSister 

1st March 2010:
On a lighter note,now they can be Earless George and Eyeless Fred.
Okay, maybe not.

Why don't Ron and Hermione just try a Summoning Charm, "Accio Mom and Dad!" That would work right?
Okay, maybe not.

Keep writing! I'm enjoying your story quite alot and have a feeling its just going to get better. (No pressure)

Author's Response: Okay, I just have to say that your review completely made me laugh. I LOVED it! "Earless George and Eyeless Fred!" That's JUST like what they would say! In fact, it's so good, can I steal it? Would you be offended if I used something like that in a later chapter?

And the "Accio Mum and Dad" thing as well! BRILLIANT! Can I use that too? I'll tell where I got it from, of course! Please? (puppy eyes)

You just made my WEEK with this review!

Thanks so much for the compliments, and the great, great comments!

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Review #17, by Husain 

1st March 2010:
Its high time Harry does something for Fred
Well its no point keeping Fred alive and making him disabled.
Well i want u to please keep Fred fit and fine and mischievous

Author's Response: Hi Husain! Welcome back!

Sorry I took so long to reply to your review; life has been really, really insane lately and I've been swamped.

Don't worry, Harry will be trying to help Fred as much as he can. They all will.

As for blinding Fred, sorry you don't like it. I just felt I couldn't realistically pull him back from the dead without some consequences. Hopefully you'll stick with the story and see how it works out.

And rest assured, Fred will still be Fred - fine and mischievous. :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by reading_is_my_life 

1st March 2010:
Great story. Can't wait to read more

Author's Response: Thank you! Hopefully I can have more up in a bit. Keep checking back. :)

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Review #19, by Aurorofthelight 

27th February 2010:

Great to see another chapter in a continuingly amazing story!
I love the way you are crafting this story! It has been a joy to read and I look forward to much more! :)

Author's Response: Aurorofthelight! Thanks so much for coming back! It's always fun to get such nice reviews. I'm a little slow at doing it, but this story has been so much fun to write, so I'm always excited to see that readers are enjoying it as well.

Thanks for reading! More soon, I hope. :)

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Review #20, by theelderwand 

27th February 2010:
Happy Birthday to the mighty farmgirl!!!

This chapter was exceedingly powerful. Very.

I loved the R/Hr scene in Australia. Its perfect. Youve got Ron being internally self conscious, but externally strong and I think thats spot on characterization for where he should be at this point in his life. And Hermione is wonderfully Hermione. Excellent! Absolutely loved the whole bet with Charlie thing. You really are part Weasley, arent you?

The back story about their preparations for leaving, Ron's talk with George and Charlie, was just brilliant. And remembering to add somthing in there that Harry can't get to his gold was an excellent (although mean! LOL) flourish. You've plotted this all out very well.

Hermione's exchange with Ron about sharing one room (and Ron's reaction) had me in stitches. Are you sure you don't want to increase the warning levels on this story? Just kidding.

The hospital scene, again was fabulous. The banter in the beginning was simply perfect and I love that Harry got in on the act with the candy and especially how EVERYONE ratted him out. Loved the swipe at Ginny that she was being pursued by Harry too. Here, for the first time, it seems that all of the characters are healing. Things are trying, desperately to get back to normal.

And then it all goes to hades with the blindness. Crushing, sis, just crushing. I hate to say it, but that portion of the scene worked really well. I'd rather say it was terrible so you'd have to re-write it and give him back his sight. But I just can't. Its such a tremendous piece of writing (sad as all heck) that I just gotta say "Great work." (as usual).

You've book ended this chapter nicely, starting with despair, humor in the middle and ending with despair. Well done.

The chapter titles are EXCELLENT.

Fabulous stuff, sis. Fabulous!!

I have no doubt that, like a fine wine, you'll only get better with age. Given that you're already a brilliant writer, I can't wait to see what comes next.

Happy birthday little sis. You are aces!

P.S. Now give Fred back his sight! *stomps foot* LOL

Author's Response: I need a bigger screen to respond to this review, so I can see the whole thing while writing and make sure I don't forget to talk about part of it!

Firstly, thanks so much for the birthday wishes!! You know, when I put this chapter in the queue there was a 10 day wait. I was ready to forget about it until sometime in early March. Then Friday night the Validators went on a queue clearing storm and voila! My story pops up on the sight, just in time for my b-day! Best present ever! And then to wake up and find this review there too? Well, the grin on my face was so big it was actually painful.

I'm so glad you like it. I didn't think of it being powerful when I was writing it, just wrote, trying to cover everything that needed to be said. It's humbling to think you find it powerful.

Ah Ron. He was so much fun to write, once I finally got into it! I think it took me a bit to find my "Ron" voice, but now that I have, I have all these great ideas for him coming...

The bet with Charlie? No idea where that came from. Being part Weasley, however? You realize that's like the ulitmate compliment you could ever give me, right? HUGE grin on my face.

I had to include the backstory. I just felt it was important to get those details in there, not just assume things, but I didn't want to take a whole chapter to fill them in either. Glad you think it worked.

Increase the warning levels? Evil, evil Eldy! Trying to corrupt his little sister! Aren't you supposed to be a good example?

Hospital scene was fun. Hadn't had a chance to write lots of Weasleys since...well...never. I love that family and any chance I can get to throw a bunch of them in a room together and let them rip, can't pass it up, even in such rather solemn circumstances. And of course the ratted Harry out! You dare jump into the Weasley teasing, it's every man for himself. :)

Sorry about the blindness. I know you hate it, a lot, but I couldn't pull Fred back from the dead and leave him completely unscathed. He's Fred, he'll find a way to manage. And for the record, I AM glad you think it was well done.

Glad you liked the chapter titles! Been waiting for you to see those.

A fine wine, huh? Getting better with age? We'll see about that. Are you sure my sentences just won't get fat and flabby, like the rest of me? (Can you have a fat, flabby scentence?)

Thanks for the amazing review! You're the best big brother ever!

P.S. Foot stomping will not get Fred back his sight. Besides, I'm just not sure you're doing it right.need more training.

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Review #21, by Mrs HJ Potter 

27th February 2010:
Thanks for updating! Fred blind is hard to imagine but considering he survived and isnt' dead, well being blind isn't as bad as one would imagine. I love the fact that you have been able to take us to different aspects of everyone's healing. Ron and Hermione trying to find her parents, Harry and Ginny and their relationship, the grief of all of them. You and theelderwand are doing a terrific job, I can't wait for our next installment.

Author's Response: You're welcome for updating, and I'm terribly sorry it took me so long. I'm not one of those authors that churn out a chapter a week, but I do write regularly, so please don't ever think this story is abandoned just because it's been a bit since I updated. :)

Yeah, Fred being blind, even though I've known since I started this story that it would happen, was a hard bit to write. I felt bad doing that to him, but as you meantioned, I already snatched him back from the dead. I couldn't very well leave him completely unscathed.

I'm glad you are enjoying me showing this story from many different Points of View. It's fun to get to explore more than just Harry's feelings and thoughts.

And yes, theelderwand has been indespensible to writing this tale. He's an amazing author. If you want a gripping read, go check out any one of his three excellent tales.

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll keep coming back as I really enjoy your reviews.

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Review #22, by blueirony 

27th February 2010:
Last time I was here, I was talking about Book Eights. And I think I've figured out why I like this one so much. It's for the simple fact that you don't make things easy. Oh, writers do talk about the grief, pain and aftermath of The Final Battle... but it all seems to fall into place rather quickly. You haven't done that. You've acknowledged the fact that these things really do take time to heal. You make things hard for the characters. And that's what makes this very real.

The scene with Hermione and Ron was tender and a little bit awkward - but that awkwardness and hesitance was welcome. Particularly on Ron's part. It's how I imagine the early stages of their relationship to have been.
You're really good with little details in terms of what characters do, you know that?
This sentence, in particular, stood out: "You can do this, he said firmly, ducking his head to keep eye-contact when she tried to look away.
It's the little things. It's what I love.

I can't believe that Fred is blind. I mean, I knew it was coming. If memory serves me right, you had alluded to it in one of your earlier chapters. But that didn't stop a moment of shock for me as I read it.
That is so sad. Really, horribly tragic. But, again, it fits. It wouldn't be so realistic if every one of the Weasleys came through unscathed - there are nine of them! Still really sad, though.

Loved this! And I've been excited ever since I saw your query on the forums about Australia - I knew it could only meant one thing: that you were looking for help about Ron and Hermione in Australia.
So glad that you updated with something just as amazing as your previous chapters. Keep it up!

Ju :]

Author's Response: Firstly, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this. I have been so swamped lately that I've fallen very behind in replying. Sorry!

Secondly, can I just say that this review was wonderful! It was so fun to wake up and find this here! THANKS!

When I started writing this, I honestly wasn't aware of how many "Book Eights" there were out there. I know now, having looked around and been told, but I went into this a little naive, so it means a lot that you think this is avoiding the cliches! I really have worked hard to make sure I'm not glossing over things or making them, as you said, too easy. It's hard sometimes, though. I'm never sure how much to tell, or waht can go so the story moves a long a little faster. Glad you think I'm getting it right!

It was so fun writing Ron! He's so adorable, and so well meaning, but sometimes he's just so awkward. I love him for it. :) And I've been rooting for him and Hermione since about book 3, so it's fun to actually get to write them coming together. Glad you liked the scene, and thanks for the compliments on the little things! Means a lot!

Fred's eyes. Yeah, I know, that's a rather hard blow, but you're right, I couldn't really leave him completely unscathed. Not after bringing him back from the dead. For it to be realistic there had to be some lasting damage. Sorry to make you sad.

I thought about you when I was writing the Australia bit. I hope I did it okay. Even after asking on the forums about a name for the wizarding section of Sydney, I just couldn't come up with something that sounded right so I circumvented it and posted the chapter. *shrugs* Gonna have more scenes in Australia before this over, though, so I might need your help. :)

Thanks for reading! So glad you came back! Don't hate me too badly for blinding Fred.

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Review #23, by Teagan Star 

27th February 2010:
WOW! this fanfic is an amazing addition to the harry potter series. written with a great technique. It was reli emotional and the creativity used supurb. can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! Honestly, the grin that's splitting my face after reading your kind words is almost painful! Thanks for reading and I hope you do come back for more!

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