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Review #1, by twitchy_pigeons 

9th February 2015:
Dipping? Filler-ish? Put us off?

Are you insane?!

One of my absolute favorite HP Marauder fics, I might almost print it so I can read it wherever instead of just on my computer lol.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I think these chapters are a little filler=ish, but then again I know what's coming so I'm lulling people into a false sense of security. But thank you so much, I really love to get reviews like this as it makes me think I'm not wasting my time with this writing malarkey.

Oh but yes, I quite possibly am insane. Certainly not ruling that one out. :)

cheers Mel

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Review #2, by nott theodore 

8th July 2014:
Having read your author's note for this chapter I'm now getting a little worried that something else is going to go wrong when Laura actually goes to stay with Sirius and something that she thought was an offer too good to refuse will turn out to be a bit of a catastrophe... maybe I'm just a bit pessimistic, but I feel like it might not end well. Regardless of that, it's lovely that he's offering for Laura to come and stay with him, and I feel like it's yet another proof of how much he does care about her because really, I don't think he's the sort of person to ask people to stay with him at his flat, because he's so private.

It's lovely to see all of the friendship between Laura and Mary, and that even if the two of them haven't been spending as much time together recently because they've been occupied with their boyfriends, they'll still always be there to help each other out. The fact of what Bernie told Laura is quite worrying, though. It looks like the fan club are indeed getting more malicious and they could have killed her, really, when they cursed her broom like that. She's just lucky Sirius was there - I hope that it doesn't get worse in the future, but I feel like it might...

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Yes. The calm before the storm. I do love doing that to people. Call it sadistic but hey, aren't all authors like that? Teehee. :) As for Bernie, well yes, it is quite worrying, and there is certainly more to come on that score. And that's all I'm saying.

cheers Mel

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Review #3, by Lillylover22 

3rd March 2012:
I love how happy they are together 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Lol. Don't get used to it! *evil laugh*

cheers, Mel

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Review #4, by singer123 

15th December 2011:
Bernie is nicer than I thought.
Coming back to warn Laura even though she ditched him (TWICE!)
Not something I would expect him to do!

Author's Response: Bernie is, in fact, a nice guy. He just fancied a girl who had a much better offer, that's all. But he means well, despite it all. This is my way of showing that. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #5, by classicblack 

23rd October 2011:
I have a feeling that when Laura's parents do find out, there's going to be a big explosion. Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve!
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Yes, parental rules are a bit of a bind for Laura here. She wants to do the right thing, but now she has to rely on her own judgement as to what that is, and who she's going to hurt in the process. Part of growing up, really. And that's all I'm going to say here. ;)

cheers, Mel

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Review #6, by Phoenixseeker 

28th September 2011:
Hey, sorry I haven't been able to review up until this point in the story - shameful I know! I absolutely LOVE the plot line while being very unique it's true to JKR's books.

I can't believe how long you made me wait for Laura and Sirius to get together - o the amount of pies you had comming your way!

My only criticism is that I feel like at bit is missed out, after sirius and Laura break up, there is nothing on their conversation to make up - I don't know if this is deliberate or not but I must say I was very confused starting the next chapter when they were suddenly together again. The other thing is, does Laura now know about Remus being a werewolf - this is suggested in this chapter and the previous and it felt like a step in the story was missed out :)

Anyway amazing work keep it up!!!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review!

And yes, I know it seems a little disjointed at the moment. This is because the story IS missing chapters, such as the ones you mentioned. Actually, if you look at the chapter numbers on the story page you'll notice that there are actually 7 missing, which is because they were taken down for site violations. Once they clear the queue, in another couple of days hopefully, you'll be able to read the story as a whole.

Despite that, I'm really pleased that you persevered throughout, because that means that you were still finding the story compelling. So thank you! If you can stand to wait until the rest of the story is back up, I hope you go back and read those missing chapters so you can see what wasn't there this time around.

Thanks again, Mel

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Review #7, by girly1393 

6th June 2011:
Thinking of Fifth Year Mary and Laura, I can't see them doing something like this. Oh, how people change.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Yeah, they've grown up a lot since then. It's something I was very keen to show, the maturing of my main characters, to get them from where I wanted them at the start of the story to where I wanted them at the end. You're right, in fifth year they'd never do that - but they're in seventh year now, legally adults and confident in making their own decisions. Gotta love them for that. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #8, by theelderwand 

24th August 2010:
Good for Laura. She's old enough and mature enough; I'm not very pleased with her parents control here, especially given the lack therof the exercised over Bea. One more little injustice Laura has to suffer.

The gigglers need a comeupance. Big time. And I think Laura should be the one to dole out the justice.

As for your concerns over filler, they're misplaced. You're telling a love story here, primarily, and that is what these last few chapters have been about. There's nothing wrong with showing the characters makeing their way through and enjoying life.

Anyway, I ain't bored.


Author's Response: I think you're being a bit unfair with the Laura/Bea thing here - Bea had the same rules, but she never pushed them the way Laura does because she wasn't in that situation. It wasn't discussed with Bea because it just never came up. So her parents are being consistent, they just don't realise the effect it's having.

As for the author note, well that came in because, even though I knew what was coming up, no one else did and my reviews per chapter had about halved in three or so weeks. So I was just trying to reassure people that while there was a bit of normal life going on at the moment, the drama hadn't finished. In any case it's nice that you're not bored because it means I didn't do as badly as I'd feared.

cheers, Mel

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Review #9, by Capella Black 

15th August 2010:
While it definitely isn't obvious exactly where this story is going at the moment, I don't think that detracts from it at all. At the end of the day, coming of age stories aren't meant to be relentlessly plot driven, they're meant to be true to life and show sustained development, which is exactly what's happening now. Also, with all the drama Laura's gone through recently, a chapter of calm "life as normal" more than has its place, and as ever, you're writing style and choice of events has me desperate to skip this whole reviewing malarkey and just keep reading! So, definitely no dipping as far as I'm concerned, just more quality character development and back story, which you manage to make sufficiently awesome that it's a treat to read.

On that note...

Author's Response: Hahaha. I remember getting less and less reviews per chapter when I was going through this part of the story, which was why I put that a/n in. I knew what was coming up, and that it was pretty major (and, I hoped, compelling), but I was wary of losing readers before I got there. Very pleased that you're not bored!!! *grins*

Anyway yes, like you said, this is a character-driven story as opposed to a plot-driven one, so I too think it's necessary to stop and have a break occasionally while relationships and character developments are cemented.

cheers, Mel

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Review #10, by doglover 

13th August 2010:
getting in the habit of lying is not a good thing.

Author's Response: No, it's probably not, but Laura's not seeing much alternative right now. Of course she could come clean about the whole thing to her parents but it's not in character for her to do so, and neither would they be likely to let her go stay with him either. So lies it is. To her credit she's not all that happy with having to do that but she's willing to make that sacrifice for the sake of the relationship.

cheers, Mel

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Review #11, by desert_oasis 

30th April 2010:
Loved the chapter!!!

Glad I got to finally start reading again :D

Author's Response: Hi there! Welcome back!

I'm glad you liked this chapter - things were a little slow at this point but the action wasn't far off, as I think you've seen now. I thought Sirius was kinda cute in this one though :D

cheers, Mel

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Review #12, by saffy 

8th April 2010:
YAY !!! i can read again :):):):):) this has seriously been one of the most difficult lents ever!

Sirius was just plain adorable when he got all jelaous of bernie talking to laura, LAURA TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM! sorry about that outburst i just love this couple which is why i kinda dont want to finish this story...

good old mary i really do love her you know, i couldnt help but laugh when laura was syaing she fel like an addict going cold turkey becuase thtas how i have been feeling over these past 6 weeks, these very long 6 weeks

Cant wait to keep reading despite the envitable ending Thanks !

P.s i imagine that you have more reviews to answe than you care to think about so dont worry about mine considering theres gonna be a huge back log of them :)

Author's Response: Hi Saffy! Welcome back!

First of all, of course I'm going to respond to your reviews. *grins* Don't feel guilty or anything, because as you know I like to respond to each and every review I get. And I do them in the order I received them, too, so no one gets missed out. So thanks for the offer but I'm going to do it anyway. :)

Right. It's lovely to have you back again. And don't worry, you're not alone in not really wanting the story to finish. I've had a few people saying they don't want to read all the way through because it can't have a happy ending. But I do ask to bear with me because I might surprise you. *evil grin*

cheers, Mel

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Review #13, by always_dreaming 

26th March 2010:
no it wasn't too filler ish, i didn't think. i like the conversations with mary and the other girls. they're hardly in the story anymore, so it brings some new interest.

Author's Response: Hi again!

Why,thank you! I thought it was terribly filler-ish, but then again I'm not always the best judge of my own work it seems. And yeah, it's nice to get a bit of girl talk back in there because it doesn't happen as often any more. Though that tends to be the case when people pair up, I've discovered. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #14, by lily 

28th February 2010:
excellent piece of fanfic! i've been followin this story's progress for about 3 months and i must say, it's my fave concernin the maurauders...well done!!:))

Author's Response: Hi lily! Thanks for the review!

Wow, this isyour favourite marauder story? I'm so flattered. I'm still amazed that this story has had the reaction it has, I just wrote what I wanted to read. To have so many other people want to read it too is just so gratifiying. Thank you! *beams*

Next chapter will be up very shortly so I hope you like that one too.

cheers, Mel

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Review #15, by jellynicole 

27th February 2010:
i just started reading this story a few days ago but i've been staying up to all hours trying to finish it! it is so good so far! :) i can't wait to find out what happens between Laura and Sirius next.
my only wish is that occasionally, Laura and Sirius' "sexcapades" would be a bit more risque, seeing as every soo often i enjoy a lemon-y fanfic.
other than that, this story is superb!
can't wait for the next chappy!!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review! I always love getting reviews from new people (well, I love getting any reviews, but you know what I mean).

As for your request, well I will point out two things - one, that Laura's so coy that you'll never get her giving out many details about her sex life, and two, that the site rules dont' allow me to be explicit. So you'll have to do with the cut-aways, I'm afraid. Though, like Stephen King has said, the reader's imagination is generally much more inventive than anything the author could write, so it might be better that way anyway.

Anyway I'm really pleased that you're enjoying it so much, that really means a lot to me.

cheers, Mel

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Review #16, by Sav 

27th February 2010:
Please don't make them break up again! It just leaves me with this awful feeling (of course, I think all break ups do that). By the way, I think your stories have been great, even if they're "fluff". It was nice of you to give Sirius and Laura a break for awhile and its been nice, as a reader, to not be yanked around emotionally as often- you have CRAZY cliffhangers sometimes :)
I hope the next story comes out soon!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Now, what makes you think I'm going to break them up again? The fact that I've got a few things up my sleeve? Well, that might be one of them, but it might not - you'll just have to read on to find out. Sorry! *evil grin* But yeah, I guess I do have some bad cliffies sometimes, but as an author you have to allow me that little luxury, it just keeps you on your toes wanting more! (Or, at least, that's the theory ...)

Anyway thanks for the review and next chapter will be up VERY soon.

cheers, Mel

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Review #17, by almonster 

27th February 2010:
Sooo... I've been reading for a while, and I felt like I should tell you that this is one of my most favorite marauders stories ever. I am so happy Sirius and Laura are together and I'm excited to see what happens next... (I check constantly for updates even if I know another one won't be up for a few days...). But yeah. Awesome job so far :D

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review! I do love getting reviews from new people ... well, really, I love all reviews, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, one of your favourite Marauders stories ever? Wow, I am flattered. Also that you keep checking for updates ... well I can tell you that now the ice hockey is finished (gold for Canada! Yay!) I will be loading up the next chapter very soon. Probably within quarter of an hour. Now all I have to do is hope you like it ...

thanks again, Mel

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Review #18, by Pixileanin 

27th February 2010:
Ahh... plans!

I liked Bernie here. He seems sweet. And Mary is all helpful-like. And Laura gets withdrawal symptoms.

I think it's good that Laura gets a little time to herself, even though she's not enjoying it. That's thinking time, it is.

Author's Response: Hi again!

Yeah, Bernie is sweet. He's a nice guy, he just picked the wrong girl to fancy. But you'll see how that all pans out.

And yeah, Laura gets some thinking time, though like you said she's not enjoying it. But that's okay, it's all part of the journey isn't it?

cheers, Mel

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Review #19, by clarehp93 

26th February 2010:
She's a wee rebel that laura onee! Haha amazing story I'm so addicted! I'm sad that there is only ten chapters left :( any chance of a sequel? It would be very awesome if there was one. Very awesome... :D and keep up the good work !

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review!

Yes, Laura can be a bit rebellious, but then again what 18 year old isn't? After all, she is ruled by her hormones in a lot of ways.

And yes, only ten chapters left. Maybe up to 12 but that'll be it. As for a sequel, well at this stage the answer is no, but I will be posting a series of one-shots from this story, from other POVs, once this is all up. Not quite the same, I realise, but they'll be there.

cheers, Mel

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Review #20, by pennyardelle 

26th February 2010:
Oh, I really don't think this plan of Laura's is going to work out very well. I could be wrong, but this just feels like one of those situations where Murphy's Law is going to swoop in and ruin the day. I could be wrong...but in a way...I actually kind of hope things do go wrong! What a horrible thing for me to say! :P Really, though, I think it would make things very interesting if Laura's parents found out about Sirius...though I'm sure whatever you have planned, if not that, is also very good. :)

On that note, I completely understand what you're feeling about chapters being filler--I pretty much always feel that about everything that I write! But it's okay, I've come to realize. Sometimes you just have to let things plateau for a bit, not only for yourself as the writer and architect of the plot, but for the readers too. Look at my above comments--whereas four or five chapters ago, I didn't want any further strife for Sirius and Laura, now I'm ready for it again. :P It's one of the strange things I've realized about fan fiction: you get nagged more for "filler" or being "boring" because it's on a chapter-by-chapter basis. With novels, you know that the interesting stuff is right there waiting for you. You don't read one chapter and then have to wait a week to read more.

Haha, I love your "don't count your Diricawls" line. Mary's mother certainly seems to be very understanding about Laura's plan...it's kind of surprising, because I would always assume that someone who was a parent in the 1970s would likely be a little stricter. But maybe her mother got really into free love in the 60s, or something? Haha.

I found it a funny role reversal to have Sirius as the jealous and somewhat insecure one at the end of the chapter. But on a somewhat related note, can I make one small suggestion? :) The "Sirius is enthralled with you, Laura; can't you see it in his eyes?" conversation is beginning to wear a bit. It's not that I doubt that it's true--it's just that I think it's been in almost every chapter since they got together. There's always someone who points it out in conversation to Laura, which I guess is somewhat understandable since she's not the most confident about that, but at this point it's getting a little redundant and almost like self-aggrandizement on Laura's part (which I know doesn't really make sense, as she's not the one saying or thinking it...but I think when you have any OC, lots of people praising them over and over takes you into dangerous waters). Anyway, though, that was a very small part of the chapter (and of other previous chapters), so it's not too big a deal or anything.

So...I'm really quite excited to see what's in store in the next chapter! I know you won't give any hints as to whether things go badly or not...but I'm going to put myself firmly in the camp (if there is one) that believes that this plan is going to end in disaster. And I'll be happy either way it turns out! (On the plus side, being so behind on reviewing, I won't have as much time to wait to find out!) Good chapter as always!

Author's Response: Hi again!

I will say nothing about how well the plan will or will not work. As for Mrs Macdonald, well she believes that since the girls are of age, they can make their own decisions in this sort of thing. She kinda missed the sexual revolution in that she got married in the 50s, but she saw it happening and, so long as precautions are taken, she figures that it's all a learning experience.

Thank you for being so understanding about the fillers - I just felt that it might be getting a little lost and, while I know where it's heading, I thought that the author's note would hopefully allay any concerns people might have. Now I've got so many people reading htis thing (far more than I ever thought) I kind of feel a responsibility towards them.

Thanks for the hint about self-aggrandisement, I hadn't realised I was doing that so I might go back and edit it out of some of these chapters. I don't think there's much (if any) coming up but I'll keep an eye out for it. When you don't realise you're doing something it can be hard to keep a check on it.

Oh, and the role reversal. I love that. I think that Sirius was actually very insecure in a lot of ways so he's allowing that to come out more now. There's more of it coming up too, which you probably guessed.

Thanks again, I do feel better about these chapters now. You definitely have a point in that, with chapter-by-chapter stories, people are less forgiving than if they get it all in one go. Now all I have to do is give the next one a proofread and load it up, probably Sunday or Monday so not far off now.

cheers, Mel

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Review #21, by Usgirl 

25th February 2010:
WOW!! You really do a great job of responding to folks! that is really fast though I don't know what LMK is in order to request one shots. I didn't think I was THAT old yet (only mid 30s LOL) to be a non techy Oh well. Must be kid brain or just plain slow.
I only read a few reviews trying to gleam whether or not you're gonna make me cry so I'm thrilled I can make requests!! Slightly mollified knowing you don't like sad ending either so I'm crossing my fingers (also hoping for AU). I'm really out of touch, totally missed Dumbledore having a love life, WHO was that with? I'm sure this isn't the place but its the only thing I can get to work. I'm very sorry. Help/redirection greatly appreciated (plus what is LMK). The forum section confussed me.
I would love one shots from Sirius POV of the Shrieking shake obviously, Snowballing when she breaks his nose (hilarious), the dance when he sees her, first valentines day together (at breakfast), what goes thru his mind during his bad mood to when he figures it out. Of less significance when he sees her at the station at the start of 7th year (Remmes mentions his blow up doll also very funny and their arms brushing alot) and when he sees her at the ministry when she passes her app. test

Can't wait for the next chapter, sorry for my incompetence

Author's Response: Hi again!

Right. First of all, "LMK" simply means "let me know". It's just a shorthand, rather like LOL for "laugh out loud". So don't panic, you've done that anyway. As for Dumbledore, well he had a severe crush on Grindelwald. I don't think it's ever been spelled out if it was reciprocated but that's the deal with his love life. And with the forums, well they can be confusing for someone who's not right up wiht internet communities, but if you register and then lurk for a little while you'll get the hang of them pretty quickly. The nice thing about this site is that everyone's really nice so if you have problems there is always someone to lend a helping hand.

Right. Thanks for reviewing again, I really do appreciate it. And don't worry, you're not incompetent, and you're not that old either (very likely younger than me,in fact). Just feel your way in and you'll be fine :D

cheers, Mel

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Review #22, by Callie 

25th February 2010:
These chapters haven't put me off at all, they make me want to keep on reading even moree, this was a really cute chapter !
I can't wait for the next one , thanks for bringing such joy to my days , I love escaping ,even if it is for a while only, into the Potterverse and reading such an entertaining story as How to tame a Marauder.
Keep it up!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Ah, they haven't? Good. I was a bit worried, as you could tell by the author note, I didn't think they were really that great but they are necessary for the story. So I'm really pleased that you liked them.

Next chapter is due up either on the weekend or, at the latest, Monday. Not sure when yet but sometime in that window.

cheers, Mel

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Review #23, by Rae 

24th February 2010:
I like filler and fluff as long as it involves sirius

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for the review!

Yes, Sirius fluff. A lot of people seem to appreciate that, myself included. Glad you like it!

cheers, Mel

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Review #24, by kill the moonlight 

24th February 2010:
Hey Mel,

Please don't say that your story is dipping, it really isn't. Believe me, I wouldn't have kept up reading if it had been. I'm pretty sure that I have not been the first nor the last to praise you for your great story telling. I guess some people just wanted to see the moment when Sirius and Laura finally got together and might have lost interest once it finally happened. I've noticed similar things happening with other popular stories, it's quite dissapointing. Which is really awful for their single mindedness sake I'd have to say.

Now, the fact that this story might be coming to an end makes me feel all bittersweet inside. It was the first HP fanfiction I really bothered to read, and now I'm writing one of my own! Haha, I'd never thought I would though. But that's another story.

And as for my review on this chapter; let me say that Mary is a bloody saint! I can't believe her mom is so understanding about.. well everything. And since when has she been sleeping with her boyfriend? Jeez, I feel like i've slept through some things before. Dammit, me and my one tracked mind! Ha no pun intended. Mary, I love her- a brilliant best mate for Laura. 'Go her!'

And as for Laura and Sirius. -seriously, he's just invited her over the holidays to his flat? I think I might have fainted at his proposal! That is just so sexy, ;). Excuse me for my naughty thoughts. But I couldn't help myself. What a step! 'yay them'

Well, I guess that's it for what I had to say for this one!

Love Always,
Gabriella Rose

Author's Response: Hi Gabriella!

Well, thanks for that. I do appreciate it. I do think that the story hasn't been quite up to scratch lately but then again, like I said, I'm probably not the best judge. But I hope that you like what's coming up.

And yes, Mary's a saint. As is her mum. Mrs Mac just thinks that, since the girls are of age, they can make their own decisions about that sort of thing. As for Sirius' invitation, well it was indeed an offer too good to refuse, though I suspect he is thinking pretty much exactly what you are about what they'll get up to.

thanks again, Mel

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Review #25, by himalyanharry 

24th February 2010:
wow jealous sirius. trouble bottling up

Author's Response: HI again!

Yes, jealous Sirius. I thought it was about time! Glad you liked it :D

cheers, Mel

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