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Review #1, by classicblack 

14th December 2011:
Ah the possibly unintentional foreshadowing in the last few paragraphs of this chapter: Lily was "lucky in love" with James but their love was cut short by their murders, just like the life of the bouqet when it was thrown into the lake. Maybe I'm just reading too much into this, though.
I liked this chapter and I liked that you had Gryffindor have an extremely close match, sort of like the Quidditch World Cup in the 4th book. Ravenclaw got the Snitch, but Gryffindor wins the Cup. Nice one!
I also like that they wedding description was kept short, sweet, and to the point- generally drama-free.
Happy writing,

Author's Response: My foreshadowing was actually more immediate (at least, the foreshadowing I intended, since your take is a really interesting one, and sounds much better), because of the quasi-argument that James and Lily get into in the next chapter.

Quidditch is hard to write without feeling like you're writing the same match over and over again, so I wanted to do something a bit different than a typical match. :P Glad you liked it!

Thank you again! (My goodness, I can't believe I've actually responded completely! Bet you never thought you'd see the day.)

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Review #2, by Noblevyne 

30th June 2011:
The wedding was well written, and you even given OCs like Anna's parents such fantastic depth. Man, now I'm regretting not getting up earlier before work.

The bouquet catch was adorable and fun - very Lily as we've gotten to know her.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you liked Anna's parents--I felt sometimes like I was villain-izing them a bit too much, or something. I've seen quite a few parents put way too much pressure on their kids, though, and I think it can really mess with people's heads.

The bouquet catch was one of those little things that I love coming up with--something to connect the magical world to ours just a little more! :)

Thanks again!

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Review #3, by Leigh Kelley 

18th June 2011:
I'm feeling a little giddy.

First, the match was nice to read about. You didn't drag it on, nor did you rush through it. I was able to feel James's nervousness, as well as the desperation near the end there. You know what I loved most? James wasn't the hero. He fumbled, and I love that. He's not super, he doesn't save the day, and it makes him all the more real.

When he told her he loved her I was grinning like an idiot. Gosh, I'm such a hopeless romantic. I know he feels that it should have been in a more romantic setting or whatever, but that's the thing about love. It hits you when you least expect it, and there's no set plan that should be followed. I think it happened at the right moment. I honestly didn't expect it.

I never thought there would come a point where I feel sorry for Anna. Her parents are seriously rough. -pets her-

I hope throwing that bouquet away doesn't make your day an unlucky one where love is concerned, Lily.

Reading on.


Author's Response: I quite enjoyed not making James the hero in this match. :D I'm always wary of making things too cheesy, and I felt like it really would be if he won them the match and got carried off the field on the shoulders of his fellow Gryffindors...or, you know, something like that. :P

See, this is why I missed your reviews--you love that James made a mistake during the match, and that him telling Lily that he loves her was so awkward and imperfect. I think those things might come off as anticlimactic to a lot of people, but I love going for realism in these kinds of situations.

Anna's parents are pretty rough. It was always interesting for me, writing about Mary and Anna and hearing from reviewers that they much preferred Mary to Anna. Anna is not a likeable character; I have no qualms about saying that, because I always knew she was when I was writing her. But I also always had the full picture of what they were like in my mind, and so I looked forward to the time when I could reveal it, because I had a sneaking suspicion that people would start to feel a lot more sympathy for Anna.

Thank you again!

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Review #4, by doglover 

9th January 2011:
the wedding was...interesting i guess.

Author's Response: Haha, yes, "interesting" is a good descriptor for that wedding. :P

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by AlPadfootPotter96 

24th December 2010:
Beautiful! I love this chapter so much - James especially :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked this chapter! I'm not sure why it turned out so long, but it was definitely a fun one to write. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Prongs and Lils 

1st November 2010:
It's awesome how well you capture moments! James' feelings as he's walking out on the field were pretty on point I think. I play so soccer so I can relate to the nervousness before the game. Then when they said the 'I love you's it was so perfectly awkward :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you thought James' feelings were realistic. I've played sports a few times but I'm by no means "sporty", so that's one of those things that I have to kind of cross my fingers that I'm getting close-to-right. :P

Haha, I'm happy to hear the use of the word "awkward" for that scene. That's exactly how I meant it to come off!

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Review #7, by girly1393 

9th September 2010:
"Lucky in love"? Hm... Very interesting.

And, uh-oh! Lily isn't supposed to be back yet! James is out being Prongs.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Yes, and now all you have to decide is whether the "lucky in love" promise actually came true or was as effective as the whole "catch the bouquet, be the next one married" thing. :P

I'm glad you caught the issue that Lily's early arrival is going to cause! I feel like since so much happened in this chapter, it was easy to not realize...and beyond a very small hint, I didn't try to remind anyone. ;)

Thank you!

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Review #8, by Kimco 

28th April 2010:
I like the flower idea of falling in love for a day.
Love your story!
Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review!

For some reason, while I was writing this chapter, I started thinking about the tradition of catching the bouquet and all the superstition surrounding it...and I thought it might be funny to cast it as a magical tradition that had remained among Muggles. :) I'm glad you liked the idea, and so happy you're enjoying the story!

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Review #9, by CaribouProngs 

19th April 2010:
Hooray for the wedding! Great chapter, great scenes! Please keep writing happy scenes for a little while longer. I don't want anything catastrophic to happen for at least a few more chapters.

Author's Response: Hmm...catastrophic. Well, I think there's at least a couple more chapters where things go more-or-less okay. There's a little bit of exam and graduation angst, I suppose, but nothing major.

This is the horrible thing about writing about Lily and James, though. Happy scenes are always book-ended by unhappiness, in the big picture. :(

I'm glad you liked this chapter! It turned out to be so much longer than I had intended, but it seemed to me there wasn't much to cut out...so I left it as-is and figured I'd get some feedback to see if it really was too long or not. And thank you very much for offering me your thoughts!

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Review #10, by allie_0608 

14th April 2010:
I love this story! Lol

Author's Response: And I love all your reviews! :) I'm glad you liked this chapter--it ended up being rather long, which I hadn't intended when I started writing it.

Thanks again!

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Review #11, by Prongs05JP 

25th February 2010:
I'm hereee to reviewww :D I decided to do this thiang, where if I get a review then I'd make sure I posted one - just to keep karma at bay an' all that. And to my immense surpise I just got 5 reviews for a song fic I've done so I thought - finish the Once Defied which you are behind on :P and hereee I appearrr!

So this chapter, I thought the quidditch match was fab. F.A.B(Scott - haha, thunderbirds nerd) I mean, I could really believe it was happening! With all the stuff going on around - and the last second shot, a lil bit cliche but not so much. I do think it's great how Ursula (sp?) got it instead of James. That would have been tooo cliche xP

Quotee: "I only ever did that because I was hoping you'd come open the window for me." That line made me smile - so typical younger James xD I love the lil convos between Lily and James - they justt make ya laugh (:

And the 'L' word has now been said O: Completely unromantic, but hey xD That's very... Jamesish.

The wedding was pretty cool but just one thing - was there a ceremony? Or did that happen before Lily arrived? Just wondered, cause I didn't see anything about it. Oh no! Lily felt so awkward! It is absolutely the most horrible thing to have your friends parents use you as an example of what they should be like - I feel your pain, Lils! Dx

Lol, Lils gets the boucay (my spellings off abit today, no idea how you smell it (lol, smell) ) the person who probably wanted it least - also how it got thrown in the lake ;) What a thing to happen!

I wanna knoww, is there going to be any Mary/Remus, or is it unlikely that somethings going to happen - Maybe something for the sequell O:

A real Fab Chap (as always, your writings awesome by the way) and at somepoint this evening I will definitely review the next one. (Karma makes me do it ^_^' (not that I won't anyway) )

1000/10 :)

Author's Response: See, this is why I don't mind people reviewing later on...because then, all of a sudden, I get two reviews after having no new ones for days! :D And I really like your karma idea. In fact, you motivated me to review some stories I'd fallen behind on, too!

I'm glad you liked the Quidditch match! I did put some more effort into it than I usually do with those scenes, so maybe it paid off. There was a bit of the cliched win-at-the-last-moment-ness to it, you're right...but I'm glad I negated it a little with making someone other than James get the last goal. :) It would have been really hilarious if he missed and they lost, and I was almost tempted to do it...but then I realized I'd been planning for them to win all along, and it would kind of mess things up if they lost. Haha. :P

Oh, and I'm so happy you liked that little scene about the window, because I really love it too. I have it written out fully, and it's fairly adorable, if I do say so myself (although I don't take too much credit, because younger James kind of writes himself in a lot of situations).

Yep, those three little words are out there now...and definitely not in the most romantic way! But you know, you're right, that is kind of the "James" way to do it, and I think in real life, it's rarely said in some really romantic scene, anyway. That's for TV and movies (and maybe some books).

You hit the nail on the head about Lily missing the ceremony part of the wedding because of the Quidditch match. She couldn't take off when it was James' last game! Plus, I felt like it would be a little boring to add the ceremony part in. (Isn't it always more exciting at the reception in real life, too?)

As for Mary and Remus, since you've read the next chapter, you've seen what direction things have taken. :S So unless Mary has a complete personality transformation, things are...not good, shall we say. But that's not saying it will be the last word on things!

It's brightened my day to hear that this was a Fab Chap as well, and even more so that you think my writing is "awesome". :D I'm flattered!

Thank you so much for the two reviews--I have to run off quickly right now, so I'll reply to the second one later...but I've read it and I really appreciate all the comments! :)

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Review #12, by redhead1287 

10th February 2010:
I was just now able to read your update and as usual, it was amazing!! I can't wait for the next one. One of the best things about it is how original it is!! I feel that there are tons of james and lily stories and they have a lot of the same things going on in the stories but you always seem to surprise me and take the story to a place I didn't think about. Excellent chapter and I hope you aren't too busy so the next one will be posted soon!!

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. :D

I think that at this point, almost no one who writes Marauders can call themselves truly "original". Almost every conceivable plotline and characterization has been dealt with, so much so that I don't even know if JKR herself could do much that was new with these characters! (I think that's some form of blasphemy or something, though, so don't tell anyone I said that. :P )

Having said that, I consider it a HUGE compliment to hear that you think I've done something new or different. I'll be the first to admit that I've fallen into cliches and the like at times, but...well, it's just fantastic that I can surprise you a little with the way I've written it! :D

Barring some unforeseen impediment, I'm pretty sure that I'll have the new chapter up on Friday! I had one of those strange bursts of writing this past Sunday and ended up writing the next chapter all in one day, which was pretty great. I'm really thrilled that you liked this chapter, and I hope you'll enjoy the next one just as much!

Thank you, thank you (again)!

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Review #13, by technicolor 

8th February 2010:
Oh wow.. I've been insanely busy with my new job lately, too busy to reply or do my laundry or even eat basically. But on the upside, I had a lot of new chapters from you to get back to in my - at last- moments of spare time!

I love this chapter. The ones leading up to it are awesome too, but especially your descriptions of the wedding; Slughorns inevitable presence, Anna's softer side coming out (and the reason for her bitterness), James' super sweet goodbye and the foreshadowing bouquet were all really perfect. You say the end is near; I hope not because I'd love to just keep reading about their lives for the next three years! (The next three years of their lives, not mine.. hehe).

I'm extremely curious now as to what Lily will have in store for her "tomorrow", as she's supposed to be really lucky in love. A proposal seems like it would be a bit premature. So perhaps she's literally "getting lucky"? Would have no objections to that. I also want to see what you'll do with Mary; will you give her story with Remus a proper ending, will you explore her new career and will there be a small tragedy, perhaps? Anyway, lots of reasons to come back and read!

Excellent bit of writing as usual.

Author's Response: Hi Sophie! So glad to hear from you again. :)

Wow, I'm thrilled that you liked this chapter (and all the others, too) so much. It ended up being so long, and I kind of felt like that was a result of a lack of editing. I don't think it was my best chapter in terms of writing, but it was eventful...and if you really liked it, I must have done something right!

Regarding the end, you will (hopefully) get your wish, because even though I'll be finishing up this story soon, I do plan on writing sequels to it which will go all the way to their dea--er--that terrible thing that happens in three years. :P To the very end, or to the beginning, depending on how you see it. That's my plan--whether I can actually stick with it all the way through is another story. I'd love to bring it to completion the way I have it in my mind, and hopefully life will allow me to.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of the sequel written yet, but I think what I'm going to do is finish this one up and take a break until the end of this semester, which is late April, so I can do some real planning and pre-writing.

Now that you have more information than you ever needed to know on THAT subject...on to your speculations. All I'll say is that, given the circumstances under which Lily is returning to Hogwarts (and no one seems to have picked up on that yet), she may or may not be right about the lucky charm being a bit bogus. As for Mary, I think pretty much everything gets wrapped up regarding Remus in the next chapter. Your other speculations, though, are things you'll just have to wait and see on! ;)

I'm really glad you're finding things to hold your interest in the story. It's difficult for the author to do that beyond the two romantic leads getting together, so that makes me happy! And, magically and unbelievably, I've actually already written the next chapter, so I plan to have it up on Friday, once I edit it properly. :)

Thanks so much for making time to read and review!

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Review #14, by Harry and Ginny 

7th February 2010:
aww it was so sweet when James told Lily he loved her! the quidditch match was awesome and well written, because i could imagine the whole thing! i can't to read more from u!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Hi Harry and Ginny! Thank you for the review. Yay for being the 300th! :)

I'm so happy that you liked the part where he told her he loved her. In fact, a lot of people seem to have enjoyed that inclusion. Considering that I hadn't planned to put it in the chapter, I'm very glad that I did!

I'm also really glad you thought the Quidditch match was good. I tried to put some real effort into it this time (not that I hadn't put effort into it before, of course, but this time it was more conscious). I figured that I probably wouldn't be writing one again for a very long time, and wanted to give James a good send-off in that regard.

Hopefully you won't have to wait very long for more, although I do have a midterm this week...hmm...I suppose I should go study for that... :P

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #15, by saffy 

6th February 2010:
hi there :)

quiddicht matches are so hard to write but you make them seem really natural just the write pace and commentary :) and aslo funny -> "A few of the girls on the team giggled surreptitiously. James could not say that he found the predicament very funny, if he imagined himself in the situation"

Sirius always makes me gigle he really doesnt like sharing james lol "Oh, sure, just abandon us"

I love the way James said i love you it was just so sweet :):):):):):)

The part about him relasing his time at hogwarts was comming to an end was so..it just made me so sad :( i keep being caught out by thoughts like that recently.

Ugh Annas parent are just annoying nothing is worse than being compared to your siblings ! ( i have five sisters and it sucks becuase there is always one who can do something better than you)

the bouquet thing was sucha good idea ! and your last sentence was the perfect end to the chapter :):)

No worries about the wait cant wait for the next one :)Thanks !

Author's Response: Oh, no, how do I always accidentally click to another page when I've written a nice long response?! Sigh. Let me try again...

Hi saffy! :) Thanks a million for reviewing.

Yep, Quidditch matches are not easy to write. I'm sure they're okay for some people, but definitely not me! I think even JKR said she got tired of it after a while, though, so I don't feel too inadequate. I'm glad you thought I wrote it well, at any rate. And now, I think I won't write another match for a long time...haha.

I always felt that Sirius was a bit possessive. I think it was something in the way he acted with Harry--like how Hermione said that it seemed he might have wanted him to get expelled so they could live together at Grimmauld Place. And in this case, he's been used to being thick as thieves with James, and probably not completely adjusted to the fact that Lily is now in the equation.

Oh, the "I love you"...funny enough, I had not planned at all to have that come out in this chapter. Then I got to that scene and it just seemed to fit perfectly, so I'm really happy you liked it too. :D

I'm not really a big fan of change either, so I can definitely relate to James here. (And you too, I suppose!) I think it would be really hard for all those boys to move on from that time in their lives, though more for some of them than others. I mean, for Remus...what else does he really have to look forward to? Of course WE know that he finds Tonks, and has Teddy, but I think he would have been expecting to lead a pretty hopeless life. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I do think that James would have had an easier time of it--at least he had Lily, and he was talented.

I'm glad you thought Anna's parents were annoying! Haha. :P What I mean is, that was what I was trying to show. I don't know what it is about parental disapproval, but it really cuts deep--I don't even get much of it, and I know that. I have a big family too, and being the oldest, I always feel bad if my siblings get compared to me, or really inadequate when I realize that they're much cooler than I am. :P Anyway, I hoped it would make Anna a little more sympathetic as a character.

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised you liked the last line. I was feeling like my closing lines in this chapter (the one before the break and at that end) were really not so great! How reassuring. :)

I'm glad the wait didn't bother you too much; that's very de-stressing! :) I appreciate it. I'll update as soon as I possibly can!

Thanks again!

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Review #16, by SeVeRuS LoVeR 

6th February 2010:
This was a cute chappie :)) I hope u update soon because your story is really awesome :DD

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to review. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! I was pretty iffy about it...it was long, and I felt like my writing was a bit weak in places. But if it satisfied you, then that makes me feel better!

I'll try to update as soon as I can, I promise. :) I wrote a lot of the next chapter last night, but (typically) now I feel like it might need to be heavily edited or re-written altogether. So...we'll see how long "as soon as I can" ends up being!

I hope you do like the next chapter when I post it, and thanks again!

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Review #17, by 711@hogwarts 

5th February 2010:
oh i love your story so much

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm thrilled that you love the story! As much as I enjoy writing for itself, it's always so wonderful to get positive feedback. It motivates me to write faster and better! What I'm trying to say is, thank you so much for leaving me such a nice review! :)

I hope you keep loving the story!

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Review #18, by Pixileanin 

5th February 2010:
Very cool! I liked reading about James' insecurities and worries. I thought the Quidditch game was written very well too! And the "I love you" that came out of nowhere was a nice touch. Sometimes you never know when the right moment is, and this made it memorable for me. Lily's reaction to it and then catching the bouquet at the end rounded it off nicely too!

It was insightful to see Anna with her family and recognize where she gets some of her frustrations from. I liked your wedding scene too!

I'm really enjoying this story! I thought the length was fine too!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for reviewing; I always appreciate hearing from new people! :)

I'm glad you liked James' half of the chapter. I imagine anyone would have been freaked out before such a big Quidditch match. (James likes to pretend he's got it all under control, but I think he's just as insecure as the next person.)

Ah, the "I love you"...this was one instance where my fixation on making the story realistic really came through. In my experience (and I'm not drawing on loads of it, or anything), it seems like that phrase often comes out at unexpected, mundane moments, and not the kind of candlelit, romantic scenes like you often see in movies. I'm sure other people have had different experiences, but I thought it was more realistic to do it this way! I'm glad you thought it was good. :)

I really did want to include a scene with Anna and her family to give a bit more of an explanation for her personality, so I'm happy to hear that I managed to do that! Hopefully it made her just a tad bit more sympathetic as a character.

The length of this chapter was HORRENDOUS. Hahaha. No, I'm only kidding. I know there are people who have this length as the norm, but it is a bit of an outlier when it comes to this story. I think the second longest was over 1000 words less than this. But I suppose I should have been prepared for that, with so much going on in it--and I guess as long as there was interesting stuff going on, it's not so bad, right? :)

Thanks again for the review! I hope you enjoy the next chapter whenever I manage to post it!

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Review #19, by NATAliEisBAx14 

5th February 2010:
WELL. I am officially a burn survivor. Who CREATED freaking hair straighteners? Come on, I mean if the Decepticons come back to Earth they should totally investigate those things for their team. NOT THAT I'M ROOTING FOR THOSE COSMIC JERKS.

ANNNYWAYYY. On a scale of 1- Optimus Prime this is like a 7, and that's a Chuck Norris. So here you've got something just as cool as Chuck Norris and seven tenths as cool as Optimus Prime. Do you know how cool Optimus Prime is? They killed him and he STILL kicked their asses. Excuse my French.

Yes I was just watching Revenge of the Fallen. So you happen to be the coolest ever that a human could get too. I promise I'm not usually this geeky. You missed it, I saw this Power Nerd in my school he had a POWER WEDGIE. seriously. I'm better than that. I mean the bottoms of his pants were up by his ankles. If he were a girl, he'd have the LARGEST camel toe a human can have apart from being PART CAMEL. But that's another girl in my school.

Do you see why I turn to harry potter fanfiction? I NEED NORMALITY. Although they're wizards so...whatever. My reviews are always so long and random. I hope you read this whole thing because I'm just about to thank you for thanking me for reviewing. I love to review your story. You're always so nice when you reply!!

xx natalie.

Author's Response: Hi Natalie! Thanks for the fantastically hilarious review! :D

It's not just hair straighteners--curling irons are terrible offenders in that regard too! I've been burned quite a few times, so I understand your pain. Actually, one time my own hairdresser burned my ear with her straightener that goes up to like 400 degrees! An army of hair straighteners and curling irons would be absolutely terrible, so here's hoping that never happens!

Whoa--Chuck Norris level of coolness? I've never seen Transformers so I can't tell exactly how cool Optimus Prime is, but I know Chuck Norris is pretty awesome. And I'll take your word for it that being 70% as amazing as Optimus Prime is a pretty huge compliment, too.

Oh, the poor nerd at your school...but that is just a teeny tiny bit funny! Sirius would find it hilarious. In fact, he's probably done that to Snape several times. (And no need to worry about being a nerd--I've just talked about a fictional character like he's real, so I can't judge. Besides, I'm a total nerd in disguise. You would never know by looking at me that I write fan fiction and love all the LOTR movies with a passion.)

Of course I read all of your reviews--they're so funny! :D And there is absolutely NO need to thank me for replying, because it's really one of my favourite things on earth to do. It does make me feel extra warm and fuzzy to know that you think I'm nice when I reply, though. I always love reviewing the stories where the author is nice to me in their response, so it's really cool to know that someone thinks that way about me. (Hmm, not sure I made any sense there.) Speaking of replies, though, I think a couple reviews back I accidentally wrote "match" instead of "math", and for whatever reason that typo has been really bugging me--so I did mean "math," just so you aren't wondering if I lost the ability to spell in that response. I think I had to move around some brain cells to do that math. (Nevermind that I Googled it...) :P

Anyway, thanks again for the review! I hope you have a great weekend!

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Review #20, by Somebody 

5th February 2010:
OH MY GOSH! This is one of my favorite chapters by far! Ya know how I reviewed last time telling you about more time with James and Lily and all that...well you probably haven't read that review yet because I just now posted it and read chapter 27. l haven't had time to read because of school...like you said you hadn't had time to write. Ha ha! I've had too many test to study for! But anyway like I was saying in my last review on chapter 26, I'd really like more time with Lily and James, more action... stuff like that, I know you didn't read my review before you wrote this chapter being that I just wrote it, but it's like you read my mind!This was perfect! The Quidditch match was absolutely amazing! And that's saying something! I'm sure if Quidditch was real it would be awesome to watch and play, but reading about it is usually boring. This match had me on the edge of my seat! And then James flying Lily up to Gryffindor tower! I loved their conversation throughout that especially this part “I’m only teasing,” he said, kissing her on the forehead.
“You did that on purpose,” she said.
“Well, of course.”
“No, I mean that you did it because you were trying to remind me of all those times you used to fly up to this window after practice just so everyone would think you were cool,” Lily said.
“Actually, I didn’t,” James said, smiling, “but now that you mention it, it is kind of poignant. You’re wrong about one thing, though.”
“What’s that?” Lily asked, folding her arms across her chest.
“I only ever did that because I was hoping you’d come open the window for me.”
“And then when I did, you’d flip upside-down and practically kill yourself—”
“And you were so terrified that I might get hurt.”
“Well, I couldn’t have something like that on my conscience,” Lily said, but she was smiling very affectionately.
HILARIOUS! And Sirius “You two are sickening,” Sirius’ voice said, and James broke away from Lily, who was smiling with rather flushed cheeks. “Wait until you’re alone!” that was so funny! And James telling Lily he loved her for the first time was perfect too! So sweet! I mentioned in my last review I felt like James was losing interest in Lily because he didn't think about her that much...totally proved me wrong in this chapter especially with this... And then there was Lily. For the most part, he had ceased to be in complete shock that she was his girlfriend, but it still jumped up on him from time to time—this happened to be one of those moments.
Also the wedding I really expected to be quite boring, I couldn't have been more wrong! I loved the inside look you got on Anna's family and the fact that Lily caught the bouquet! I love the way the wedding was...the "Swish and Flick" song, the butterbeer cake, and the flowers being enchanted, I really hope you play that into the next chapter (Lily catching the bouquet and having lucky love for a day, I mean)...of course James and Lily are already perfect without luck! Everything at the wedding was great! Definitely wizardy ; ) I thought that you really displayed Anna's, Lily's, and May's personalities as they headed back to Hogwarts. Lily wanting to do what's best for Anna, Anna wanting nothing more than to get rid of any reminder of her sister's wedding...so she throws the flowers in the lake...lol. Them Mary wanting to keep them just because it was romantic, the right thing to do, and all that rubbish...
This story is now not just dah bomb . com, it's dah bomb-diggaty . com, lol
Keep writing this is BRILLIANT!

Author's Response: Hello again! So, my spaz moment of the day is that I thought your last review was for the newest chapter, and not the one beforehand! :P If anything I said in that response doesn't make sense, it's because I thought you were referring to things in this chapter--apologies for any confusion!

I'm so glad you liked the Quidditch! I actually did put some real effort into making it interesting and describing the match in more detail, so I'm really happy to hear that it paid off and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Oh, and I'm also super glad that you liked that little exchange between James and Lily! I have some scenes written down of previous years just to get background and characterization right, and the flying-up-to-the-window scene is actually one of those. :) It's kind of a funny and cute little exchange, so I couldn't resist referencing it.

Actually, in my last response, I was going to point out that James had told Lily he loved her, so that was a sign that he was still really crazy about her--I'm glad I didn't, because that would have made no sense, since you were reviewing the last chapter. :P Anyway, I'm happy to hear that I "read your mind" on that part.

Haha, I'm glad you liked Sirius' line there too. :P There's always that person who's the first to interrupt happy couples, isn't there?

Oh, I'm so happy the wedding wasn't boring! Funnily enough, I was expecting it to be quite eventful and then found when I went to write it that it wasn't so much. :P I'm glad you liked all those details, though...I was trying to think of really catchy songs they might play at weddings and thought of "Twist and Shout", and then the whole "Swish and Flick" thing just popped into my head. :P And I think butterbeer cake would probably be so delicious!

I hesitated a bit on the bouquet thing because I thought it might be a little cheesy...I mean, it almost feels to me like really forced foreshadowing, because we know that Lily and James do get married not too far off from now. But oh well. :P

I'm glad you noticed the part at the end and how it showed all three of the girls' personalities, too. :) I was kind of going for that effect, and it's always cool to hear that I've succeeded.

On whether Lily will be lucky...well, I'm not sure if that will be quite the word for it. However, I've already started writing the next chapter, and so far, the "lucky in love" thing is actually involved in the very first line of it, though perhaps not in the context you might expect...

I'm being very mysterious, aren't I? :P

On the plus side, the next chapter does seem to be going more smoothly in terms of writing, and I might be able to add a good amount to it this weekend. In other words: hopefully you won't have to wait in wondering for too long! :)

Thanks so much for reviewing both chapters in one go! I'm so pleased that you love the story so much; reviews like this really motivate me to keep writing!

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