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Review #1, by LilyGreenEyes 

29th April 2011:
Wow. Just WOW!

Apologies now for this review being so short and bitty, I just really really really am speechless right now so everything comes as a jumble, and I'm dying to finish the story!

I thought it was a brilliant idea for Ron to use the stone as a distraction, mouldy voldy so wouldn't be expecting that! A stroke of brilliance there my friend!

Ginny's determination and saving the day serveral times was fantastic! I go love our Miss Weasley! Her dedication and determination to fight was epic!

Ron and Hermione in their own little battle alongside the resistance was another superb piece of writing that was just spot on, especially with the Malfoys turning up. Same to be said for Ginny vs Nagini - that was EPIC! And the Inferi Fred? Amazing touch, even if it was hard to see Ron being close to death at the hands of his 'brother'. And Voldy having Ronnie?! Are you trying to overwhelm me with all these 'bad' things for them to solve! I had my heart pounding the whole way through the chapter, barely caught my breath!

And the Voldy takes over Harry. Unexpected if I'm honest but again brilliant writing to make it work, the love from the talisman bringing him back was a stroke of genius, I really loved that part, even if I had a glisten in my eye because of it!

And so, I think what you get from the gist of this review is that I like it ;) in fact I love it, or better still, I ADORE THIS CHAPTER! 'Nuff said, I'm off to read a happy ending, I hope.

Author's Response: It all came down to this, the quartet, nearly at the peak of their powers facing down Voldy at the peak of his.

I had an absolute blast writing this chapter, but the transitions were difficult. But it seems like the flow worked.

Ginny. I hated that she was sidelined in DH; I understood why it had to be that way, but I really wanted to "right that wrong" in this tale. And she is FORMIDIBLE. Like mother like daughter. hehehe.

Ron and Hermione's little war was fun to write as well, and I couldn't help but harken back to the Cliffs of Dover once again. Sorry if I had you gasping there.

So, Harry finally puts paid to voldy, beating him one on one during the duel, but Voldy still almost gets the last laugh. I just had to have a way to let Harry best Voldy AND have the Quartet play a part in doing him in as well.

I'm overwhelmed by the praise here. Thank you!


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Review #2, by melian 

18th August 2010:
So much to cover and so little time!

Right. First off, I'm not sure that I like Nagini's head going through the Veil. The last thing to go through there (that we know of) was Sirius and I don't like the idea of the snake's head landing on him. :) This is of course my own personal prejudice coming into play and you should completely ignore it - even I can see how well it works for the story. Poor Ginny, though, breaking some ribs and still having to save Ronnie and then Ron & Hermione's skin later. She would have been absolutely spent after this.

I also got a wry smile from Harry's continued use of Bellatrix's words for inspiration. Seems the hag actually DID do some good after all, even if it WAS teaching Harry how to cast an Unforgiveable. I also smiled when Harry and Voldie moved to the Atrium to make the defeat public. What I wasn't expecting was the bit of Voldie to go into Harry, and I think you did that really well, with the lost-sounding Harry initially unable to find his way out through the darkness. As always, love was what won in the end. I like that.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: This entire fight scene was a real monster to write. It went through edits for at least two months before posting.

The head landing on Sirius? LOL! But, I couldn't help but let Ginny have a HUGE part to play here. I wanted her to even the score after what happened in CoS and I really wanted her to be the center of everyone's salvation, even tho she's doing it while she's injured.

Yep, Bella finally contributes to the cause. 'Bout time! Glad you liked that. But again, I just couldn't let it be a simple victory for Harry. That would've been too easy, and, again, I wanted Ginny and everyone else, to play a vital role in finally putting paid to Voldemort.

You hit it right on the money; the lesson of this tale is that love is always the most powerful magic. I'm just an old softy at heart.

Thanks again Mel!


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Review #3, by Miss Lily Potter 

16th August 2010:
Oh my bleeping god.

This was... It was such an... epic battle. I loved it. Absolutely fantastic. Brilliant. I was so, so worried that Harry would die at the same time as Riddle, that it would be both of them gone, and then Ginny would be left with the shambles of her life.

My heart is racing, haha. (: I know I've said this countless times before, but I really mean it: This is truly a fantastic story. I really... I loved reading it, and it might possibly be my favorite on the archives.

I know it's not over yet, but I feel like this was the big chapter, the one that the story was really working towards. Of course, I could be wrong--but that was how I felt about it. The battle is won, finally.

I loved how much sense the fighting made. Everything had a reason, and it was all planned to a T. I don't know how you do it, I honestly don't.

Wonderful job. My very favorite battle scene that I've read, ever.

And I'm super happy that Voldemort's dead. ;D

I loved the part where Harry was possessed. I feel like the major theme of the Harry Potter series is love, and I think you really channeled that well, with Ginny bringing him back. It was a powerful moment.

Great job.

Onto the final chapter. (:

Author's Response: Love is the most powerful magic.

You hit the nail right on the head. That's been the theme all along, underscored by the Father's speeches at the engagement party.

I was never pleased that Ginny was sidelined in DH. There's a line she used in "Choosing to be Chosen" where she tells Harry "I didn't like it, but I understood why." that pretty much sums up my thoughts on her absence in DH.

That said, I really wanted to correct that here and couldn't think of a better way to do it than to have her save Harry in this way. Once again, your praise and poignant review has got me smiling like a cheshire cat! Thanks

This battle was really really hard to write. It took forever to tweak it and add to it. In fact, that portion where Ron nearly dies didn't get added until right before I posted it.

I had some healthy inspiration for the whole thing tho. I write to music and John Williams' "Duel of the Fates" from "Phantom Menace" helped me set the tone. Again, really appreciate all the compliments as this was really my magnum opus of duelling. And, you are correct. This was the crescendo; it all lead up to this.

I sound like a broken record here, but I'm really really flattered by all the praise here. Thanks! You really have made my day!


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Review #4, by PrincessPadfoot 

15th August 2010:
'I want to go home' Yeah Harry if I was you, I'd want to go home too.

Wow. Just wow eldy. This was such an amazing chapter. Really it's one of the best things I've ever read EVER!! This climatic collection of scenes was a bit overwhelming, but in a freakishly good way.

I fight between Voldemort and Harry...there aren't enough words to describe it, but I can think of a few. EPIC is the one that comes to mind first. Followed shortly by MIND BLOWING which I realize is two words...but still!! That whole scene was freakishly awesome!! I'm gushing I know I am but it was soo good!!

Ronnie!! When Voldy had Ronnie I nearly cried!! But It's a good thing Aunt Ginny came to save the day. Not only then, but also when Ron was going to sacrifice himself AGAIN. I was going to have a serious panic attack if you did that to Hermione AGAIN. But I'm glad that Ginny has more of a role in this story. I always felt that Rowling never used Ginny to her full potential in the last book. I'm glad you do her justice.

Okay well it's almost 4am so I have no idea if any of this is coherent.so I'm going to go now!!

Love ya!

Author's Response: WOW PP! What an amazing review! Thank you!

"I want to go home." I love that line and am so glad it had that impact on you. After everything the poor kid's been thru, it just seemed too appropriate.

The fight scene was a bear to write. It went thru a lot of drafts, trying to get all the action down and keep the tensions building. I simply couldn't resist using Ronnie as a hostage. The part where Ron nearly pulls another "Dover," was added at the last minute. Ginny, however, was always destined to have her moment in the sun. I, like you, definitely wanted to see more of her in DH.

I'm really glad this all got you gasping and choking. Flaterred! Very! And rest assured, your review is all very coherent.

I can't thank you enough!


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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday 

5th July 2010:
Excellent battle scene, and the poetic justice of Ron offing Draco. Fabulous. :-D

Author's Response: Thanks. This was actually a bear to write, with the switching scenes. Really glad you liked it!


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Review #6, by edward ollivander 

4th July 2010:
whew! someone get that man a butterbeer! certainly one of the most riveting battles ever. well done. great story. Happy writing.

Author's Response: Edward,

this gushing review made my day. this duel was a monster to write. I'm really flattered you liked it.


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Review #7, by TheDirigiblePlum 

9th February 2010:
OH MY GOSH! Sorry it's taken me so long to review this but I'm so happy I've finally done it! That was an epic chapter!

The way the fight scenes between Harry and Riddle and Ron and Death Eaters flitted between each other really added to the pace and tension in the chapter, because you kept reading on trying to find out how each one was going to end! This really kept me on the edge of my seat because as soon as you got into one fight it would suddenly change to the other and it was all "What's happening!!". Great stuff, loved it. :D

The final fight at the end was amazing. Riddle going into Harry!? What a darkly devious idea, and believable too, because I've always reckoned that Harry had the potential to show the dark side that you give him in the final scene:

"Harry’s eyes had gone black with undistilled vengeance."

I can imagine that he would drive himself to this if people continued to threaten his loved ones as much as Riddle was. After all, he was willing to die for them so I guess the next step is being willing to kill for them... maybe.

Also the refrain of "you have to mean it" really added to the darkness that Harry was feeling, hearing Bellatrix's voice telling him about Unforgivable Curses after Sirius had just died was for me, a very evil part of the books. So hearing it repeated over in this chapter added great atmosphere. I adore stories that delve into Harry's dark side like this, because I think it's one of the things that make him such a believable and endearing character because everyone has a dark side, even the hero so it's only fair that it's shown. It shows he's human, the most important thing a good character can be. The way you've evolved Harry through this story has been amazing (as you know, I love him very much so I love it when authors do him justice :D) and spellbinding to read.

"I want to go home."

This vulnerability is another aspect of Harry's character that you got so well. He can't be strong all the time and this was an important insight into what he is, and also added as a very direct contrast to all the other emotions he'd been feeling throughout this chapter. It made the chapter end on a "phew, that was intense!" type sigh. Like I'd been running or something. :D

This was the best chapter yet! And again, sorry I'm so late!! School's been a bit manic lately. :)


Author's Response: DP! I'm blown away by this amazing review; and its just great to hear from you.

Whew. Where to start here...

There are really three key points in this story. The first is when 'Mione shows up. The second is the massive fight amongst the trio when Ginny gets hurt. But these two point inevitably to this: the showdown with Baldy. I was more than a little worried this chapter wouldn't pack the wallop it needed to. Seeing a review like yours really puts my mind at ease.

I wrote the whole chapter to John Williams' "Duel of the Fates," one of the few good things to come out of "The Phantom Menace," in my humble opinion. It really influenced how the fights cut back and forth and I couldn't help a little Star Wars homage with the red and blue flamed swords.

It went thru a lot of re-writes and, at one point, I'd even toyed with cutting it in half. The dividing point? When Baldy reveals that Ronnie is sitting on the throne. "Uncle Harry!" would've been the end of part 1 of the chapter. Evil thing to do, I know, but I was tempted.

Instead, I decided to have Ron almost pull another Dover (and I've gotten some grief for that!) LOL.

Harry going dark. It always comes down to Ginny. Once they got to Dover and he heard Ginny scream, Harry had had enough. Riddle was a dead man. Harry'd taken Bella's advice to heart and was gonna put it to practice on snakeface with a vengeance. I really wanted him seething when he finally faced the Dork Lord. But there had to be a price: the possession. As a result, defeating Baldy became a team effort, led by my hero Ginny. I'm really glad you liked this flourish and the fact that you thought I did Harry justice here is really high praise.

"I want to go home." That sums it up. I can't really add anything to Harry's last line there.

DP, its always so great to hear from you and this has been a truly amazing review!


P.S. Sorry life's been so hectic. I know exactly what you mean.

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Review #8, by Basilisk27 

27th January 2010:
Great idea, breathtaking duels, impeccable storyline, zero flaws and on top of that perfectly wrote to every detail.

Thanks for the amazing story and I am looking forward to the rest of it.

PS: I think you should write professionally. :)

Author's Response: Welcom Basilisk27. It's always great to hear from a new reader, especially when its an awesome review like this.


This whole story was something of an accident. My first story on this site was a tale called "Stop All The Clocks." (If you get the chance, I'd like to hear what you think of it.) That story ended rather tragically, but it wasn't supposed to have a sequel. However, I found I just couldn't let the story line end. "Crusade" was the result. I'm really glad you liked it. I had a load of fun writing it, even though the most recent chapter wasn't the easiest to write.

Only one chapter left. The whole story has been written for some time, but I'm still tweaking and editing. I hope to post it in the next two weeks.

Thanks again!

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Review #9, by Sirius Black Dog 

26th January 2010:
I just re read this chapter and from the moment Harry and Voldemort enter the Atrium, i was swept up.

By far the BEST i've read so far.

You built another story, onto the world J.K left behind, a brilliant story, a brilliant world. I'm in awe :)

Author's Response: You re-read it? Now that's high praise!

Feel free to keep re-reading, LOL!

Again, thanks so much for the compliments. You're giving me a big head!

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Review #10, by Sirius Black Dog 

26th January 2010:
Bloody Brilliant. You're amazing! Thank you for sharing such a gift.

I love the link and the power. I love the weakness in Harry and how he has to depend on Ginny, Ron and Hermione.

I love how you brought everything to life again.

Every fan fic i've read has been alright but nothing compared to what i felt reading J.K's stories. You brought back the pure amazement. Thank you.


Author's Response: 200 out of 10? WOW!

The link, unfortunately, was not my original idea. justanothermuggle and MyGinevra both wrote about that idea before me, but I just liked it too much not to include it. So, appropriate shout outs to them.

I really wanted this to be a group effort. I wanted everyone involved too make it a story about the bonds between them, rather than focusing on just one character. At the end of the day, its about friends and family. So, even tho Harry faced Baldy alone, it took all of them to finally beat him. I'm glad you liked that.

There really is no substitute for Voldy as the villain, is there? I just loved putting them back in the thick of things against Voldy, but giving them a lot more maturity, making it more of a "fair" fight.

Your comparison to to JKR is overwhelming.

I really can't thank you enough for reading.

Only one chapter left! It should post in a week or two. I hope to answer all the questions that have been lingering since I wrote the prequel, "Stop All The Clocks." Time will tell how well I do that.

Thanks again!

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Review #11, by Aurorofthelight 

25th January 2010:
HOLY MOLEY! A 15 of 15 at least! This magnificent adventure you have been giving us just hit an amazing and spellbinding crescendo with this chapter! Just when you think it couldn't get any better you hit us with the knockout punch! Fantabulous(is that a word?)!

Author's Response: Wow!

I just don't even know what to say. This chapter was really difficult to write and I'm still tweaking it; I can't thank you enough for such an awesome review!

Only one chapter left; I hope to answer all the questions (or most of them anyway) that have been lingering since the prequel, "Stop All the Clocks."

I hope to have it up in a week or two.

Thanks again!

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Review #12, by 1917farmgirl 

24th January 2010:

Are you trying to kill me! Evil, evil, evil Eldy!

You did that just for me, didn't you. Just to give me a heart attack. And that's why you wouldn't let me see it again before you posted it.

I tell you, honest to goodness, I thought you were gonna do it. I thought you'd had another one of those moments of inspiration as you drove home from your day trip and had decided to kill Ron off again and change the WHOLE ENDING!

And I was gonna kill you.


Ginny swooping in there saved more than just Ron's life, buddy.

*Tries to refrain from glaring and stomping feet so she can give a descent review*

Okay, my impending cardiac arrest aside, what a chapter. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are one of the best writers of action and fast moving scenes I've ever read, including published works. The raw power and magic of those fights just left me breathless.

And Harry facing Voldie, not tricks or gimmicks. Wow. Just wow. I can see why you picked Duel of the Fates for background music. Fits.

The Fred bit... *sniffs* Perfect. And would you stop telling people it was my idea! You're going to ruin my reputation! Seriously, folks, if you're reading this, I have no idea what this guy is talking about. Me, hurt Fred? NEVER. *slinks away*

Ginny and the snake was quite intense. I was very worried for a while. And then the Harry being possesed bit. Well, after that WHOPPER of a Ron loop you threw out there, I was terrified for the rest of the chapter. I knew you'd only barely stopped from killing Harry clear back at the beginning, so I figured all assurances were off now.

Thank you for letting them all live. I would hate to have to kill you. :)

Great, wonderful, magnficant chapter, AS USUAL! You are a brilliant, brillian author, and with only one chapter left, if you don't write more soon I might go into serious elderwand withdrawl...


Author's Response: Farmgirl!

Ron? Hm. Looks like I dodged a bullet by letting him off the hook (or maybe a hot poker! LOL).

That scene with Ron was what was missing. I added it the day I posted and it took most of the day to write. I needed a bigger role for him during the fight and I had to capitalize on Baldy essentially setting an ambush by recalling Draco and some of his death eaters from France. This scene, I hope, accomplished that. Chanelling Dover and dangling the prospect of another heroic death for my hero Ron was the only way to do that. I'm glad it caught you off guard.

Now, young lady, as to Fred...just keep slinking! LOL.

Ginny's scene with Nagini underwent a significant re-write as well. Again, I contemplated her not making it too, but I really wanted to keep the canon characters around so I would have the option of using them in the future. So, everyone got a reprieve...this time...[insert evil laugh here]

This was the most difficult of the chapters to write, so I'm really glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for all your amazing reviews and suggestions. It means a lot.


Evil Eldy

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Review #13, by Karkaroff 

24th January 2010:
I liked how you wrote the battle scenes in this chapter. The duel between Harry and Voldemort was well written. I also liked Ginny trying to help Harry resist Voldemort's posession. Thanks for updating and I hope there is more on the way.

Author's Response: Karkaroff! thanks for the great review! The battle scenes and the possession were great fun to write so I'm glad you liked them.

There's only one chapter left; it should post within the next two weeks.

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Review #14, by You Know Who 

24th January 2010:
Deal, Oh, and by the way. Have you read the Percy Jackson Books. They may give you some great ideas about swordplay. Besides, I'll be using the sword for "How to Beat Things up Before Midterms" practice

Author's Response: Deal? You're gonna face the wrath of George? Ok, now that's WAY beyond Gryffindor courage. me 'ats off to ye, mate.

Percy Jackson? Can't say as I have, but perhaps i should check them out.

How to beat things up before midterms? LOL!

Thanks again for reviewing. It always means alot to know folks are enjoying what I'm writing enough to leave a review.

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Review #15, by You Know Who 

24th January 2010:
Sorry I updated so late. That was fantastic! The pyscological terror, sword fighting, and fighting scenes are mindblowing. Just one, no two questions. How many chapters are left and can I have the sword? Please? I won't really hurt anyone. I'll just hang It on my wall.

Author's Response: Howdy! I'm really glad you're back!

I absolutely loved the sword fighting. I even had the audacity to believe that it was an original idea, until I read Eclipse of Time (which is a great tale by the way). Lilausty informed me that other folks before Eclipse had used the idea too. So, I can't take credit, but I loved using it!

Only one chapter left, sad to say. It'll post in a week or two.

Tell you what. You can have the sword if you tell George that I lost his broom. Deal?

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Review #16, by blueirony 

24th January 2010:
Are you proud of me? I actually came in here and read the latest update with absolutely noonoe else telling me to. *beams*

. . . .

Ok, so 1917farmgirl might have told me to come in here... haha. But I certainly don't regret it!

This was another action filled chapter. And what I liked about it was that it tied up so many loose threads.
I have to admit, when Ginny was fighting Nagini, I was so scared that she was going to die. Once you mentioned The Veil, I thought, "This is it, she's going to die and Harry will be overcome by grief and not kill Voldemort and everyone will die and the world will blow up."
Thankfully she didn't die. The world blowing up would not have been very pleasant. And writing about it would be weird. Not to mention that it would probably throw the space-time continuum out of loop.

I like that Ginny was the one to finish the Carrows. She deserved to be the one to deliver the final blow.

And then you throw in another possible death. With Ron. I didn't think you would go through with it, considering how much grief poor Hermione has already been through. But, again. I swear, I was really scared for him to die. Not to mention the whole thing with the Inferi. And Fred? Dude, that was just creepy. And so weird. And kind of scary at the same time.

And I don't think I'm making much sense. My thoughts are all sort of jumbled all over the place. Wheee.

The last showdown between Harry and Voldemort was awesome. And it's how I wanted it to be in the books! THANK YOU for Voldemort posessing Harry. That was supposed to be how JKR did it and then Harry was supposed to die and the combined rage of everyone else was supposed to kill him off... but, apparently, JKR did not get my telepathic thoughts.
I'm digressing, aren't I? I'm sorry.
But, seriously. The fact that Harry was posessed by Voldemort. I loved that. Maybe it's because I enjoy torturing characters, but it just... it just fitted? It makes sense for it to happen. And it makes sense for everyone else to expel Voldemort through thoughts of love and loyalty and friendship. And that's what you did.

Thank you for not leaving this one on a cliffhanger! I honestly came in, totally prepared for you to leave us hanging again, but you didn't. And as much as I love cliffhangers (despite how much I say I hate them), the chapter ended in really good place, I thought.

Hopefully the last chapter is a happy one! And one where they all get the break they so deserve. it's kind of sad, though. It means that this will come to an end. And I don't want it to. :[

Ju :]

Author's Response: I am thrilled you came back, whatever the reason LOL. Did I mention Farmgirl and I think your writing is awesome?

Folks, if you ain't me or blueirony and you're reading this, go check out "Raindrops." Its in my favorites. You will thank me. Profusely.

Now. Whew! Where to start with this tremendous review?

I had planned for everyone, except Voldy, to live in this chapter, believe it or not! But Ginny, thru the re writes kept getting closer and closer to crossing over. I'm glad the suspense got to you. And I really liked having her off the Carrows. They SO deserved it.

Ron. That homage to Dover was the newest part of this chapter. I knew somthing was missing, which is why it took me so long to post. Finally it came to me that Ron almost making the ultimate sacrifice, again, for his dear Hermione was what this needed. I only added it within minutes before I posted. It seemed only fitting that Ginny spared him by showing up at the last minute. I wanted to underscore the overarching theme: love and family, basically building on the father's speeches from the engagement party when they said that they all have to take care of each other.

The Duel. I had entirely too much fun writing that. And making Harry hell-bent on destruction. I'm really thrilled that you think this is the way book 7 should've ended. Not often I get told I one-uped JKR! LOL!

But there had to be consequences to Harry ignoring Dumbledore's most important lesson and that was him getting possessed. And this, I thought, worked out well because then it allowed for a team effort to save the day. Again, love and family win out! What can I say? I'm an old softy at heart.

Cliffhangers. You would've killed me if I'd done what I originally intended. When this chapter went over 6000 words I thought, "lets cut it in half." Ya know where the division was gonna be? When Ronnie yells "Uncle Harry!"

I can already feel you throwing things at me...

The next chapter is the last and it will, I hope, provide some answers to questions that have been lingering since Clocks. Give me about two weeks and it'll be up.

Oh! Before I forget. Fred the Inferi? That was all Farmgirl's idea. Imagine, the biggest Fred and George fan in Potterdom going to the dark side like that. Who'd have thunk it? It was a great flourish, but I must bow to the genius that is the Farmgirl on that one.

thanks again!

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Review #17, by 1OldHPFan 

24th January 2010:
I like it! The only thing I don't understand is how Ronnie got there. Did I miss something??
Now it looks like it is over.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review. I'm really glad you liked this chapter.

Ronnie. At the end of "War on All Fronts" the Talisman disappeared from around Hermione's neck and reappeared around Ronnie's at the Burrow. Then Ronnie vanished.

In "Siege of Calais" and "Return to the Cliffs of Dover" it was made clear that Hermione knew that Ronnie was being brought back to the AU. Although she knew they might have about two days before he showed up, she didn't know where he would appear. However, she assumed he'd arrive at whatever place the quartet was currently. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the Imperium and Baldy (THE GIT!) snatched him up before the quartet could.

Yes, unfortunately, its almost over. Only one chapter left. It should post in a week or two.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this tale. It's always great to hear from you.

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Review #18, by pinks 

24th January 2010:
Great chapter! I loved the opening scene, where the ghost of Harry distracts Voldemort. And all the confusion of the death eaters about the return of the dead heroes. You could have had a whole other chapter on Harry being possessed by Voldemort.

I hope that once this story is over that you keep writing more great fanfic!

Author's Response: Pinks!

Thank you so much. Its been an honor and a pleasure getting your reviews.

The possession. I just had to do it. I wanted it clear, in the end, that this has always been a team effort, to build on the father's speeches at the engagement party: they take care of each other. Love and family; that's what I've always thought was important in this tale.

One more chapter left. I hope to post soon, maybe in a week or two.

More stuff? Yeah. Just don't know when.

thanks again!

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Review #19, by siledubhghlase 

23rd January 2010:

Whoa! That was intense! Ron was about to sacrifice himself again. I could almost feel Hermione's horror at that realization.

Ginny was too cool! "Remember me?" Amycus should have soiled himself. She fried his arse--EXCELLENT. Then she sent Nagini's head through the veil. Well done!

I got a bit confused about the number of Gryffindor's swords in the fight. Enlighten me?

Ronnie's talisman--Voldy screwed up. He didn't take it from the kid. Again with the arrogance. What a dork.

Who else survived and belonged to the resistance? Just curious.

Harry's fight with Voldemort was as much psychological as magical. Harry's Auror training outstripped the Dork Lard's arrogance and vainglory. He realized stuff Voldy hadn't even THOUGHT of and it paid off.

Ginny knew how to save her man, though. She knew what might happen if Harry unleashed his hatred into an AK and it did. But she also knew how to fix it. Love beats possession as it is, but add the love of friends and family and possession doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell. "I want to go home." Yeah, me too, Harry. Me too.

That fight between Harry and Riddle was magnificent, TEW. It was intense, scary, exciting, noisy, hot--speaking of hot... Was Riddle sweating because he knew he was toast before Harry toasted him?

Ronnie's a special little boy, isn't he? He somehow knew to help Uncle Harry beat Baldemort. GOOD BOY!

I wasn't surprised to see Inferius Dennis, but I wasn't counting on Inferius Fred. Not only was that deadly force, but it was psychological. Thank goodness Hermione wasn't taken in and was able to vaporize them and bring Ron to his senses.

I think what you managed to illustrate here is that one fights better, stronger, and harder when one has something to fight for. Ron had Hermione and Ronnie, Ginny had Harry, and Harry had them all. What did Riddle have to fight for? Himself...and in the face of true love, vanity loses every time. (I think I said that already, but--oh well.)

EXCELLENT! Now for the sad part...


Author's Response: SD!

Oh Wow! Thank you!

The Inferi. Yeah, Dennis was a gimme, but Fred was all Farmgirl's idea. Gotta blame her for that. LOL! I think it worked well, glad you did too.

The scene where Ron is about to sacrifice himself was what I spent today writing. I knew somthing was missing and that was it. Gave me shivers returning to Dover like that. I'm glad you liked it.

Ginny. Time for payback for the horrors at Hogwarts. No more need be said.

Swords. Only two. The one from the AU and the one from the canon reality. When Baldy and Harry Apparated to the Atrium, the centrifugal (sp?) force shot them from their hands; Ron ended up with the AU sword, Ginny with the Cannon one.

I never really knew who the other resistance folks were. Just nameless types. Didn't want to spend the time developing them.

The Duel. I'm so glad you like it. The whole time Harry was worried about the fight he never realized that he'd been, slowly but surely, improving and becoming more deadly. Riddle hadn't. Add to that their motivations and it was a foregone conclusion who had to win. Riddle realized that and that's what made him sweat. Let's just be happy, this time, Harry was the one full of surprises. At least the ones that counted.

The Talisman. Yep. The father's were right with their speeches. They have to take care of each other and Ginny, with the Talisman, Ronnie, and the love of Harry's surrogate brother and sister, was able to pull him out of the well his hatred had thrown him down. Gotta love Ginny...

As for Ronnie, he didn't understand what he was doing, but he understood courage. That was enough to focus the Talisman and destroy the Horcrux. So, it did become a Children's Crusade, in the end.

But at the end of the day, its always about Dumbledore's most important lesson: love is the most powerful magic.

Thanks SD! It means a lot to get a review like this from you!

"I want to go home."

Not much I can add to that.

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