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Review #1, by Singularity 

13th August 2011:
Ooh, reality check for Molly and Arthur. It's an interesting moment when you stop thinking idealistically about marriage and start to think about it a bit more realistically and concretely. Not that I'm married, but enough of my friends are that I've definitely hit the reality check point in my own life :P

It's so interesting to see Molly and Arthur's growing relationship in the midst of the brewing war. On one side, their two teenagers who are just trying to enjoy their last year of school, spend time together, and get good marks. On the other side, they're also trying to start thinking about what the rest of their lives are going to be like. Then you throw in the added dimension of the uncertainty of the war coming in, and it makes for an incredibly interesting time. It's as if they're being pulled in so many different directions, and only have each other to hold on to. (That sounded far less cheesy in my head).

It's awesome to see Cecilia's dad involved in such great legislation. It's no wonder that Arthur would want to go work for him. However, it's definitely not a safe line of work to go into at the moment. I really don't want something bad to happen to Cecilia, but since you've already written sequels to this story, it's too late to beg, so I'll just cross my fingers...


Author's Response: Yeah, definite reality check - they haven't really thought out the practicalities of the whole marriage thing. Both of them are just thinking about how romantic it will be - and maybe Arthur's thinking a lot about getting her in bed - but fortunately Arthur's got an older brother to slap some sense into them. Constantine and Glynis really rattled them!

I didn't think it sounded cheesy at all :D I really love that description, it's exactly what I wanted to come across with this story. I do find this time period very interesting, and of course this is my favorite ship.

Cecilia's dad is really someone Arthur would look up to. And yes, it's a bit too late now for anything to be altered in the plot ;) You'll have to keep reading to see what happens!

Thank you for reviewing! *hug*

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Review #2, by theelderwand 

25th February 2010:
Reality just seems intent on intruding on their last few months at Hogwarts, doesn't it?

You've caught the cruelty of life forcing adult decisions on those barely-adult very well here. From marriage to careers to politics to the impending war. And its all in context. Very well done.

I've noticed several astrological references throughout this work. Curious. Is it a hobby of yours or just somthing you've polished up on to add flourishes to the tale? Either way, a Mercury in retrograde comment the next time Arthur and Molly aren't communicating might be a nice flourish.

Collywobbles. Never heard that term before. Could this be the genesis of Mollywobbles? If so, it seems a bit mean spirited, but then again mabye the online dictionary I used wasn't as comprehensive as it should've been.

As usual, you've a very well written, well plotted tale here and I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Yep, reality is becoming unavoidable the closer they inch toward becoming truly adults. Sadly, it happens to all of us.

Astrology is something of a passion of mine - I don't go for the daily horoscopes, but I find natal charts extremely illuminating. I have to admit that I selected birthdays for all of my OCs to fit their personalities. I've noticed the canon characters whose birthdays are known all fit quite well to their sun signs (Arthur is quite the Aquarius! And Harry, Ginny, and Percy are all Leos. Heh).

Collywobbles is a piece of very old slang. My grandmother (raised in Ireland) used to say it. I don't think it has to do with Mollywobbles, or I hope it doesn't anyway.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by Georgia Weasley 

8th February 2010:
Brilliant, as usual. I feel so bad for Roddy, but even worse for Siobhan. She just can't let anyone get too close, save for Cecilia. I love how you have them all sort of preparing for life after school. The way Constantine and Glynis caught Arthur and Molly off guard cracked me up. You bring out the personalities we caught glimpses of in the adult parents of Ron and Ginny. Mr. Flectcher is doing important work, but I think I now fear for his life. This legislation he's working on isn't going to be popular with the dangerous section of the population. I wonder if that's not going to be a determining factor in Arthur's final job decisions. Just thinking aloud here. As usual, your characters are very real and your dialogue is so natural. Very well done chapter. ~GW

Author's Response: Yeah, Roddy and Siobhan, that whole thing was just a mess for everyone. Francine actually came off the least injured out of the three of them involved, despite being the most publicly perceived as such.

Mr Fletcher - you are very wise. I had a good time writing the Weasley Easter scene. Definitely brought up some of the reality of marriage, which Arthur had really not fully thought out (nor had Molly). Romance is good, but reality is unavoidable. Glad you enjoyed the chapter! I have GOT to finish chapter 13. It's been a bad month for writing so far :/ I know you feel me on that, so hopefully your sudden spurt of new stuff will inspire me. Thanks for reviewing, hon!

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Review #4, by closetgeek 

30th January 2010:
You've done such an awesome job with this whole fic. I know I should've been reviewing the whole time but I just feel silly stopping to review and tell you that everything is great! I hope you'll update soon. The characterization, plot, everything is just incredible. I'm enjoying seeing Molly really grow up in her thoughts about blood status, muggles, etc.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I appreciate any reviews I can get :) I'm glad you like how I portray Molly's evolving into her adult self. I will try to get the next chapter posted soon. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #5, by Harry and Ginny 

23rd January 2010:
my favourite part was when Arthur and Molly were asked if they would get married and have children after Hogwarts. it was funny to see them all shy. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Thank you! I do love to write the Weasley scenes. I will try to have the next chapter up soon.

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Review #6, by CaSurferGrl 

23rd January 2010:
Great story. Love it. Love all the different ways you've described relationships. Update again.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #7, by evil evie 

21st January 2010:
What a great chapter! I really like how you have everything transitioning and are setting the stage for Molly and Arthur's future elopement! Their relationship is so realistic, and I love how all of the other boys AND Arthur's brother/sister-in-law all know that Arthur and Molly are going to get married. I think it's interesting that so many of the 17 and 18-year-old boys are so serious about marriage already, but I suppose during that time period and with the war and societal norms, it would have been more realistic then than it is now.

I loved the part with Cecilia's dad! It's very interesting how you show Arthur getting interested in Muggles - or, rather, getting to the point where he actually has a job in Muggle relations (he always has been interested in Muggles). I also really like the manner in which you balance the impending war with the typical, everyday interactions of teenagers with relationships. All of the talk of blood purity is so realistic for the setting, so it's nice that you're making that somewhat of a prominent focus. You do a PERFECT job of showing that Molly and Arthur are torn between two worlds - their friends' cozy little bubble at school, and the actual fight that is brewing outside. Well done!

Once again, amazing work. I adore this fic! I don't know how you manage to create such realistic dialogue, such an accurate feel for the time and place, and such dynamic characters...I'm in awe.


Author's Response: Thank you! I was a little nervous of this chapter, to be honest. I'm glad it turned out all right.

Ah, the boys' plans... Well, I have to say that the only one whose plans will work out exactly as he thinks they will is Dunstan ;) I do think they have more thoughts of marriage than now, however the time period and the circumstances (the war) generally mean earlier marriage even than usual, and in the 1960s marriage at that age was not unusual at all. Molly did say people were eloping left, right and center (in HBP) at the time.

Thank you so much for the review, it makes me really happy when someone truly "gets it", know what I mean? :) The description of the torn between two worlds is exactly what I was going for.

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