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Review #1, by classicblack 

11th December 2011:
So I like how you've developed Mary in this story (although she still annoys me) and I think it's brilliant that she wants to be a Hit Wizard.
Am I correct in guessing that Dumbledore and Dearborn were talking about the Order of the Phoenix? Can't wait to see how that goes!
Happy writing,

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that you like what I did with Mary. She and Anna were interesting to me from the start, and I hoped they would be for other people, too. :D But yeah, she's still annoying. :P

You continue to be quite a perceptive reader! They may indeed have been talking about the Order... ;)

Thanks again!

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Review #2, by momotwins 

27th September 2011:
You have the contents of chapter 26 copied into this chapter, so you wind up duplicated. I'd love to read 25!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Oh Purple One, and I'm sorry for being absolutely horrible and taking this long to reply!

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Review #3, by Noblevyne 

30th June 2011:
James is such a good friend - and I am quite curious to find out what's going on with his father. Great chapter, as always!

Author's Response: Thanks again! (Hey, I switched it up by saying that at the beginning, instead! :P)

James' loyalty and dedication to his friendships is definitely one of his most striking qualities, in my mind. I'm keeping everyone in suspense (still!) about his dad, but it's probably not too difficult to figure out, unfortunately. :/

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Review #4, by doglover 

7th January 2011:
james is such a cutie :D

Author's Response: Haha, I definitely agree! :)

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by Prongs and Lils 

1st November 2010:
after months of not being on here i still love your story :D

Author's Response: Thank you. :) That really is a lovely thing to hear; my favourite books are the ones I can read over and over again and never tire of, and the fact that someone is re-reading my story and still enjoying it is just wonderful!

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Review #6, by carol 

8th October 2010:
I LOVE this story, best marauders fic i've read. btw i just saw the sequel twice defied and i was wondering if you got the idea for the story title from the prophecy ( he will be born to those who have trice defied him) ?

Author's Response: Hi, Carol! Thank you so much for reviewing. I'm so thrilled that you love the story, and flattered that you think it's the best Marauders story you've read. :)

I absolutely did get the story titles from the prophecy! I felt like those three events would be a really neat way to structure a James/Lily story. I'm glad you picked up on what I was doing there!

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Review #7, by girly1393 

9th September 2010:
Everything is getting so serious; I wonder when it'll all turn southward and stay there.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: That IS the thing about James/Lily stories (or at least some of them, I guess), isn't it? You inevitably know things are only going to get worse. Kind of depressing, I guess, but good ultimately comes out of it.

Thank you!

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Review #8, by MrsSiriusBlackTheOneAndOnly 

10th June 2010:
Ok, i like your story, but there are so many errors in it it's a little hard to read. I've noticed that you write people whose name's end with an s, to show ownership, like this: Ex) Sirius', James', Remus'
But you write Peter's name: Ex) Peter's, which is correct.
However, There is only one James, Sirius, or Remus so even if there is an s on the end of their name you have to write it James's, Sirius's, or Remus's. By writing it Sirius', Remus', or James' you are stating that you are talking about more than one Remus, Sirius, or James. This is incorrect. There are several spelling mistakes that i've noticed.
Another mistake that i saw was that's was. That is was? That doesn't make sense. I've had to rewrite some of your sentences in my head just to try to guess at what you were trying to say and attempt to make sense of it! You really, really need to go through here and fix these. I was really patient before but the mistakes have gotten so careless that they are making the story difficult to read, let alone understand. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, you still have a great plot, but you really need to rewrite and correct some parts of your chapters. If you need any help feel free to ask, i'd be glad to help.

Author's Response: Hi again! Hmm, this is rather unfortunate news for me to hear...I really consider myself to have a very good grasp of grammar and spelling. I know there are probably typos in places, but I assure you it's not because I don't know what I'm doing. It's just accidental.

Again, I have to tell you that, while the way of writing possesion you're talking about ("Sirius's", "James's", "Remus's") is another cultural difference. I don't mean to be rude, but since there are people who come from different countries on this site, you might do well to do an internet search some of these things to ensure that the author is actually wrong. It's rather off-putting to have a reviewer getting upset with your grammar and spelling when it's not actually wrong at all. The way of writing it with just an apostrophe at the end, no "s" is the grammatically correct way in both Britain and Canada.

I can only assume that some of these "spelling mistakes" you refer to are also just cultural differences. If you're thinking that me spelling certain words with "-our" at the end is wrong, for example, that's another cultural difference.

Like I said, I'm sure there are typos. I'm working on editing through the chapters to catch these things. But I've lived for 20 years and 3 years of university without anyone making critical comments about my grammar and spelling, so unfortunately, I have a very difficult time believing that there are as many errors as you claim there are. Of course, if you would like to point out things more specifically, that be a different story. Of course, the "that's was" was a typo. I know that's grammatically incorrect, and I'll change it.

I took another look at this chapter and I can't really see what's making it so incredibly difficult to read. Again, I would really appreciate specific examples of sentences that you had to re-word. Maybe my style of writing just isn't your preference. Maybe the types of sentences I construct aren't the type YOU would construct, but that's just the way I write.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as impatient or upset. It's just that the first error you pointed out wasn't an error, and you didn't give me anything specific to go off of for the rest of your criticisms. It's really quite upsetting for me as the author, and as someone who has always had a good grasp of grammar and punctuation, to hear these kind of criticisms without any specific directions for me on what I can fix.

If you'd like to review again and give me an example of something you think is wrong or could be better, I'd really appreciate hearing it. And I do thank you for this review--at the very least, it's motivating me even more to get this entire story edited so no on runs into embarrassing typos or mistakes.

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Review #9, by CaribouProngs 

19th April 2010:
Listen... I'm really serious about the Sirius and Lily thing. They need to become friends. It makes me really uneasy that Sirius is jealous of her. On a side note, I'm glad you're adding more Marauder time. It does seem like it's been sacrificed for Lily time, and although I love Lily dearly, I have to admit I love Sirius, Remus, and Peter more. Well, maybe not Peter...
I also really like how you're explaining James's involvement with the Order of the Phoenix. I always wondered about that.

Author's Response: I hear you, completely. They will become closer friends at some point, I promise (though perhaps not in this installment). I just see Sirius as very exclusive about his group of friends and their bond--which, in many ways, is fair, since they have nicknames and shared secrets and all that. And I think later on, Sirius briefly voices some fairly valid concerns (from his perspective) about James inviting Lily into all those secrets. He'll adjust eventually, and I have a vague idea of how I want it to progress, so just know that I'll get us there. :) It's not that he hates Lily, or anything, though, and he's isn't openly rude to her.

Well, a huge part of my intention in writing this story, and the sequels that follow, is explaining James and all the others' involvement in the Order, so if you like that aspect of it, I'm a very happy author. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #10, by Prongs05JP 

1st February 2010:

But I have an excuse. Sort of. You Want to Make a Memory (a story i've been reading for like, forever) finished and I couldn't bring myself to review it so then it ended up clogging my "to review list" so I am SO VERY SORRY.

Anyways, this chapter. Wow, Mary wants to be sa hit wizard. I was not expecting that! Well, I was a little bit because of that incident in the bathroom but with her personality I wasn't really EXPECTING it. Am I making any sense? I don't think so... oh well *shrugs* :)

Now my gen knowledge of the first Order, is that Caradoc Dearborn was in it, so I think they could possible have been talking about getting the Marauders to join up :O *shockhorror* or it could have been about James' parents. (What's wrong with his dad D:)

Loved the interaction with the Marauders - and I can completely relate to Remus' "don't talk about that - it's depressing" thing, as I am completely against change and I hate moving on xD

As for commenting topics, I actually do think the pace had slowed down a bit - after the climax of the two getting together - but it wasn't so bad that I didn't want to read it, etc ;) And I think interactions are fine :D

Fab Chap!

(get's it's own paragraph). I'm now hopefully going to review next chapter, so um UPDATE SOON after that ;)

1000/10 XD

Author's Response: Hahaha, we're living parallel lives--because these days I've been super slow with updating!! So, don't feel bad at all. I'm really feeling the strain of having a million other things to do, so I understand completely!

Ah, I'm glad you picked up on the hint with the bathroom scene. :) I know what you mean--it still doesn't seem like it fits with her personality, but it makes a little bit of sense given that she's getting a little more assertive.

I'll leave you guessing on the Dearborn conversation. ;) Sorry! But I think you could probably revisit this conversation by the end of the story and it would have a little more meaning.

As for James' dad, well, obviously, Harry didn't have any grandparents by the time he was left with the Dursleys...so Mr Potter will have to go, at some point. :( He is getting on in years, and health just tends to deteriorate in those situations.

Yay, compliments on the Marauders! Fantastic! I'm glad you liked their interaction. They're finding their way into the chapters more often these days, which I think is a good thing. (Oh, and I agree--I'm not into change either. Well, unless life sucks, and then I'm all for it! Haha.)

I'm glad to hear that the pace-slowing hasn't bothered you too much. When I took a look at the chapters and how much time they occupied, I really did realize that things had been moving less quickly--not that I would have wanted to speed along most of those chapters, as they were fairly important ones, but still. If I kept going at this rate, there would likely be another ten chapters...and I don't know how on earth I would fill those up! :P

I'm so happy this was also a Fab Chap. :) Though please feel free to let me know if I ever write one that is less than fabby.

I'll try my very best to update soon! Agh, I hate school! Articles to read, Spanish tests to take...it's driving me nuts. The chapter is half-written though, and I know how I want the second half to go...so it's on it's way! :)

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by rainbowsocks 

24th January 2010:
oohh lala whats a hit wizard or whatever?
but other than that, i really missed this story. i haven't read some in so long..i didn't notice you updated :(
loved it
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hi rainbowsocks! Sorry you didn't see this update--sometimes stories fly off the "Recently Added" page so quickly! You can usually check back every weekend and there should be a new update, unless the rest of my life takes over. Anyway, I'm glad you got to read it now...and at least you didn't have to wait a week for the next chapter, right?

A Hit Wizard is part of the Magical Law Enforcement squad, but they deal with highly dangerous criminals. They were mentioned by Fudge (I think) in PoA when he was describing Sirius' arrest. There are less stringent requirements and training--you just have to achieve five O.W.L.s, one of them being Defence Against the Dark Arts. There's more info over on the Lexicon, but that's the general gist of it. :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by DimondMoon 

22nd January 2010:
can't wait for the next chapter, I absolutely love this story!
And I was glad to see that you remembered the Marauders Map being confiscated, a lot of stories I read never mention that
Rating: 10/10

Author's Response: Hi again! I'm so happy you're still loving the story. :)

It's funny, the whole Marauders Map thing does seem to get forgotten a lot of the time. I mean, it's strange to think of it not being in their possession, but they did lose it at some point and I felt it important to explain that in some way. I'm glad that you liked it!

As for the next chapter, I really am hoping to post it over the weekend. I had planned to put it up today (well, yesterday, technically), but I really had a million things going on and couldn't find the time to sit down and get it finished. :( But if all goes well you shouldn't have to wait much longer!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #13, by TonkS 

20th January 2010:
Omg! I love it!!! Is there more!! Keep writing!
I think dumbledore knows them from the order. Am I right?

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review.

As of this moment, there is no more. Well, unless you count half a chapter that needs to be re-written. :P But there will be more, of course! I will try my best to update on Friday, and I hope you'll enjoy the new chapter!

Hmm, as for your guess...I won't say. But the clues to the answer are there, if you read them the right way. You'll have to keep reading to see how it all unfolds!

Thanks again!

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Review #14, by 1bunhead2 

19th January 2010:
great story! keep those chappies rollin in!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks very much. :) I do believe you reviewed once before, so I'm happy to hear you're still enjoying the story. (If you haven't, and I'm remembering wrong, I'm very happy to hear it for the first time!)

I'll do my best to keep the chapters coming. I haven't been able to get much writing done this week because of school, but I'm still hoping to update on Friday!

Thanks again!

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Review #15, by saffy 

18th January 2010:
Yay update :)

Wow, i wasnt expecting that to be Mary's career choice. I understand though if everyone see's her as a victim so this really goes against that.

I love how James gently pushes Lily into talking to mary its so sweet shes so stubborn and i doubt abyone else would make her change her mind :)

I like your take on the maurders and thier feelings about leaving school i think it kind of represents everyone ..if you know what i mean lol

This quote kinda made me sad

"we're Padfoot and Prongs. You're unfortunately a bit stuck with me. And you know you can't get rid of Moony or Wormtail, either."

However this made me laugh

"Oh, come on, we don't need her help," Sirius said. "As if that's why you're going to find her, anyway." :D

Also I love the dynamic between Dearborn and James :)

Cant wait for the next chapter, thanks !

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm glad you could understand Mary's reasoning--I know this is WAY out of left field, and I just had my fingers crossed that everyone would think that it made sense in some way or another. And yes, I think Lily was in need of an extra push to go talk to Mary--sometimes it's just much easier to avoid things, but James likely has a different take on how to handle friendships than her.

Oh, and I'm so pleased to hear you say that you like the way I've included some stuff about them leaving school, and their plans for afterward. I think it's such an important and stressful time in everyone's life, and explaining their feelings about it was something I really wanted to do.

Oh goodness, I did not even realize the way that first quote could be interpreted--seriously. Usually I pick up on that kind of dramatic irony, especially when I'm writing it, but not this time! You're right, it is sad, now that I see it that way.

I made someone laugh. :) That's pretty fantastic. I'm really glad you like Dearborn and James' interactions, too...makes me feel confident going into writing future chapters!

If I can get it written, the next chapter will be up Friday! At some point I think the new chapters will slow down, but I'm trying to get as many out as I can, while I still can. :)

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #16, by pattybuns_hpf 

17th January 2010:
Another great chapter! hehe... Anyway, I'm with Lily on Mary being a hit wizard, it's kinda rational of her and weird. I can never imagine her being one really, but the hex she gave to that Slytherin girl (Alice?) I think I'm getting the idea. =S

I wonder what Dumbledore and Dearborn could have been talking about. It sounds a bit like Voldemort to me... I'm also curious to why James's dad is ill, now. I didn't really care much about it till now... *sigh* I sure hope he's okay. =(


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for coming by to review, and I'm glad you liked the chapter!

Yes, this is a bit of an unexpected departure for Mary (picture me grinning somewhat evilly). I love that I've finally gotten to write that part into the story, because it's something I've had planned for a long time, and...well, let's just say it's the beginning of some changes. (Oh, and I think the Slytherin girl's name was Astrid--although I can't be 100% sure without checking...that's what I get for ending up with two girls that have names beginning with "A".)

As for Dumbledore and Dearborn, they were...well, I don't want to spoil it. I'm probably never going to state it outright, actually, but perhaps by the end of the story you might be able to go back and read into it more. If not, you can always ask and I might be inclined to explain it. :)

And, well, as for James' dad...you're being very good about asking me questions in this review that I probably shouldn't answer. :P I'll be more up-front on this one because it's really not much of a spoiler, since we already know one fact from the books: Harry did not have any extended family other than the Dursleys by the time his parents died. So...that should unfortunately tell you something. :( Though I wouldn't say that anything traumatic is going to happen immediately...and in fact, James' dad might make it beyond the end of this story. Or he might not. I'll keep you in the dark there.

Anyway, thanks again for the review! Have a good week!

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Review #17, by Somebody 

17th January 2010:
Great chapter once again! There's lots of foreshadowing in this chapter. I'm really curious to find out what's wrong with James' dad. More interaction between James and his friends would be nice, sneaking around the castle and getting into mischief...things like that before their last year at Hogwarts is over, but I love Lily being there too! So please don't leave her out too much even when James is doing things with his friends. I really like how the story is turning into somewhat of a mystery!
Keep up the Great work!

Author's Response: Hi again! I'm glad you liked the chapter, and really happy to hear that I'm keeping you intrigued.

I think in the midst of all the Lily/James development that happened in the past few chapters, some of these other story threads got a little bit forgotten, which is a lesson for me in story planning. :P But there are some things I really want to tie up, and they're things that I've been looking forward to writing ever since I began the story: things like Mary & Remus, Dearborn, and some more stuff on James' dad as well. I only hope I can do an okay job at it!

You know, that's really my problem, I find: trying to balance the Lily/James with the parts between James and his friends and Lily and her friends. I suppose I've always intended to write a story more about James and Lily and their romance than a "Marauder" story, and in combination with other hang-ups, that's definitely led me into putting Sirius, Remus, and Peter on the sidelines. Oh well, though--no story is perfect, and this has really been a good learning experience for me as I head into thinking about the sequel. Anyway, sorry, I'm just thinking out loud here. :)

Thanks so much for coming back to review!

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Review #18, by lokita95hp 

17th January 2010:
hey! I ♥ this story! it is so cute but I have a question thoug, does this story will follow there whole love till wedding and well you know end or is it close to ending? just wondering..!

Author's Response: Hi there! Nice to hear from you again and to know that you're still loving the story. :)

I figured as the story was getting close to ending, I might get some questions like yours. My plan is to continue beyond Hogwarts with a sequel (actually, multiple ones), and eventually go to their "end", as you put it. So THIS story is indeed close to ending (within 10 chapters of it, maybe as few as five), but it's not the end by any means. :)

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #19, by Harry and Ginny 

17th January 2010:
their school year is almost ending... it was interesting and it made me curious that talk that Dumbledore had with Dearborn. now i have to wait another week, right?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Hi Harry and Ginny!

Yes, it's coming to a close. I think I can say that there are less than ten chapters left (maybe as few as five).

I loved writing this bit of conversation between Dearborn and Dumbledore (as well as the one a few chapters back), because I know exactly what it is they're talking about, and it actually has a lot more relevance to the story than it appears to. ;)

Unfortunately, yes, a week until the next update lies ahead. Well, actually, only 5 days now, because I'm hoping to update again on Friday.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #20, by Leigh Kelley 

16th January 2010:
Mary wants to be a Hit Wizard? Well, that's something. It's really surprising. I actually would have expected hearing something like that from Anna. Mary's just... She was worried about being found out for turning someone's hair green. Imagine hauling off a dark wizard to prison... How's that for having a bunch of people out to get you? But, I can see why she'd want to do it. It would give her a level of respect, and make it seem like she's not entirely worthless and lacking any proper direction. It must have been hard for Lily; worrying about her friend and her decision but not wanting to come off as not being supportive at the same time. I'm glad she managed to come out of it all without Mary being mad at her.

I actually didn't think that the story had slowed down. But, maybe that's just me not wanting it to end and anything else that can extend it is okay in my books? In any event, I haven't been bored, and it all seemed to have been moving at a good pace to me. I don't know. And I thought you had adequate interaction between James and his friends. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly? Oh well. There was good interaction between them here. He wasn't stuck on Lily, and managed to give Sirius the attention he so needs. I suppose even though he's had James for seven years, having to share him with someone who wants to learn everything about him isn't appealing. Selfish, but I do understand where he's coming from. It's almost like Lily's stealing his best friend away. Hm.

Short review, but I said everything I wanted to. Nothing for me to pick on here. Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the brilliant writing.


Author's Response: I could not believe that no one so far had made any comment about Mary! It started to make me think that somehow I hadn't written things right at all, and that it was somehow not a shock. So thank you for reassuring me! :P

Mary is, as both you and Lily have pointed out, the worst kind of person for this job. She is rather stuck on it, though, because she really does feel this desire to prove herself. It was a bit of a close call there for Lily--I think she was just on the very edge of saying something really tactless, but luckily she didn't. Anyway...more on this whole debacle in future chapters. :)

I do think that Sirius would have been slightly put off by James having a girlfriend--and it's not just any girlfriend, of course. In fact, I think whenever a guy starts dating a girl, there's bound to be at least a little bit of tension between him and his best friend, though it of course depends on the people involved. I think Sirius has gotten used to having James by his side all the time, and I do get the impression from the books that he would not be entirely selfless in a situation like this. (It makes me think of Hermione remarking that Sirius seemed to have been hoping that Harry would get expelled and be able to stay at Grimmauld Place...an exaggeration, I'm sure, but maybe one with a bit of truth to it?)

Perhaps I hallucinate all these problems with my writing. :P No, really, the pace of the story had slowed down, I think. If you look at the chapters, it took me sixteen chapters to get through five or six months, and then the next six chapters only covered about a month and a half. I wouldn't have wanted to rush through any of those chapters, of course, nor do I want to do that with the rest of them. I kept thinking that the story would have about 30 chapters and now I'm feeling like I'm never going to be able to fit everything in that fast. (But never fear, the end of this story will not be the end of the larger story!)

I've always been aware of my tendency to give the Marauders less emphasis, because I think I'm a little bit afraid to fall short of the standards set there...it's strange, because I really don't have a problem with most other things. I can fully accept being sub-standard in comparison to the real thing, but somehow I feel like I can't possibly sully the Marauders. :P I've decided to just give it my best shot, though then the problem becomes finding places to include them amid all the other things. I have always sort of written this story as more of a James/Lily one than a Marauders one, and I don't think that will change...but I could probably do with adding them in a bit more.

Hopefully I can get the next chapter out in about a week. I'm excited to write the following chapters because I don't feel like I need to figure out how to fill them up, which I think will help me get them posted faster. Thank you endlessly for the wonderful reviews! :)

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Review #21, by JackG 

16th January 2010:
your welcome of course, but it should be all of us thanking you for such an enjoyable story (: hooray for another chapter!

Author's Response: Hello again!

I'm pretty sure that only my readers and reviewers deserve the thanks, honestly. I really love writing, so I'm happy to put up new chapters. I'm just so thrilled that people seem to be enjoying what I'm writing! :) And even more so that you enjoyed the new chapter.

So, thank you very much, once again. I really appreciate the review, and I hope you like the next chapter too!

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Review #22, by NATALiEisBAx14 

16th January 2010:
Madam, this is awesome sauce. At least that's what my friends always say about everything that happens to be super amazing. Dude, if it weren't really iffy sounding I'd marry this story. For real beans.
one trillion over ten. I probably should know what that actually is because our math midterm is coming.. :D

Author's Response: Hi Natalie! Thank you so, so much for reviewing.

I have to ask--if you married the story, then would you technically become Mrs. Awesome Sauce? :P

Being serious, though, your reviews always make me laugh and feel really good about my writing. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate them. :D

Hmm, it's been a few years since I took any match classes...but thanks to the wonders of Google, I can tell you that one trillion divided by ten is one hundred billion--which is a pretty astronomic rating. :)

Thanks again! Good luck on your midterm!

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Review #23, by redhead1287 

16th January 2010:
I thought this chapter was exactly what was needed! Although I love all the James and Lily time, I know that it is not always realistic as there is more to the plot than that! I also think that this chapter made James and Lily seem like a real couple... not always together and not too lovey-dovey... though, I must admit, I'm a sucker for the times that they are!! As always, very well written!

Author's Response: Hi again! I'm glad you liked the chapter. :)

You know, I could very easily write only about Lily and James. Like you, I'm a bit of a sucker for the romance. :) The tough part is trying to strike a balance between scenes with them and, as you said, all the other stuff that's a part of the plot. I did try to sneak them in there a few times, though. ;) I'm really glad to hear that what you saw of them in this chapter seemed realistic, too--that makes me feel good!

Thanks very much for taking the time to review!

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Review #24, by C A L M 

15th January 2010:
hi loved the chapter i was so happy to see your story at the front of the list when i logged in today :)

sounds like james is really determined to find out this little secret of his parents etc. And i liked how you had the mauraders spending more time together as well but still adding Lily in there too. Well done! 10/10

Author's Response: Hey Ashleigh! Well, it took me the better part of today (or at least the time I've been awake today) to finish this one up...but I was determined to get it done and posted, as I had been saying that Friday would be the day. It really makes ME happy to know that I made YOU happy by updating--all that work seems completely worth it. :)

I think in some ways, James would do well to heed Dearborn's advice in this chapter about looking for conspiracies in the wrong places--though he will find out more of this little mystery, and it will have something of a significant effect when he does. I think I just completely contradicted myself...oh well. Keeps you guessing, right? Either it's completely unimportant or significant, based on what I just said. :P

I'm glad to hear you liked the inclusion of the Marauders. I've known for some time (probably since starting the story, to be honest), that I needed to get past this mental block I have about writing them. After all, practice makes perfect, and I can only improve. (Well, I hope.) From here on out I really am going to try and pay closer attention to that aspect of the story, and hope that it has a good effect. :)

Thank you so much for the review. I'm really happy to hear that you loved the chapter!

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