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Review #1, by LilyGreenEyes 

29th April 2011:
Wow! Another really powerful chapter, I can tell the story is building up to the end, and I'm kind of torn by that feeling. I want to reach the end, but I don't want it to end.

I thought the emotions you are dealing with in this chapter are very raw, very intense and extremely well written. The atmosphere throughout is brilliantly maintained and just beautiful to read, even if it is so sad! The emotions are all perfectly within character and I think you have a real knack for these kinds of scenes.

I found the detail and depth of their preparations reassuring, I was very panicked when I heard mouldy voldy change the plan! This, followed by Harry and Ron's discussion on the beach helped reassure me that it may not be as bad as I first thought! It was deep, yet retained that friendly side to it that we know and love. Although, knowing your knack for twists I wouldn't be surprised if there were more to come!

But WOW! Harry's response to the DA was exactly what I was thinking, but then the raw power he displayed, it was just a brilliant way to end this chapter and begin the build up for what I imagine will be an epic final battle!

Author's Response: In many ways this tale really is about Ron and hermione, as is made clear in this chapter. The angst their going through here I just knew had to be addressed more thoroughly: Hermione's dread at losing her friends again, Ron's guilt over leaving her behind. Ugh! I am just not a nice person to do this to them, am I?

Again, I can't tell you how flattered I am by all the praise and you always seem to pick up on precisely the themes I was battering away at in each chapter. That's really great!

Harry is fed up, he's tired, he's done and he wants this OVER. God help anyone who gets in his way.

Thanks again!


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Review #2, by melian 

18th August 2010:
Okay, you've got me crying again. It was the statue that did it - I'm ridiculously sentimental and that just tugged at all the right strings. *reaches for tissues*

Right. Enough of that. Again, that was harrowing - I suspected that Dennis wouldn't turn up at Dover because he was the informant, but then again he could have done it to try to keep his cover. His non-appearance was not exactly a surprise, though. And since we knew about Dennis we knew that there would be some sort of welcoming committee on the cliffs. Having said that, though, I would rather not be subjected to the Wrath of Harry. If this is the sort of thing he's capable of, I really don't want to know.

I do hope that the Resurrection Stone is NOT used to bring anyone back on any sort of permanent basis ... we know that's not a good idea and while I believe Hermione is smart enough to realise that, 'Mione may have trouble resisting the temptation now that she knows so well what she's missing.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Aww, shucks, Mel,

The statues at Dover have to be about my most favorite flourish in this whole tale. It always pleases me to no end when someone leaves me a review telling me it made them emotional. I wanted it to be powerful and wrenching. Again, I'm just really flattered it came across that way to you.

Ah, Dennis. He's dead. Remember, Voldy hit him with an AK as soon as he spilled the beans. It was Dennis' death that allowed Voldy to make the last Horcrux. Poor kid.

The Wrath of Harry; there will be quite a bit of that from here on out and it will not necessarily be a good thing.

The Stone, well, that's a bit of a wild card. Can't wait to see if you like how I resolve what happens to it. Incidentally, that talk Harry has with Ron on the beach is another of my favorite moments. It just seemed that, as Ron was there for Harry at Shell Cottage, Harry needed to return the favor here. And everyone needed a little more closure after that horrendous fight after Dieppe.

Mel, its been such a pleasure getting these reviews from you. I'm really gonna miss them once your finished with this tale.

Thanks again!


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Review #3, by Miss Lily Potter 

15th August 2010:
Dun dun DUN ending, for sure. Wow.

But before I get to that, I'll go back to the beginning.

This line made me laugh really hard:

Ginny awoke from her quick nap to the sound of a bubbling cauldron and a smell so horrid it could only be a healing potion brewing.

Ha, I never thought of healing potions having a scent, but I can't really imagine it being good... (:

Ginny and Hermione's talk was sweet, and I'm really glad that Hermione feels less guilty now.

I'm really wondering what Harry and Ron's plan is. Argh. xD Everyone else gets to know!

There's only two more chapters? ): Now I'm sad... But I'm really looking forward to reading the end! :D

(By the way, I know you say the reviews make your day, but reading that makes mine. I'm so happy that I've managed to make you smile, because this is truly an awesome story, and I love it. I've been recommending it to everyone who asks. :))

Poor 'Mione. :/ I don't want her to be alone again, and I feel really bad for Ronnie. I'm wondering when he's going to show up, though...? He hasn't yet, and I know it hasn't been the two days, but I really hope he didn't, like, fall into the hands of Death Eaters and get killed. Because that'd be really sad.

I don't really want Ron to give 'Mione the Stone... It would make it too easy for her to kill herself, and then Ronnie would be all alone. :/

Yes! Harry should end it now, and then everyone can be happy. *nodnod* Okay, so I know that won't happen, but STILL.

Author's Response: Jasmine, you are a reviewing machine! And I mean that in the best of ways. And you're stumping for "Crusade"? I don't even know what to say. "Thanks" is pretty lame, but its all I've got.

The talks between Hr/G and H/R were key; so much that needed to get resolved before the big fight. Although everyone made peace after the huge row they had several chapters back, Hermione needed Ginny's forgiveness and Harry needed to be there for Ron in his hour of need the same way Ron was there for him back in "Choosing to be Chosen." We've come full circle.

Will Hermione be alone again? When will Ronnie show up? Will he be captured and/or killed by DE's? Will Ron give the Stone to Hermione? If he does, will she use it? Will Harry kill Voldy and give us a happy ending?

These are all great questions.

Bye for now. LOL!


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Review #4, by PrincessPadfoot 

14th August 2010:
hehe 'The two witches in his life always seemed to have him outnumbered and outmatched, no matter what the circumstances.' oh Eldy is someone taking out his RL experiences in fan fiction? hehe



That ending.such an ending. It was just :O

Why do Ron and Harry have such intensely deep conversations on beeches? Is it just the scenery? *shrugs* Ron does have to make a hard choice. He knows how this will end, but he doesn't want that ending. He wants to keep both Hermione and Mione with the man they love. But he literally cannot split himself in two.

Choices choices.

Again Eldy, this was an amazing chapter!!

Love ya!

Author's Response: PP, that first line is my absolute favorite from the whole novel. Is art imitating life there? Of course!! Men will always be outnumbered and outgunned by their women. That's one of the absolute truths of the universe.

I'm really glad you liked the shocker ending here. Flattered. That was another of my favorite flourishes here, too.

Poor Ron. I've put him in quite the pickle. No good way out, either. I hope you like how everything ultimately resolves, but, to find out, you'll have to keep reading ;)

The beach thing. Believe it or not, all these deep beach coversations were not planned to take place on beaches, it just kind of happened. When I realized what I did, I knew I had to have the characters comment on it.

Btw, I just posted the last chapter of Battle of the Pitch, so, right now, the entire Crusadiverse is complete. Just so's y'know ;)

Thanks again for coming back. Great to hear from you!


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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday 

5th July 2010:
I really like the statue/monument to Harry and Ron - a very touching detail, and it fits right in with the Potterverse, as far as the effect of the one statue changing into the other. I enjoyed your description of how the statue looks - it seemed just right.

I also neglected to mention before that I found it interesting you chose to keep alive the two members of the DA who were probably the least likable, Marietta and Zacharias. I mean, I liked Zacharias, but mainly because I always found him good for a laugh, being so hostile and all. But I really like that you chose those two, as opposed to two more sympathetic and obvious choices.

Author's Response: The Statues. Those still tear me up on occasion (I'm an old softy at heart!) I'm really glad you liked that - I really like getting comments on that in this chapter - Thanks!

Zack and Marietta were a happy coincidence. I killed off EVERYBODY at Hogwarts. It was just pure luck that I overlooked them and left them alive. I'm flattered you thought they worked. But, it wasn't planned - so I can't really take credit for being a brilliant plot guy. Like I said, Clocks wasn't supposed to have a sequel.

The more I looked at Zack the more fun I realized writing him would be because he's just so darned cynical.



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Review #6, by edward ollivander 

4th July 2010:
GO HARRY GO! If only the battle he has coming were that easy. if only Dennis hadn't... No! I'm over it! I'm going to keep telling myself that. Happy writing.

Author's Response: Yeah, Harry has finally, completely and utterly lost patience with this reality. And there will be hades to pay. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Dennis. Yeah, cruel plot twist. mea cupla!


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Review #7, by Sirius Black Dog 

20th January 2010:
I can only think of one word to sum up my feelings after reading that chapter:



Author's Response: Thanks again!

Well, its all come down to the next chapter: "Assault on the Imperium." It can't be put off any longer. Harry v. Tom, Elder Wand v. Elder Wand. No blood protection, no "do overs." Who will win? Well, if you read "Stop All The Clocks" you'll know anything can happen...

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Review #8, by TheDirigiblePlum 

19th January 2010:
“This ends…Now.”

Climactic and cliffhangery much? Are you trying to be mean with a last line like that?! It promises so much and holds so much fury and anger... like a build up of all that has happened in the story. I love Harry, and there's something very endearing about seeing him joke around with his friends and then have the ability to take power with lines and spells like that! You've managed to merge those two Harrys very well. :)

Seeing Harry and Ron's statues was so sad! :( The idea of them dying so early really upset me (I'm one of those fans who literally thinks of them as real people :D) and it reminded me of when Harry and Hermione go to Godric's Hollow and the war memorial changes into Harry and his parents. That was a sad moment too, so I liked the parallel between them. Delivered a lot of impact that way!

The idea that the other Hermione will be left behind is horrible! Having with all those bad memories and being left with nothing. I really want things to work out for everybody!

Ron and Harry's little beach conversation was again intense in terms of emotion and well written; I love how Ron's determined to make things ok for the other Hermione, it really shows his loyalty to those he loves most. :)

This story is great! Amazing! Epic! *insert other good adjectives here!*



Author's Response: DP!

Thanks for the amazing review.

Cliffhangers? Moi? Never! Well, maybe once in a while...

Once Harry heard Ginny scream, that was it. He's had enough. And he's intent on making Voldemort pay. With interest.

I'm flattered that the statues had that impact on you; it was what I was aiming for and I did steal that straight from Godric's Hollow. It just seemed right that Hermione would do somthing like that for Harry and her Ron.

This beach conversation is one of my favorites, second only to Harry's brood at Shell Cottage. But, I thought it was time for Harry to return the favor and be there to support Ron. And Ron's hurting; he just can't stand to see Hermione mourn. The quartet's in a really bad spot here, to say the least.

Up Next: "The Assault on the Imperium." I hope to post it next weekend or the weekend after. No promises other than I can say Harry and Voldy are going to have a battle for the ages.

Thanks so much for the amazing review; its always great to hear from you!

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Review #9, by 1917farmgirl 

16th January 2010:
Sorry I'm late with your review. Been correcting papers. :)

I just wanted you to know that I really, really like this chapter. It's one of my favorites. There's so much in here, I'm not sure where to start with my comments.

First of all, I'm so, so, so glad that you found a way to get them back to being friends again. That conversation between the girls, and then Harry coming into it. It was perfect. I really love how you have managed to keep them the characters we all love, but also show that they are definately older and adults now, too.

The check the mess tent comment about Ron was hilarious.

I think the conversation on the beach is in my top 10 favorite Harry Potter fanfiction scenes. Harry and Ron...they are just so heartfelt and honest with each other. The depth of their friendship just really shines there. And the anguish poor Ron is going through. It breaks my heart. He's such a good guy, and loves his Hermione so much, and to know that he has to leave her. Or at least part of her... *sniffles*

The Fred comment. *pulls out hankie*

I really, really love the maturity you showed in both of them in that scene as well. They really have learned a lot, haven't they.

And then the cliffs. The statue was great. I STILL was waiting for it to be the real deal, Voldie there waiting for them. And then when it turned into the memorial statue. All I could think when I read those dates was they were so young. So young and already given everything. *sniffles again*

Oh man. I LOVE Smith and Marrietta. I know they were the only ones you had left, but I think it couldn't have worked out better if you had planned it that way. It was brilliant.

And then there was Harry's raw power. WOW! That's all there is to say, just WOW! No more Mr. Nice Guy. That part, it just blew me away.

Thanks for a great chapter. You are a brilliant writer and I'm very honored to be reading your stuff. Keep it up!


Author's Response: Little Sis, it's always an honor and a pleasure to read your reviews and, trust me, I know how life can interfere with hobbies! Woke up at 3 this morning, couldn't sleep and decided to check reviews. Yours made my day (or, early morning anyway, LOL!)

The Hr/G conversation was completely at your suggestion. And I'm glad you suggested it because it was vital to the story. I'm really glad you liked the way it turned out. For what it's worth, I hate it when they fight too. The resolution of the row via flashback in the last chapter, did what it needed to, but this scene was vital to address it in more detail and to make it clear tht the Elder Wand isn't just a deus ex machina. Thanks for that.

"Check the mess tent" and "let's eat before we jump over this creek." I really loved those lines. H/R still think they're growing boys; even if not, food is key to any Weasley, or adopted Weasley for that matter. LOL.

I really am flattered you like H/R's discussion on the beach. That one hurt to write too. I figured Ron had to be going thru a nasty emotional battle with returning to his own reality. Given that he has the Resurection Stone, I thought it only natural that his mind would turn to thoughts of Fred and, ultimately, to thoughts of 'Mione and how to assuage her grief.

The resolution was simple, as I thought it logical that Harry would anticipate that, sooner or later, Ron would have to struggle with a choice over what to do with and/or how to use the Stone. Not to mention, it was time for Harry to re-assert himself as the leader, offering advice and comfort to his surrogate brother, returning the favor from his brood at Shell Cottage. Tough stuff. But necessary. I'm really glad you liked the maturation of the characters too.

The statues choke me up too (and AK1, apparently). I'm glad it came across as powerful; that's what I was aiming for. Seeing the equivalent of your own grave marker has to be overwhelming. And poor Hermione...

I got so lucky with Smith and Edgecombe. That was such a happy coincidence that they weren't at the Disaster at Hogwarts. Its always fun to twist characters from canon via circumstance and maturation. Again, I got really lucky there.

Harry heard Ginny scream and that was it. No more playing around. Ginny has been the key to his life since Book 8. Anything happening to her pushes him over the edge and the mere thought of losing her will drive him to extremes. The next chapter only underscores this.

I can't thank you enough for your suggestions and your reviews!

And, more importantly, anyone reading this whose not me or the Farmgirl, go read "Yes, Ginevra, there is a Santa Clause." Then, do yourself a favor and read "Healing." You'll thank me later. They're both in my favorites.

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Review #10, by AvadaKedavra1 

16th January 2010:
See now that was a great chapter.

Your skills with dialog improve with every chapter. The original draft had some rougher moments in flow, but with just a tweak here and there, you ironed them out nicely.

I love Hermione's refound potency, and Ron's steely inner brood. You can really feel the weight of it all on each one of them. Ginny, being so strong, and desperate wanting to be involved and pivotal. Harry, poor Harry, know this time it will come down to wand vs. wand with Riddle. Hermione, dealing with the memories of this world, her own admitted selfish desires while maintain her role as the brain of the group. And Ron, really the one who makes Harry so potent, yet so torn with leaving 'Mione in this world alone. I really felt all off it, each one, and it hurts.

The tombstones, I just really didn't see that coming. And wouldn't ya know it, some bug flew right into my eye when I read that. It's okay, I recovered.

The canon events were noble and righteous, but this time, its just rage. I love, that Harry is feeding off his anger. I love, that they are adults and capable of at least thinking about murder. And I love, that the quarter seems to be in complete agreement just how much violence it will take to win.

The exchange about the depth of Riddle's support was a nice touch. JKR just sort of dissolved his movement when Riddle fell. This time, an excellent touch, is that it will take more that just removing the head of the snake. They have years and years of war ahead, even if the quartet is successful.

It's nice to see Hermione back on her A game. Harry's rage really sold it for me.

I give you a 10/10 for this chapter, minus ten whole points for making me wait forever for the next update.

So you scored a zero, this chapter sucked.


AK =)

Author's Response: AK1 is in the house!

Thanks for the amazing review, even if i only did score a zero. LOL.

Bro, you pretty much caught eveything I was throwing out there with this chapter. Everything. Ron's guilt, Harry's rage, Hermione back on her game, but dreading the ending, and Ginny looking to take her proper place in the quartet. I'm Really flattered the emotion here got to you.

The Statue. I really did hope that would have the emotional impact that you mentioned, but no one's seemed to comment on it until now. I'm glad it struck you. Darn those bugs, bro.

As for Harry's rage, the minute he heard Ginny scream was a game changer. He wants this over and is ready to kill. No questions asked. Its going to get very violent in the next chapter. That I promise you. And they all know it, especially Harry. He knows none of the old tricks are gonna work. Now its just mano a mano.

Assault on the Imperium is coming, gimme about two weeks.

Thanks again, its always great to get a review from you.

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Review #11, by blueirony 

15th January 2010:
You have a way of ending chapters in really unforgiving places, don't you? The chapters definitely are well-rounded, but at the same time, you just leave us hanging. And I suppose I should get used to it because god knows what you're going to do at the end of Chapter 17.

I think that, more than defeating Riddle himself, I am more interested to learn how the Harry/Hermione/Mione/Ron/Ronnie dynamic turns out. Theories and speculations are one thing, but I can't wait to see what you do with it. There is just SO much you can do with it. And I have a feeling everything is going to build up and Harry is going to have to make a choice. I am really interested to see what the choice is.

I also find it interesting that, out of all the DA members, you chose Zacharias and Marietta. They're probably the least liked members and I'm wondering whether Harry becomes allies with them or not. Or perhaps he does so out of necessity.

This last attack - I wonder how much Dennis had to do with it.

It's all so interesting. And action filled. And I can't believe that there are only two chapters left!

Author's Response: blueirony I am so glad you came back! And thanks for the amazing review. So lets get to it.

Cliffhangers. As a reader I hate them, but as a writer, they're just so tempting, I can't work without them.

The character dynamic. Well, you're right, it will, once again, come down to choices. But whose? You've already seen Hermione/Mione make a rather difficult one before they Apparated to Dover. Ron's been struggling with a pretty nasty one too. Harry? He's been a bit of a reluctant hero this time around. And Ginny has just kind of had to hold things together through the rough spots. Basically, I've been building on the premise of the father's speeches at the party: they have to take care of each other.

That said, as to how it will turn out, and whose choice will control the outcome, we'll just have to wait and see.

The DA. Clocks was never supposed to have a sequel. Baldy killed off everyone at the Batte of Hogwarts out of fear that someone other than H/R/Hr knew about the Horcruxes. There were NO prisoners taken. As a result, I had a devil of a time finding DA members that were still alive. Zack, Marietta, Susan and Dennis were really all I had left. However, I made the conscious choice to center on Z and M precisely because of their past. Smith was a lot of fun to write because he's just so cynical. I can and will tell you that Harry and Co. will ally with them out of necessity.

The ambush at Dover is all Creevy's fault. If he hadn't spilled his guts to Baldy, it never would've happened. That does get addressed in the next chapter and the one to follow.

Next Chapter: "Assault on the Imperium." It's all come down to this: Harry v. Tom, Elder Wand v. Elder Wand. No blood protection. No tricks. No gimmicks. No resurections. Just a little duel to determine who is the better wizard.

Then again, Voldy may just have a trick or two up his sleeve...

Again, I really am honored you came back for more.

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Review #12, by ChocoLab 

15th January 2010:
Given what Hermione means to Harry, I actually think he'll allow the realities to merge and then accept the consequences. The rest of the world might be slightly messed up because of it, but the whole Hermione will be able to be with Ron, and Ronnie can be with his whole family, so Harry's soft spot can be satisfied. I think it'd be great if Ronnie showed up right in the middle of the duel, indavertently causing Harry to make a snap decision. Not only would it be satisfying, it would also be poetic, and incredibly dramatic. That's my point of view, anyway.

I wasn't terribly fond of Stop All The Clocks, to be honest. However, the necessity of it is obvious, and I'm loving this story.

Author's Response: Hello ChocoLab! It's always great to hear from a new reader.

Harry's been a bit of a reluctant hero in this tale. Hermione's been overwhelmed with 'Mione's memories. Ron and Ginny have pretty much been holding things together through the rough spots and then there's Ronnie. How will it all turn out? Well...

I completely understand if Clock's wasn't your cup of tea. Actually, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it; its a very dark tale. So dark in fact I simply couldn't leave the story-line alone. That's why I wrote Crusade. I'm really flattered you're enjoying it. Although Clocks was my first story on this site, Crusade was my first real chance to delve into all of the characters. Its been a lot of fun to write, but its even been more pleasurable to answer great reviews like yours.

Only two chapters left. The whole story is written and has been for a while, but I'm still tweaking and editing the last two chapters.

The next chapter, "Assault on the Imperium" should be up in two to three weeks. Hopefully sooner.

Thanks so much and I really hope to hear from you again.

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Review #13, by pinks 

15th January 2010:
Fantastic chapter! I'm glad there was a reunion with Madame Maxime. Harry's tone with Ron when speaking to him on the beach reminded me of Desmond in S3 of Lost--brother, this is the way things are. I can't wait to read the last chapters (and hope that there is a sequel in the future)!

Author's Response: Pinks! Great to hear from you again.

Believe it or not, I had originally planned to kill Maxime and DuChamp off before we got this far. Then I realized how I really needed them in this scene, so I'm glad I didn't.

I was wondering when another "Lost" fan would start to hear Desmond's voice everytime I had Harry say "brother." Just between you and me, I always hear Desmond's voice too. LOL!

Sequel? Hmm...Well, I can tell you I have numerous plot bunnies for the characters from the canon reality continuing on with their lives. Or, at the least, some stories involving the canon characters covering the four years that have passed since the Battle of Hogwarts. As for the AU, well, we'll just have to see.

Next Chapter: "Assault on the Imperium." No tricks, no blood protection, no resurection, just Harry and Tom fighting it out, may the best wizard win. Wait a minute. Did I say "no tricks?" Riddle just might have a few up his sleeve...

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Review #14, by siledubhghlase 

15th January 2010:

Statuary? Hmm... Nice cover. Harry did it again, didn't he? I wonder if that little display might have knocked out a few Teeth in the process...

Just a suggestion: You might want to fix the dates on the statues to:

31 July 1980 - 2 May 1998 and 1 March 1980 - 6 May 1998

They do the dates that way in UK and the rest of Europe. I noticed you didn't try to put an accent on the French folks, but that's okay. They're educated.

So Hermione found herself conflicted for a bit. I saw that coming. The temptation had to be crushing to sabotage the mission and keep Ron there, but reason won out. I'm also still holding out for a Time-turner thing, but perhaps that's just hoping for too much. Messing with time is rarely a good thing and who knows what else might change?

When Snakeface learns about this latest "set-back," he's going to go nutters. Potter IS back...and speaking of that...

I wonder if Harry's going to blame Marietta and Zach for the attack, because they aren't his favorite people in either reality. But for them to suss out that Dennis was behind it...ouch. Harry's going to have a hard time making peace with that and then having to go back to Canon Reality without wanting to kill the poor guy.

"This ends now." The Chosen Savior-Who-Kicked-Ass-in-Two-Realities has spoken. Even the rocks tremble in the face of his wrath. Okay, so I've gone all biblical. But Harry has had quite enough, thanks, and it's got to stop. GREAT JOB!!!


Author's Response: Wow! SD, where to start...

The Dates! Arg! I'l change that. What would I do with out you...

Still, I hope the statue sent shivers up your spine!

Figured I'd forgo the french accented english; Honestly, I find it hard to write and harder to read, so I just skipped it here.

Couldn't help but have Hr at least contemplate sabotaging things. Life in the AU is so terrible and now she has Ron back...Tough situation. But Hr always comes thru.

I can tell you now, no hope of a time-turner fix. I wish there was, but the muse just won't allow it. Will Harry blame the DA members for the attack? Hmmm. Denis? We'll just have to see.

Yes. Harry's done. Enough is enough. Once he heard his Ginny scream, that was it. But you haven't even seen a real temper explosion yet! Just wait!

Next Up: "Assault On The Imperium." Its all lead up to this, can't put it off any longer. Harry v. Riddle, no holds barred, no blood protection, no coming back from the dead. Who will win?

Well, if you remember how Clocks ended, you'll know anything can happen...

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Review #15, by Aurorofthelight 

15th January 2010:
Great, great story! Very Imaginitive and well thought out! You're keeping us on the edge of our seats! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! That's really high praise and I really appreciate it.

Up Next: "Assault On The Imperium"

The next chapter is what we've all been waiting for, isn't it? Chosen One v. Dark Lord, Elder Wand v Elder Wand. No blood protection, no gimicks, just a straight up duel to see who's the better wizard.

Well, Voldy may have a trick or two up his sleeve...

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Review #16, by Karkaroff 

15th January 2010:
Thanks for writing another fantastic instalment of your story. I liked Harry, Ron discussing the Hallows, Ronnie, Mione. I also liked the scene between Harry, Ginny as she knows him well. It must've creepy for Harry, Ginny to see their graves. I also thought that Harry's rage and power using the Elder Wand was written well. Please update soon thanks.

Author's Response: Karkaroff! Always good to hear from you.

The Harry/Ginny/Hermione scene is relatively new. I just added it in a short while ago. I'm glad you liked it. I thought it helped add some more resolution to the row they had two chapters back and it gives a better insight as to what's going on in Hr's head.

The grave scene was creepy to write; I'm glad it had the same affect when you read it.

As for Harry's rage, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Next Chapter: "Assault On the Imperium." It's time for Elder Wand v. Elder Wand. No tricks. No gimicks. Just a straight up duel between The Chosen One and The Dark Lord. Hold on tight!

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