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Review #1, by nott theodore 

8th July 2014:
Yes, finally! I'm so happy that they got back together in this chapter because I'd have been so upset if they hadn't. The two of them work so well together and it's such a relief to see them together again. I've read a lot of Sirius/OC stories before but I think that Sirius and Laura have to be one of, if not my favourite, version of the story. The beginning of this chapter was so well written because I could see how much pain they were both feeling because of their break-up and it's clear how much they both mean to each other. I knew that there'd be an explanation other than the conclusion that Laura had jumped to and I'm glad that she gave Sirius a chance to explain himself when it came to it. He definitely can't go round saying things like that to all the girls, no matter how much of a charmer he's known to be, and it's obvious how much more Laura means to him than any other girl has before. James and Lily's relief when they found out that the two of them had got back together was so funny and I could share in it a bit as well!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Again, I'm quite proud of this chapter. It could have been really soppy or really painful and I think I caught a happy medium, if that's the write phrase. I couldn't keep them apart for too long - too many chapters like the last one and everyone would have thrown their computers out the windows, I think - but it was an attempt to make them both realise how special what they had was. And I think it worked. tHanks for the review!

cheers Mel

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Review #2, by Vivyan 

16th January 2013:

Thank you seriously. Had to read a whole sorry full of a character like that, and this only was a chapter (thank The Lord almighty)

Author's Response: Ah! I haven't totally alienated you then! Yay! Yes, it was only a couple of chapters, and it was a conversation they needed to have I think. Glad you appreciate that.

cheers, Mel

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Review #3, by Olga 

6th January 2013:
Very intense. Very good!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was trying for something like that. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #4, by Lillylover22 

2nd March 2012:
Yay. Yay. Yay. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

cheers, Mel

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Review #5, by classicblack 

23rd October 2011:
Aww, adorable chapter :) Glad to see that they're back together and that Laura trusts him again.
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Yes, it took a bit, but I had to get them back together. AFter keeping them apart for so long inthe first place, it felt cruel to keep this going for too many chapters. So yeah, a happy ending here. She's still got some trust issues but she's working through them so that's where we go from here. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #6, by alicia and anne 

13th August 2011:
Don't make me cry with their talk *sniff* They both sound so hurt and sad, and people are giving back gifts. You wrote their talk very well and you've got the emotions across really well, I have tears in my eyes just reading it, it's just so sad :-( Why can't she believe him? Wait! She is now! YES they're back together.
:-O is all I say for that moment!
I am so glad that they are back together! You wrote this so well! I really enjoyed reading it.

alicia and anne

Author's Response: Ah, that talk. Most of it I'm really proud of, but there are bits that still make me cringe. I should probably go back and try to rework it at some point.

Anyway, I'm really glad you liked it, if "liked" is the right word. It was a bit of a stand-off in a lot fo ways in that neither of them were really giving any ground, until Laura swallowed her pride and agreed to hear him out. The poor girl has a lot to learn about boys' conversation, I'm afraid. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #7, by In The Shadows I Dwell 

10th August 2011:
They're back together, I would say it's about time, but really not all that much time has passed at all. Although I have to say I've very glad she didn't have to accept Bernie, he just doesn't seem as right for her, you know? I love reading reconciliation, particularly one's where it doesn't necessarily go entirely according to plan and in fact it's almost painful to read as they fight and attempt to sort out their differences.

In a way this was almost heart wrenching, having both sides of the story almost it's clear that was a misunderstanding but there was a stubbornness standing between them, and I think it's very much a part of both of them, not just one. Although I'd probably say Sirius is just persistent more so than stubborn.

I'm very glad they got back together though, and in a way which was so wonderfully written that I almost thought they wouldn't... On to the next chapter!

- Ash (InTheShadowsIDwell)

Author's Response: Yes, they're back together. After waiting so long to actually get them together, I wasn't going to keep them apart for long. Besides, too many chapters of heartbroken angst would be terribly annoying to read, right?

And yeah, they're both stubborn in their own ways. Not always a good thing, but terribly human of them I think. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #8, by LivingLife42 

25th July 2011:
You... you... you are an amazing author. Absolutely amazing. This chapter made me cry because i thought they were never going to get back together. They way they were talking to each other, Sirius saying he thought he knew her but was wrong. I was so scared and ready to hurl things at you. And then they made up and I was so happy there were tears of joy. Not many books have ever made me feel so emotional and connected to the characters (Harry Potter itself has of course).

You are absolutely fantastic at writing. Never quit. This story is amazing and extremely well written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm quite proud of (most of) this chapter - there are bits in it that make me cringe but overall I thought it turned out pretty well. As such, I'm glad you liked it because it means my judgement isn't completely out on these things. I couldn't keep them apart for too long, though - we had almost 40 chapters of that beforehand and I thought it would be just too cruel to extend that too much.

cheers, Mel

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Review #9, by girly1393 

6th June 2011:
I'm glad their problems didn't last.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Lol. No, not even I'm that cruel, hahaha. It was a conversation that needed to happen, though, so this was how I worked it in. Glad you liked it!

cheers, Mel

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Review #10, by Skygh 

2nd September 2010:
Okay! Okay! To the readers:
Once you've read this go back and follow this: When Sirius comes in start playing "Eyes on You" by Automatic Loveletter. Keep it playing while reading but skip "He looked a little relieved...to you is probably pointless" otherwise it wont end right. It's epic and if we get the movie going it will be sung by a guy and called "Eyes on You (Sirius's Song)". And will be ongoing.
Epic. Just...Epic. I almost cried.

Author's Response: Note to self: Go to YouTube and find that song!

Hi again! As you can see I'm horrendously behind on review responses at the moment so my sincerest apologies for taking over a month to get to this. :( But I love the idea behind this reveiw, you're really thnking about this aren't you? *grins* My problem is that I'm horribly ignorant about much of popular culture at the moment so I don't know the song, but I'll be sure to go and check it out now. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #11, by theelderwand 

23rd August 2010:
Thank merlin!

Now, the discussion they had in reconcilliation was brilliant. Painful, wrenching, hearfelt. Killed me to listen to it. Excellent the way Remus and finally Lily got her to see reason.

But, back to Laura and Sirius' talk. You, Mel, understand men entirely too well. Had it all pretty well down pat, start to finish. Thats a VERY impressive insight for any female, married or not. How we converse, the codes we use. Exceptionally insightful. Shame Laura doesn't have your wisdom. ;)

A brilliantly written chapter...But again, only three years left.


Author's Response: I think I've said this before but I'm very relieved to be told that I got it right from Sirius there, because I wasn't sure I had. What he said was only my best guess, and while I had a number of reviews saying things like, "I understand guys a lot better now," I had to warn them off saying that I was only guessing and could be wrong. In any case there is no way known Laura would have my wisdom, as you call it, because I was much older than her before I acquired it. Some things are very much a learning process. :)

In any case, it's very reassuring to know that I was on the right track and that my guesses have been more or less accurate. As I said in an email, it makes PBT much less potentially embarrassing than it would be if I'd been completely off-target.

cheers, Mel

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Review #12, by Capella Black 

15th August 2010:
YES! It is truly ridiculous how happy I am for them.

I've got to say, that heart to heart was just fantastic! I really adore the way you had him telling her what she needed to hear, but doing so in a way that wasn't pleading or unrealistic. Instead, he was kind of angry at her, which is far more realistic (a word I use a lot to describe this, for good reason!) and probably far more persuasive. Nice one.

Still, Laura really needs to explain to him exactly how far her lack of self-esteem goes - he puts it all down to her not trusting him as a person, when in reality it seems as though it's more herself that she doesn't trust. I can see though why she might not be laying that out on the table though!

Just too awesome, must read more immediately (who needs food when you have books!)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you. Again. I thought it was important that this conversation was a little brutal, on both sides, because they were both really hurt and that had to come out somehow. As for Laura's lack of self esteem, I really don't think that she'd be able to explain that it's herself that she doesn't trust (interesting theory, by the way!) because she hasn't recognised that herself yet. And perhaps she doesn't. In any case she (and he) still have a fair amount of maturing to do so that is hopefully covered in that process.

cheers, Mel

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Review #13, by doglover 

12th August 2010:
aaawww they got back together :)

Author's Response: Yes, they did. Even I'm not quite so cruel as to leave them hanging for too long again - that would just be torture to read. But they needed to have this conversation and I thought this was the best place for it to go. Glad you liked it!

cheers, Mel

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Review #14, by Schnatz 

29th June 2010:
Hey, before I go to bed now I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the last three chapters ... and here we have had the first argument between Laura and Sirius. Oh, I can't tell you how happy I am that they are back together! :) Boys! *sigh*

Oh and besides the conversation between Laura and Sirius I adored the one between Lils and Laura where Lils told Laura about what she was talking with Mrs Potter and that she wanted her James back and think that Sirius and Laura are a perfect match and all that stuff ... that was so cute! I was very pleased that there was such a conversation between LILY and Laura because that made their friendship a little bit stronger and deeper :)

I also liked the car-scene (the boys were too sweet when they tried to drive ^-^) and how you managed the thing with Sirius' bike. The idea with that project for Muggle studies was really good!

Aaaah, and of course, I was happy with Lily and James that ... well, you surely know what I'm talking about, don't you? ;-)

Well, I'm going to bed now, it's late/early,
read and review the next days.

Till then, Schnatz

Author's Response: Hi again!

You know, I lost some readers with that argument, because they didn't appreciate the standing off and everything that accompanied it. However, other people seem to like it and you can't have it all peaches and cream, can you? Otherwise, I would have stopped the story when they got together.

I'm glad you liked the interaction with Lily because I'm rather fond of Lily, even though she doesn't have a huge role in the story. It was important though that those two develop a bond and this helped that out a bit more.

cheers, Mel

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Review #15, by Helena 

29th March 2010:
Mel... You know what? I'm melting... I want a Sirius... Great chapter...:)

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for the review!

Ah, you and me both, I think! *ducks, hoping her husband doesn't read that* But yeah, I did try to make a believable character who, well, makes people melt. Or something. So thank you! (Of course, JKR gets all credit for inventing him in the first place. I just built on the blocks she provided.) I'm glad you liked the chapter, though, it was a bit draining but I thought that conversation needed to happen.

cheers, Mel

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Review #16, by always_dreaming 

25th March 2010:
well i'm glad they're back together. about time. how much money did he inherit from his uncle? he bought the clasp before his uncle died, too... how did he pay for it?

Author's Response: Ah, we have no idea how much Sirius inherited from uncle Alphard, but it had to be a reasonable amount. Sirius himself calls it "a decent big of gold" and we know it sustained him for the 4 or so years between him inheriting it and being sent to Azkaban, as well as once he got out (including the purchase of a Firebolt, which we know weren't cheap). And then Harry inherited a bunch more gold on his death so yeah, it had to be a lot.

As for the clasp, well in this story (though it's not spelled out) the Potters gave him an allowance while he was living with them - and then when he got some money of his own he paid it all back. They were horrified, of course, but he insisted. So he bought it out of that.

cheers, Mel

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Review #17, by Ronsgirl29 

24th January 2010:
aww thankgoodness! they are back together. I must say i like them together alot better than when they are apart ahah.

one thing that was bugging me though was that he kept saying "your not the girl i thought you were" or "if you really were the girl i thought you were this would have gotten resolved" or other variations of that. was he just saying that to challenge her, like she mentioned she couldn't say no to a challenge, or did her really think less of her when she wouldn't believe him? it just made me mad cuz it seemed that he was trying to make it her fault for not listening to his side (which yes it was an error on her part, but he still made the rude comments)

but the important thing is that they are happy and together agian! yay. haha poor bernie, that guy just can't catch a break.

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for yet another lovely review! :D

Right. Sirius. I tried to cover this with his line towards the end of the chapter, viz: "I spent all this week, after you wouldn't talk to me on Sunday, trying to convince myself that I'd misjudged you, that I was wrong about you."

What I was trying to convey here was that, after she refused to even read his letters (and she was being cruel there, sending them back - if she didn't want to read them she could always have burned them. But she instinctively wanted to hurt him as he had hurt her), and wouldn't even look at him when they got back to school, he started doubting whether he'd understood her properly at all. He was quite genuine in that he had really thought that she would hear him out. Of course, her reasoning wasn't that she refused to do it, rather that she wasn't ready to do it YET, but he didn't know that. So he spent a lot of time that week, since it looked like a reconciliation was NEVER going to happen, trying to tell himself that he'd got her wrong in the first place. That meant that he could try to convince himself that she wasn't worth getting upset over. This was his mechanism for not getting hurt any more.

So, when he said, "you're not the person I thought you were", that was where he was coming from. And while it might sound like he was blaming her for not listening (and I do think that was a failing of hers, she should have listened), it was more a self defence thing.

Whew. Does that make sense? I can never seem to achieve the concise nature of the narrative in review responses.

Anyway, yes they're back together. I didn't think anyone could have coped with another dose of angst!

cheers, Mel

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Review #18, by marauders_girl11 

15th January 2010:
I'm very sorry I haven't reviewed sooner, but I finally got off my lazy rump(or, sat down on it, actually!) and read all that's been happening- I was shocked when they broke up, but I'm diffidently glad they're back together now! I agree with Sirius, Laura was rather 'jumping to conclusions,' but I guess she was exspecting it so much, it just seemed more real then the actual reality. (Does that make any sense at all?)

Keep it up,


Author's Response: Hi Nickole! :D

Ah, no worries about reviews, like I've said before you doing it at all is a favour to me so I don't feel I can complain if you take a while or miss a few chapters. And I know that the last month has been hectic for most people so I kinda expected it.

Anyway, glad you liked it! I felt that the fight was important and, while Laura was probably over-reacting, I didn't think it was out of character for her to do so. Like you said, she was pretty uncertain about the relationship to start with so it didn't take much to tip her over the edge.

cheers, Mel

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Review #19, by desert_oasis 

15th January 2010:
I love it! So i moved 35 miles from my family and im a bit depressed about it, but this story made me smile. Thanks!!!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Well, I'm pleased that I could make you smile if you're feeling a bit down, that's a lovely effect to have on people. *grins* Glad you liked the chapter then ... getting them back together seems to have been a rather popular move of mine, I must say.

cheers, Mel

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Review #20, by Amortintia_Veritaserum (Kayla) 

15th January 2010:
I REALLY hope your gonna keep going. You didnt do anything rash like, i dont know, Stop writing right? Because I dont think i could stand it. This was the first Marauder era tale I've ever read, but it was totally awesome, and you have some serious talent. YOU ROCK!!! Also, I'll be checking in on your authors page, to read the rest of your stories. I think I've just officially become a fangirl. Sweet, at least its for something worth-while and not some show. YOU ROCK! (I AM repeating myself, I'll probably say it in my next review too, and the one after that...and the one after that...)

Author's Response: Hi Kayla! Thanks for the review! :D

No, I have'nt stopped writing. In fact, I update every week or so, so you won't be waiting long - next chapter will probably be up tomorrow. But you won't find any other stories by me on this site, sorry ... this is my only foray into fanfiction so far.

Anyway thank you for saying such lovely things about me and my story, and I'm very flattered to have been the one to introduce you to the Marauder era. *grins*

thanks again, Mel

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Review #21, by 4rm_h8_2_luv 

15th January 2010:
OHH YAY! They have made up! finally I am happy again with this story :) i have been busy with the start of classes hence the lack of reviews on my part, sorry! but strangely i think that this break up did them well. its strengthened the relationship far quicker had it just been left up to time... side note: poor bernie

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for the review! And no need to apologise - the last month has probably been hectic for everyone I think :D

Yes, they made up. I suspect that there would have been a few people (both on-page and off) out for my blood if they didn't. But yes, the fight and breakup was necessary in a lot of ways. You'll see what I mean next chapter I think.

And yes, poor Bernie. He didn't deserve that. I'll have to find him some nice girl to fall in love with I think. :P

cheers, Mel

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Review #22, by vengeance 

14th January 2010:
Oh, finally leaving my review :D (I'm to slack, sorry!) haha
My heart broke for Sirius and Laura and the start of this! But i'm so happy everything has been worked out!
This chapter was brilliant, and I really couldn't have gone another chapter with those two apart!

You are brilliant :)

jaid (:

Author's Response: Hi Jaid! :D

Ah, you review whenever you feel like it. Or not at all, if you don't. I can't complain, you're reading my story and that makes me happy. :D

Right. Yeah, I think a few people would have killed me if I hadn't got them back together. And I'm not as cruel as I seem - I do want them to be happy. I just needed them to appreciate what they had, if you know what I mean. Oh, and work on Laura's insecurities. (And his, but they come out more later.)

Next chapter will probably be up tomorrow.

cheers, Mel

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Review #23, by ochalke5 

13th January 2010:
OH my god! Mel!!! I loved it! i'm so glad things are working out for them!!! i cannot see what comes next... i'm guessing this isn't the last chatper, no? I wouldnt' think so anyways... IT was great!!! i loved it... I'm really excited about that chapter. They are perfect together and i think that you did a wonderful job with the whole bloody story! It was amazing!

Author's Response: Hi again!

And now you have caught up. No, it's not the last chapter - I have structured this as a coming-of-age story and it will end when my main character graduates. And then there's an epilogue afterwards which should tie up any loose ends - or, at least, I hope it will. *grins*

Glad you enjoyed it anyway - it really does mean a lot to me when people tell me that. :D

cheers, Mel

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Review #24, by icegreen89 

13th January 2010:
Hi :)

You know, I generally try and avoid MWPP fics, unless they are (very) highly recommended, because they're just so doomed... but really, I just have to bow down- you're just a fabulous writer! I wish I had your skill. Non of the characters are stereotypes, and that itself is an ode to how well you've done with them. Eagerly waiting for the next bit on this... and I'm a fan for life! I also love how you update regularly *hint, hint* :D

Hey, I was hoping, could you put in more of Remus in here? I know this is not his story and all, but he's my favourite character, so... (though his behaviour with Charlotte has just been annoying me- maybe she should just get someone to snog the life out of...)

Oh, BTW... I think you should do a next gen fic too, because we know even less about them than we do about the Marauders, and I think you'd be just fabulous with them too.

Right. Sorry if this sounds stalker- ish, and hope you have a Happy 2010 :D

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review!

You know, I completely understand about avoiding Marauder fics because they all feel the same after a while. Though, to be honest, I've only ever really read Marauder fics (aside from on my review thread) because that's where my primary interest lies. But if I've converted you, then that's brilliant. *beams* I must say also that you made it sound like someone had recommended my fic to you ... if that is the case, I'd love to thank them for doing it.

Anyway thanks a lot for saying I haven't succumbed to any characterisation stereotypes. I'm sure there are a few in there - all I've done is write my own interpretation of them - but to have you saying that is just fantastic. I did put a lot of work into my characterisations and it sounds like it's been paying off so I'm uber pleased with that. :D

As for Remus, well there is some more in-depth character analysis for him coming up, but I've had a look through upcoming chapters and you might have to wait a little while. I have taken your request on board, though, so I might tweak things to see what I can come up with.

Ah, next-gen? Possible. It would entail a lot less research, but I would have to come up with a story idea and, for me at least, that's easier said than done. I'll see, though. It wouldn't be for a while, however - after this fic is all up, I'm posting a series of one-shots from this story that I've written from other people's POVs (mostly Sirius, but there are others), so I'd have to wait till I'm completely done with this story before I could think about writing another one. There's just not enough room in my brain for that.

(Oh, and no, you didn't sound stalker-ish in the slightest. If anything, it's rather flattering.)

cheers, Mel

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Review #25, by Ellen 

13th January 2010:
wonderful chapter once again. you really have a talent of writing.
if I remember correct, you said that you wasn't from England so where are you from? :)

and just a random thought, the song "you'll be in my heart" by Phil Collins really fits in this chapter and reminded me of S&L when I heard it ;) keep up the good work!

peace out!

Author's Response: Hi Ellen! Thanks for reviewing again! :D

I hope you'll forgive me for being cagey but I've never actually answered the question where I come from. The closest I'll give is "what used to be known as the colonies", or what is now the Commonwealth. It's just that I really value the anonymity this site gives me and I'd rather not narrow it down too far. Not the UK or US, though. I'll admit that much. :)

You know, I'm of an age where I really SHOULD know a Phil Collins song, but I wasn't familiar with the one you named so I Googled the lyrics. It does fit, doesn't it? Kinda sweet, really.

cheers, Mel

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