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Review #1, by girly1393 

13th May 2011:
The two of them are so ridiculous sometimes, it's unbelievable.

Bravo to you.

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Review #2, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
I'm excited to see James and Lily crash the wedding (That is if they actually do). I loved Peter's line when he was stuck behind James and Siris as well. Gah, I can't get enough of Peter! (:

Author's Response: LOL I hope you enjoyed their crashing. Technically, since they didn't make themselves known, they didn't really "crash" I suppose... lol just James joking around.

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Review #3, by Casey 

27th January 2010:
That Minister...I'm not sure whether or not I want to feel sorry for him. Sometimes that reminds me of how I feel about Peter, I like them but some things about them are just annoying. But I guess the Minister's behavoir can be excused because of his state and Dumbledore manipulating everyone around him as usual. Sometimes the man is amazing and I wonder if saving Sirius is worth the risk.

James's and Lily's first fight, I'm glad though that it wasn't one of those, they fight, someone almost dies and their issue is never worked out. Its another thing I love about this story. It isn't some over cliche peice of dribble which is full of fluff and other sorts of shite. :D

Cheeky Sirius with his shag comment. Haha.

Author's Response: I never intended the Minister to come off so poorly - I just never got a chance to write him and give him a character prior to this, and of course, he won't be jolly and happy in this scene. So I think you should feel sorry for him :) He's lived through a terrible ordeal that he certainly didn't deserve, and things will be getting worse for him in the future.

Saving Sirius probably wasn't worth the risk. One of Voldemort's Death Eaters - a dangerous one, given Lucius's Ministry influences - could have been taken out forever. But then, we know Dumbledore occasionally acts with his heart instead of his brains, and he couldn't let Sirius be thrown under the bus. His "flaw in the plan" just as with Harry.

First fights... I hate the fights that I sometimes see in other stories. I enjoyed this one, but probably because I chose not to write the actual argument and just deal with the aftermath of it. LOL Sirius is still Sirius, even after some of the emo moments he's been through.

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Review #4, by Lizzie 

13th January 2010:
I know its awful how the Minister is behaving but I think its probably because hes been in a prison for a while, deprived of normal necessities, treated like something which isn't near a human, probably been tortured, and now that he's back in a place of power, the only thing on his mind might be revenge and wanting not to be told what to do. But I have a semi-hatred for Dumbledore with his superior attitude in thinking he is the only one who knows what to do and speaking down to others as though they are child. (which is how he sometimes act in your story which isn't an insult at all because its how he is in the books and its a bloody perfect channeling of JK Rowling :D) But it was nice of him to 'save' Sirius although it meant the downfall and the Minister losing complete credibility. Do they think someone better might replace Minister once he's gone? I mean, the Minister will end up being kicked out of office and who is going to replace him? A worse off person and all because Dumbledore got the Minister drunk. I don't think it was a very good idea but alas, the man does what he wants.

Poor Edgar and Moody, they must really be having trouble with the Minister as of late. I really feel for Moody, he just wants this war to be over and the business with the Minister is only making it harder and their jobs harder. And what Moody said about things getting worse is extremely true.

I always love how people portray Sirius as having a sense of knowing things about others without saying anything. I mean, the way him and James respond to each other reminds me so much of myself and my extremely close friends. You know when something is bothering them, when someone happened and when they are extremely happy just by looking at them and 'knowing'.

Alot of what Sirius said is extremely true about them and their age, they have been through so much and they're not even in their twenties yet. They're fighting in a war and getting married and they're still little babies compared to most people. I could not imagine doing what they have done at my age. It just isn't comprehensible.

And Peter, I do love that he was something good before the betrayal. He wasn't always so revengeful and betrayal in the beginning. I do hope you follow him though and explain in your own way why he betrayed them. It would be lovely I reckon.

Ah I never liked Lily and James like I said ages ago, they were so sugar coated and so full of fluff that I wanted to vomit because it was too much but they are so realistic in your story, its hard not to like them. They aren't perfect and full of love all the time, they don't make out or seem to be without any flaws or little arguments or trying to fight just for fighting. They act the way a normal couple would in the middle of a war. Incredibly adorable that they are!

And I'm sorry for all the writing, awful habit of wanting to mention everything that I can. AND I'M SO HAPPY YOU UPDATED YAY Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you can understand the Minister, because so far everybody hates him. I can see why they don't like him, but I never meant for the poor fellow to come off so badly (not that it's important, either way, he plays little role in the story after this). He really is a nice guy, but who wouldn't be paranoid and defensive after what he's been through? You are so right about Dumbledore, and when writing this I was thinking of how he'd screwed up his own plans for Harry by allowing his heart to get in the way. Thus, he might have made a stupid mistake (and Lucius could have been tossed in prison), but to him, saving Sirius was more important. According to canon, a female Minister (Ministress?) was appointed in 1980. So this fellow is on his way out, you are very perceptive :) I need to see if I can find any info on the new Minister before I can tell you what she'll be like, but if I find nothing, I'll probably have her trying to work WITH Dumbledore (JKR hasnt really done it yet, so why not).

I really love James and Sirius to death. Screw J/L, this friendship is probably the greatest relationship, romantic or otherwise, that exists in canon. I'm always thrilled when people comment on that, and that they seem to enjoy it as much as I do.

I can't imagine fighting a war at that age either. I can't imagine fighting one even now (I'm 26). As for Peter, you are RIGHT ON, I plan to follow him very carefully and am excited to do so. I have a plan for him, and I am sincerely hoping that, while he obviously made a mistake, people just MIGHT be able to understand this one. It's something I haven't seen done before (not that I've read a lot of fics like this). I really hope people can forgive him - I have big plans for that, I can't say enough about it, but just you wait :D

I'm really pleased you're enjoying the J/L in this story. I'm really uncomfortable with writing romance, I always feel like it's cliche or unoriginal or typical, etc. It's just not that enjoyable, and sometimes I worry it's too corny. So thanks for the compliments on that :)

And please, write all you want, I love the long reviews more than anything else, and it's especially fun to reply to them.

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Review #5, by MollyFTW 

13th January 2010:
lol rely awesom story! I hate the Minister though but its prob bcuz of how he spent all that time in the prison, poor guy. I cnrt wait for Lily an dJames' wedding! Its goin t be really cool :D:D

Author's Response: Thank you, it's been a lot of work! Poor Minister, you aren't the first to hate him - I really never meant him to look so bad, but he HAS been through a terrifying ordeal and is pretty paranoid and defensive about it now. Anyway, hooray for their wedding! It will be happening soon, within a few months (in the story time)! I hope I do it justice.

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Review #6, by KaiaRose 

11th January 2010:
I really enjoyed this chapter! I especially liked the part about Sirius knowing about James and Lily's pre-marital encounter because it felt very real.

Thanks for writing and I look forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you :D I liked having Sirius know something was up right away. It's not for nothing that he's James's best friend. And of course, James would fill him in on anything. Thanks for the review, and the next chapter is already up (just in cast you didn't notice)!

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Review #7, by Libby 

10th January 2010:
I really love your story so far!!! I hate those other oones where Sirius and some chick get married and have children only to die! ITS COMPLETELY WRONG, and Im sure they would talk about it later on (I mean in the books lol). so its nice to have something which sticks to the original book and doesn't go driving off into some stupid plot.

I love James and Sirius together, they seem so real in the way they act like brothers and know stuff about each other.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I hate those kinds of stories too - I think I even mentioned those in my AN. Every once in a while, when I'm in the mood, I can read those and possibly enjoy them a little, but I'd never enjoy them as much as I would a different story, one about friendship instead of romance. So, I wrote my own :) The few stories i've seen that focus more on the war than on romance haven't been super detailed or well written, so I wanted to try my hand.

I'm glad you can respect that, too, and thrilled you are enjoying the friendship between James and Sirius. Sirius always said they were closer than brothers, and when yelling at Peter, claimed they'd have died for each other. I think THAT is more important than any OC romance.

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Review #8, by Em 

8th January 2010:
Your story is FABULOUS. I've lost some sleep staying up to read it. You've done an incredible job, and I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks SO much for taking the time to tell me that. It's a nice feeling when somebody likes something you did so much, they sacrifice sleep for it (though I do feel a little bad about that!) lol. I'll try to work on updating soon :D

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Review #9, by Lily 

5th January 2010:
I LOVED how you fixed the whole Malfoy situation! That was genius! It was such a good idea, to have the Minister drunk. You did a really good job fixing that issue.

Author's Response: It seems so simple now, but it took me forever to think of something. It worked out really well, because it seemed the sort of sneaky yet harmless thing Dumbledore would do, AND it saved Malfoy, AND it discredited the Minister to make room for the canon one that starts in 1980.

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Review #10, by auror_snape 

5th January 2010:
I like this Minister, and I know where Dumbledore can stuff his pacifism.

I agree with Moody and Edgar Bones. People should be banding together, but with Voldemort's propaganda, I can see why they're not.

Author's Response: Haha, i think you are the first person to actually like the Minister, which is nice, because I never meant for him to be an unlikeable person. Glad you can see why people are reacting the way they are, I think everyones just on pins and needles and ready to do whatever they need to to survive.

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Review #11, by pennyardelle 

4th January 2010:
That was a really great chapter, and I couldn't tell at all that it hadn't been edited! It had a great mixture of the darker and lighter stuff, which is exactly what I like so much about this story.

The scene between Dumbledore and the Minister was very well-crafted. It made my brain immediately jump to other aspects of the war--for example, I thought how the Minister's very personal experience with Death Eaters could lead into him sanctioning the use of Unforgivable Curses (although I have to confess that you may have already included that in the story and I'm forgetting it, but still, his personality made sense with it), and I felt like all of the aspersions being cast after his return were the perfect beginning to his eventual resignation or ousting (however you choose to write it). Also, I really liked how you had Lucius Malfoy being publicly accused of wrongdoing--it makes sense with what's said about him in the books, how he was accused but his wealth and influence allowed him to wriggle out of it.

Then there was the rest of the chapter--James' birthday and him and Lily. I thought the conversation between James and Sirius was so well-done, but then, that's obviously what you excel at, so no surprise there. I like that James obviously hasn't let Sirius in on every detail of his relationship with Lily--I think some would be tempted to write it the opposite, but it's much, much more realistic the way you've done it.

Speaking of realistic, I also really liked that you had James questioning his and Lily's decision to get married. Not once did it seem like James didn't love her, he was just having some very reasonable worries about their future. And you know, one of my favourite lines in this entire chapter was when James said that they're only nineteen, and Sirius pointed out that they're old enough to fight in a war. I can't explain what it was about that sentence that grabbed me...maybe something to do with the fact that it's just the type of justification someone of their age would use. (I say that without snooty-ness, of course, since I'm their age.) Anyway, I don't know if that makes sense at all, but I just really liked that line.

And one thing I think I've never mentioned, but I've always liked about your writing, is the way you use those little parenthetical interjections. It really is very distinctive, the way you do it, and something about it is reminiscent of poetry. They're always kind of lyrical, in a way.

I really hope you don't feel bad about taking time between updates. I can imagine this is a tough story to work through, because you've got next to nothing to go on from canon, and it's amazing what you've done so far. There's something about this story that inspires patience in me, because I always know that the wait's going to be worth it. So, keep it up, and don't let anyone get you down!

Author's Response: Well, I am definitely glad my lack of edits didn't glare through the chapter. I had written the first part (Sirius and Dumbledore) weeks ago, and had only written everything else yesterday. And then I was tired and needed to step away from it (too much thinking lol) but I knew people were waiting, so it was like... screw it. I'll just throw it up and see what happens :P

I'll have to look into the Unforgiveable Curses thing. I know Crouch was the one who allowed it used in the Auror offices, but otherwise I figured it was still banned from anyone else using. As for stopping it in the Auror offices, I figured that happened when Crouch stopped being the head. I shall check :D But you are definitely on the right track as far as the end of this Minister's career. Canon puts a new Minister in in 1980, so this one is now on his way out. It all worked out rather nicely to get him out of the office and keep Lucius's head above water all at once :) I love it when that happens. I am thrilled that you remember that little fact about Lucius and can tie it in to this story.

Not sure why I love James and Sirius and the relationship they have so much. I just think its the best thing ever. I try to remember that James is still a guy, and gossip about his romantic life probably wont happen much, not even with his bff. That, more than anything, is probably why Sirius doesnt know about it, but as you can see, Sirius still senses when something isnt quite right.

I'm happy you found James's doubts to be reasonable and realistic - I struggle with romance massively (maybe THAT is why I enjoy the friendship bits instead) and try not to make things sound too corny or forced. Isn't it odd how they can fight wars and be okay, but piddly things like a fight can tear them up inside? LOL. I think I have a few more lines like that throughout the story so far.

Ah, the parenthesis. It started one day as just the proper use of parenthesis to give one tiny extra detail, and then I found myself using it more and more, and THEN I found myself making up entire paragraphs just in parenthesis. Sometimes I wonder if they lose the reader, but then, they HAVE become rather ME, and I don't think I could stop doing it at this point. So I'm glad you like them rather than become annoyed with them :)

It's definitely tough to write. It's less to do with what little canon info and more to do with... WHAT there is. Tiny little details JKR mentioned here and there, and I have to try to fit in and work around them. If I forget one or screw up, it could ruin everything. Imagine if I hadn't remembered the new Minister in 1980. So much for canon lol. So it does take a while, and I just dont want people to abandon reading because I'm slow!

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Review #12, by Moonylupin 

4th January 2010:
Oh God, trust Sirius to suggest that - 'A birthday shag, and a make up shag.' But, then again, I can completely see Sirius suggesting that. I'm not going to give up reading this, I want to see it finished :)

You know, the Hog's Head is actually a pretty good place for them to have Order meetings. Like Sirius said, it's not a place you would think the good guys would go. I know in my story they jump around a lot, to make it less obvious where they're all flocking to, but the Hog's Head is definitely a plausible place for them to go. Not to mention it has to be convienent for Aberforth, seeing as he works there.

I'm glad Sirius rescued the Minister, but what an ungrateful jerk. Of course, he was drunk and terrified out of his wits, but the way he spoke to Dumbledore was inexcusable. I actually wanted to smack the Ministry when he told Dumbledore to go back to his school. Fantastic as the Minister may be, Dumbledore will always be the better wizard, in more ways than one. I like that Sirius realized the implications of what helping the Minister meant. I wonder what will happen, if the Malfoys do try to go after Sirius. I know you said on your website that you had to make it so Lucius Malfoy didn't get chucked into Azkaban, I'm guessing the way he avoids that is because the Minister is drunk when he's spewing the whole story?

Edgar is right that people should band together during a war, but Moody's also right that things will only get worse before they get better. And they really get the worst with the Marauders.

Poor Mrs. Potter, four grown up boys in her house causing a mess with confetti. I loved her reaction at James's joke that Peter probably stuck his hand in the cake. The whole conversation between James and Sirius was great. It really showed that they were best friends. Ha, the wedding crashing reminds me of one of the chapters in my fic. I'm glad Lily isn't mad at James and that they're going to go to Petunia's wedding (and it just makes it better that Petunia won't want them there!). Great chapter! Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: aw you are always the first to come and review, ily lol. I know you wouldnt give up reading it, but a couple people have told me they are losing hope in my updating skills lol!!!

For now, i have them in the Hogs Head because there's so much other stuff going on, its just easiest to keep it there. But probably soon, once the traitor stuff starts to happen, they'll move around more. I thought it was a good place to have it myself, and its not the type of place one would want to explore, so the secret basement area they go to is pretty much unknown and unthought of.

I meant to make the Minister a nice guy. I really wanted him to be nice and pleasant. I think he still could be, its just that I have been unable to show that side of him so far lol. I dont think I will ever really get the chance to show that now, but oh well, its not really important. The Malfoys (or anyone else) wont be going after Sirius - they dont know it was him. The Minister cant remember his rescuers name, and as Sirius found the dungeon whilst sneaking around one day, the Malfoys have no reason to suspect Sirius even knows about it. I mean, its not like they showed it to him in a tour of the house or anything, you know? They are baffled about how the Minister escaped through their security spells, Sirius is far from their minds.

But yeah, nobody is giving the Minister much credibility at all, which is how Malfoy is getting away with it. There is a female Minister (ministress??) that starts in 1980 in canon, so you can probably guess what happens from here.

I'm glad you liked the conversation between James and Sirius. I wanted to try to get away from some of the war stuff and do a little filler for once lol. Plus I wanted to show that James and Lily arent the perfect couple. Do you have wedding crashing in your fic (is it Petunia lol). I had Petunia insist Lily wasnt invited back when they were making Xmas cookies, but I really dont think Lily would miss out on such an event :)

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