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Review #1, by LilyGreenEyes 

28th April 2011:
And so I finally review this chapter which I read so long ago and remember you asking for the AN at the end :) And boy am I glad I have read it in sequence now! Can I thank you for the AN, it's a huge honour to have you tell people to read my work, but also, can I say how well you used the idea in this story, it fits beautifully.

I loved seeing Draco and dearest Narcissa at the start of this chapter. Miss Greengrass? Now she sounds like a little love interest for Draco, I'd love to hear her back story! But blimey! Isn't Narcissa a force to be reckoned with? Everyone always plummed for Bellatrix but I think Narcissa is infinitely more evil, she would do anthing to protect her men.

Now, this may sound odd, but for some reason, the more I read about the wizarding world in this reality, the more I am reminded of Nazi Germany during WWII. It's a dark and desolate place with no trust and it's truly brutal what is happening, and it just reminds me very vividly of the attrocities Hitler carried out.

The clandestine meeting of the remaining DA was very well written, even if there were only 3, they seem to be quite distant and lacking the unity the DA used to have. But I suppose that's a sign of the times, although it was nice to see some were still alive. However I would never have had Dennis down as a traitor! He was always so loyal to Harry I though it would be Zach or Maria who would be more fickle, but again, this part was wonderfully written, as was the new Horcrux.

I am now very worried about our quartet as it's inevitable the plan will be a tad scuppered but mouldy Voldy's new Horcrux and the reinforcements heading for Dover :/ I'm desperate to read on some more but alas, it is 12.20am and my battery has about 6% left. So until the morrow, another fantastic chapter, and I will finish reading this story tomorrow! I cannot wait!

Author's Response: Yes! this is your chapter. I can't thank you enough for letting me barrow that imperio flourish. Yikes! But that was a wonderfully diabolical idea you came up with. Thanks again!

Given the lengths that Narcissa went to in the books to protect her fam, it seemed to me that, if Voldy had won, she would've done the same, just with much more nasty results. I'm glad you agree.

This is one of the few chapters in which I get to show just how horrible the AU has become, so I packed as much dark stuff in there as I could. If it had a nazi feel to it, that's great (well not "great") but it was what I was aiming for.

Dennis the traitor! I couldn't help myself there. Zack would've been just so obvious and Dennis, bless him, did have a good, albeit misguided, reason to do it.

Thanks again not only for your review but for letting me barrow your great idea.


P.S. I may get around to writing what happened to Greengrass, or to her relationship with Draco. I have a feeling it was VERY ugly/evil.

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Review #2, by melian 

17th August 2010:
Sometimes, Eldy, I get the feeling that you have it in for Dennis Creevey. First you nearly kill him in the battle in chapter 2 or whatever it was, now you've made him an informer. He knows this isn't going to end well, right?

I have to admit, I had COMPLETELY forgotten that Smith and Edgecombe were part of the DA. Reluctantly, yes,b ut part of it. Their reluctance though would go a long way to explaining why they are still alive today so I'll give you credit for that. I'm still disappointed that it's not Luna but hey, better some alive than none at all, even if it IS Smith. Though I'm not sure how many will still be alive once they all get to Dover ... Darn Dennis. I don't care how guilty he felt, there's no excuse for betrayal. (There. Was I emphatic enough, do you think?)

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Usually, people accuse me of having it in for that meddlesome Potter kid. LOL!

As for Dennis, never fear, he gets his moment in the sun in "Battle of the Pitch" back in the "canon" reality. Promise!

Clocks was never supposed to have a sequel. I hadn't planned it out to have ANY survivors from the DA. This was so because once Voldy realized that at least Ron and Hermione knew about the Horcruxes, he resolved to kill off anyone even remotely attached to the DA or the Order out of fear that someone else might know his secret. There were no prisoners taken during the Disaster at Hogwarts. That included Luna; she was consumed by Voldy's Fiendfyre. (Incidentally, there's a stupendous AU called "Midnight", in my favorites, in which Luna, among others, survive the Death Eater victory - its a great read).

Voldy's near insane desire to ensure his secret remained safe was taken to a new level after the fighting was over. Hence the DEs killing Andromeda (and Teddy) and hence the invasion of France, purely to get 'Mione.

When I started writing Crusade and I realized I needed some DE members that were still amongst the living, I cast around trying to find ANYONE left alive. Turns out I was way too thorough. After a long search, Smith and Edgecombe and Dennis and Susan were all I could find. Since I killed off Susan (off screen, so to speak) that left this trio.

Making Smith the traitor was just TOO obvious. Dennis on the other hand made for a wonderful tragedy. One I just couldn't resist. Still, I sympathize with the kid. After the horrible things he's done, he really didn't think there was any way to see Colin again and the survivor's guilt that Dennis has was simply too much too bear when piled on top of everything else. So, try to go a little easy on the poor kid. ;)

Great review, Mel. Thanks so much!


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Review #3, by Miss Lily Potter 

15th August 2010:
So after a time in which I had to eat and dye my hair and ended up wanting to read this story the entire time, I'm back to review. (:

Oh, my goodness. This is just... Oh, my goodness. It's so powerful, the way you described Diagon Alley and the hell the world has become.

Dennis. Poor Dennis. As much as I hate to admit it, I can understand why he did what he did--the call of seeing a loved one again could have pulled at anyone. But Voldemort killing him, so suddenly. And then making a freaking Horcrux out of him! My goodness. Holy .

I... well, I don't want to say I "loved" it, but I... enjoyed the bit with Madame Pince's sister having to kill her. I mean, I hated reading it, but it's a very neat idea, sick and twisted and so very Voldemort-esque.

The entire first part was very... dark. I loved it. I'm always interested to see how worlds change, how things differ (i.e., usually the other schools, but hey, I'll take what I can get) between what we know and what we don't, and this is very believable.

Draco is absolutely evil. He's beyond redemption. Or, at least, that's how I see him--perhaps this will change in the future, but for now, I'm not a fan of his. At all.

Loved it. Still so intrigued by this story. (:

Author's Response: This chapter was my only real opportunity to show just how horrendously awful the AU has become. I went just as dark as I possibly could and crammed a load of back story in there, to cover what's happened since Clocks.

This chapter went thru three substantial re writes before I thought it was ready to post. I'm glad you liked the finished product.

I hated doing that to Dennis, but making Smith be the traitor was just too obvious. And, Dennis' motivation made sense to me.

Draco is beyond redemption and that's all due to his mother. It occurred to me that DH made clear that she would do ANYTHING to save and protect her family. In this reality, because Voldy won, that meant going completely over to the dark side and making sure Draco understood that.

Yep. He's distilled evil thru and thru now, with hardly a scrap of humanity left, thanks to Narcissa.

The Pince flourish was one of the last things I thru in. I thought it was devilish. Glad you liked that too.

Jasmine, once again, your awesome review has bowled me over. Thanks!


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Review #4, by PrincessPadfoot 

19th July 2010:

Okay so this chapter threw me for a loop. I was expecting the POV from the four...but now we have a few different POVs to contend with.

This was a really interesting chapter and I can feel the tensions rising!!

This might be my last review for tonight...but it might not. I'm pretty tired as is, but I think I can maybe get in another chapter.

You are an amazing author eldy!! I wish I could have half your talent :) If I do one day manage to take over the world I would def. require your assistance. Can you write speeches?? hehe lol just kidding :P

Love Ya!!


Author's Response: Ah, the AU chapter. I made it about as dark and disturbing as I possibly could. As for the differeing POV's, it took me quite a while to find ANYONE in the DA that was still alive after Clocks. So, there almost wasn't any other POV's to find. LOL!

Sure, I'll be your speech writer! Thanks so much for the praise here. Got me blushing.

Hope to hear from you again soon.



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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday 

5th July 2010:
I really like the bits and pieces we see about the goings-on with the Death Eaters in this fic, and now also the remaining few DA members. If I could make one suggestion about this fic (which wouldn't be very useful, seeing as the fic is already completed and everything, but food for thought), it's that I think it would be really cool if you made reference to the DE's and DA members more frequently throughout the story. Maybe just a thought in case you're ever struck with the burning desire to do a rewrite and want to fill out the story a bit (not that one is needed, but I definitely get the "rewrite" feeling with some of my own fics from time to time, and I imagine most authors are the same way at some point).

In an attempt to channel my thoughts into something that could actually be useful, I will now attempt to stick a vicious plot bunny inside your head. I would love to see a Crusadeverse fic about the decimation of the remaining DA and Order of the Phoenix members after the Battle of Hogwarts in this alternate reality. I would bribe you with cookies and general moral support in order to be able to read such a thing by you. :-D And you would get the pleasure of writing a fic centered around minor characters, which is something I believe everyone should do at some point.

Will shut up now,

Author's Response: I get that re write feeling all too often too!

I had very few opportunities to write about the AU here, because I wanted to keep the story focused on the quartet. Those chances I did get I tried to pack as much in as I could. But I too desperately wanted more of the dark stuff, but there isn't much more room for it in Crusade.

However, I've been toying with a story about how Susan Bones died. This is probably the leading candidate plot bunny to do what you suggest. I do have another one just focusing on how Hermione finally got the Talisman Deschain - but given she had no direct contact with the resistance before Crusade, it would be nearly all OC except for hermione and maybe Maxime and the DE's of course!

These would be garaunteed dark/evil depressing tales like Clocks. However, I never really thought about a tale depicting how the remaining Order members and DA met their ends because most, if not all of them died at the Disaster at Hogwarts - Voldy took no prisoners out of fear that one of them might know about his horcruxes. I had a devil of a time finding ANY DA members still alive when I started writing Crusade because Clocks was not supposed to have a sequel. Zack, Dennis, Marietta and Susan were all I could find - I was a little too thorough in Clocks - Oops! Most of those "mopped up" after the Disaster at Hogwarts were relatives of DA or Order members and they went pretty quickly, except for Pince - yikes!

That said, I ABSOLUTELY love your idea. Now, if I can only find some Order members that didn't die at Hogwarts.

Mel, you never cease to amaze! Thanks!!


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Review #6, by edward ollivander 

3rd July 2010:
damn, Dennis! What a fool you are/were. I guess they won't exactly be taking Tom by surprise. I'm a bit confused as to how he could have created yet another horcrux. Maybe it was the elder wand that helped him. We'll see. Happy writing.

Author's Response: Dennis. that was a really cruel stroke here, but i just couldn't resist it. Zack would've just been too obvious as the traitor.

The Horcrux. Voldy probably shouldn't have made it; he took a huge risk but he felt he didn't have a choice. I tried to make it clear that it was exceptionally difficult for him to do it, and, yes, the Elder Wand played a role in making it possible.



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Review #7, by MrsKatieGrint 

6th March 2010:
This was completely amazing!
I love all the ideas you have going here! Zacharias Smith's point of view was fantastic! I like the idea that the remain DA is still working together. And Dennis Creevey a backstabber? No! This was a very unexpected twist I would have never thought of!
This whole chapter was amazing, from Draco and his mother, to the remaining DA, and back to Voldemort. You just did a superb job geeting all this out! :D

Author's Response: Katie!

You never fail to put a smile on my face.

This was my darkest chapter. I had a horridly fun time writing it. Zack was such a greatly cynical character, I got a lot of play out of him. But, it would have been just so obvious for him to be the traitor. I'm glad glad that Creevey's treachery caught you off gaurd. I was afraid it may have been easily rooted out.

Draco and Narcissa were key; I figured, based on Narcissa's actions in aiding harry in the canon version, that if she were positive that Voldy was going to win, she would, just as easily, play for the other team with a vengeance.

I'm glad you thought it flowed smoothly.

It's always great to get such a glowing review. thanks again!


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Review #8, by TheDirigiblePlum 

6th January 2010:
When I first started reading this story I was under the impression it would be a light hearted one! How wrong was I...

But I love how dark it's gotten. You're really good at writing dark scenes because you don't shy away from anything or try to cushion horrible events. That part about Pince's sister under the Imperius curse was so nasty!

The increase in the amount of characters also adds to the scale of your story I think, which satisfies my curiosity about what they're all doing. I like having curiosity satisfied. :D

This may sound stupid but do you plan your stories? Like intricately or do you just know the basic storyline you want and let everything else grow from there? I only ask because I only ever let myself have a rough outline of the story I want, and then let the characters do as they please... just wondered if you did the same. :)

I can't wait to see what happens next! I feel like something's building up and waiting to happen but I can't pinpoint what it is yet! Voldemort's power is terrifying; you really write him well which I admire because I think he (along with some others) is one of the hardest characters to write.

It was surprising to find out about Dennis Creevey... mainly because I always believed him to be so similar to his brother that I thought anything like his betrayal would be beyond him. Nevertheless it still adds a shock and adds to the twists and turns of your epic tale!


Author's Response: I am so flattered that you came back to this tale so quickly. Thank you!

I can do lighthearted (Check out my one-shot "Only Gordon Can Save Us Now.") But for this plot-line? Well...

As usual, I cannot take all the credit for how dark this tale is. Recently, I read an absolutely amazing AU called "Midnight." It's in my favorites. It struck me how similar my tale (in flourishes, at least) was to that. But the desperation it captured enthralled me. This chapter was already written when I read it, but it inspired me to go even darker.

As for Pince, it just came to me. The minute I wrote that bit about re-writing History I realized that I'd created a hero in Pince. And it cost her... As to her sister and the Imperius, that idea was used, with permission, by Lillygreeneyes from"In the Heart of the Battle." Great story!

Inspiration. My creative writing Prof. in college always said, "To write good fiction, you have to read good fiction." It works. (Like reading your stuff!)

I knew we needed a better glimpse of the AU and this chapter was really my only chance to do it.

I never use outlines. That's one of the reasons I only start posting AFTER I've finished the tale. I'd like to work with an outline, but my muse just doesn't work that way. And she's stubborn. I have a thing for stubborn and strong women. Just ask my wife. LOL.

In direct answer to your question, I generally start with a flash from a scene around which the rest of the story gets built. With Clocks, I got two strong images. The first was of Ron fighting at the Cliffs of Dover, trapped, and shouting to Hermione to leave him. The second was Hermione crying her eyes out on the beaches of Calais.

In this tale, it all came down to one image: the Clocks-Hermione running into a canon reality-Ron's arms, crying only to be caught by the canon-Hermione. And then all hell breaks loose. Everything else flowed from there.

Also, I use music as inspiration. Alot. Adventurous scenes get adventurous music: "Ron's Victory" and "the Weasley Stomp" from the HBP soundtrack.

Brooding scenes get grunge: "Down in a hole" by Alice in Chains, "Release" by Pearl Jam and "Heavy" by Train.

Voldy is incredibly hard to write. I avoided trying to in "Clocks," but couldn't here. I hope you like how I handled the old git.

Dennis. I hated to do that to him. It's such a betrayal after Collin's death AND the fact that Ron and Harry saved the canon-Collin! But, it was such a great plot twist, I couldn't let it go. Having Smith be the traitor would've been just SO obvious.

Keep in mind, its not like Creevy just decided to turn traitor. The AU has been an absolutely horrendous place to live; he's done terrible things. All he wants is to apologize to Collin for letting him die alone. Dennis is just so sure that selling out to Baldemort is the only way he'll ever get to do that. Poor kid...

Response exceeded 3000 char. Had to cut. Sorry!

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Review #9, by AvadaKedavra1 

3rd January 2010:
Oh poor Dennis, jeez.

And Riddle makes another Horcrux. Gr.

Only one left.sigh.

Author's Response: Pretty dark stuff. Writing the AU was a labor; it took some doing to make it as disturbing as possible. Capped off with poor Dennis. And another Horcrux.

Not a nice reality.

Thanks again!

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Review #10, by 1917farmgirl 

2nd January 2010:
If I had to use one word to describe this chapter I'd have to pick "chilling!"

If I got to use two I'd say brilliantly chilling.

From start to finish this was just such a "wow" chapter! One of my favorites, but also one that made me want to scream at you just a little.

Draco and Mummy. Perhaps I should word that the other way around, Mummy and her little Draco. How completely evil you've made her. She has litteraly sold her soul to keep her Draco in Voldemort's favor, and sold Draco's as well in the process. I thought Bellatrix was scary, but this pure evil you've created for Narcissa takes the cake.

The resistance: WONDERFUL bit. Awful as well. That picture you painted of the AU world will probably give me nightmares for a few weeks at least. What a bleak, awful, hopeless world! And the three characters you picked? I know you picked them because they were really practically all you had left to work with, but they couldn't have been better if you had planned that from the beginning. Such an unexpected group of people. Pure brillance. And the things you've had them do to stay alive and keep the fight going. Blurring the lines so much they wonder if they really are the good guys anymore. That took guts to do, more guts than I would ever have. BRAVO.

DENNIS! Did you really just do that? Sweet little innocent Dennis Creevey sell his soul to Voldemort? Give me a few weeks and I *might* start talking to you again.

And the last scene, where Voldemort creates the horcrux. I TOLD YOU HE WOULD DO THAT! No one ever listens to me...

That was one of your best bits of writing yet. You're gonna laugh at me when I tell you this, but if you've ever seen The Ten Commandments, the old movie with Charlton Heston, the part when the mist is creeping through the land to get all the first borns? That used to freak me out more than anything in any movie when I was a kid. Well, how you described that darkness blanketing the land as he did that horrid spell. JUST LIKE THAT in my mind. I will be sleeping with the lights on for days now...

Wonderful bit of writing, as usual! Keep it up! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Farmgirl!!

Thank you so much for all your help AND this awesome review!

Once I finished writing that horrendous fight the quartet had, I didn't want to pick up that plot thread again for a while. Then it occurred to me "Git, you need to catch up with the other characters and the resistance!"

This chapter was the result. It started dark and only got darker over time.

Narcissa. I was wonering how well her descent into evil would be recieved. I needed to explain why Draco, who looked to be turning human in the last two books, suddenly became evil-incarnate. Then, it occurred to me that Cissy's entire motivation for helping Harry had very little to do with being noble and everything to do with saving her family. So what if there was no Harry to help? What if she had no other options but sucking up to Voldy? I figured she would do ANYTHING to keep her family alive and on top. So she went the other direction, completely devoting herself to Baldy. I hope that's believable.

The resistance. I had a wonderful angsty time writing them and the AU. Yeah, I'd killed off so many DA members, it was really hard to find anyone available. Pure luck that I had these three (and Susan) to work with. I'm glad you think it worked well.

Dennis. Had to do that and I knew you were gonna hate me for it. I just couldn't not do it. Smith was such an obvious choice. I hope that caught you off gaurd! It was SUCH a betrayal, especially after Ron and Harry saved the other version of Dennis at the Battle of Diagon Alley.

I was hoping no one would see the extra Horcrux coming. But you and some other VERY perceptive folks sniffed it out.

Ten Commandments Angel of Death? Now that's creepy imagery. And VERY high praise to compare that to this. Thank you!

I loved writing that scene. I figured that, because it would be so difficult (and dangerous) for Voldy to make another Horcrux, the magics he'd loose to do it would cast a pall over the entire country. Naturally, this wouldn't have been the case with his other horcruxes, but this ninth (?) one would be so over the top, much evil would ensue.

One clarification. Lucius hasn't been told by Voldy about the horcruxes, he's just figured it out on his own and kept his mouth (and mind) shut tight about it.

Sorry about Dennis, sorry about potential nightmares and sorry about the high electric bill you'll have by keeping the lights on. LOL.

Crusade, just this morning, surpassed the number of total reads I have for Clocks. Knew it had to happen sooner or later. Sigh.

Thank you so much for everthing!

The next chapter will go up today and its one of my absolute favorites: "The Siege of Calais." Hold on very tight!

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Review #11, by weasleyismyking17 

31st December 2009:
This may be my favorite chapter so far! I loved how you didn't focus on what the golden quartet was doing, but instead went to very distant characters that suddenly turned important (Smith, Marietta, and Dennis). But there are a few things I'd like cleared up, if you'd oblige: Did Dennis turn traitor, or was he captured and tortured for information? What exactly happened to Harry's body? And finally: Wouldn't Voldy's soul be too fragile to create another Horcrux? I mean, he's already split it seven times, and the last time nearly killed him, right? Please get back to me on these questions! I'm dying to know the answers! Really fantastic job on this chapter, I can't WAIT to read more! :)

Author's Response: And weasley's back! Excellent! (I just replied to your review in Clocks-Thanks again!)

I liked getting away from the quartet and leaving everything hanging, although I know, as a reader, that can be frustrating. Writing the AU took some doing and even trying to figure out who was still alive from the DA wasn't easy.

Clocks was never supposed to have a sequel. Moreover, once Voldy found out, thru the Legilimens of Harry, that at least Ron and Hermione knew the secret of the Horcruxes, he resolved to wipe out anyone with any connection to the Order or the DA on the off chance that there may be others who also knew. NO prisoners were taken during the Disaster at Hogwarts. As a result, it wasn't easy to find a DA member I hadn't already killed off.

So, lets answer your questions:

Yes. Dennis, poor sod, turned traitor. He'd given up. He knew he'd never see Collin in the afterlife because of the horrible things he'd done (like retribution for the murder of Susan). The coins changing gave him a piece of information he thought he could trade to get Voldy to use the Stone and bring back Collin. And he paid the price.

Harry's body. Remember, in Chapter 1, Maxime had managed to get the blood of Harry Potter. It was the last ingredient necessary for the potion to send 'Mione to the canon reality. That was when Harry's body was disturbed. His grave is unmarked and secret. Voldy doesn't want it becoming a memorial and he's having it watched. (I suppose burning the body would've made more sense, but that would've REALLY messed up my plot). As to how Maxime got the blood, presumably a resistance cell or a French Auror managed to find the grave and got it for her. Not really sure about that myself.

Hermione and 'Mione both said repeatedly that Voldy wouldn't make another horcrux (So did Dumbles, if memory serves). Voldy himself acknowleged how risky this could be.

So I had him do it anyway.

Although he doesn't want to think Potter's still alive, he's worried. Also, note how long it took for him to do it and how much it cost him. Will there be consequences?

These and other answers will be revealed.


Next Chapter: "The Siege of Calais" Get ready for some more broom combat and a look at just how horrible the war in France has become. I'd hoped to post it this weekend, but it needs some more tweaking. Don't worry, its coming.

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Review #12, by Karkaroff 

31st December 2009:
I liked how you wrote the AU where Voldemort had won as people like Draco, Narcissa do terrible things to survive under their Master's rule. Please update soon as I am enjoying the story. Zach and Colin are vivid characaters. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Happy New Year Karkaroff!

The AU is a pretty ugly place; I tried to make it just as dark as I possibly could and not violate the ToS. I'm really glad you liked it.

I had a lot of fun with Zach. There may be a one-shot or a short story in the future involving the resistance cell. We'll just have to see.

The next chapter is one of my all-time favorites: "The Siege of Calais." However, it too may need some re-writing. I can't promise it'll be up by this weekend, but I'll try.

Thanks for the great review!

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Review #13, by pinks 

30th December 2009:
I am really enjoying your story. The characters are so vivid, especially ones like Collin and Zach who straddle the line between good and bad. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Pinks!

Great to see you again. And I'm honored you added me as a favorite author. I'll do my best to keep you entertained. Writing Zach was a great deal of fun, he's just so darned cynical and world weary. Creevy, well, the poor git...What can I say.

The AU is a horrible place where good people do terrible things. Its good grist.

Incidentally, I'm toying with a one-shot or short story involving just this resistance cell. Maybe the story of how Susan died verifying that Nagini was in the Imperium? We'll see.

Thanks again for the great review and hava a Happy New Year!

Oh. As I've said repeatedly, I'm trying to post at least one chapter every weekend.

The next one is one of my favorites: "The Siege of Calais." That's the one I've been harping on in reviews forever. However, it may not get posted this weekend. It may need some more work. But its coming. And the broom combat is intense!

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Review #14, by You Know Who 

30th December 2009:
Do you have any idea how hard it is to write one review on a phone? It's bloody hard! I must say that you've done a wonderful twist. But Dennis?!? Scary, but brilliant, still yet again scary. What's nxt, a nundu? No, forget that I ever said that. So, how's your break? Mines is overcrowded with over 20 relatives. And yes, I will ask my mum if I can join soon. Is just a matter of time and not procrastionating it every time

Author's Response: Howdy YKW!

LOL! Never tried to write a review on a phone, but I'm sure it was no picnic. I really appreciate the effort as its good to hear from you again!

Yes, Dennis. Poor sod. Had to be done tho. Smith was just so obvious a choice. But Dennis, mwahahahaha! I couldn't resist the twist. I pretty much laid it all out on the line there as to why he did it. I do hope its believable.

My break is short. Unfortunately. And, yes crowded with relatives. But it beats work.

Hang in there. Procrastination is a killer.

Happy New Year! and thanks for the great review!

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Review #15, by siledubhghlase 

30th December 2009:

I'm going to be sick. Dennis? The boy had to have lost his mind in his anguish. It's the only reason I can think of that he'd betray the DA. I think it's awfully ironic that she who betrayed them in '96 is a staunch member, along with he who was ever sceptical. (sniffle, sob) Now poor Dennis has not only sold his soul for nothing, he's an Inferius, too.

And what's this about Harry's body having been disturbed? Where is it that it was disturbed? (sniffle, sob) Who would have disturbed it? The resistance? If so, why? GULP.

Weasley's Last Stand? I've got chills! That Zachary Smith idolises Ron just royally turns me on! Ron's a legend! (shivers and sniffles) Have I ever mentioned that in my hormonally twisted mind, Ron Weasley is a god?

So Narcissa's taking the credit for turning Draco into a mindless demon? Seems like she's quite proud of herself, but I'm thinking Lucius isn't thinking this is so cool anymore. As for Werner, he's going to be the one who pays for his father's stupidity...and stubbornness. That Voldemort ripped his soul again and put in in a jewel in Gryffindor's sword tells me he's made a big mistake. It's amazing how his arrogance has no bounds. That ceremony, though, made my skin crawl. (barf)



Author's Response: Howdy SD!

Wow. What a review.

I absolutely loved the Dennis as traitor plot twist. Especially after building it up to be Smith, instead. The best justification I could find for Creevy selling out was the one I gave. I hope you thought it worked. Gut wrenching tho, ain't it? Especially after Ron and Harry saved his Doppelganger in the canon reality at the Battle of Diagon Alley.

As to Marietta, she's seeking redemption here. And Smith, he's just so cynical, it was great fun writing him. There maybe a one-shot or short story involving this trio in the future. Perhaps the story of what happened to Susan...We'll see.

Now, as to picking these three to be the surviving members of the DA, I had to search long and hard to find out who I DIDN'T kill off in Clocks. The list was REALLY short. Once Voldy found out that his horcrux secret was out, he realized he couldn't take any chances and leave someone alive who could know. That's why everyone even remotely connected to the Order or the DA (like Andromeda and Teddy) were killed off. There were NO prisoners taken at the Disaster at Hogwarts. Also, keep in mind, Clocks was never intended to have a sequel, so I had to build out of the ruins I'd left benind, not much to work with there. LOL! Also, shout out to 1917farmgirl for suggesting a slow reveal of who they were.

Ah, Harry's body. Remember, in Chapter 1, Maxime needed the blood of Harry Potter to make the Talisman take Hermione to the canon reality. It goes unsaid, but someone, maybe the resistance, maybe a French Auror, snuck into England and got into Harry's grave to get it. I really hadn't thought any of the other details about this out, tho. Other than Voldy's been having the grave watched. I am sure that his burial site is a secret tho, as Voldy wouldn't want it turning into a shrine or memorial. (I suppose Voldy just should've burned the body, but that would've really messed up my plot, here).

Weasley's Last Stand. I HAD to do that. In Caps. I knew you'd like that! And I'm just pleased as Firewhiskey that you mentioned it here. Long live Ron the Great!

Narcissa. It occurred to me that her ONLY goal in DH was protecting her family. So, if it became obvious that FULL commitment to Voldy was the ONLY way for them to survive, she'd be the one leading the charge. I hope that's a believable character development for her. It made sense to me.

Lucius knew another Horcrux was being made. I'm not sure if he's worried that his master will die in the process (remember, its really dangerous at this point for Baldy to make another) or if he's worried that yet another Horcrux will make Voldy that much more cruel. As Smith would say, Six of one...

Glad you liked the Horcrux ceremony. I had a diabolically great time writing it.

Thanks! and Harry New Year!

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