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Review #1, by LilyGreenEyes 

28th April 2011:
Darn you for writing such addictive fiction! My early night to be up to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow from the very first coverage is totally ruined! Not that I mind that much cause this is a FANTASTIC story!

The pain and concern felt by Harry is truly written in an exquisite style, it's just perfectly balanced to portray the raw emotions and the pain of Harry in enough detail, but without making it totally angsty beyond belief. Their memory of their first time together was a beautiful addition here, the humour and the deep love they felt mixed together perfectly, and I think it probably was spot on the average first time for most people ie with the same worries etc.

But darn you again because when Harry started pleading with her you made me cry :'( I love this pairing and I hate to consider that they would be parted in anyway before they could be happy! But the argument that followed was epic and wonderfully written. They all needed an emotional release from the tension, and in the long run I feel like it will have done them all good.

But the chain vanished! I did wonder whether it was because they said Horcrux but then I read along further. Little Ronnie was so cute, and he fitted in lovely with the Weasley's, and they were so close to going with him! Grr! What a shame he had to go back on his own :( I'm all worried for him now. Where does he turn up? Will he find his mummy? Loads of questions filling me mind! But that was a fabulous link to Fred at the end of the chapter, really brought home the emotions involved.

I'm off for the next chapter and I'm praying it doesn't end on a cliff hanger like this one so that I can actually get some sleep tonight!

Author's Response: Harry's brood over Ginny always gets me too. I'm glad you thought it wasn't overdone (or underdone, for that matter).

But its the fight in this chapter that was my favorite. I wanted to see just how bad it could get and I figured with this set up I could really have them going at it full tilt.

Harry's a reluctant hero this time; he really doesn't want to be here. Hermione's too overwhelmed by the memory of Ron's death that having him back has completely gotten her out of character. Ron can't bear to see Hermione hurt, so he doesn't correct the behavior that he knows could get them all hurt.

Ginny is the glue that's holding everything together. But when Hermione's behavior results in that "glue" being removed, all heck breaks loose.

Ronnie; that whole scene at the Burrow was one of my favorites, although I hated doing that to Molly. Now, where did he go? Well, if you skipped the wedding, I think you already know ;)

thanks again


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Review #2, by melian 

17th August 2010:
I wondered what the talisman was doing when it disappeared, and now I know. I feel for Molly, I really do. I understand why she couldn't go with him - the battle in the alternate reality is strictly for Harry's generation - but the heartbreak of losing him so suddenly like that would be heartwrenching. And I might add that (remembering that I'm sick and therefore more predisposed to it) I was bawling in the scene with Molly and Ronnie in the kitchen. Seriously, I was worried I would run out of tissues. I had this problem with Farmgirl's stuff yesterday too ... I think people are starting to look at me strangely again. :)

While I didn't like the argument in the tent, I could understand it, and it's probably a good thing that it was all said even if in anger. Thank god that Ginny was able to put a stop to it, though, just by being conscious. And (so much like a Weasley) needing food. Hopefully though now it's all in the open they'll be able to move on and get on with the task at hand. Which is getting to Calais and back into England. *shudders at the implications of what she just wrote*

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Aw, Mel. I'm sorry the Molly/Ronnie scene got you crying. But, if I'm honest, there can be no higher praise. That scene was meant to be a real tearjerker.

Believe it or not, that scene wouldn't even have been there but for a review response I got from siledubhghlase. She mentioned how attached Molly would get to Ronnie and that's when I realized I needed to write this scene. I'm flattered beyond all measure that it touched you.

The fight. That thing went thru so many re writes I can't even count them. I don't recall a three conrnered, no holds barred fight between the trio like this so it was somthing I knew had to be done. So much needed to get aired and Harry, well, lets face it, his whole world is Ginny. And she is the glue that's really holding everything together. Take her out of the equation and the group just falls to pieces. They've changed since DH, they've come to rely on each other (all four of them) so much that they just can't function as a threesome anymore. And, lets face it, this really was Hermione's fault, and Ron's. But Harry's not blameless; he let his temper get the better of him, not for the first time. It won't be the last, either.

Yes. Dover quickly approaches.

Thanks again


P.S. I'm sorry you're ill and wish you a speedy recovery! And, cyring while reading the Farmgirl's stuff happens whether your sick or not. Its just that darned good. No worries!

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Review #3, by Miss Lily Potter 

15th August 2010:
Aww, the link was broken. ): Reading about that made me really sad, because while I wasn't too big a fan of it at first, I liked it, that it kept them so close.

Oh, my goodness. I started crying when Harry was talking to Ginny. Or, at least, nearly did... *cough* I had tears in my eyes.

When Harry started yelling at Ron and Hermione, I really didn't know who to be mad at... I understood his rage, but come on. If anyone knows how he felt, it was Hermione. And Ron hadn't done anything, he was just protecting his... girl.

Yes! Ginny's alive! I read that and I was just like "YES!" But... Teddy's gone. ): I feel so bad for Molly and Arthur, it's got to be absolutely awful.

Sigh. A depressing chapter, but a great one nonetheless.

Author's Response: The fight here went thru re write after re write, trying to make it work. From your review it looked like it struck home with you, and for that I am very grateful. Thanks!

Harry's vigil with Ginny was one of my favorite parts to this tale. If it got you teary, I accomplished my goal once again.

It was a bit cruel of me to pull Ronnie away from the Burrow like that, but it had to be done. This is probably the saddest chapter in the novel...well except for...Ooops, almost let antoher kneazle out of the bag.

Thanks again!!


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Review #4, by PrincessPadfoot 

19th July 2010:
OH Eldy!!!

This chapter had me on the verge of tears THE ENTIRE TIME!!! It nearly broke my heart when Harry was talking to Ginny. I got really emotional.

Then the fight happens and I'm stunned into silence I can't even believe it. Then the talisman disappears and I know whats going to happen next but I don't want it to.

Then when Molly was talking to Ronnie I had to stifle my sobs (people are sleeping). It was so incredibly sad because the entire time I knew what was coming but I didn't want it to!!

Then the last line did it. i broke down and had to get the tissues out.

Fantastic chapter!!!


Author's Response: I pretty much hit the emotional overload button on this chapter. I was pleased it touched you as it is one of my favorites.

Ginny getting hurt pretty much throws everyone into a tizzy. She's the only stable part of the group by this point in the story; removing her from the mix makes every thing go pear shaped.

The Ronnie/Molly scene is really the icing on the cake. Siledubghlase suggested I add somthing about Molly getting attached to Ronnie and when I put her suggestion into words, this is what my muse came up with.

If it makes you feel any better, that part always gets to me too.

Thanks so much for this amazing review


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Review #5, by edward ollivander 

3rd July 2010:
who knew that Ginny of all people would have been the cool headed one? I sure hope Ronnie gets pulled to the same place where hermione and the others are. It would be too much to take if he suddenly appeared in the middle of nowhere all by himself. happy writing.

Author's Response: From the start I always wanted Ginny's role to be that of the "glue" that holds everyone together. I hope you liked that, its one of my more favorite flourishes.

Where will Ronnie go? Good question...

Thanks again!


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Review #6, by MrsKatieGrint 

1st March 2010:
Oh my. Sad sad sad. :( But i do love little Ronnie! Ahaha! "Gnomes twice his size ran in terror when they saw Ronnie coming for them." Thats cute! XD

Back to the story? Well I thought this was a very importaint chapter. If I have things right, you've hinted at several things. So I'll just hafta see if I'm right! ;)

Lovely chapter all in all. The emotion if anything, was at its best in this chapter. You really made it clear without over doing it, which I see authors do all the time. Really really amazing work! ^.^

Author's Response: What a great review!

I'm glad you didn't think the emotion was overdone, especially leading up to and thru the fight the trio has. That scene went through more re-writes than I can count.

The whole scene with Ronnie had its genesis in a review I got from siledubghlase; she'd said that Molly was gonna get attached to Ronnie and how horrible it would be if he was pulled back to the AU. When I read that review I realized I'd never even thought of that. That's when I wrote this scene. Definitely on the sad side.

thanks so much for the great review. I hope you keep reading; there just might be a happy ending in here somewhere!

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Review #7, by TheDirigiblePlum 

5th January 2010:
The ending was so sad! :( Poor Mr and Mrs Weasley. They're such great people and parents and I hate it that they had to lose a child! And then Ronnie left too... :(

I like how you showed what was happening in their lives too, expands the story and shows more aspects of it. I always like that. :)

The argument was pretty full on though! All those accusations but I had to understand where Harry was coming from. For some reason I'm always on Harry's side... :D But I think everybody had a valid point. Seeing both sides of the story added depth to the chapter and made it really realistic in terms of the characters. And when I found out Ginny was OK I let out a breath I didn't know I'd been holding!

Sorry this story's making me really excited! Hence all the exclamation marks etc. :) It's seriously getting better and better and I should be asleep right now but I can't stop reading!


Author's Response: DP, if I'm keeping you up because you can't stop reading, I am about as flattered as I could get.

Believe it or not, the part of this chapter that deals with Ronnie and the Weasleys is one of the newest. It was suggested by a review I got a while back from SD and I added it then. Sad? Yep. Even hard for me to read sometimes. The Weasleys are such a great family and I hated to do this to them. But the tale must go on...

That fight was really difficult to write. It went through more drafts than I could count. I'm glad it resonated with you as to there being two sides to it. As much as Hr/R are in the wrong, 'Mione has really been through the ringer. Her memories of the AU are so powerful, they're completely overwhelming Hermione's personality. Ron's just desperate not to see her hurt. The result is Ginny nearly dying. Its a real no win situation and Harry is livid because his whole life is about Ginny and he really has been the reluctant hero this time around.

As usual, I've made a mess of things. Fortunately, Ginny was able to stop them before things got out of control. And, trust me, Ron and Harry were seconds away from an all out duel.

Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your work!

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Review #8, by AvadaKedavra1 

3rd January 2010:
Wow, freaking wow. What an addition. Holy cow.

I still love the arguement, but Ronnie. Jeez.

Thats all you get from me, damn.

Author's Response: Aha! First new scene. Yeah, SD mentioned how Molly would get so attached to Ronnie and I realized I'd missed a great scene. That just got put in a few weeks ago.

I'm really glad you thought it was powerful.

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Review #9, by 1917farmgirl 

30th December 2009:
Before I jump into the review, I have to say a heartfelt thank you for that shout out up there. I'm not even sure what to say for something like that, other than wow! I'm really touched.

Okay, so…hm….review...where to start…

Are you going for the angst of the century award??


That was gut-wrenching to read! I had to stop four times! I HATE it when they fight, and you had them going, all barrels, no holds! The things they said to each other! Are they gonna be able to get past that? I know Ginny kinda defused the situation, but there’s no way that is the end of it. They crossed too many lines there. HOW COULD YOU WRITE THAT?

Okay, I know how you could write that, because you are one of the single most brilliant authors I know who “bravely dares to go where no man has gone before,” but honestly. Are you trying to kill me? Can’t they all just kiss and make up?

And then you topped the fight of the decade off with RONNIE DISAPPEARING from the burrow? You’ve been going to DE school, haven’t you. Please tell me he at least went to them in the tent, not plopped down in the middle of Voldemort Supermart.

Gah, this fic is gonna give me heart failure.

Author's Response: Farmgirl!

No need to thank me, "Healing", by 1917farmgirl is an amazing Book Eight! A must read, no doubt (it's in my favorites folks!)

Angst of the century award? Hm. I'd settle for a Dobby. LOL.

Yeah, the fight was full bore, wasn't it. It ocurred to me that, in the canon, we've had Ron and Harry fight and, of course, Ron and Hemione fighting, but Harry and Hermione have never had reason too. Under the circumstances here, it couldn't be avoided.

Harry's life begins and ends with Ginny. Hermione is so overwhelmed by the emotional loss of Ron and the pure joy of having him back that, even the great Hermione, has been thrown off her game. Ron simply doesn't have the heart to hurt her, after seeing all the horrible things she was put through in the AU, because he died. Or, as he thinks, because he "left her" after promising not to. As a result of this perfect storm of events, it nearly costs Harry the most important person in his life: Ginny. I think he'd go spare. Especially, since it was Gin that kept reeling him in everytime he wanted to set them straight.

Ronnie's disappearance. You'll have to thank SD for that scene. It was her idea from one of her reviews and I simply HAD TO write it. I hated having Molly compare it to Fred's death, but it was inescapable - they taught me this in Death Eater school. LOL!

Now, where will Ronnie appear? No comment. When? Well, I can tell you the quartet probably has about two days before he shows up.

Keep a defibrilator near your computer ;) The ride's gonna get even more bumpy before this thing's over. Like I said, it wasn't easy to find a way to clean up the mess of things I made in Clocks!

Thanks again for an AMAZING review!

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Review #10, by pinks 

27th December 2009:
What a sad ending! How terrible that he just vanished in front of them.

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review!

Sildebughlase was the inspiration for that part of the chapter. She mentioned in a review how Molly would get attached to Ronnie. That's when stupid me realized I hadn't written the scene!

Reviews shape stories, even finished ones like this. That's one of the things I love about playing on this site.

thank you so much for reading and I promise more shortly.

Next chapter: "Victory At All Costs" It might be posted by the middle of the week. A little preview, we'll get a peek at just how horrible life is under Baldemort (THE GIT!).

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Review #11, by Karkaroff 

27th December 2009:
I hope the Golden Trio can stop fighting with each other. I liked how you wrote Ron and Harry arguing. Please update soon thanks as I am enjoying the story. Thanks for writing. I also liked how you wrote Arthur and Molly Weasley.

Author's Response: Thanks Karkaroff!

This was a hard chapter to write. Its always difficult to chanel a trio fight. Leave it to Ginny to bring them back to their senses.

I love writing the Weasleys, even under such rotten circumstances as these.

Thanks again for the great review. Hopefully, I'll be posting the next chapter in the middle of this week. No promises tho. It needs some editing.

Next Chapter: "Victory At Any Price"

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Review #12, by siledubhghlase 

27th December 2009:

*Sob, sniff, heartbreak*

The quartet have got to resolve this, and soon, or they're going to lose this one...again. Harry's grief is talking as well as his anger. When he broods, the only one who can reason with him is Ginny, but she's laid out on a bed in a tent only inches from death.

The Hermione Harry knows is focused, but 'Mione has been at the fore since they landed in AU and has been irresponsible. But then again, she's been in mourning for a few years for a man she's now with...again...and she needs him so desperately, it's all she could think of. Harry's tirade forced her to focus and do her job; the trouble is, to Harry it was too little too late.

I think Ron got so caught up in trying to ease Hermione's/'Mione's pain that his own judgment faltered...or he just didn't have the heart to reject her advances...or a combination thereof. In his mind, Hermione is Hermione, AU or not, and Ronnie is--for all intents and purposes--his son and he intends to raise him. After all, when the realities converge, AU and canon will be one...or will they? But what's going to happen to 'Mione and Ronnie when that happens? *sob* They can't just go into wherever they go, forgotten!

Thank goodness Ginny came to. It looks like she's going to make it, but she's going to need some time to heal before they try to move on. She's not going to have much in the line of stamina for a while, and she's certainly not going to be able to fight too much. But whatever the case, she's going to be the catalyst that binds the four of them together again...until Ronnie appears. I only hope he appears where they are.

Poor Molly. She's lost another one. First her son, Fred, now, her grandson, Ronnie. She may never see Ronnie again and that's breaking her heart. Molly is the consummate mother--she'd walk through Hell on her hands for her children and grandchildren, but this is one thing she can't fix. He's gone from her for good...just like Fred. The only thing I can think of is that in her Mollyishness, she'll try to find a way to go to the AU to find her children and protect her grandson, come Hell or high water, with our without her husband. But I can't see Arthur letting her do that alone, either.

Your grammar and spelling are much-improved this chapter, however you've used the wrong "to" in the opening lines. You've got too many 'Os' in it.

BRAVO and thanks for the dedication. I'm really touched that you would think of me.


Author's Response: Thanks SD!

This chapter went thru so many re-writes...At first I thought the fight was too much, then too little, then not enough. From your review, it looks like I finally reached Goldylocks porridge. Thanks for that.

Yeah, 'Mione has pretty much taken over, the emotions from the AU reality are simply too strong and Ron just can't bear the idea of making her unhappy; he saw the memories, he felt what she did at Dover and it nearly broke his heart.

Harry's really had this whole mess dumped in his lap and by a cruel twist of fate, it hit him just when he thought the nightmare was over. The real possibility of losing Ginny ocurred to me to be the one thing that would make him fly off the handle, even at Hermione.

Slow recovery for Ginny? Unfortunately, Ginny doesn't have the luxury. We'll just have to trust to the Elder Wand to set her right as quickly as possible.

If they succeed and the realities don't merge, will Ron leave 'Mione and Ronnie behind? Will he even have a choice? We'll get a look at how Ron's dealing with that in Chapter 16. As to what he ends up doing. Well...

Will Hermione decide she can't live without Ron and sabotage the mission? She's been doing that inadvertently ever since they got to the AU. But, a conscious choice? Hmmm...

Molly. This part of the chapter wouldn't even be here without your brilliant suggestion as to how attached she was going to get to Ronnie. I thank you for that. But, unfortunately, even though she desperately wants to, there's no way for her to reach the AU. As Arthur said, they'll just have to trust to the quartet to protect Ronnie.

SD, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful review. I always look forward to them.

hugs back,


Next Chapter: "Victory At Any Price" might be posted by the middle of the week. But its undergoing significant edits. No promises!

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Review #13, by Ginny Yeske 

27th December 2009:

Author's Response: Ginny!

thanks for the glowing review! I've finished the whole story, but I'm still editing and tweaking.

Unfortunately, one chapter that is in need of significant re-writing is the next one: "Victory At All Costs." Still, I hope to post it by the middle of the week.

Thanks again!

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