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Review #1, by classicblack 

11th December 2011:
Why yes, I did realise that you were alluding to JKR's prequel in this chapter. I was actually sort of surprised that you'd thought to add that in there. Wow!
Yaya! James and Lily have finally gotten over themselves and arranged a date. I can't wait to see how you describe it!
Happy writing,

Author's Response: I am a bit of a canon freak, so I couldn't help including that little story in there. And plus, I just think it's an interesting little episode, because it's kind of unclear what's really going on, leaving a lot of room open for interpretation and filling in the blanks.

Haha, you're so right, they have finally "gotten over themselves". It only took them...well, too long at any rate, right? :P I hope that the date lived up to expectations!

Thanks again!

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Review #2, by Noblevyne 

30th June 2011:
Yay! It finally arrives and feels completely natural and earned at this point of the story. So glad I started reading this tonight, my only problem is that I see this has a sequel and it's already late here. Bother.

The allusion to the prequel was just perfect by the way. Good fun - I love how your Sirius is very much the Sirius in the prequel, as is James.

Author's Response: Phew, I'm glad you liked this chapter! Once I got to this point (and the next chapter), I suddenly realized how much I'd built it all up, and how much I had to deliver to make it all worthwhile!

Haha, yes, it does have a sequel...in fact, my grand plan (which, realistically, who knows if I'll ever complete) is to write four novels, all the way up until James and Lily die. At the rate I'm going, though, I'll be 50 before that happens! :P

Wow, that's a huge compliment to say that James and Sirius seem true to the way JKR wrote them--she's always so witty! :)

Thanks so much!

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Review #3, by HartOfARebel 

8th March 2011:
ive never heard of this prequel! what is it and where can i get it??? =]
great story btw, wahey they're finally going on a date =]

Author's Response: JK Rowling wrote the prequel for a charity auction held by Waterstone's bookstore. You should find it if you plug some combination of those words into an internet search engine. It's quite short, but a fun read if you're interested in the Marauders! :)

And yay, I'm glad you were excited about their first date! :D This happens to be one of my favourite chapters.

Thanks again!

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Review #4, by doglover 

4th January 2011:
yay!!! they are going on a date :DDD

Author's Response: I think I felt the exact same thing as you did when I wrote this: "Yay, they're finally going on a date!" Followed by lots of smiling and giddiness. :P

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by AlPadfootPotter96 

19th December 2010:
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! It's nearly midnight, and now that James and Lily have gotten together, I can finally let myself rest. Brilliant story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked the story and the road to them getting together (even if I did keep you up late)!

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Review #6, by Ellie 

14th December 2010:
I was going to comment on the waterstones competition but you seem to have already. It was a great idea of bringing it in and it shows that you really want to stick to JK Rowlings ideas.
Ihaven't commented because I love reading it too much. Thanks for writing such a wonderful story,
Ellie ♥

Author's Response: Hi again! So glad you continued to enjoy the story. :)

We have so little canon information on the Marauders or Lily, really, that it seemed a shame to not incorporate that little story she wrote somehow. I tried to include it in a way that made sense to me, even though I know a lot of people think that the men chasing James and Sirius were actually Death Eaters, and so on. Hopefully it was a reasonable alternative to that!

No need to thank me. :) I really enjoy writing about these characters, so it's really just the readers and reviewers who deserve the thanks for encouraging me to continue on! So: thank you (again)!

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Review #7, by girly1393 

8th September 2010:
Augh, not that pesky chapter-end again. I'm off to read at least one, maybe two, more before bed.

I really do love this story and I enjoy that Lily's going on a date with him finally and that James is on cloud nine and that your story really is just so wonderful.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Well, I hope I didn't keep you up TOO late, but it really is just so nice to hear how excited you were about continuing. :)

It is a relief to finally have them going out on a proper date, isn't it? After...what, like 20 chapters? Haha. :P

Thank you!

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Review #8, by happy_person 

2nd July 2010:
yes! they are finally doing something with their feelings! such a great chapter, i'm visualizing sirius riding a motorbike, and would imagine it to be quite funny, which i believed you pulled off nicely ;D

Author's Response: I loved writing this chapter, so hearing that you loved it just makes me even more thrilled. :) The story of them riding the motorcycle that night was actually based on a short "prequel" that JKR wrote for a charity auction...it was for Waterstone's, so if you Google something along the lines of "JKR Waterstone's prequel", then you can read it.

Thanks again!

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Review #9, by CaribouProngs 

19th April 2010:
First, I'd just like to say: HOW, with my still-obsessive Harry Potter habits, did I NOT know about this prequel?!?! I mean seriously, what the hell? Thanks for cluing me in.
Anyway, I loved reading it after reading this--your explanation was hilarious.

Author's Response: Ahhh, you're so lovely, leaving me all these reviews! :) Anyway, I think there's a fair number of people who'd never heard of it before...I actually don't think I'd heard of it myself until some time last year. But I'm happy to have introduced it to you, as it's very neat to have another Marauder scene written by JKR...especially one that you can fill in the blanks on in stories like this! :) I'm glad you thought my explanation was funny.

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Review #10, by BrownEyedHermoine 

19th March 2010:
I'm sorry I haven't left a review before now, but I've just been too busy reading this story through! I absolutely love Once Defied: the way the relationship develops, in a deliberate and perfect way and how the characters are built. I love Lily, The Marauders, and I adore YOU! You're an amazing author, just so you know it! And this is by far one of the best stories I've read on HPFanfiction :)
Oh, and thank you for the mentioning my Pen Name in your author's note! It makes 'us' feel special when you take your time to write down every one that has added you to their favourites! :) Haha, I could hardly believe that it was MY name you had written, at first I thought it was a mistake! ^^
Keep up the good work!

xx, Synne

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a review. I think perhaps you've reviewed once before, but that you weren't signed in...I could be wrong, though! Either way, I really appreciate however many reviews you have time to leave. :)

I'm so flattered that you think so highly of the story. It's very encouraging to hear you say such nice things about my writing and about the plot. There are always times where every author feels uncertain about their abilities, and it's so wonderful to have kind reviews to be able to read and perk yourself up a bit! :)

Oh, and really, I love thanking people for adding the story to their favourites! I know not everyone has the time to review, but it's a wonderful compliment to have someone favourite the story, and I want everyone who does to know that I really appreciate it. Hopefully, judging by your comments, I've achieved that!

I'll try to keep up the good work, and thank you again for such a lovely review! I hope you enjoy the next chapter whenever it gets posted. :)

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Review #11, by RainbowVeins 

18th January 2010:
i liked the chpt and how u brought the motorcycle into it always wondered how he got it but to be honest im a bit scared of the cliffhanger u left cuz it makes me nervous a break up is coming soon.. :( i hope not :)

Author's Response: Yeah, the motorcycle is one of those unsolved mysteries...you'd have thought Sirius or someone else might have mentioned its origins in the books, but no such luck! :P I'm glad you liked its inclusion.

Break up? No way! They aren't really even going out officially yet...that's the next chapter. :) And to be honest, I'm a hopeless romantic and not so much into the dramatic break-ups and reconciliations, especially not when it comes to Lily and James. Sometimes people just have genuinely happy relationships, and frankly I think that the two of them had enough bad stuff going out without romantic drama added in as well. So I don't envisage myself ever breaking them up, though they're not always going to be blissfully happy.

Annnd...thanks for bringing my review count up to 250! :D Your reviews over the past few days did a lot to push the story towards that nice number!

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Review #12, by Somebody 

11th January 2010:
I know you wrote this chapter a while ago...I think but I love everything about this book and this chapter was Awesome! Only complaint is that James is a Seeker not a chaser. But I don't really care whoever is writing this your amazing I've been wanting a book on Lily and James for like well forever! And this is absolutely brilliant. I wish I could go out and buy it in a store, because it truly is that good! You keep thanking people for adding this story to their favorites and I definitively would if I knew what in the world you were talking about! Ha ha...well this is me hypothetically adding this story to my favorites!

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks so much for another review. I'm glad you're still liking the story! I'm not sure if you've read my responses to your past reviews, but I did answer your comment about James' Quidditch position in the last one. He's a Chaser, contrary to what the movies say. Anyway, you can read that last response if you'd like more details, but mostly I'm just glad that you like the story overall. (Haha, I wish you could go buy this in a store too...then I wouldn't have to get a summer job!)

Oh, and the favourites thing is something you can do if you have an account with the site. You can add stories to your favourites list (if you go to the main story page there's a link to see all the reviews posted as well as a link to the list of readers who have favourite-d the story). I love hypothetical favourites from people who aren't registered with the site, though. :) It means a lot that you enjoy it that much!

No need to thank me at all! I really enjoy writing the story, and the reviewers like you are the ones who deserve gratitude. So thank YOU!

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Review #13, by saffy 

1st January 2010:
yay ! i was so happy when lily agreed to go out with james this is the cutest chapter but is balanced out nicely with the tales of the boys and there mis adventures suberbly written, thanks :)

Author's Response: :) I was very happy to be able to write her agreeing to go out with him. I really was hoping there would be some cuteness to pick up on here, so I'm glad you thought it was the cutest, and that you liked the boys' misadventures. Now that I think about it, this chapter might be my favourite so far of all of them.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by rainbowsocks 

28th December 2009:
HOWW CUTE!! i have to admit, my favorite part was with the motorcycle :D it was hilarious! i love sirius too much ♥
i wish remus was with them though, that would have been probably funnier
loved it
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hi rainbowsocks! I'm so glad you liked the chapter.

I'm really happy that you enjoyed the part with the motorcycle! Sirius is pretty awesome, I agree. And it would have been cool if Remus was there too, but he wasn't in the prequel that JKR wrote, so I just had to stick to that! I'm sure there will be many other incidents where Remus is right there with them, though.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #15, by Maggie 

22nd December 2009:
Your story is so amazing ! I love the way you work little bits of humor in , so funny =).

Author's Response: Hi Maggie! Thanks for taking a moment to review the story. It's very much appreciated!

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. Writing humour is not my strongest suit, so it's very nice to hear that you think the little bits I've put in are funny.

I hope you keep enjoying the story, and please do review again sometime! I really love hearing any and all thoughts on the story and chapters.

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

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Review #16, by technicolor 

22nd December 2009:
Hey Penny!

Argh so my last review didn't show. Not entirely sure why - probably had something to do with me being a clutz. Anyway, as you can imagine it went basically along the lines of "what a great chapter and I can't wait to read more". : )

And this chapter had to be one of the best! I know I say that too much... It loses some of its meaning after a while, doesn't it. : P. The way you wrote about the two of them standing in that house, I just felt like I was right there. I also had a vague suspicion that you would make something bad happen to James that night to prevent him going on the date, and while that was half-true luckily the date's still happening!

Ack, they are just too cute. I'm curious as to what you have in mind for Remus' house... It's one of those mysterious places no one really goes into.. So update soon!

Ps. You know that part where you say that James always wanted to know how to drive a car? I feel like you got the inspiration for that from Melian's fic... And if so, I think it proves my theory that after a while, reading each other's fics, it becomes hard to distinguish canon from a good fic.. You know what I mean? Like, if you were to write about Remus having a poor single mother or something like that and it was believable, a lot of us would walk away with that image of Remus in our minds forever and incorporate that into our own fics as well... Hmm?

Anyway, enough rambling. : )

Author's Response: Hey Sophie! Well, that's strange that your review didn't show up, but if it had, you wouldn't have been review #150! Thanks for getting it up to that nice number.

Hearing that the chapter is the best doesn't get old, don't worry! It makes me feel like I'm not following below the standard of the past chapters, which is definitely reassuring. I'm so glad you could visualize things well in the chapter, because I did a little more work trying to add in description. It was partially for myself, too, because I had to figure out Lily's thoughts when she saw his house for the first time, which meant that I had to really sort out my own thoughts about what I thought it looked like!

I'm really happy you thought the chapter was cute, too. As I was writing it there was the slight temptation to make something go wrong, like you said, but even I just have to let the cute moments stand sometimes.

You know, I wasn't thinking of actually writing anything taking place at Remus' house in the next chapter--it's mostly going to be their date. But now that you've said that, I feel challenged to actually do it! :P You're right; very few stories (except ones that center on Remus, I expect) have scenes at his house. I might try to work a little bit into the beginning of the next chapter, but maybe even more in a later chapter as well.

I think your theory is right, too. I don't want to seem like I'm ripping off melian's ideas, of course, because I thought even before reading her story that James might be a little Mr.-Weasley-ish with the Muggle world. I think it just makes sense with his eagerness and with his interest in Lily that he'd be curious about Muggles, and driving would be just one aspect of that. It kind of makes me think of the epilogue, where Harry and Ron are both driving to Platform 9 3/4.

But I definitely think you're right. In my most recent review for melian's story, actually, I commented on how we had both assumed that Sirius' middle name was Orion, even though it's not mentioned anywhere in canon, and I'm sure other authors have done the same. And I've always imagined that by the time he was finished with school, Remus did have a single mother--I always thought his dad would have died earlier on. I wonder what story gave us both that idea!

Well, speaking of rambling...but I definitely agree with you. Sometimes authors think up things that just seem so right, and some of them probably are. With so many stories, I'm sure someone's hit on the same ideas that JKR has had (or would have) for the characters.

Thanks for that review; it was very interesting and thought-provoking! I'll update as soon as I can when the queue re-opens. I hope your holidays are great!

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Review #17, by pattybuns_hpf 

21st December 2009:
Yay!!! They're going out on a date! They're going out on a date! I feel so crazy after reading this wonderful chappie! Yay for Lily and James!

PS. Merry Christmas! And you are most welcome for the seasonal warmth! xD

Author's Response: Hi Patty! I'm so glad you liked the chapter. I was doing lots of "yay"s (well, in my head) after I'd written it, and especially when it was posted. It's pretty exciting, and even though it's maybe the slightest bit of a cliffhanger, I feel like it was an upbeat note to leave off on for now.

Thanks for this review, and all of the ones over the past week or so. They were really nice to read!

I hope your holidays are wonderful!

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Review #18, by Harry and Ginny 

21st December 2009:
finally, it was about time that Lily agreed to go out with James! this chapter was awesome and now i imagine the next chapter will be their date, of course. this chapter was also very well described and written so i could imagine everything in my head. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Hi there!

It was about time, wasn't it? Probably far past that in many a reader's opinion. :P And yes, the next chapter will be their date!

I'm so glad you liked the description that was in the chapter. I actually went back a few times and added in more to make it a little easier to visualize, so it's great to know that it turned out well!

I'll update as soon as humanly possible when the queue re-opens. Thank you so much for the review, and happy holidays!

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Review #19, by Prongs05JP 

20th December 2009:
It happened !! It really happened !! Now, I could be talking about several things here...

Firstly JAMES ASKED HER OUT ON A DATE AND SHE SAID YES AND NOW I'M HYPER WOOO :D Not much more to say on that except for the fact that it was completely unromantic and for once they didnt kiss before the date. Not that that's a problem, it was good :P

Secondly... a line I found funny - let me findd it... AHA! 'Lily opened her mouth in shock. "He bought a what?" "I think that's what it's called - I could be getting the name wrong, though." ' Haha.. James and is infinite muggle wisdom.. NOT. I think it's funny how he assumes he got the name wrong cos he knows nothing : D

Back to my first statement of review, the motorcyle incident in the prequel - I've never read the prequel, but I got the general gist of it when I looked up on it a couple of weeks ago on wiki. (long live WikiPotter, or whatever it's called xD)

so Fab Chap (that will never get old, me being immature) and update as soon as you can ! Happy christmas, and have a fab new year - see you in January!

1000/10 XD

Author's Response: It did really happen! Finally, right? And you know, one of the things that was in my mind as I was starting out with this story was that I didn't want them to kiss before they had gone out on a date. It might seem really weird, but I just felt like a lot of times the date comes first in real life, and very few stories ever showed it that way. So the result might be a bit anticlimactic and definitely less romantic, as you said, but I hope that it at least seems realistic! In any case, I think their date will probably be a little more on the romantic side.

Haha, oh James--he has been brought up in a pureblood family, so I suppose you can't fault him too much for not being sure. After all, Ron didn't know what a "fellytone" was, and his dad (who worked with Muggles) thought it was "eckeltricity". I always thought those little things were funny in the books, and I'm sure other wizards would have been similarly uncertain.

You definitely don't have to worry about reading the prequel to understand what's going on in the second half of the chapter, it just has a little more detail. To be honest, it's quite short and it raises a lot of questions--lots of people seem to think that the people who come after them in the alley are Death Eaters, and that the "shirts with the golden bird" they were wearing are somehow related to the Order. The Death Eater thing I could maybe buy, although I'm not sure why they'd be on brooms, but I have a really hard time believing that James and Sirius were walking around wearing shirts advertising a secret society. So I decided to see what I could do with making up a different back story.

The prequel is kind of funny in parts, I have to say that. The police officers ask them, "Names?" and Sirius starts listing off a bunch of random names, one of which is "Elvendork"...and then James says, "And what's nice about that one is, you can use it for a boy or a girl." :P So it's short and very open-ended, but funny.

Anyway, I will certainly update as soon as I can, and then everyone can read about their first date! I look forward to hearing another "Fab Chap" in January. :P Thanks for all the reviews--it was really nice to wake up and see some waiting! (Wow, this is a very long response...you gave me so much to talk about!)

Happy Holidays!

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Review #20, by Lulu 

20th December 2009:
It wasn't disappointing at all. It was so great that it was long! I really liked how you described Lily and James' meeting - it felt so real. When you have meetings like this one, you are always akward at first, then you fall into a natural conversation, and then you are disrupted by a parent who is very curious about what is going on - even if you actually just are friends. It was great that you managed to get that kind of reality into the story. And the whole thing with the guys-night-out was just kind of funny.

Looking foreward to the next chapter :D. Merry christmas and a happy new year.

- Louise

Author's Response: Hi again, Louise!

I'm so, so glad it wasn't disappointing, and that you liked it being a bit longer than usual. I thought it was only fair since there weren't going to be updates for a couple weeks!

That's so great that their meeting seemed realistic to you, too. I was really hoping that it would seem natural, and I think you're right about how these kinds of meetings usually go. I was trying to capture that, and I'm glad it turned out well! I'm also glad you found the boys' escapades funny. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review!

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Review #21, by ShilesSmiles 

19th December 2009:
You have no idea how excited I get when you post a new story! I really liked the transtitioning in this one, it was just perfect! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi again!

I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story, and that's great to know that the transitioning was good in this chapter. Those little technical things can make a big difference for someone reading the story!

Sadly, more of the story will only come after the queue closure, but I really hope you'll come back to read! Thank you so much for reviewing, and happy holidays!

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Review #22, by lokita95hp 

18th December 2009:
yay!! I've been waiting for this moment..!!.. I'm sorry I couldn't review the previous chapters but I'll come back and reaview every chapter..!!. *promess* I really like this story and is really not cliche 'cuz she is not angry about her feelings towards him... he is not a total prat... they are friends before they date... so I like it.!!
merry christmas... and happy new year.!!.
keep writing [it's a gift only a few have]

Author's Response: Hi there!

You know, I've been waiting for this moment too...with a little bit of apprehension, because I really wanted it to be satisfying for everyone after all of the time it took to get here! So I'm very glad that you liked it. :)

And no worries about not reviewing the previous chapters! It's just nice to know that you're enjoying the story, whether you say it in one review or twenty-one. I'm glad you're enjoying the approach I'm taking to their characters and their relationship, and that you're finding it somewhat fresh and original.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

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Review #23, by Leigh Kelley 

18th December 2009:
You know, there's just something nice (that's not quite the right word, but anyway) about reading about Lily and James. After knowing what happened to them, reading this story has made the entire thing seem even more unfair. The deeper I get into your story, with each new chapter I read, they keep on becoming real people to me. I almost feel completely awkward reading about them, because it feels like I'm staring into something so intimate and unknown. They're almost not characters anymore, and I don't get that feeling often. Can't wait for the Dobbys to come around again. This fic deserves to be nominated.

Every time I read about Lily and how she feels around James, my heart hammers. As if I'm the girl wondering if the guy still likes me, and feeling little bumps crawl across my arm in embarrassment. As it is, the back of my neck has been tingling ever since the scene that happened after James's Mum (she's really embarrassing, that one, but I guess it comes with the territory. Not only being elderly, but James being her only son, and child at that) left. I squirmed, even, because I figured that moment would never come. But when it did, I grinned, and this might be slightly pathetic (but my eyes were shining too). Haha. Merlin, I have issues. But after reading about them for so long, it's hard not to get a bit emotional. I can only imagine if you expanded this and wrote about their deaths. Won't think about that though x.x.

And you included the motorcycle scene. Awesome. Wondered why Remus was never there; full moon night actually makes a lot of sense. Those guys are nuts though. Wearing an opposing team's colors and cheering for said team in the midst of a herd of the other team's fans? Yeah. Nuts. Haha. It's all pretty hilarious to think of, especially the neanderthals chasing them on brooms, and the police car chasing their motorcycle. Haha.

Anyway! I can't wait for the next chapter, and hope you'll have one ready by the time January rolls around and the queue reopens. I love this story so much, and I'll definitely miss it. Seeing a new chapter always brightens my day, even if I don't get around to reviewing it right away. Keep up the fantastic writing, and have a wonderful holiday filled with tons of reviews and other things.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Wow...I don't even know how to respond! Knowing that you find my version of Lily and James that real, and that it somehow adds some depth to the story we already know about them, is just so, so amazing. It is terrible and unfair that they died when they were 21, but in some ways I feel like they're just "Harry's dead parents" to a lot of people, when they also had an incredible but very tragic story. I always write this story with the hope that I can add to them as characters and capture something of the poignancy of their lives, and...well, it just makes me feel so nice to hear all those compliments. It's so flattering to hear you think the story deserves a Dobby nomination, too. There are so many great stories around here, and that's huge praise, so thank you. (And p.s., I totally think you deserve a Dobby nomination for Best Reviewer. Just saying.)

Okay, sorry for the very sentimental divergence there. You know, sometimes I kind of feel the same way about being in Lily's position when I'm writing scenes like this. Of course, I'm in control of what happens, but I definitely understand how she feels--I felt her disappointment when she thought it wasn't going to work out, and then huge relief when it did. And now even more relief because it happened and people don't hate it (well, so far; maybe I shouldn't get ahead of myself). It's so wonderful to know that the moment came and made you happy when it did--after how long it took to get here I was worried it might be anticlimactic.

Yes, motorcycle scene! I'm glad you liked it. I think a lot of people are of the opinion that it was actually meant to be a scene where James and Sirius were being chased by Death Eaters, but there were some things in that explanation that just didn't make sense to me, so I decided to come up with a different one! And yes, they were certainly mental in cheering for the opposing team. Seems like something that they would find very funny, though. It was a little strange to me that both Remus and Peter weren't there, as well--of course, they might have just been doing something else, but having it be full moon and then Peter transformed inside Sirius' pocket just seemed to explain it so neatly. I had a bit of trouble figuring out where to fit in Peter in that whole scene, actually, but I think it worked out okay. :)

I really hope I have a chapter ready when the queue re-opens too--goodness knows I have enough free time over the holidays, I should be writing as many as I can while I have the chance. I'll guarantee that I'll get at least one finished, though, so it'll be posted as soon as possible when things are up and running around here again.

Thank you so much for all the reviews--not just the most recent ones, but all of the ones you've given me over the past months. They've really been invaluable, and I hope your holidays are fantastic!

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