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Review #1, by Capella Black 

9th August 2011:
Whoa! *Fans self to ward off sudden flush* That was... slightly more graphic than I was expecting. Indeed, I'm not sure what was more surprising - the scene itself or that fact that it didn't squick me at all. Wait, have you turned me into a Ron/Hermione shipper? HOW COULD YOU?!!!

Well, actually, given everything that's happened so far, how could I not be. I was not expecting this plot twist at all, but the moment I read it, I fell in love with it! I adore 'Mione getting a chance to be back with Ron, without having him cheat on Hermione. I adore how they spur each other on - her reminding him it isn't cheating, him trying to wipe away her pain. Seriously, I'm like some Hr/R fangirl!

Oh, and the final few lines of the chapter - gorgeous. Really was just the humour we needed at this point! All in all, an oddly nice accompaniment to breakfast?

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Mwahaha! I have created another Romione fiend. My evil plan has suceeded.

Yes, it is a bit graphic, but, under the unique circumstances I thought it important to go into some detail. 'Mione has been devestated by the loss of Ron and now (part of her at least) has him back. She's overwhelmed.

The merge was not part of the original plan. I'd intended for both Hermione's to go to the Clocks reality and for Ron to continue to be caught in the middle. But I thought that was getting old and I wanted 'Mione to have a chance to be with Ron again. Then my muse hit me with the merge idea and I ran with it.

So glad you liked that last line. It pops up again in another tale "The Adventures of Reckless Git and Danger Ponce," which takes place shortly after the Battle of the Pitch. I just thought, given how gooey the bond is, poking some fun at it, now and then would be fun.

Thanks again!


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Review #2, by LilyGreenEyes 

28th April 2011:
Firstly, to answer the title question, just one for me please!

But OH MY LIFE! The merged! I had not even contemplated the possibility of them merging, it just hit me like a bolt from the blue! I was like.OMG!!! Sorry, I'll calm down now ;) That was such a fantastic idea though! Such a brilliant twist that was just, well, just, outstanding if I'm honest, I really loved it!

I had a good little chuckle at some of your phrasing in this chapter. I love how you've got the wizarding speech down to a tee, but 'sitting gnomes' is one of the best things I've ever heard, and I actually talk like a wizard most of the time!

I thought it was really good to bring in Harry's frustration. He's always been one that once his head is 'in the game' and he's on a Riddle hunt he doesn't break his focus and wants that same level of dedication from everyone else. I thought you wrote this bit really well, and you got the balance just right.

The confusion of emotions that the two Hermione's are feeling whilst in the one body is excellently written. It must be so confusing and painful for her, and you really caught the balance and the edge that this needed to be believable and enjoyable, if those are the right words.

I really enjoyed this chapter, a little more of a calm before the storm feeling going on, but I'll just have to carry on reading and see ;)

Author's Response: Gotcha! hehehe. The merge was not part of the original plan, so the characters weren't the only ones who thought that there'd be two hermiones through this whole story! It just kind of hit me - out of the blue, to steal your phrase. And I liked the idea so I ran with it.

Poor Harry, here he is thinking he's almost solved one problem (dealing with two hostile hermiones) when he gets a whole new problem (a lovesick hermione and a ron who can't stand to see her hurt). I really don't give harry much of a break in this tale do I?

I'm glad you think I've got Harry's reactions down. As well as the merged Hermione. She went through so much in clocks that now, having her ron back, would, again, throw her off her game. I was counting on the "emotionality" of Ron's death in Clocks to make this believable and I'm, once again, very glad you think it works.

Love these reviews.


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Review #3, by Mintleaf 

15th April 2011:
Six times haha? They might be a spot drowsy in the morning haha.

I love how multidimensional Hermione's motives might be; I hadn't really considered what would happen yet when things were fixed! Clearly you've put some serious forethought into this, something I should do more of in my HPFF writing. I'm just not used to writing stories so long, it really is so different from writing short stories.

Anyway, just when I was starting to enjoy the Hermione-Mione dynamic, they merge haha! I'm kidding of course, I'm thrilled that they're back in the more unpleasant realm.

I wonder, is that extra evil Draco going to pop up soon? I can't wait to read a bit more evil haha :)

Author's Response: First things first. You will see the evil Draco really soon and I think you'll like how dark things are in the AU - I tried to paint it just as bleak as I could get away with.

Drowsy? Maybe they will be, just a bit ;)

The consequences of a merged reality was somthing I had a lot of fun hypothesizing about. I finally settled on the following rules: People could merge, buildings could merge, but magical items like wands and auror armor couldn't. Folks who were alive in one reality but not the other would still exist in the merged reality. Folks who were alive in both realities would become one person with two sets of memories.

So, if the realities merge, Kingsley, Seamus and the Aurors, from the Canon reality would end up sharing the Ministry/Imperium with Voldemort and co from the AU reality. They'd all be in the same building once the merger happened. That could be interesting...

Anyway, thanks again for the great review


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Review #4, by melian 

17th August 2010:
LOL. Much as I can't blame Hermione and understand her, I do share some of Harry's frustration. This is to be a battle for their lives, not a holiday, and ... six times? Neither of them will be in any shape tomorrow to do anything other than sleep. Though, it's better that they get it out of their systems now than have it constantly popping up throughout the story. I have to admit that it's kinda cute, all told - young love and all that. Rather endearing. And I assume that the chops never got eaten. :)

I'm not really surprised that the Hermiones merged, thinking about it. At the end of the last chapter it was clear that SOMETHING was going to happen with those two with the transfer of realities and, really, this is much tidier from a storytelling perspective. Having two Hermiones for the whole thing might have been just too much to go through each chapter. Though I admit I'm curious to see how the final transfer back to the REAL world (hahaha) will affect them.

Onwards I go!

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Six times. I was hoping somebody would think that was funny. thank you!

Frustrated doesn't really even begin to describe what harry's feeling right now. Part of that frustration is the nasty curve ball this was for him. Here he thought he had one problem (two Hermiones) and that he was well on his way to solving it only to walk straight into a whole new debacle. One Hermione, desperate to have her Ron back and a partner who can't fathom disapointing her.

The merge was key. the Hermione v 'Mione with Ron caught in the middle was growing tiresome, and difficult to write. Then the muse hit me with the merge idea and I ran with it. I'm glad you agree.

How will it play out? that's a great question.


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Review #5, by Miss Lily Potter 

15th August 2010:
Oooh. So as it turns out, I didn't have to leave after all. :D So I'm getting to read more! :D

It must be *so* hard for Hermione, who's never had to deal with the memories, to suddenly have them all with her. ):

I'd seen the chapter title, but I didn't know what it really meant until now... I like this idea. It was definitely surprising, but really made sense, if you think about it. (:

This was a mainly sex-centric chapter, and I can't really say much on that front, but I'm happy Hermione isn't mad at 'Mione for being in her body. If that makes sense.

I'm sorry this review is so short; hopefully, the next will be longer. (:

Author's Response: I was getting tired of writing the Hermione v 'Mione angle with poor Ron caught in the middle and then my muse gave me the idea of having them merge. I think it turned out pretty well. And, this way, 'Mione finally gets a chance to be with Ron.

Although both Hermiones are in one person, 'Mione's memories are SO powerful, it is 'Mione who comes to dominate the composite's personality.

Again, thanks for the great review and I'm glad you got to read this chapter before you had to leave.


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Review #6, by PrincessPadfoot 

18th July 2010:

So the two Hermys become one...the title now makes sense...a lot of sense. I didn't see this coming, but I think I should have what with the explanations you gave involving merging realities and whatnot.

hehehe more fluff :P But it's good!! You write it so well!!

I feel bad for Mione because she will eventually have to lose Ron again. It's just really sad and very complicated what with the merger. It makes for a very interesting chapter!

As I told you on your profile, there is dry lightning all around me so I've had to unplug my computer so I only have about a hour of battery life. I will try to get as much as I can done, but it won't be much :(

On to chapter 11!!


Author's Response: Hey PP! Glad your back. Don't worry about rushing thru. The story will still be here tomorrow; and I just posted Chapter 3 of Battle of the Pitch.

Yep. I merged the Hermiones. The muse hit me with that idea like a bolt of lightning (hmm, given your weather out there, maybe I shouldn't have said that?) It solved a lot of problems, plotwise, and I was getting tired of having poor Ron stuck in the cross fire. Plus, its a nice twist, throws everything into a tizzy and creates a whole host of unforseen problems. Gotta love that.

Thanks for the fluff praise. Can't help myself...

As for what will happen and whether there can be a happy ending here, that does get addressed and emotions will be running VERY high.

Thanks for this great review!


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Review #7, by RonsGirlFriday 

5th July 2010:
So, at the beginning of this chapter, I thought, Well, good, solved the problem of dual Hermiones! But then I read the bit about how if they win, the realities split again and she's split into two. But if they win, doesn't one reality just disappear entirely? Bugger, my head hurts. XD

Anyway, I do like the amount of thought you've put into how this is all working out, the plot, the mechanics of everything, etc. There should be more fics willing to explore different kinds of magic, or different ways of messing with the magical universe. I like how you've been able to accomplish this without just resorting to a timeturner or something else overdone as a plot device. :-)


Author's Response: I always liked the theory that every path unchosen created a new reality. I took that and ran with it here. Actually, I was a bit inspired by a Star Trek TNG episode in which millions of Enterprises appeared via a reality rift. One of them was from a reality where the Borg had won and they were desperate NOT to go back. Very eerie (sp?).

Anyway, based on this thinking, I just figured if things work out properly, the realities would both continue to exist separately.

One of the more thorny points I ran into was what would merge and what would not. People can, but magial items (wands, auror armor) wouldn't. Places would merge and that could be tricky. If the Quartet fails then the Ministry/Imperium would merge. Kingsley and the Aurors would end up sharing space with Voldy and the Death Eaters - that could be interesting!

Really glad you like the creative flourishes here. i had a blast working all this stuff out - although I'm sure there's more than a little I haven't thought of yet ;)



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Review #8, by edward ollivander 

3rd July 2010:
Wow! that was unexpected. talk about messing with the psychological health of the group. They had better enjoy this time while they can. happy writing.

Author's Response: Thanks again! I was starting to tire of having the Hermiones at war with each other with Ron caught in the middle. then it hit me: merge them. Everything else just kind of fell into place after that. Although its thrown everyone for a bit of loop. Now, instead of the problems Harry was expecting, he's got a whole new host of them to deal with.


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Review #9, by searching4neverland 

9th April 2010:
The battle in the forest was very unexpected and as I read I couldnt help thinking back at the part in the fifth book when Fudge tries to arrest Dumbledore. I mean, can they get any more stupid than attack Hogwarts? I dont think so! McGonagall was amazing! My reaction as I read that they had known about the separate realities was 'thos arses!!'

It was a little confusing first though, as I read on, not because of the way you wrote it, but because of its contents. I just kep asking myself why. Why wouldnt they turn to Harry for help, why would they attack and not request? I understand that they are a bit of control freaks, but I couldnt help but wonder if you were going to make this come up again in the future...

As I read about the battle in the forest, I couldnt help but feeling sorry for Ron. I have a very acute fear of spiters myself, so I can complitely understand him, and I dont think I would have had the guts to do it at all. It would be like steping willingly inot a nightmare. His reaction afterwards was priceless.

At the start of the tenth chapter, when I first read that Hermione was wearing 2 sets of armor, I didnt really understand, but then it all cleared of course. In a way I felt reliaved mostly because I so wanted Mione to be a little happy, even though Harry did have a point there. Its difficult to get used to the idea that theres just one of them now. I enjoyed the way those two wanted to evaporate each other from the face of the earth. :P I feel like this whole chapter is just the prologue of the next fase of this story, which I cant wait to read by the way.

Author's Response: Welcome back! and thanks!

So why did I have the DoM do this? Well, there are two reasons: 1) I hate the DoM and I love to dump on them; secretive organizations are almost always corrupt because no one is watching what they're doing. Eventually, they begin to think of themselves as all-powerful and all-knowing. That's what's happened here and as a result they do somthing really stupid like attack Hogwarts and exclude Harry from their circle. 2) I had to get the story moving. A trip to Hogwarts almost always leads to a long exposition chapter. There already had been several of those and I didn't want to write another. The only way I could think of to get in and out of Hogwarts was to have a huge battle that prevents the quarttette from hanging out in McG's office talking for hours. Will I have them show up again in the future? Not in this tale but definitely in others.

The Spiders. I hated doing this to Ron. I'm no fan of arachnids my self..."Not for all the gold in Gringotts." LOL! Glad you liked that.

The merge. I had always planned for there to be two Hermiones throughout the story, with Ron caught in the middle. But then my muse dumped the merge idea on me and I couldn't resist. I really wanted 'Mione to have a chance to be with Ron again and this just worked out too well. But, Harry's right, it will definitely cause problems in the near future, as the next three chapters make clear.

You're absolutely right about this essentially being the prologue to the rest of the tale. Now its time to get into the real meat of the adventure. I hope you like it!

Thanks again for the great review!


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Review #10, by MrsKatieGrint 

27th February 2010:
Aw. I just love Harry and Ginny! They're so developed as charactors in your wonderful story here. And your emotion in this chapter is perfect. Your thoughts are well formed and across the board, and your details are fantastic! I really do enjoy this story. Its a wonderful spin on how I thought things were after the battle! Really do keep up the amazing work! :D

Author's Response: I'm very much addicted to post hogwarts fanfic primarily because there was so much unresolved between Harry and Ginny at the end of DH. I get a lot of enjoyment out of writing them. I'm glad you like it.

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Review #11, by TheDirigiblePlum 

1st January 2010:
Aww I really feel for the other Hermione, the one who suffered so much. I hope there's a way where somehow everyone'll be happy again.

It's a bit disconcerting reading Ron and Hermione talking and behaving like that with each other (mainly because I always see the Harry Potter series as children's books that I grew up with from the age of three :D) but I guess it's only normal behaviour! My immaturity shouldn't get in the way of a good story! :D And it's great that the other Hermione finally gets to be with Ron after watching him with the "real" Hermione, now that she's merged.

Again I love how you give the impression of danger that lies within their world, and the little core of love that they still manage to create when they're together. :) That's one of my favourite things about the HP series, all the love and friendship in hard times! Your story encompasses this well so I can't help but smile just a little bit! :D

Your ideas are really original; I've never read a story with such an involved plot line (seeing as I usually deal in fluff or angsty one-shots :D) and I have to admire you because I've never written a story as action packed as this. Maybe I should give it a go! You've definitely opened my eyes to a new way of writing. :)


Author's Response: Happy New Year DP!

It's always great to hear from you.

I struggled long and hard to give 'Mione some happiness. We'll just have to see if it lasts.

Yeah, the characters aren't teenagers anymore, so they're expressing their love, in, errr, a little more adult fashion. Keep in mind their engaged. I hope it wasn't overdone.

Love and friendship is always key and it was always my favorite part of the stories too. This is especially improtant the more things go pear-shaped. Love is the strongest magic; Dumbles was right.

Your compliments are overwhelming! I really don't know what to say as "thanks" seems pretty lame.

Never sell your stories short. I absolutely love your writing. "Ron's Walk," "A Lifetime of What? NO!" are excellent tales.

And you can handle angst wonderfully. "Someting Worth Fighting For" and "Severed" left me speechless (I highly recommend these tales to anyone reading this!)

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. Looks like you've got a new story up too. I'll have to read "A Lifetime of Insensitive Teaspoons" !

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Review #12, by siledubhghlase 

14th December 2009:
Great, now Hermione's a split personality. I mean, essentially, she's Hermione, but she has two sets of memories to draw from. If recognized and used properly, this should be a distinct advantage over the bad guys.

They're concerned about the realities converging for the worst, but what's to say they can't converge for the best? Hermione said she'll be two again once they defeat Voldemort in this reality. Okay, so if they didn't beat him, both realities would coverge into one hellish one like 'Mione came from; however, if they do beat Voldemort, both realities could just as easily converge into one "happily ever after," couldn't they? So, that said, the Hermiones could converge too, as would everyone else. This is getting really deep...

It's a good thing they were too tired to Apparate; that could've been disastrous, considering the consequences of the marathon Apparition last time they tried to get away from the DEs. Thank God for brooms and body armor.

Excellent! Lots to think about.

Author's Response: Thanks SD!! Great review.

Yikes, where to start. I set up some rules for merger before I dove into this. Hopefully, I caught everything (fat chance of that!). Magical stuff, like the armor, or wands, can't merge. As to people and places, they can.

Take 'Mione and Hermione, for example. This will happen to everyone who's alive on both sides of the divide if there's a merge. And yes, the dual memories comes in VERY handy in the next chapter.

As for those who do not exist in both realities: Harry, Voldy, the Weasleys, whichever version of them is alive, will just go on as normal.

Things get much more dicey when we start talking about structures. Shell Cottage, for example, doesn't exist anymore in the Clocks reality. The Teeth don't exist in the cannon reality. After the merger, they'd both exist in the conglomerate reality.

The Ministry/Imperium is a much thornier problem. They'd merge into one, with all the people occupying it in both realities thrown together. So Voldy and his minions would be sharing the building with Kingsley, Seamus and Co. Now, that would get very nasty very quickly. That's the real problem and that's why 'Mione went to get the trio to prevent the merger. Also, there was the concern of Voldy getting a whole new batch of victims to terrorize. Also, the impetus for the merger is because the fates are trying to correct the mistake of a Voldy victory. If Voldy gets the axe, there wouldn't be a merge. So, there will be no happily ever after merged reality. Sorry! (remember, its the dark ole elderwand writing this! LOL)

On the other hand, 'Mione may just like this reality so much she might just sabotage the mission so that the realities merge and THEN kill Voldy. Hm.

I love the brooms too (Just wait until the Siege of Calais!).

Thanks so much for the great review. I always love it when you stop by.

Next Chapter: "The Strategy and the Ecstasy"

P.S. The last chapter of ROJ was amazing!

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Review #13, by 1917farmgirl 

13th December 2009:
I still have to say that this is one of your best and most creative chapters ever. I LOVED the twist! And oh the can of worms you've opened up now! No matter what you do, there are gonna be unpleasant consequences.

Do they stay merged? If they do, how do they deal with that? How does Hermione cope with TWO sets of memories? And what of poor Ron?

If they un-merge, will Ron suffer massive amounts of guilt? And how will poor 'Mione cope losing Ron AGAIN! (Evil, evil Eldy!)

And what about poor Ronnie!!! Think of the children!!!

I've been thinking about this merging realities thing a lot. So, if they merge, all the people who exist in one reality and are still alive in the other will merge together, right? That's a LOT of people! What what about places, and things? Which reality will come out on top? A lot of things have been destroyed on "Mione's reality. Will they stay that way, or will Harry's reality win out meaning they will go back to how they were? And the Teeth thing? Will that hold or crumble? URGH, man! You make me have too many questions...

Can we have the next chapter soon? It's the holidays.share the joy. :)

Author's Response: Howdy Farmgirl! Thanks for the great review!

I really like the merge too. The original plan was to have two Hermiones through the whole tale. I think you could tell that, up until the end of the previous chapter, that was my intent all along. That portion in the story where Hermione's thinking about "staking her claim" to Ron while 'Mione is in the bedroom next door listening was actually supposed to be in this chapter. So, I hope the fact that I didn't plan on the merge until I started writing this chapter caught a lot of folks off gaurd.

Anyway, when my muse hit me with the merge idea, it opened up so many possibilities. First and foremost, I really wanted to give 'Mione a chance to have Ron back, even if for just a short while. I owed her that after what I did to her in Clocks. But, you're right. There's a whole new slew of problems this has caused. Not the least of which is Ron's guilt. That does get addressed later on. Several times actually. And Ronnie and 'Mione...Well, we'll just have to see. But Hermione (the merged one) is pretty certain that she'll be divided again once they get rid of Voldy. If not, she'll stay merged. Anyway, that's what she thinks and who's gonna argue with the brightest witch of the age?

The rules I've set up for the merge are relatively simple. Anything or anyone existing in both realities will merge. Anything or anyone existing in only one of the realities will exist in the conglomerate reality.

Hermione-merged is the prime example. People will/would have both sets of memories. It'll be confusing at first, but not necessarily life threatening.

As for those who are dead in one reality, but not the other, such as Harry, all of the Weasleys and Voldy, the version of them still alive in either reality, will go on as they are now in the conglomerate reality.

Now, as to things as opposed to people, those as well would be in the merged reality. The conglomerate reality would have both the Teeth and Shell Cottage, even though Shell Cottage was destroyed in the Clocks reality and the Teeth don't exist in the canon reality.

Things at the Ministry/Imperium would be exceptionally dicey. Voldemort and his minions would share the same structure with Kingsley, Seamus and Angelina. Basically, they'd all be thrown together. That could get very ugly very quickly. Especially with Voldy's bedroom merging into the Wizengamot! YIKES!

New chapter soon? Well, we'll see...

Next up: "The Strategy and the Ecstasy."

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Review #14, by Manwe Valarian 

13th December 2009:
Cool situation with Hermione'Mione; talk about split personalities.
Now on with the war!

Author's Response: Hi Manwe! Thanks for reviewing again!

Glad you like the merge. It was not the original plan. I'd intended for there to be two Hermiones through the entire story, constant tension back and forth. Then the merge idea pretty much hit me like a bludger to the head. Now, there'll be a whole different set of problems.

Oh, the war is definitely coming. Just hold tight. I'll post again next weekend.

Next Chapter: "The Strategy and the Ecstasy"

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Review #15, by Sirius Black Dog 

13th December 2009:
Wow this is innteresting! It's got my mind going haha:)
What will happen to Hermione and little Ronnie.
I guess i'll have to wait and see
Merry Christmas

Author's Response: Thanks Sirius! Good to hear from you.

What will happen to Hermione and Ronnie? Hard to say. But, remember, no one's safe until the last chapter's written!

The next installment will be up next weekend: "The Strategy and the Ecstasy"

Merry Christmas to you too!

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Review #16, by Ilisten2potterwatch 

12th December 2009:
wow, this is a pretty cool story! very origional... please update soon =)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

The story's already written, although I'm still tweaking the last 9 chapters. My plan is to post at least one chapter every weekend, so you won't have to worry about long delays or the story being abandoned.

Hope you had a chance to read the prequel, Stop All The Clocks. I'd like to hear what you think of it.

I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #17, by Karkaroff 

12th December 2009:
Poor Mione as she went through a rough time in the alternate reality. Please update soon thanks as this story is awesome.

Author's Response: Hi Karkaroff! As usual its great to hear from you.

Yeah, 'Mione's not had an easy go of things. It occurred to me that having her merge with Hermione would give her some hapiness, even though it wouldn't be permanent.

Another chapter next week; I promise!

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