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Review #1, by Capella Black 

8th August 2011:
And we're right back to the action! Again though, what really impresses me with the chapter is the detail and originality that has gone into it. The auror suits sound amazing, and I love how you've used explaining them to 'Mione in order to explain them to the reader. It just makes the whole thing seem smooth and keeps he action moving along faster than straight description could.

I also love the complexity of the inter-personal relationships. Many people would have just had Harry ask Hermione to be professional. You had him rind her of the official order of precedent in the situation. It just makes it all so much more life-like, and keeps me on the edge of my iPhone!

Really getting hooked on this one!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Once again, thank you for the great review.

I figured that the Quartet have matured a great deal. They're not gonna run off half cocked with no plan this time. Also, because they've grown, Harry knows he as to deal with the Hermione/Mione problem on an intellectual level - he has to "out - book" Hermione. No small feat. And get everyone working together.

I'm really glad you've gotten hooked. High praise!


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Review #2, by LilyGreenEyes 

28th April 2011:
Another very very good chapter :) I really enjoyed this one, I think it's seeing a bit of the old Harry, a lot of canon and some brilliant new references to the other reality :)

I love how Mione has to almost pinch herself and remind herself that she's in a different reality. It must be so hard for her to see them all happy when, in her mind, they're all dead. The sniping between them both is brilliant. It's just such a 'Hermione' thing to do that to have them together is brilliant, they almost bounce off one another.

Their uncertainty worries me, and it makes me wonder if things will go badly wrong once they get to Mione's reality, but I have everything crossed that it won't! The apprehension it builds is, in a strange way, quite nice, but scary at the same time, so I'm looking forward to reading on and seeing what happens!

Harry's formality and dominance with them both was really good to read, and very well written. He is really grasping at straws to try and keep the 'fragile' peace that has been established, but you just know that, as Hermione is such a unique character it will blow up at some point, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this truce progresses!

Overall, I think you;ve got another brilliamt chapter, you've woven the canon of JKR with Neville and the sword in brilliantly with the AU of Mione's reality. It's truly seamless and really does have a certain subtlty about it that is, I assume, very hard to write, so congratulations :)

Author's Response: This chapter was a bit of a breather, but I needed to fill in some more holes and show that the canon-characters have matured quite a bit. They're responsible adults now and Harry has been leading the Aurors for nearly three years, with Ron's help, so they're not about to just make this up as they go.

I thought it was vital that Harry revert to his role of leader and straighten out the two Hermiones before they left.

Now, will things go pear-shaped? Nope. All smooth sailing from here on out.

and if you believe that...


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Review #3, by Mintleaf 

15th April 2011:
"Unforgivables are authorized, but with restraint. Otherwise, hex first and ask questions later.” - I was waiting for them to adopt this attitude! About time they grew up!

Speaking of them maturing, it's nice to see them think clearly, without all the angst! Their plans are well formed and they maintain such a level-headed approach; it's refreshing to read!

I understand the bitterness between the two Hermiones, but it's so frustrating haha.

Author's Response: Yep. The Quartet are adults now (still a bit young, but adults) and they're not playing Gobstones with the bad guys anymore. Too much is at stake and, frankly, they're war weary. But, just the same, they're professionals. Harry and Ron have been leading the Aurors (without the titles) for about three years. Hermione is basically running all of DMLE and Ginny has been training with the Aurors and instructing them on flying for two years. They've finally all got the experience they lacked during the Hogwarts days. I thought it would be more fun this way, I'm glad you agree.

Oh, the Hermiones are NOT happy with each other. But, I figured there was no good way around it. After all the canon-Hermione had to do to finally get Ron to grow into the man she always knew he was capable of becoming, only to be challenged by a version of herself from another reality had to throw her for a loop. And the AU Hermione? Well after watching her Ron die, she's more than a little overcome at getting to see him again. Yep, I've made a real mess of things.



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Review #4, by melian 

17th August 2010:
I liked the official conference at the end there - it was probably needed and the only way Hermione would actually have co-operated. Harry's right, though - more than one person needs to know about the Talisman.

Much of this chapter was about preparation and strategy and as such there's not much for me to really say besides compliment you on how well you are able to do that. My mind just doesn't think strategically like this and it's great to have it all laid out so that a pleb like myself can understand and follow it. The other thing I wanted to comment on was Ronnie - I don't know whether he will stay in this reality or go back to his own, but it's SO NICE that he gets some grandparent time. Both for him and for his mother. I think it's a really important bond to have and the fact that he's old enough to kind of understand it is great.

I won't read any more today but I'll be back tomorrow to finish this off. Great story, Eldy! I can't wait to see how it ends.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: The previous chapter was necessary too "cool out" the quartet. This chapter was necessary to try and resolve the problem of integrating 'Mione and reign in Hermione and finish setting the stage for the next Act. Exposition. Had to be done. So, I'm glad you didn't think it was too boring and helped clarify where we're headed. Everything goes severely pear shaped after this.

Ronnie at the Burrow. I just couldn't resist that flourish. We will visit him over there in the following chapters.

Thanks again Mel. Really honored to have you reviewing!


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Review #5, by Miss Lily Potter 

15th August 2010:
Argh. Hermione kind of makes me mad. XD I mean, I totally understand why she's so angry with 'Mione, and jealous of her, but... AARGH. She's trying to help her future, and Hermione keeps being all possessive. :P I thought, after last chapter, that she might lighten up a bit, but obviously not.

So 'Mione's going to continue to be called such? Hmm. I feel like that would be confusing, especially when Hermione gets called by 'Mione's real name. And now I'm confusing myself, so I'll stop on that front. :P

This is really sad. ): I feel so bad for 'Mione, with her world totally decimated, everyone dead. I want to cry, just because it's so hopeless, and Hermione's still being selfish over what she has.

All in all, another compelling chapter. This story is really captivating, I love reading it.

Author's Response: Hermione v 'Mione. Just as Ron can't help being protective of 'Mione, Hermione can't help but be possessive of Ron. It took so long for the R/Hr to get together, now that she finally has him, the possibility of losing him to another version of herself has thrown our usually cool and logical Hermione for a loop. Love lays waste to us all...

From here out, 'Mione will only be used for the Clock's Hermione and "Hermione" will be used only for the canon version. If you keep that in mind, it'll cut down on the confusion. At least until...Well, I'm not gonna let that kneazle out of the bag yet. Hehehe.

It really is great getting all these marvelous reviews!


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Review #6, by PrincessPadfoot 

17th July 2010:
Harry in a stern leadership position is kinda scary. He's so serious...but he was always serious just in a different way. Now he's all business and giving orders and expecting them to be followed.

I do hope that the two Hermys get it together and don't hex each other into oblivion. I also hope that Ron doesn't lose feeling in his hand from being held so tightly by Hermione :P

I like the tone of this chapter. It makes sense after just finishing Clocks that it would be this serious sort of almost panic. It's quite good :P

Okay then...it's almost 1 so I will try to read the next chapter but won't be able to review until the wonky-ness stops :P


Author's Response: It seemed to me that now, four years after DH, with Harry essentially leading the effort to quell the guerilla war that he would FINALLY fit snuggly into the leadership role. Maturing the characters is never easy, so I'm really glad it rings true with you.

The Hermiones...Poor Ron, this is really a huge mess and there's no good way out for him. Not really fair of me to do this to him.

So, I'll throw a little wrench in the works in about two chapters. Hehehehe.



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Review #7, by Edward Ollivander 

3rd July 2010:
What a pain. Harry already has enough to worry about without having to deal with those two. Maybe it would be easier for the quartette if they could polyjuice 'Mione to look like someone else. Also, Hermione might want to think about what is going to happen if 'Mione is killed in the upcoming battles. More than likely she is going to become the new mother for Ronnie. She had better start thinking of her as a twin sister instead of a dopleganger. So brilliant and such a git. Happy writing.

Author's Response: Edward!

Wow. it looks like I've got a slew of reviews from you. Thanks! Now, down to business.

Harry definitely has his hands full. But i really wanted to show that he'd grown into a self-assured leader, despite his earlier meltdown. Having two warring Hermiones just seemed the perfect way to do that.

Poor Hermione. Brilliant as she is, her one weak spot has always been that she lets her emotions overrule her logic. And nothing could more throw her off kilter than a threat to her relationship with Ron. Kind of mean of me to do this to her, now that I think about it.

Glad you liked this!


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Review #8, by Estelle Black 

12th April 2010:
WELL. wonder what is going to happen with the two hermione's if they will kill each other in the kitchen?... LOL.
This is a great story i have to say. very good.
Well i had better get onto the next chapter
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: Thanks!

The Hermiones aren't getting on too well, are they? Hopefully, Harry's speech will straighten them out.

Thanks again!


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Review #9, by searching4neverland 

7th April 2010:
You were right of course, and Im sorry, I hadnt uploaded the last review for some unfanthomable reason. Honestly, I dont know what happened, but it was probably my computers fault - it turns all evil on me sometimes. So, here it goes.

I enjoyed reading about Mione in this chapter. I just feel so bad for her, espetially when she tries not to be jelous of her friends' happiness. Her and Hermoine, are the same person, but they dont fel that way about each other, so its like reading about 2 complitely different people. You write Mione very well, making all her emotions so tangible and her feelings so plain to connect to, even though what she is feeling and going through is so very complicated. Thats what is so appealing about this story, its written relativery simply, but in that simplicity is the secret of its appeal, a kind of acuteness in the way you tell. You described many terrible things that have happened, but avoiding the flowrishing of the language, leaving room for me (the reader) to use my imagination, so I amplify everything on my own, carried by your words, using them as directions.

Reading about all the new stuff they use to fight and defent was so much fun. I just love all the logic and smart thinking that you put behind you writing.

One of the new faforite things about this story is that there is a lot of conflict on so many levels and that you are not afraid to write about it. Like the friction between the two Hermiones. I just love how the react to each other, so coldly, dangerously, its amazing, I just cant get enough of them! I wonder what is going to happen if they explode on each other - just the memory of how good that duel between them was has me anticipating another one :P

As I read on I just started understanding how much more complicated this story is going to get, how much of an adventure it will be. Reunite the Hallows, the stone to be found, the time running out, nuclear disaster...wow!

I totally didnt expect Harry to take that tone with those two, but it made sense. Hermione wouldnt have listened to him any other way, Im sure of it. There would have been no other way for her to submit, if it wasn’t a direct order from a official superior. Even then, she was defiant! Yay, girl power gone bad! :P
Anyway, compliments on another amazing chapter.

PS: Loved Harrys almost-breakdown at the end. I knew his tough attitude was just a show! :D I doubt anyone has the bananas it takes to stand up to someone like Hermione.

PpS: Of course Im coming back, as soon as I finish the round of reviews I have left. Ive left people waiting for so long, they deserve my top attention for now. But I've got my eyes on you, so beware!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for posting this review (I'm an incorrigible "review junky" LOL). No worries as to it not posting before. I've had that problem too. Computers are evil things.

The Mione/Hermione dichotomy is really the heart of this tale. There were more than a few crossroads I faced in writing it, so many turns things could've taken with their interaction. Heck, I could write at least three AU's based on the possible plot bunnies that jumped into my head as to where things would go after this chapter with them.

Mione is in so much pain after watching Ron die, she's nearly capable of anything. Hermione never in her wildest dreams thought anything could upset her hard won life with Ron and now a version of herself shows up with a son by "Ron?" She's gone spare. There was oodles of grist there. When you see how I develop it, and see the road I actualy chose for resolution of the Hr/M plot line, I hope you're still praising it. LOL

Really glad you liked that duel between the two; it's one of my favorite parts too.

And poor Ron is caught in the middle through this whole mess, Harry's conflicted because, quite simply, after 11 years of this, he's emotionally spent. And then there's Ginny, finally wanting to take her rightful place as a member of this group, trying to keep everything together. Yep, I've made a right mess of things here.

I thought the strategy session here was key for two reasons. 1) We needed more back story and 2) I wanted to show that the quartette aren't kids anymore; they've been fighting a war without "adult" supervision for five years now. They've grown and matured. I'm glad you liked that.

As for Harry straightening out Hermione, this too goes back to the maturation. Hermione desperately needed an attitude adjustment and it needed to be Harry who dealt with it. He had to "out book" Hermione, no small feat I'm really glad you liked how that part of the plot developed. And, yes, Harry's stressed, to say the least. and Hermione, territorial and defiant.

I'm thrilled you're interested in coming back! Thanks so much for this stellar review.


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Review #10, by Jackson Robles 

15th March 2010:
I think that was a short one. Or I'm a fast reader. I hope it's the second one. But the first one wouldn't be bad! I mean, you got a lot of info across in that chapter.

I like how seriously you take the dueling in this fic. The armor and the broom satchels and everything. No messing around. They mean business.

And seems like a serious area of tension for this fic comes from the the Hermiones. It's an interesting idea to be sure, considering the fact that they'll have to be together through the whole thing, although you are making it plausible to kill her off.

You're making her tell herself the information. Kill her off, then simply have the regular Hermione battle in her stead, after all, there aren't two Hermione's on the banner, eh? Nah, I'm only speculating again, but still . . .

The banter concerning 'Madame Undersecretary' and 'Acting Head Auror Potter' was nominally entertaining as well, and I could perfectly picture the forced etiquette Hermione had. That chapter was kind of a 'get ready to see what happens' chapter, like when the skiers move back and forth before flinging themselves down the mountain. That's what this was. We're about to go down some shallow slopes, with the Acromanticulas, and then, once the day is over the jumps, trees, rocks, and steep drops start coming into play.

It's looking better. Sorry I don't have as much to say on this review. For some reason I'm extremely tired at the mo'. I've been saying mo' a lot lately. Typing it really. Entertains me.

But anyways, I do really look forward to how this all plans out. You have definitely conflict going, and the battle that is soon to be raging between Riddle and his arch-nemeses should be grand. I can't wait.


Author's Response: Still responding by blkbry. No net access. Dn want to leave review unanswered. Writing this at the beach approp enuff. Apologize for gramar and brevity.

Yep. This is the last of the calm before the storm. The tensions between the hermiones is pretty thick primarily for all the reasons ron stated in the last chapter. As to how it will all pan out...

Having harry beat hermione at her own game ie out "booking" her was fun to write. Glad you got a kick out of that.

Next chapter kicks off the adventure. Hope u can come back and check it out

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #11, by MrsKatieGrint 

27th February 2010:
Another brilliant chapter. Everything just... blends together, and flows very very smoothly! I love it! Everything is just perfect in this story! Really, quiet amazing what you've done here! :D

Author's Response: Another glowing review. Thanks so much.

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Review #12, by AvadaKedavra1 

3rd January 2010:
Okay, another strong chapter. I like it when characters lay down the plan, at least in part so the reader has an idea that they are not just making it up as they go.

Ron and Harrys doubt is a nice touch.

Harry pulling Hermione and Mione aside was a nice touch. I actually thought at some point Mione would get sick of Hermione's snot remarks and the like. I am sure Mione can take Hermione, and for some reason I guess I saw them coming to verbal blows.

"You think I want your Ron, I don't! I came here to save my world, not wreck yours. But watch your tone, witch. I am sick of your lip. Wow, you dueled Bellatrix Lestrange, well I have dueled Voldemort three times, and once with my son in my arms. If I wanted your Ron, I would take him, with this." 'Mione shapped, holding up her wand.

Okay, thats a bit much, but oh well...its funny.

I am ready for them to get back to France, I cant wait.


Author's Response: LOL!

Laughing too hard to type...

The plan was important. They're not kids anymore; I wanted to show that they've grown into professionals. They have major, adult responsibilities now. So, it stands to reason they'd show it here. Glad you liked it.

Yeah, I suppose 'Mione could take Hermione in a fight. But it was a draw at the Battle of Shell Cottage.

Harry really needed to give Hermione an attitude adjustment. It was warranted. Now, if it only works...

France is coming, but first, a slight detour.

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Review #13, by TheDirigiblePlum 

30th December 2009:
Love the build up in this chapter, like the preparation to what's ahead.

I can't wait to see what happens next, and I can't begin to predict it either!

Going straight onto next chapter.

Author's Response: DP!

I love reviews like yours. It means I've got you engrossed and I take that as high praise.

Thanks for the great review!

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Review #14, by siledubhghlase 

7th December 2009:
Okay, I'm a little bit worried about icklest Ronnikins. At the end of Chapter 7, he vanished; toward the beginning of this one, 'Mione's hoping he has a few weeks in Canon-reality before he's whisked back to AU-reality. If he's already been whisked, WHERE IS HE?

Harry's got his hands full with Hermione-squared, doesn't he? I could tell it hurt him, but he had to put on the commander's hat and lay down the law on them. Good thing, too, or their mission would be pretty-much doomed already.

Unlike before, they've actually got a plan; no fumbling about. They're prepared for anything...well, almost. They know all the rules for the most part, so that gives them an edge. The armor is a great help as well, plus they have a better tent and real provisions. Since Harry commanded the Hermiones to co-ordinate on that Talisman Deschain, there's a better chance of controlling it...or at least knowing what it does.

Finding the RS is going to be a trip. They know it's somewhere in the Acromantula lair, and they know how to deal with them--all they need is a little luck and maybe a strong summoning charm to retrieve it. So...all of this said, I'll just read on and see if you've answered my questions.

Excellent job!

Author's Response: SD!

Ronnikins is fine. He didn't vanish. He's at the Burrow with the Grandparents and playing with Teddy, 'Mione explained this to Harry when she got back. In Chapter 7, Ginny tells Ron and Harry that Mione and Ronnie went to the Burrow. Never fear, I haven't sentenced Ronnie to the Clocks reality. yet...

Yep, Harry had to deal with Hermione on her own turf: book stuff! I liked that scene and I'm glad it resonated with you. Ditto as to the plan. I wanted to show that the quartet has really matured. They're professionals now, not kids stumbling through an adventure.

Finding the RS won't be fun for poor Ron. I really hated having to make him head back into Aragog's lair. Uggh!

Thanks again for the great review! Its always nice to have one of my favorite authors drop by!

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Review #15, by lily flower 

6th December 2009:

Well you asked for a review, so here it is…

This story was an amazing story, so it therefore deserves a great review.
It had a fantastic plot that was constantly making you wish for more. Your sentences were fantastically constructed and the whole story just seemed to flow smoothly. I became so caught up in the story that I forgot to take notes as I went alone

-I like at the start, how you just got straight into the story, without introducing any characters etc. I find that starting a story with a proper beginning can normally slow the story down.
-You have very few grammatical mistakes; in fact I could only spot one where it said ‘me and Harry’, when for it to be correct it should be ‘Harry and I’. But it’s insignificant compared to the rest of the story.
- I really like the idea of harry and Ginny’s link in their minds, I thought it was really creative
-So far I absolutely love the plot line, I think it is genius

I love it and I can’t wait to read more!

Sorry it isn’t very long, but I think this story is fantastic!

Lily flower
If you have any questions just message me.

Author's Response: Hi Lily!

Thanks for such an amazing review! I really don't know what to say.

I usually prefer to start my stories off with a bang, so I'm really glad you liked that.

The story is completed, 18 chapters, but I'm still editing and tweaking the last four. My plan is to post one or two chapters every weekend until its all up. I may post another chapter today (December 6).

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Karkaroff 

5th December 2009:
I liked how you wrote this chapter and please update soon thanks as I am enjoying the story. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and thanks for coming back!

The next chapter, "The Battle of the Forbidden Forest" will either get posted this weekend or next. I'm not sure which. Its got a little of everything, duels, brooms, Hogwarts and lots and lots of Acromantulas (bad news for Ron!)

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Review #17, by 1917farmgirl 

5th December 2009:
So glad it's back!

And, it's so good I'm having to write this review as I read. Really wish I could move this box along with me.

Oh, poor "Mione! That had to be SO incredibly hard, seeing the Weasleys and her parents again like that! At least Ronnie is safe for a bit (I hope. With you I'm never sure.)

Okay, I'm getting really worried about this merging of realities you keep threatening. What happens if that starts? Do people who are dead in one reality start disappearing from the other? Of do the bad guys in one just get free reign in the other? What about people who AREN'T dead in one? Do they merge? Ugh! The suspence is killing me!

That armor is seriously cool! I think that's one of the best ideas you've come up with! Do you market that? hehehehe

Oh, poor, jealous Hermione. The girl is so sensible and grounded, but the one thing that can make her completely lose her head (and perspective) is Ron. I don't envy Ron on this trip...

As for the shrinking of all the gear to fit nicely into the pouches... Magic is so cool. :) (Sometimes a bit TOO easy, plot wise, if you catch my drift, but oh so cool...)

This conversation was great!

Thanks, Harry.

He turned to Hermione, When you were at the Ministry, did you talk to Kingsley?

Yes. He’s been briefed; he knows what’s going on.

Good. Any messages or directives?

Three words: Head Auror’s Discretion. He trusts your judgment.

Harry nodded.
< I love Kingsley! (how could you even suggest I turn him evil?) And I love that people are finally treating Harry like he knows what he's doing. That's one of my few pet peeves with the books. Why did they never believe him when he told them something? Sure, he's a kid, but look at his track record? (sorry about the little squares. I can't make them go away...)

Hehehehe, nicking George's broom. Beware the wrath when you return, little bro...

'Hex first and as questions later.' , no gloves this time, huh. I really love how you are building all this up! A lot of people would have skipped a preparation chapter like this, but I love it! It shows that they aren't going in blindly, and it shows how well they work together (well, most of them :) .)

Always wondered about the Goblins and that blasted sword. Go McGonagall!

So, are they going to get the Elder Wand and Stone from this reality? Or the next one? Because on the one hand, looking around stuff in this one is much more pleasant...but they don't have much time, do they? And in the next one, who says Voldy hasn't already found the Stone?

oooh...Harry going all formal on Hermione like that! A wonderful touch! Go Harry! Girls, please listen to him...

That was a wonderfully fun chapter to read! This story is brilliant and I can't wait for more! To post a chapter tomorrow or not? Can I vote? POST!

Author's Response: Howdy Farmgirl!

Ronnie safe? Well.

As to the effects of the merge (when it happens or if it happens), that gets addressed in Chapter 10. No further will I say. But, I think you'll like what I do with it.

I do stretch Hermione's character a bit here, and even more later. But it ocurred to me that the one thing that always made her irrational at Hogwarts was Ron. So it made sense that her double showing up and threatening the relationship she has with him would throw her for a pretty severe loop. The rational Hermione we all know so well, is completely irrational when it comes to love; just like us mere mortals.

Thanks for the praise of Harry finally coming into his own. At this point, I think its definitely time for him to take his place in the wizarding world, and to feel comfortable doing it. Heck, its been four years since the Battle of Hogwarts and he's not a kid anymore (if he ever was). His opinion matters and people listen. Even Hermione; he knew he would have to meet her on her own turf to get her to ease up for the good of the team. That is, he had to cite her chapter and verse from the Rule Book (The Security Charter of 1609). Basically, he had to "out-book" her here, and it worked. For the most part.

Kingsley would still make a great turncoat! You should give it some thought for your story. But, rest assured, he's a good guy in this tale.

George's broom? Well, they can always blame Ginny. Even George isn't brave enough to take her on!

I thought the prep was important for all the reasons you stated. You hit it right on the head. I wanted to show them as mature professionals. Even though they're pressed for time, they aren't just leaping in blind. That's key. Additionally, I wanted to build on the tension and the uneasy peace between the two Hermiones, with Ron caught in the middle. I wanted it clear that the potential for trouble on this trip because of that is HUGE. Added to this is the fact that neither Ron nor Harry want to take ANY chances by putting their women in the line of fire. Hence, Ron wants to kill anything that gets in their way. Call them old fashioned.

As for the Hallows, yes, the plan is to get them from this reality. I realized, after I posted, that I hadn't made it clear that Voldy created the Inferi army using the resurection stone. I re-wrote "The Two Hermiones" to clarify that point. Voldy found found out about the Hallows from his Legilimens of Harry before Bellatrix did him in. He found where Harry dropped it and four years later, an army of Inferi.

Its too late for me to post another chapter today, but I'm seriously considering posting another on December 6. We'll just have to see...

Thanks for the great review!

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Review #18, by Sirius Black Dog 

5th December 2009:
Love it. Are you going to keep writing? I think you have a real talent and enjoyed reading this story emensely :)
Please keep writing i'm on the edge of my seat.

Author's Response: Hi Sirius! Thanks for the great review!

I really like hearing praise like that (who doesn't?).

Am I going to keep writing? I think I can give you a definite "Yes" to that question. This story is already finished, so I promise you, you won't be left hanging. I intend to post at least a chapter a week, usually over the weekends, and am debating whether to post another chapter to this story on December 5.

As for other projects, I have a few ideas kicking around. Both of my current ideas for this timeline come from Chapter 2 of this story, "A Better Place." One is to write a one-shot or short story about the Battle of the Pitch. The other is a shorty about Angelina's Angels. I thought that could be fun. But I don't have any firm plots for them. Yet.

Currently, I'm brainstorming with some of my favorite authors, (justanothermuggle, siledubhghlase and AvadaKedavra1) on a collaboration for an epic Post-Hogwarts tale. I can't give you any details without violating the sanctity of our chat sessions, so no more will I say.

As for you being on the "edge of your seat." I can promise you this: there will be fight scenes, intrigue and angst a-plenty in the next chapters. As I'm sure everyone expects there to be a monumental show down between Harry and Voldy, Elder Wand v. Elder Wand, I will let a few small cats out of the bag.

The climactic battle is already over 5000 words long, and I'm still tweaking it. The whole chapter was inspired by "Duel of the Fates" by John Williams (one of the few good things to come out of Phantom Menace, in my humble opinion). In fact, it was so inspiring, I suggest it as a soundtrack for the chapter in an author's note.

No more shall I say! If you haven't checked out the prequel to this story, Stop All The Clocks, I hope you do. I'd really like to hear your thoughts about it; I think its quite a ride (but, I'm biased).

Next Chapter: "The Battle of the Forbidden Forest"

Thanks for the great review and I look forward to hearing from you again!

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Review #19, by Manwe Valarian 

4th December 2009:
Cool Chapter. I liked the idea of the preparation. I don't know if you have this planned, but, since both Hermione's are split from the same person by a shift in relalities, it would become interesting if they started reading each others minds. It would be originally the same mind. Or their thoughts and actions show up in the other. 'Mione trys to stun someone, but the Spell comes from Hermione's wand. Hermione goes to sneeze and 'Mione also sneezes. Just a thought of where that could go during a battle. It could also yield benifits when they think and see the same things.

Author's Response: Hello Manwe (I assume you're a JRRT fan. I share the sentiment)!

Your suggestion for a flourish regarding mind reading/bonding is intriguing. I struggled long and hard to try to figure out what the ramifications would be for Hermione and 'Mione with the cross-over.

The story is finished, although I'm still editing the final ten chapters to make sure I haven't missed anything continuity-wise in this story, or the prequel, Stop All The Clocks.

Rest assured, however, that there will be ramifications for tinkering with the realities. Your insights are not far off from where my muse took me. Actually, "where my muse dragged me after walloping me over the head" is probably more accurate. I hope you like how it pans out. But you'll have to wait until Chapter 10 to see it.

I really like reviews like yours because its always interesting to me to see how other creative folks anticipate plot twists and turns. Thanks for leaving such a great review!

I intend to update with one or two chapters per weekend (I'm still debating whether to post another chapter on December 5), so I hope you come back when I get a new chapter up.

Next Chapter: "The Battle of the Forbidden Forest."

Thanks again!

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