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Review #1, by alias093001 

5th August 2011:
Just by the way you've described Ava, she sounds horribly twisted. In fact, I would hazard to say that she's almost as twisted as Grimm Malfoy himself. Her leadership makes the Stone brothers dangerous.

Hermione's actions, while brave are rather stupid. For all she knows, someone could be on the other side of her escape route. I know she's former Gryffindor, but she should really think ahead. Think more Slytherin maybe.

alias093001, Slytherin.

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Review #2, by Blue Biro 

9th May 2010:
oh, whatever will happen next!
must find out!
as always: impossible to describe just how amazing you are, i give up trying!
you rock!
your biggest fan becky!
100 million/10!

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Review #3, by Jayden Joshlin 

31st March 2010:

It's been 3 long months. I enjoy how different the plot is in this story, and I would like to see where it is going.
The suspense is killing me.


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Review #4, by kerrylee 

15th March 2010:
more plze thats so adictive!

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Review #5, by Katie 

21st February 2010:
I love this--so unique. I am very excited to see how the rest of the story plays out. I don't give a ten out of ten often. :)

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Review #6, by dracoishot 

4th January 2010:
Geez are u gonna tell me if that was gonna work! I am not a patient lady and if ya not gonna start putting up more chaps I'm just gonna leave.PS. That was good

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Review #7, by Erminia 

30th December 2009:
Whoot, a cliffhanger! Awesome ending there. :D
You really nail the action scenes - they're excellent. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #8, by Chaya09 

29th December 2009:
I LOVE THIS STORY!! It's very different and original! Please update soon!!!

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Review #9, by mary-louise 

24th December 2009:
very good story, you should update it soon.

1000/10 :)

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Review #10, by Hilary 

15th December 2009:
Oh, God, this is amazing. I'm loving every bit of this story and I just can't believe you ended the chapter like that! Please, pretty please, update soon, or I'll die of curiosity in here ;)
10/10, definitely.

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Review #11, by gitgit 

15th December 2009:
oh snap
what an ending that was definitely an interesting chapter and i wonder how hermione's plan will work!

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Review #12, by Ardeel 

14th December 2009:
Gah the cliffy! lol I hope you update soon!

Great chapter, lots of action! =)

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Review #13, by una 

14th December 2009:
love it!! keep writing!! this story is really really good!

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Review #14, by alannalove2009 

14th December 2009:
wth?!? i am so lost! and confused! but this story is so good! YAY! =]! I think it is so cool about Hermione's dad! Update soon!

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Review #15, by Shaz4him 

12th December 2009:
Aah! No!!! It stopped! I cannot wait for the next chapter. Oh my god. I can't. I simply can't. This is amazing!

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Review #16, by Midnight Writer 

11th December 2009:
You are a brilliant writer, I'm not going to lie.

I'm a very creative person, but I really don't know how you come up with this stuff. It's amazing, really. This story is exciting and I really, really love it.

I didn't see any grammatical/spelling/punctuation/etc errors, though I was so intrigued that I could have missed some. I can't wait until you update again.

Excellent job, hon.
~Midnight Writer

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Review #17, by Avanell 2 

9th December 2009:
Awesome, awesome update! Oh, cannot wait to read how this turns out!

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Review #18, by onyx_rose 

9th December 2009:
This is so amazing!! Please update again soon!!

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Review #19, by mikalily 

8th December 2009:
i wanna know if hermione has a power! keep going i like it!

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Review #20, by LittleMissRachel 

8th December 2009:
Eep! I was so, so excited to see this updated! :D

Your chapters are all so very interesting! I love the ending of this one especially. Your attention to detail and oyour action sequences are amazing!

Update soon!

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