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Review #1, by Capella Black 

7th August 2011:
Yes! Just when it was confusing the heck out of me, you decided to come along and properly confuse the heck out of me. This is awesome, because I now can be certain I'm supposed to be confused. I really should have more faith, I guess.

As a firm fan of SATC (wow, you share that acronym!), I have been nervously awaiting the moment when it all goes pair-shaped, and this hasn't disappointed. The ending is brilliantly edgy and leaves me desperate to click next, but that just wouldn't be fair.

Not without first waxing endlessly about the characterisations in this chapter. Mr and Doctor G are phenomenal! The idea of him being a muggle Arthur is inspired, and her being the clear Hermione-model then fits it all together perfectly. And Hermione herself - well the line about not using unapproved spells in response to someone commenting that she had in fact invented it was just like something straight out the original series, but fast forwarded on four years! Loved it.

So, the next button is calling me...

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: By the time you read this, I'm sure you'll have figured out what's going on.

SATC - Awesome! I've never seen Clocks in acronym form before. took me a minute and then my brain clicked over. LOL!

Yes, keep in mind this tale is the sequel to Clocks. But...well...hmmm. Maybe I'll wait till next chapter's response to address this. But I will say this. I was writing this tale for two audiences: those that read SATC and those that didn't. more on that later, tho.

Mr. G is my favorite. So glad you liked him! It just seemed the perfect justificiation for the R/Hr pairing, that Mr. G would be a Muggle Arthur, a lost Weasley. And Dr. G? well of course she's gotta be a carbon copy of Hermione. Really, really psyched you liked all that!

I really do love Hermione - she is just a great character all around. Whenever I have a problem plot-wise, I can always have her explain it, and it's believable. And I couldn't help poke some fun at her stern/bossiness here (and have her except the joke and laugh along with the gang) The Quartet has come a long way. They're still young, but they've grown and matured.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next chapter!


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Review #2, by LilyGreenEyes 

27th April 2011:
Another fantastic chapter! I loved the revelling at the party, and the time the respective kids spent with their parents was brilliantly written and a fabulous touch. Being my daddy's little girl and knowing how protective he can be I think you really got the nail on the head with the speeches given by the fathers. They were lovely to read and really written sensitively, and with real empathy that was a delight to see.

Molly and Kathy telling them all about how to be 'proper' wives did make me giggle, cause I know that's what I'll be like if I am ever graced with a little girl, so it's really lovely to see all the muggle 'ways' mixed in with the wizarding world. It's beautifully woven together and is seamless.

I LOVE their uncontrollable urges, sneaking off to Shell Cottage, and Bill nearly walking in; perfect bit of humour to shake off the last of the lovey dovey bits and remind us what they're really like! Ron really is fantastically written, as I can imagine several big brothers would be mortified by hearing those noises!

But.duh duh duh! Hermione, with a baby.it could only be from the first chapter! Aha! I get it now! I actually thought you would do something much worse and have some last resurgence of Death Eater's crashing the party, but this was a shocker in itself! A reminder that in a paralell universe life isn't so peachy, and I cannot wait to see how this twist progresses!

Another brilliant chapter, cliff hanger, and looking forward to the next ones! Well done on hooking me, I was watching the Snooker World Champs but I've had to minimise it, listen to commentary and carry on reading this instead, you've hooked me proper this time!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the praise of the family dynamic here and the father's speeches - I'm dreading having to give one like that. Hopefully we can put that day off - for 30 or 40 years ;)

Glad you're liking the little flourishes too, like Ron's "not listening" line - hehehe.

Yep. Parallell (Sp?) universes - that was really the only way I could find to fix everything I broke in Clocks. But, before I give too much away...

Thanks so much for this awesome review! And I'm glad I've got you rivetted.


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Review #3, by Mintleaf 

13th April 2011:
I must seem terribly annoying, gushing so fervently over your writing all the time, but I cant help it. Sorry! It's just really, really good haha.

Somehow you've seemed to link up so many relationships, and are incorporating so many characters while still maintaining so much depth! It's amazing!

I will add though, when I said I may have clued on from reading chapter two, it was only a tiny inkling so don't be all too impressed haha! The title of chapter six was the tip off for me really, though haha.

Anyway, I'm positively itching to read more, but I'm torn between continuing this now and going back to 'Stop All the Clocks' later, or reading it now and coming back to this! What a conundrum.

I'll stop babbling now and end with saying I'm surprised someone so fond of action pays attention to the amount of detail you did with the decorations. It's nice to see haha :)

Author's Response: Annoying? Absolutely not! Flattering, it really is.

My best advice as to what to read next? I'd read Clocks first, then pick up with the last part of this chapter when Ron goes to Shell Cottage - just my opinion but I find it has more emotional "umph" that way.

Oh, I can't take credit for the decorations - I got some help, from Georgia Weasley if memory serves; she suggested the flowers. I thought it really pulled the decor together. Don't you? LOL!

Hang on tight, the ride gets REALLY bumpy from here on out!

Great to hear from you again.


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Review #4, by melian 

17th August 2010:
Ooh, drama! I can only assume that either there is some polyjuice potion being employed or a timeturner managed to escape being destroyed at the Ministry back in fifth year. Because let's face it, there are NOT two Hermiones. Hmmm. *reads author note again* Parallel universe? Yes, that could be it. It draws in the first chapter and explains the connection between the two worlds, and also what that amulet did. Darn you, Eldy! You're making me think!!

Aside from that, I enjoyed this chapter. I laughed when Harry and Ron made a beeline for the food - in some ways, boys never grow up, do they? And the laughing gas too, which explained the bond between Arthur and Mr G very well, and also explained the mushy father-of-the-bride speeches they came out with. I do NOT believe that they were absolutely sober when they said all that - I'm sure it was heartfelt but most people need at least a little um - lubrication - before they say that in front of a group, even if it IS family.

I would write more but I want to read the next chapter. Onwards I go.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: This chapter always gets the same response: "I'd write more but I want to get to the next." I love reading that! No higher praise than a page-turner admission. Thanks!

Mr. G was about my favorite to write. I just loved the idea he's a "Lost Weasley," as I think it finally puts to rest any concerns one might have about the plausibility of the R/Hr ship, which is my favorite.

Were the dads lubricated? Of Course. LOL! And mushy or no, those speeches do set the tenor of the tale from here out.

As to Harry and Ron's eating habits, I did want to show that, despite the huge amount of responsibility they shoulder, they are still hardly more than kids. Key really.

As to another Hr showing up, all is revealed in the next chapter.

Thanks for this great review!


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Review #5, by Miss Lily Potter 

15th August 2010:
Oh, wow. So this is where they meet. The stories, I mean.

Huh. I like this. But before I talk about the end, I'll go back to the beginning.

I liked the speech that was given. It was sweet and incredibly realistic. But kind of sad, I got teary-eyed.

The laughing gas had me cracking up. I love that Hermione's dad is an honorary Weasley. xD

And Harry calling Molly "Mum" was so sweet. (:

And now to the end. Oh my goodness. So the Hermione from Clocks thinks he's the Ron from Clocks, I assume? But he's not... The first chapter all makes sense, within the context in the story, except that I was hoping something like this would happen. (:

Ah. I have to read on.

Author's Response: Thanks for backing up and talking about the rest of this chapter. The two hermiones showing up at shell cottage usually throws everyone for a loop and they tend not to comment on the previous part of the chapter. I find it flattering, of course, but I just get so curious as to how the rest of the chapter plays with my readers.

Mr. G was the most fun I had with this tale. I just thought it made infinite sense as justification for the R/Hr ship if he was "Weasleylike." As for the laughing gas, well, I just couldn't resist. Great that I got you laughing!

The speeches. I'm glad you liked those. I've gotten some less than favorable feed back on them, but I always thought they worked.

So what's up with the Hr from Clocks? You'll soon see! All the answers are in the next chapter.


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Review #6, by PrincessPadfoot 

16th July 2010:
:O jfdshuifernkvhuiedshjkfwhekjfw okay now that I've calmed down a bit let's go in order shall we?

I really like that the Grangers have blended in with the Weasleys. Oftentimes they are left on the sidelines and not even mentioned which is weird considering they are Hermione’s parents and I thought that she was rather close to them.

Hehe Mr. G or the other George sounds fun!! I’m glad he and Ron get along :) hahhahahahha the man cave. AWESOME. Because every man needs a cave. :P Do you have a man cave?

Aww the speech was amazing. SO heartfelt and so in character for both men. Job well done TEW!!

Okay now for the freakout. Holy craping crap crap!!! I can say crap right? Like it's not against the rules? I don't know. I hope not. Anyways!!

Two Hermiones in one place at the same time is NEVER a good sign!! So this is the Hermy from chapter 1?? I hope...maybe...

Okay so on to chapter 6!!


Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you backed up. Most folks are so "OMG!" when the other Hermione shows up, they forget all the other stuff in this chapter. LOL!

The Grangers. Absolutely loved them, really got to stretch my legs a bit writing them too. Glad you liked it. I just couldn't resist making Mr. G a "lost weasley." It just seemed to me that would be a brilliant way to explain the R/Hr ship. That is, if Hermione's dad was like the Weasleys it would make sense why she would fall for Ron.

Man cave, do I have one? Of course! Where do you think I do all my writing? A man cave is a must! The speech. Yep, I'm dreading having to give one like that...

The freakout. Can you say that? I think so. Hold on tight, its gonna be a bumpy ride!


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Review #7, by RonsGirlFriday 

4th July 2010:
Aha, it's all starting to click together.

I love how Mr. Granger is basically the Muggle counterpart to Mr. Weasley. And the bit with the nitrous is hilaro. Not that I would know about such things...

Author's Response: The light goes on! Told ya it would all make sense!

Mr. Granger is one of the most original things I've come up with and I am OVERJOYED you like how I developed him.

It seemed to me a little more explanation as to why hermione fell for Ron wouldn't hurt and might silence all the naysayers of the R/Hr ship.

Nitrous? I got all my knowledge from books...




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Review #8, by edward ollivander 

2nd July 2010:
classic case of bad timing. I was wondering when this would happen. I can't wait to find out the ramiications of this one. Addicting story. Happy writing.

Author's Response: Bad timing? Oh yea, big time!

Really glad to hear I've got you addicted!



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Review #9, by searching4neverland 

24th March 2010:
Hello there. You might have forgotten, but once upon a time you asked me to review your story. It took me ages, but Im here, and I come bearing gifts... four chapters - four reviews!

I loved your description of the setting at the party, everything seemed so pretty and soft - I suppose it was the colors you chose. It was a great contrasting effect with everything the left behind.
Of course, that part about the men in the family was a return to a wonderful tradition, it reminded my why I love the Wealeys. And I had such fun reading the interaction between the women. The laughing gas and the jokes about the food, all those characters toghether and Miss Weasly knowing everything that goes on in the house - I could help but think how akwark spooky and even dangerous it would be if it were true for all mothers - well all that, it was great. I cant imagine a Weasly party being any different.

I have to say this little thing that bugged me a little, when everyone was reffering to Miss Weasly as 'mum'. Honestly, I have nothing against the concept, actually, I think it makes sense, but it was just the repetition of the word so much in such a short bit that kind of overwhelmed me I guess. So, for the most part, its just the technical espect of it.
The other part, its that Im crazy-insane-and-unreliable when it comes to Harry and his parents. So please consider this to be a very VERY prejudiced opinion because its complitely personal (I try to avoid these in requested reviews, but I feel close to your story, so Im taking the liberty): I just doesn’t feel right for Harry to call Miss Weasly mum... there, I said it... I know that he loves her very much and that the Weasleys are his stand-in family, and I believe somewhere in his adulthood, he probably started calling her mum anyway... but I doesn’t fee natural to me, that he would do it so soon... and by this time you can probably tell why I put a warning before I said this.
However, I have to say that Miss Weasly’s reaction to this was very convincing, and touching and it made the whole thing flow and fit kinda nicely even for me.

I love how Ron reacts to his popularity, it shows that he has matured a lot.

"Well, enough of the mushy stuff!" - I think I fell for mister granger when I read this one.

I dont know how Ron could handle it, it but I would NEVER EVER pack up the guts to go anywhere near a place I knew for sure that my sibling was having sex… man that would be disturbing! But it was so much fun reading it that I was laughing the whole time... that is until Hermione showed up! You can swing moods all right, Ill give you that! Next chapter should be a blast in the real sense of the word.

PS: Oh, the scene with Ron and Hermione was so bittersweet, It brought back the whole atmosphere that was ruling the first chapter in a blink, just in the way you described Hermione's (Im guessing she was the one from the first chapter, yes) reaction to seeing Ron. And of couse the present Hermiones reaction... I can wait to read the next one!

Author's Response: Don't worry, I left my rotten tomatoes at home. LOL! I completely understand how life can interfere with hobbies. No worries!

Four reviews? Hmmm. I only count three. But, again, no worries. More than happy with these stellar reviews you've left. Thanks!

Now, down to business.

The party was fun to write, but I had to get some feminine help with the decorations, so I can't take all the credit.

I had a blast writing the nitrous oxide scene and Mr. G. was entirely too much fun to develop. As for Molly being omniscient, I share your fear. LOL. My mom always seemed to have eyes in the back of her head tho. I'm really glad you liked the Weasleys here; they're such great characters to play with.

As for the whole "Mum" thing, I just always liked the idea of Harry (and Hermione) eventually calling her that, especially because Harry so desperately needs a mother. Just seemed to me that he should finally be calling Molly what she had become for him. But I totally get your point there.

My adopted little sis, 1917Farmgirl has an absolutely brilliant scene in her story "Healing" in which Molly goes to Lily's grave and has a heart-to-heart about the fact that Harry needs mothering but that Molly doesn't want to supplant Lily. It's about the most amazing thing I've read. I think you'd REALLY like it (its in my favorites).

Ron going to Shell Cottage. The whole recurring Muffliato joke through this story was one of my favorites. I'm really glad his trip for the champagne got you laughing, even if it was a little mortifying LOL.. Also, a more mature Ron is a must for me. As the next chapter makes clear, JKR made it pretty clear that, once Ron got into the Chamber of Secrets to get the basilisk fangs, he turned a corner and finally became the Ron we (and especially Hermione) all hoped he would. Glad you liked that.

The AU Hermione's Arrival. This entire story had its genesis in that scene: the AU Hermione running into Ron's arms and them both being caught by a very stunned and angry Canon Hermione. I'm flattered you liked how that came together.

An absolutely amazing review. Thanks again!


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Review #10, by white_eyebrow 

14th March 2010:
The Weasley clan getting high on laughing gas? LOL! (Why do I get the impression that you may have personal experience with this?)

Excellent job balancing this chapter out. I don't think most people realize how hard Party scenes are - because you must juggle so many characters at one time. You did a splendid job there; the transitions felt normal.

Great cliffhanger here. I'm on the edge of my seat!

Author's Response: The laughing gas bit is a favorite of mine and I'll have you know all of my research regarding same came purely from books. Mostly. LOL. I'm glad you got a kick out of it.

Bingo on the juggling. this was the first time I had so many characters in one place and it wasn't easy to write. Thanks for the praise, there.

And the cliffhanger. I'm somewhat addicted to using them. Really flatterred I've got your attention here.


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Review #11, by Jackson Robles 

9th March 2010:
This is wrong:

"Harry told me." Ginny replied, full of relief that she'd played some part in keeping them all safe. "Thanks."

Grammatically speaking. It should read (yeah, I know, wonderful way to open a review, but I go as I read, so this is the first thing I noticed)

"Harry told me," Ginny replied . . .

Reason is -- is because that line "Ginny replied" is directly connected the line of dialogue before it. So it must connect, hence the comma. It's dumb, and the only reason I've learned about it is because Apop's been grilling me about learning it for my story (oh! If you're interested in learning the rules too, there's a nifty little article in the Writer's Resources section of the forums about Dialogue grammar)

"Just wonderful," she beamed as she saw Arthur pick Ginny up in a huge hug.

And this ^ is incorrect as well. Since 'she beamed' has no effect on "Just wonderful" it should read:

"Just wonderful." She breamed . . .

Like I said, eh. (that's my reaction after reading the grammar rules, by the way)

On another semi-sour note, that 'thank the gods' thing is pestering the crap outta me. Can't it just be 'Merlin'? I don't think Harry ever once said (or anyone in canon, for that matter) 'gods'.

Hmm. Sorry this review's such a downer. I'll pick it up . . . lemme see . . . "Still, I wish Sirius could be here…" this (yeah I dropped the ball on that one) line totally feels superfluous. Where'd it come from? Harry didn't worry once (maybe twice) about Sirius during DH. Why four years later? I guess you could argue for it . . .

But! I have some good news! I like how you explained Ron and Hermione getting together by bringing Mr G. in. You know? I just like Mr. G. Definitely a character almost never used and you make him shine. I like the whole bit with them in the shed, matter o' fact.

I have an ambiguous comment!

And yes, I knew you and Harry were sleeping together the summer after the Battle. But I knew you were being safe and I could see how in love you were.

This line from Molly is one of the most awkward (socially, not wording) things I've ever read. Made me laugh, I'll be honest.

All righty, I'm determined to end this on a definitely super happy, sunshine note, so I'll tell you my actual impression of the chapter and what goes down --- it's awesome. Definitely got the whole family down pat. You write them effortlessly (save a few lines of dialogue with the gods and Molly's . . . truly creepy sentiment about sleeping together). Dang it. Anyways, it's fun. For fluff, definitely good to read. And it's not really fluff, because it's the characters at rest, still. We see then acting normally, before the life-changing action that'll happen once Hermione asks for help. I look forward to reading the next chapter and Harry's brood.

Cheers on the chapter,

Author's Response: *Sighs* Alopex strikes again. Been there done that, read the nifty article on dialogue she sent me to. And, darnit, I've started the edit of this thing, but have been editing the chapters she hadn't gotten to yet so's to avoid her wrath.

Jacks, I figured I was safe with you on that. Guess I Figured wrong. LOL! thanks for pointing it out, I will get to it.

Everybody dumps on this chapter and the reason is, I've listed this thing as drama/action/adventure and this is fluff. I get it; This chapter is a bait and switch, but I do like giving the characters a chance to breathe. And frankly, I love the fluff, just never have a chance to write it, until this chap. And, there are very important themes to this tale that are at the heart of this chapter. But that won't be evident until later.

Gods is an affectation I liked in other fic and kept. Molly's speech on "intimacy" here must be taken in context; the mothers are talking about dealing with their men and their kids and how their happiness (and well being) must always be given priority over everything else.

I have little patience with fic that reduces Molly to a howling pain in the posterior. I think, once the war was over, given everything they'd been through, now that alll of her children had essentially become adults (even tho Gin would've only been 16 at the time) Molly would've taken a VERY enlightened view on her children's intimacy levels with their significant other's, although Molly would've kept secret her acquiesence. Hence that whole diatribe here.

Mr. G. Now he was a blast to write and he gave me a way to add some justification to the Hr/R ship that I think has been lacking. I'm really glad you like that.

Sorry this chapter wasn't your cup of tea. The fluff is about to vanish, tho. That I can promise you.

Thanks for taking the time to review, and I promise the grammar edits are on their way. (You can tell Alo I said that - LOL)


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Review #12, by MrsKatieGrint 

27th February 2010:
Great chapter! Everything seems beautifully realistic! I love it! I feel like I'm right there with the charactors as its happening!

Great cliffhanger also. I think I know where this is going too. ;)

I very much enjoyed the first five chapters of your story and would be more than happy to review the rest! :D

Author's Response: Glad you liked the engagement party. That was great fun to write. Bit of an evil ending; sorry about that. From here on out things get very hairy.

I'd love to have you review the whole thing.

Thanks so much for all the great reviews.

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Review #13, by Laugharama_llama 

14th January 2010:
Hello; Part Two!

So once again - fluff is not my favorite genre. The Father Speech was a little bit too cheesy for my liking, but that's just me and my personal taste.

I did find a handful of this chapter funny, however. I LOLed at the part where Harry and Ginny wanted to go back to Shell Cottage for a quicky and interfered with Hermione and Ron's plans.

The ending was very intriguing, as this introduces both Hermione's. I think it would have been nice if you took a little bit more time to show that the other Hermione also appeared, because I had to reread a few times to understand what was going on - just a sentence or two would suffice.

Very curious, as I stated in my previous reviews. I would continue reading, but you only requested chapters 4 and 5! But this is a very good novel, and feel free to request again!!

Author's Response: Thanks again!

Yeah, the fluff ends pretty abruptly at the end of this chapter, from here on out its pretty much angst, drama and action. Glad you thought the quicky situation was funny. I liked that too.

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #14, by AvadaKedavra1 

3rd January 2010:
From the moment I started reading Stop all the Clocks, I knew this scene would happen. After our conversations about Canon versus AU, again, it was only a matter of time.

I know you say you rip off what others have done with these characters, but you really do write them well...take come credit. I get so sick of people reviewing my stuff, and saying "I just cant see Ron as a leader, thats so OOC for him." etc. So I always give credit when I think people write others well.

You know I love a powerful Hermione. And this situation is such a mess. Every woman wants to know their mans love transcends space and time, but if it actually happens, duh, they get cranky!

I am starting to see subtle edits/changes. I think I know where you are going, but I am gonna read on before commenting.

Well done, again!


Author's Response: It's great to have you back bro! I'm hoping you read and review the whole thing today (how's that for a not so subtle hint!)

Well, I have been inspired, by you, JAM, SD and Farmgirl (man, can she write angst!).

Ron. No More Git! Brilliant minds think alike. Some folks just want the characters stuck in time, unchanging. But its just so darn much fun to let them grow, but still be themselves. To do it believably, now there's the challenge. If you think I've managed it, I'm truly honored.

Hermione. Jealously cranky? Oh baby! Strong? Yikes! I don't know who I'd rather cross, Hermione, Ginny or Molly (wait till you see the new scene I dropped in with her!)

There's only one minor change in the chapters you've already reviewed. In Chapter 1, I have Hermione clarify that the Death Eaters call it "The Battle of Hogwarts." She, and the resistance, refer to it as "The Disaster at Hogwarts."

Otherwise, there are changes, some large, most small, of what you read back in November before I started posting.

Again, thanks for the praise, bro!

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Review #15, by Estelle Black 

26th December 2009:
OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD! the ending is so dramtic wonder what will happen next best get onto the next chapter, The party sounded so cool.
"Potter? I think you're star struck." Hermione laughed. "Or drunk."
favourite line.
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: Thank you!

This chapter ends on such a nasty cliffie, it pretty much cancels everything else out, doesn't it? I'm glad to see it had the same effect on you!

Estelle, I just love reading your reviews. Thank you so much and Happy Boxing Day.

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Review #16, by TheDirigiblePlum 

11th December 2009:
"Don’t those two ever use Muffliato? Not listening, not listening…"

Aw poor old Ron!! :D There would've been a time where he would've stormed up there to stop the nonsense!! I have to say that I'm very pleased he has matured, and would now do no such thing.

This story is set to become very interesting methinks! (Not that it wasn't anyway.:D) and I love how you can write dramatic scenes, emotional scenes and funny scenes so effortlessly. I also read your review reply about how you use music. I love listening to music when I write; I find it really useful to create a mood, so it was great to see that a writer that I love to read (a.k.a you) uses the same method. :D It definitely works.

I'm hooked to this story! You can also really see improvements in your writing from your previous story that I read. :) Haha I sounded like a teacher then! Eek.


Author's Response: DP, your reviews never fail to put a smile on my face!

I loved the recurring Muffliato jokes. I just coulnd't help myself.

I'm really pleased I've pulled you in.

Music, eh? I guess brilliant minds think alike.

As to your sounding like a teacher, no worries. Stop all the Clocks helped me brush out the cobwebs, but I think I'm starting to hit my stride with this story (I hope!)

thanks for the great review.

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Review #17, by blueirony 

10th December 2009:
Awww, MAN. I really didn't want to end here. I didn't. I wanted to keep going (and, in time, I promise you I will) but I just... argh. I have to get through this review queue and I really need to stop reading and actually get down a review. And now I want to read Stop All the Clocks, too. And if I do that, I will never actually review this. So. I am sorry to only have read 5 chapters so far. I just wish that I had the time to read the rest since it's really, really good so far.

That first chapter? Gripping. From the very first sentence. Once I got over the shock that Ron had died (I don't particularly mind when a character dies, but it was just so suddenly announced), the action that ensued was so well done. So, so, SO well written. I could actually SEE it. I could picture absolutely everything, right down to the noises of the environment. It was crazy. It has been a long time since I've read a good action sequence like that on this website. There are only a few that I can really think of that have them. Wow. It wasn't too fast, too slow, too cliched or boring. Nothing. It was just perfect. And it completely had me hooked.

And then we get to the next 4 chapters. What a turnaround. But, again, wow. The action sequence with Harry and Ron in chapter 2 was, again, really well done. It didn't have the intensity that the first one did with Hermione (but I think it's because it didn't have that panic hanging in the air) but it was still, nonetheless, gripping. I think it had more of an element of relief to it, more than panic.

And then we get to all the relaxation and the party. I think that it is in these chapters that you have really shown the relationships and characters. All of them are very believable. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny. All of them are exactly what I would expect them to be like at that age. A lot of authors get that wrong. They still use the same personalities that we see in the books and don't really allow them to grow. You haven't shown that. You definitely know what age they are and the characters really act their age. The romance between them, as well, is really well done. I don't know what it is, but I swear that guys seem to write romance better than girls. Go figure. But it's true. Maybe because you don't iron absolutely every detail out. It's just... real. Yeah. Definitely more real. And believable.

I especially love Hermione's father. Awesome character and hilarious. He brought something light-hearted and comedic fun to the story and it was very welcome. Really, really well done.

And then we have this business of two Hermiones. What. The hell? You definitely have me asking questions. Lots and lots of questions. And, again, I just wish that I had time to read Stop All the Clocks right now because I want to know, I really do! And something tells me that the story has only just started. We know that Ron dies. And I presume something happens to Harry? In the first chapter, when they use Harry's blood, you allude to something about it being difficult to obtain. I don't know what that means. But it can't be good. So, yes. In essence I do believe that the story has only just started.

And I, for one, can't wait! I honestly will get onto reading the rest of what you have written in the next week or so. It sounds so interesting. And I'm hooked. Beyond hooked. Too often, people seem to forget that Harry Potter, at its core, deals with evil. I mean, I love romance stories as much as the next squealing fan girl but these stories are rare. The ones with a thick plot, awesome action sequences and real intensity. So it's freaking awesome when one comes along.

Ju :]

Author's Response: How to respond to your amazingly flattering review? I just don't know, "thank you" seems pretty lightweight...I am pleased and flattered that you liked this tale. It means a lot.

But I must admit to an evil motive for asking you to read only the first five chapters. The answers to most of your questions are in Chapter 6 (maybe I should duck out of here now...) In that Chapter, Stop All The Clocks is, eventually, summarized - but I still think the real thing is better than the Reader's Digest version, so I'd hope

But, down to a proper response...

I like starting chapters out with a bang (you'll notice that when you read Clocks - and hate me for it ;). But, I find its a good attention grabber. Your praise in this regard was amazing, and I thank you for it.

The next four chapters are a huge, and intentional, departure from the desperation of Chapter 1. Stop All the Clocks is pretty much like Chapter 1 from start to finish. It had to be a short story because keeping that pace up for a novel would've killed me (or the readers.)

I'm really pleased you liked the change of pace in Chp's 4 and 5. The remainder of the novel, in its entirity, rests on the foundation of the characters establishment here.

I agree completely with your assessment that the H/G/R/Hr characters are simply not allowed to grow in most fanfic. That especially has troubled me with characterizations of Ron. The characters have to grow, just as they did in canon, but they can, and must, still be recognizable. I'm really glad that you thought I accomplished that.

As for Mr G. That was just pure fun! I'm happy you liked reading him as much as I liked writing him. He was a blast. It was also nice to give (what I thought) was a descent explanation as to why R/Hr are sympatico. Having her father and role model be a "Lost Weasley" just seemed to make sense to me.

Romance? Guys are better writers? I think it best if I just take your praise with a smile and a thank you or I may get myself in trouble.

As for the Two Hermione's, well, that's the name of the next chapter. Can't really go into that here. But, if you do read on, I do hope you like where the muse took me.

The story is finished. Right now its at 19 chapters. However, I continue to tweak and edit. The plan is to post a chapter every week, at least, until its all up. So, I can promise you that you won't be left hanging for months at a time, or worse, be left with a story that gets abandoned.

I do hope you come back and I REALLY appreciate your amazing review.

P.S. Yes, HP is always about dealing with evil at its core. But, remember; love is the most powerful magic...

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Review #18, by 1917farmgirl 

25th November 2009:
GW? *rolls on the floor laughing* Okay, I know this probably NOT the one thing you'd think for me to pick out of this chapter as my first comment, but I'm sorry. I read that and suddenly my whole mind was flooded with images of a very confused George confronted with McClintock and the line "Good party, no whiskey. We go home now."

*Calms self and moves on with the real review.*

Oh my. Hermione, calm down. I don't know how things work in his little reality that's been created, but everything I've ever seen suggests bad things if you kill yourself, even if it's an alternate self...

And killing Ron for huging your other self? I'm sure you'll regret that. So...chill.

Wow, quite the mess you've created here. This could get freaky.

Great writting again! I loved the similarities (in opposite ways) of the two dads. And the happy, family moments? Wonderful!

(Sorry I was so slow with this review. I was distracted by THE most heartwrenching episode of Criminal Minds ever.)

Author's Response: I haven't seen McClintock in years! I wonder if it was hanging somewhere in my subconscious when I wrote this. I'm really glad I got you laughing, especially after the three hanky soul crusher that is Stop All The Clocks.

The idea of two Hermione's was the first image I got for this sequel. It jumped into my head about the time I started to finish up Clocks. I knew the AU Hermione would get caught by the cannon one in a compromising position with Ron. I just wasn't sure how compromising it would be. I also knew feathers would fly in a HUGE way. To Hr's credit, her fury in this scene won't be directed at Ron, but she ain't gonna be pleased with him, either. Especially after what happens at the end of the next chapter...

I've always thought Hr was EXTREMELY possesive of her Ron. In canon it seemed he was always the only person who could completely sap her calm rational nature. Besides, Ron deserves to be fought over by two beautiful women. Even if they are the same one. LOL.

Mess? Oh yeah. Took me a while to figure out how to write a way through it. I hope you like how I do that. Time will tell...

I absolutely loved the idea of George Granger being a lost Weasley. Once that idea popped into my head, it seemed the perfect explanation for why Hr/R made so much sense as a couple. The family moments were great fun to write. I just love the Burrow. It really is the perfect home.

No worries over the wait for your review, which, again, has been stellar!

The next chapter will probably go up on Friday morning (November 26). It's called "The Two Hermiones."

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Review #19, by siledubhghlase 

25th November 2009:
Why is it that when men get together, there's mischief? I love the whole nitrous thing! LOL I actually had a mental picture of that.

Fathers can be so sappy when it comes to their daughters...except my dad. At our reception, he looked my husband straight in the eye and said, "she's your problem now." Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad...

Yikes! Hermione-squared! Poor Ron. He's going to have a fine time explaining this...as soon as he figures it out. Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny are upstairs having a "visit." Yeah. Here's a rude awakening. All hell is about to break loose because we all know what happens when wizards meddle with time...

Anyway, excellent chapter--the calm before the storm. Now Hermione the Ragged has to deal with Hermione the Raging and explain what brought her there. She's got a lotta 'splainin' to do because she has to convince them she's not a bad guy in disguise.

And what of the icklest Ronniekins? This kid is Ron's, but not. How do explain that? Oy...what a tangled web! Loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the amazing review!

Boys will be boys. I couldn't help myself but turn Hermione's dad into a lost Weasley. "She's your problem now" LOL

Two Hermione's are definitely two too many. Yeah, the Hermiones are gonna put a bit of a crimp in H/G's style pretty shortly.

The next chapter will start with a very very large BANG.

Thanks again!!!

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