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Review #1, by Capella Black 

7th August 2011:
Wow, this is quite a change of pace from the last chapter. Of course, that's what leaves me so completely on the edge of my seat. Because anything could happen, at any time. You write the humour and romance just as believably as the action and horror, and so the reader never knows what's coming next.

I am surprised that the questions posed from the jump between the first and second chapters hasn't been answered. So far, that's just causing me to try and read all the faster, but I could imagine it winding me up eventually. Or am I supposed to forget about it? Hm, tricky one, you are!

Anyways, for now I still need answers!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: This is an "aaah" chapter. I figured it was time for the Quartet to sit back and chill. Besides, I love fluff. It's one of my great weaknesses. Usually, in action/adventure stuff there's isn't much room for it. So I took advantage of this lull. I'm really, really glad you liked it.

Ah yes, the "what the heck is going on!" problem. Rest assured, you'll get your answers within the next two chapters.

Moi? Tricky? I do protest! Ok, well, maybe not that much. ;)



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Review #2, by LilyGreenEyes 

27th April 2011:
I love this chapter, it's so loving, and the connection between the love and the strength of their magic was a lovely touch, one I may come begging for in the future!

The relationships between the four of them are so accurate, you would think you were actually Ron or Harry and writing this from your own experiences. I love the way you have the girls, and the boys, and they each do their own things but are still together, if that makes sense?

However, even before the guys mentioned their concerns I had this strange feeling of calm before the storm. I can just imagine it all going pear shaped again in the next chapter and you spoiling the happy ending I have already got planned in my head!

This is a lovely chapter, smoothing things out, calming down the pace, a nice way to progress with a smile as I always put it! I'm a little apprehensive about reading on though because I just can't shake this feeling that something is about to happen.

Author's Response: This chapter is one of my all time favorites just because the characters get to be "off the clock" pun intended. They just get to be themselves without anyone trying to kill them.

I always liked that scene in Half Blood Prince when the Quartet are sitting in the common room, Ginny leaning up against Harry's knees reading the Prophet and their all joking around. I wanted somthing like that only more of it. I figured they deserved it.

I prefer post hogwarts fic that includes the quartet as opposed to being limited to just R/Hr or H/G - putting all four of them together's is just more fun, in my humble opinion.

Again, I'm really glad you like it!


Pear shaped. Why would you ever think I would go and do somthing like that during their well-deserved vacation? ;)

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Review #3, by Mintleaf 

12th April 2011:
I think my favourite thing about this chapter is Harry calling Ron, "carrot top". I forgot to mention earlier but making Ginny a quidditch player was a good move! I will admit I was slightly disappointed that Hermione's lovely otter patron us is no more. On the other hand I do like that there was discussion on the explanation of the 'link' between Harry and Ginny; things like that always irk me if they aren't discussed somehow!

I really wish I could write more constructive or useful reviews for these chapters, but they're just too well written haha. There's just nothing bad to say! :)

Author's Response: Nothing bad to say? How cool is that? Thank you!

The banter between Ron and Harry has kind of become my trademark. I've been writing them as "buddy cops," I know its an overdone genre, but I always get a kick out of it.

As for Ginny being a Quidditch player, I wanted to stay as close to canon as I could and still leave room for a full-on adventure tale for the Quartet. Glad you liked the flourish.

As for Hermione's patronus changing, the back story for that, and the justification, is contained in my short story "The Battle of the Pitch." So, never fear, I do give an explanation as to why it changed.

The link is a flourish I've seen other authors use and I really liked it. MyGinevra and Justanothermuggle use it in their stories. I'm not sure who actually thought of it first, but I know it wasn't me. ;) Anyway, I'm glad you liked it.

You've been a reviewing fiend today! Thanks again.


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Review #4, by huffleherbs 

11th March 2011:
'Reckless Git and Danger Ponce'! Dying!

Author's Response: Hehehe. Glad you liked that. Its one of my favorite flourishes.

Crusade itself has several prequels. Harry and Ron first got the nicknames "Reckless Git and Danger Ponce" in "Battle of the Pitch," a novella that takes place two years before "Crusade." It gets referenced again in the short story "The Proposal", which takes place a few weeks before "Crusade."

Anyway, its a little jab the ladies keep for their ne'er do well boyfriends. Happy to see it got you laughing.


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Review #5, by melian 

17th August 2010:
Oh, the paparazzi. Poor kids, having to deal with that. And they are still kids - 4 years after the battle and Harry's what, 21? Maybe just turned 22? Make Ginny a year younger and Hermione, the oldest, not yet 23 and it's very young to be dealing with that sort of rubbish. I suppose the Floo network DOES malfunction occasionally but let's face it, the timing could have been better. (And also, they could have Apparated to the Burrow and used that Floo, but I won't be finicky about that sort of thing now. After all, all of HP is based around, why didn't they do X instead?)

The conversations on the beach, too, had me in stitches, though part of me felt a bit like a voyeur - I wasn't sure exactly how much I wanted to know about their sex lives, to tell the truth. They were however very real, very normal sort of conversations - both the Ron/Harry one and the Hermione/Ginny one, very much the sorts of things you would say to someone you are so close to with just the right amount of ribbing. And I smiled at the idea that their kids might go to Hogwarts together ... funny how you came up with that idea, hey?

Good chapter. Onto the next one!

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: They were all forced to grow up way too fast, throughout canon, which is an idea I ran with here. Again, a lot gets taken for granted in Crusade, which gets more fully fleshed out in the other Cursadiverse tales (especially "Pitch"). But, essentially, the only Auror left fit for duty by mid June 1998 was Kingsley. The Ministry was riddled (pun intended) with DE sympathizers, so the Aurors couldn't be reconstituted by promoting from within - hence the DA had to step up. This was the same reason Hr ended up Undersecretary (which is essentially second in command of DMLE - the actual secretary is a hopeless git that couldn't be fired for political reasons - again, this gets covered in "Pitch")

The beach conversations are really some of my favorite parts of this tale. I'm hopelessly addicted to Fluff. Mea Culpa. Glad they got you laughing.

Actually, the kids going to Hogwarts together comment is a bit of an homage to TheDirigiblePlums stories. Her next gen stuff is absolutely hysterical. Highly recommend her. She's aces.

Thanks, again Mel, for taking the time here!


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Review #6, by Miss Lily Potter 

15th August 2010:
Aw, another happy chapter. (: I loved Hermione and Ginny's conversation, that had me laughing out loud. xD I like the normalcy of this chapter. Save the press, it was very... ordinary, and that's nice to see, after the hell they've been put through over the years.

“You know, if we time this right, our kids could go to Hogwarts together.”
That made me laugh reeeally hard, again. I love Ron's lines, they're true to his character and they sound like something someone would say. Your dialogue flows really well, and it's just... fantastic. My gosh.

The one thing I'd say is (and I'm not British, so I could be totally wrong on this front) that I don't know if the term "bro" is used there. Maybe it is? But it's always seemed to be an American term, and that was the only thing that didn't sit right with me.

That aside, I loved it. (: As usual.

Author's Response: It may be out of character for me, as an action/adventure author, but I really do love writing those moments when the Quartet are just being themselves. I liked giving them a chance to just enjoy life, they deserved it. And the girls were a blast to write. Unfortunately, their salad days won't last.

Again, you've picked out one of my favorite lines. I love a review that does that. Did I mention how much you're making my day here? And thanks for the praise of my dialogue. I've struggled with it since I started writing again. So, thanks!

Yep. That "bro" needs to be changed to "brother" or mate. I'll fix it. thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks again!


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Review #7, by PrincessPadfoot 

16th July 2010:
SOO!!! Another happy chapter!! The beach scene was sooo well written. The banter between the boys and the girls was spot on!! I giggled with the girls and felt sorry for the boys. It was EPIC.

The connection between Harry and Ginny is a really neat idea and it adds that certain something that they need to keep there relationship on that level you know? Like, after all the things Harry has done he's got to be a little messed up in the head and I think that he would need constant reassurance from Ginny of her love and even then he might not fully believe it. But with the connection nothing is left uncertain. okay I will end my rant now...

Soo...something has to go down at the burrow. How can it not after the hints you just dropped??

hehe on to chapter 5!!


Author's Response: Fluff. My guilty pleasure. Thanks for praising the banter. I really love doing that, having them go at each other good naturedly like that. Its really fun. The fact that you're enjoying it as much as me just makes it all the better.

The Link. Yep. Harry would be in need of some major counselling after the war without the bond. Actually, they're all scarred and you'll see shades of that later. But, they've managed to move on, for the most part.
And that's really due to the ties of love and friendship they all share, but the bond is key to Harry's well being. You got that right.

But now, the war is FINALLY over; time to kick back and relax. Nothing could go wrong. Hehehe.


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Review #8, by edward ollivander 

2nd July 2010:
Still, I do find it disturbing that everyone knew their plansfor the day. Maybe all of the death eaters didn't come to the ambush in Diagon Alley. chilling thought considering the circumstances. Happy writing.

Author's Response: Yes it is a bit disturbing and, for reasons that will be made clear by the end of Battle of the Pitch, you'll more fully understand Harry's concern.

That said, Ron still has a point "When do we get to act like normal people again." Anyway, I'm glad you liked this part - I get few comments on it, but it was one of my more favorite flourishes.



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Review #9, by white_eyebrow 

14th March 2010:
I like the relationship you paint of Harry and Ron. Very natural without being too "chummy." I can tell you had fun with this.

Good pacing here too: the quiet before the storm.

Author's Response: I did have a ball with this chapter. I wanted to portray Harry and Ron as having become even closer as the years passed and the guerilla war raged on. I often joke that the story is really more a Ron/Harry pairing than anything else.

I enjoyed the fluff quite a bit.

Storm? Yeah, there might be a few raindrops in the near future.

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Review #10, by Jackson Robles 

1st March 2010:
Done! And fun, I must say it was. (Yeah I'm Yoda now.)

But seriously, it was pleasant, a bit risque (in a fun and do-it-yourself on the imagination part). I think that we're gearing toward something here. And if I were writing I would put Hermione's (AU that is) arrival at the exact moment the quartet have decided life has finally settled down. By the end of this chapter we see slight references to the fact that there are far too many reporters for one single newspaper.

A good, good look at our beloved characters at rest, though they were subtly moving toward a goal (a normal life, heh). A personal issue with Harry at the moment is his constant use of the term 'brother'. I'll buy it that he's saying it, but every time he does I have to avert my eyes and think 'he's not an idiot, he's not an idiot'. And I guess it's just . . . awkward, I think, for him to do that. Humorously so, however, so no negative feelings, right?

Not sure what else I could rave or rant about here. I'm thinking you do a good job, I should probably say; no grammar issues, the dialogue flows, characters definitely feel real. All the poignant stuff that needs to work definitely does, so kudos there, I must say.

All in all a good chapter. And I would like to add I think it's cool you get inspiration from other fanfics. I've never thought about that. It's a (while obvious) interesting concept I'll definitely be looking into for my own works, you know?


Author's Response: This and the next chapter are crucial set up to get a feel for where the canon characters are emotionally. That's vital to what happens when the AU Hermione shows up on their doorstep.

Also, I'm a huge fan of fluff, but given the tenor of the rest of this story, there's really not gonna be any other room for it except for here. Glad you thought it was fun.

Really glad you thought the characters feel real. I struggled with the maturation quite a bit, Ron in particular. His growth does get addressed in more detail in Chapter 6; essentially, once he managed to get into the Chamber of Secrets during the Battle of Hogwarts, JKR really signalled that that was Ron's turning point. I took it and ran with it.

Too much "brother." Yeah, I've heard that before. May need to cut some of those out.

As to inspiration, my old creative writing prof. always used to say "to write good fiction, you have to read good fiction." Smart lady.

Again, thanks so much for the suggestions and taking the time to review.

Oh, and never fear, AU Hermione is coming.

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Review #11, by searching4neverland 

27th February 2010:
I love the way you do action. It was on the egde of my seat the whole time through most of the third chapter, because the characters were in danger, but I couldnt help but accidentally smile and almost laught at their dialogue at the begining. However, the humor didnt keep you from delivering the graveness of the situation. Why Exacly Harry hates Yaxeley so much, are you ever going to tell us?... Or did I miss something?

Your characterization is still brilliant of course, I espetially love Ron, he is so much more mature and you have developed him so naturally (he always was big on wizards chess, thats why I always thought he would make a great strategests as well). "But there were two things Ron did masterfully. One was tactical planning. The other was watching Harry’s back." - This line totally made this chapter for me.

Now for the creativity - Not only new spells, but new ways to use old spells, its fantastic, and very logical by the way. Of course a combined strenght woul be more powerful! After you had Seamus order that Super Stunning Spell (wow, SSS, cool) and you described the battlefield, the quietness was ringing in my head too. I was seriously contemplating you killing Harry Potter off, because from the way you started in the first chapter, it just makes me think that anything is possible. Now think about this from a writer's pov: how awesome is it that you have the reader hanging over every word you say? Does it have a price... I dont think so!

Seriously though, I was relieved to read that Harry didnt die just yet. Before I read this, I was sure that the first chapter was the future, but now, at the end of the third, Im not so sure anymore. It was Rons joke that made me question myself. This whole air of mystery is really working for me thought. I like it. I urge you not to break the spell just yet, its fun.

Sorry for the crude joke, but whenever I read OMFC, I thought OMFG... I fits the characters though, can you blame me?! :P I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was reading the part about them at the beach. Espetially your description (I have noticed that I have a thing for description lately) is really engaging, and I love your humor.

"A mystery Hermione cant solve? Merlin, mate, I cant imagine how much stress that must put YOU through." - I laughed out loud at this!

This whole chapter was light and funny, very humorus, a different take on the lives of our heroes than the rest, but in the end, was it just paranoia, or did it have something true to it, I couldnt tell. But I loved them both though and Im glad that I had the chance to read this story. Feel free to request any time you can snag a slot.

Author's Response: Your reviews never cease to knock my sox off. Thanks!

Now, down to business. Judging from your review, you don't want me to give too much away. No problem. I'll just ignore those parts. LOL.

I had a great time writing the Battle of Diagon Alley. I wanted it to start as a reflection of the easy-going relationship Ron and Harry have developed, to underscore they're very used to danger now. But then everything quickly got out of hand.

Yaxley has been the leader of the death eaters for the past two years and, thus, has been behind all the guerilla attacks. There's no love lost between him and Harry; Harry expected the war to be over after the Battle of Hogwarts. Yaxley is the primary reason it isn't. Hence, the bad blood.

Ron. I never liked the way post hogwarts fanfic portrayed Ron. I always thought that JKR made it pretty clear that, once Ron got into the Chamber of Secrets during the Battle of Hogwarts, he'd turned a corner and finally begun to grow up. The boy's become a man now.

It was with this version of Ron in mind that I wrote the prequel to Crusade. It's called "Stop All The Clocks." Although Crusade stands on its own, reading Clocks will answer most of the questions that I'm sure are plagueing you right now. However, you can Rest assured that those questions will get answered in this novel, but not until Chapter 5.

the tactical planning/watching Harry's back line is my favorite too. Flatterred you pointed it out. Ron's wizarding chess skills were never as fully exploited in canon as I would've liked. Several other authors have capitalized on that to make Ron a master strategist in the post hogwarts years; I liked the flourish and stole it shamelessly. (justanothermuggle in particular did wonders with that flourish in Death Eaters Quest and Right of Justice, co authored by siledubghlase).

I'm really overwhelmed to have you "hanging on my every word." That is definitely priceless.

I almost killed Harry off in this chapter, so I'm glad you mentioned that. Harry was a coin flip away from dying here. But I'm glad I didn't. I will tell you that no one is safe until the last chapter is read!

OMFC/OMFG. That tore me up! hysterical! No, absolutely don't blame you. LOL!!

the mystery Hr can't solve. I liked that line too. You've managed to pick out my favorite parts of this story too. Excellent!

Paranoia? Well...

You'll just have to keep reading.

Thanks again!

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Review #12, by MrsKatieGrint 

27th February 2010:
This story is just brilliant! I love the way you seem to see them, the four of them. Its just another way for me to look at them too. Your insight on Harry and Ron is fantastic! They seem so real! I love it! :D

Author's Response: I really like writing the beach scene. It was really the first time I've written somthing where the quartet just get to relax and be themselves, take a breath.

I'm flattered you enjoyed it.

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Review #13, by Laugharama_llama 

14th January 2010:
Hello! I'm here with your long-awaited review from the forums >.<

So this was a very nice turn for the happy! What will all the chaos and fighting that occurred in the last few chapters, happy is needed! It wasn't my favorite, as I'm not a big fluff reader, but it's definitely understandable and your prerogative as the writer.

I don't have much to say, as this was simply a fluffy filler, but it was nice and sweet. A comforting change, as I said before :)


Author's Response: Thanks for the great review.

Not much here but some peace and quiet and some insight as to how bad the past four years have been. Thanks for being patient with it. There's more action, drama and the like a' comin.

Thanks again!

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Review #14, by AvadaKedavra1 

2nd January 2010:
See, just the dialog between the characters makes this chapter work. Its not so much filler, or setup as it just shows how they have grown together.

Hermione and Ginnys concerns are valid, and very feminine. Harry and Ron, are classic yet, strong.

I cant really remember what this chapter is setting up specifically, so I guess I will read on.

Well done!

Author's Response: And he's back!

This scene was loads of fun to write. Really the first time I was able to just let them be themselves without somebody trying to off them at every turn.

But, there is a fair amount of set-up in there. One, how rough the last four years have been on them. Two, how their lives have been on hold while they sorted out the troubles. Three, how Ron really, finally, has come into his own. Four, how much stronger their magic has become and five, how much stronger their relationships and ties of friendship are, which is why their magic is so much stronger. That's key, because...

Everything's about to go straight to hades.

Again, great to hear from you and I hope life hasn't been too obnoxious!

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Review #15, by Estelle Black 

22nd December 2009:
"Touch my sister and I'll kill you." Ron smiled.
"In your dreams, carrot top." Harry smiled back.

"Why waste the hot water? I'll join you." Harry replied wickedly.
"Oi!" Ron chirped.

favourite lines they were so funny, Well this chapter was really good as well.
Well onto the next chapter.
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: I had a great time writing the banter back and forth between Ron and Harry in this chapter. I almost didn't want it to end. But, had to get on with the story.

Harry Christmas to you! and thanks for the great review!

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Review #16, by TheDirigiblePlum 

10th December 2009:
Wow no one's ever recommended me before! :D I feel all special now. :) Thank you! You are my new favourite person.

I loved reading about them all together. It was just such a nice break for them, and seeing them having fun and just being the best friends they are was really sweet. :) I love them all too much! Especially Harry, he's my favourite.

Can't wait to see where this story's going... :D


Author's Response: To those of you reading this review who aren't me or DP. Stop what you're doing and go read "A Lifetime of What?! NO!" right now.
If you don't suffocate from laughing too hard, come back and finish "Children's Crusade."

I had a ball writing the quartet on the beach. I really didn't want the scene to end, but I knew I had to get the story moving, so the sun eventually had to set. Now its off to the party.

I really can't wait to hear what you think of what I've done with Hermione's dad...

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Review #17, by 1917farmgirl 

25th November 2009:
Ah, it was so nice to laugh! You really are brilliant. You can leave us in depths of agony with the angst and drama, have us weaping , and then turn around and leave us rolling on the floor with laughter. Amazing.

And a little bit scary, how well you have the female mind down...

'The whole week off, right?' Ron asked collapsing back into his beach chair with a grunt.

'I told Kingsley if he owls us, we’ll quit.'

'Good show, mate. The least he can do for pulling us away from the Burrow four years ago is to leave us alone now.'
< That was classic Harry and Ron. I loved it.

And now they are headed for the Burrow. My first glimpse of 90% of the Weasleys in this whole big thing...are you really gonna have it fall apart there?

Oh yeah...

So, you know I DO read the other reviews, and responses. What's with this "no one is safe until it's over" and "I toyed with killing Harry there" stuff, huh, buddy? *stomps feet again and glares*

Author's Response: I really do love the beach scene. It's really the first time in a serious story that I get to let the characters just have fun and relax. I'm really glad that you liked it!

The female mind? I don't even pretend to understand it. But, I am surrounded by some truly amazing ladies at home and at work. Maybe I've learned a little (and I mean a VERY little LOL)

Again, you've pulled out one of my favorite lines. That exchange between Harry and Ron wrote itself. I really can't take credit for it. That's all my muse.

Trust me. You're gonna love the party at the Burrow. I even added a new "Weasley."

Fall apart? Well...

I almost got rid of Harry. Sorry to admit it. I was tempted to do another Ron centered story. But it was just too much fun to write the whole quartet, so the old boy got a reprieve. But, it ain't over till its over. No tellin' how this one will end...

However, your foot stomping is starting to put the fear of the farmgirl in me! LOL!

Thanks again for such a great review!

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Review #18, by siledubhghlase 

20th November 2009:
Okay, spelling 101: Grimmauld has two 'Ms,' it's "peals of laughter" not "peels," and Apparate and Disapparate have two 'Ps.'

Okay, enough niggling...

I really liked this chapter. Very light-hearted. "Merlin's groupies!" Good one, dude!

I had toyed with the possibility of turning Hermione's otter to a terrier, but you did it first, so it's yours. Besides, I have a blue glow to explain. LOL

How did you know what we girls talk about when we think you're not listening? You are a very...smart...man. Nice half-imagery about the fun in the Wizengamot. I can only imagine what they were doing that Hermione suggested a Muffliato.

The vultures in Diagon Alley brought something to mind that I won't mention here, but suffice it to say I think you know what I'm talking about. If there's anything I've learned from just listening to news reports--and especially sports commentators--it's that journalists ask some of the STUPIDEST questions I've ever heard, and if they're not stupid, they're wholly inappropriate. And most of the stupidest things said in broadcast journalism are said by sports commentators.

Rupert Gingerly. Very nice. Ginandtonic? OMG! I have to tell you that I snickered through most of this chapter, just waiting for AU Hermione to pop in, especially at the beach just as the quartet were leaving. But...alas and alack. I'll just have to wait for that fun to begin.

I'm beginning to think that Hermione's trip to the canon universe is to bring the quartet back to undo the damage. All hail the time-turner from hell...

Great job!

Author's Response: Sheila, you are exceedingly perceptive! No more will I say.

Argghh! I hate my mispellings! Thanks again for the careful eye.

Merlin's groupies! Yeah, I liked that too. Feel free to use it. Ditto on the terrier! And, when are we gonna find out about the glow?? Inquiring minds and all...

Quick Plug: If you haven't Read Death Eaters Quest and Right of Justice by justanothermuggle and siledubhghlase you are missing out! They're both in my favorites.

How do I know what the girls talk about. Simple. I'm married to a Hermione/Ginny composite. What happened in the Geezergamot? Even I don't know, but I'm sure it would have violated the ToS.

Ditto on the reporters. Vultures is too kind a phrase.

Couldn't resist naming him Rupert. That was just too easy. Glad I got you laughing tho.

Further, affiant sayeth not. Just gotta keep reading.

Thanks so much for the awesome review.
Next chapter? Party at the Burrow -BYOC. I intend to post it once I get my banner from Dark Arts. Also, I wanna be at the top of the que for Thanksgiving. Hows that for shameless marketing?

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