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Review #1, by la 

22nd July 2011:
Great chapter! I love how detailed everything is and how utterly realistic and believable the characters are. Definitely why I like this story.
And Update soon please! I only have 2 more chapters to read, and then I'll be dying of curiosity about what will happen next :)

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Review #2, by Emma Potter 

9th July 2010:
I like this story! Are you planning on finishing it! Cause if you are, I'll be waiting for an update. :)

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Review #3, by Winni3 

29th June 2010:
Eeep :x I wonder what's gonna happen when everything blows up. Please update soon!

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Review #4, by LilyandJames4ever 

20th June 2010:
whaT the hell i've been waiting MONTHS for you to update and you HAVEN'T

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Review #5, by Jonece 

8th June 2010:
I love this story. It's so interesting. You are a wonderful author.

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Review #6, by Hannah 

5th June 2010:
seems like you gave up... well...i've given up to at this stage. :(

Author's Response: Don't give up because I haven't! I'm just stuck on a few things. I planned of cranking out an update this week since I don't have to work BUUUT an overcast day at the lake and forgetting to reapply sunscreen has landed me in a dilemma. I currently have sun poisoning so typing THIS is kind of an effort.

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Review #7, by emi 

19th May 2010:
Love it, please update soon!. I hope she ends up with Sirius!! Keep writing your great!

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Review #8, by caro 

6th May 2010:
sooo. i keep checking hpff nearly everyday in the hope you have updated...
but i guess that no chapter means you probably have loads of stuff to do and the next chapter will be utterly fabulous, right?
ill wait as long as it takes for you to update a new chapter cause i love the story so much. but please don't abandon the story. it's so amazing.

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Review #9, by Ellie 

2nd May 2010:
You havent updated in almost a year! why do this to us?
the story is a 10/10

Author's Response: I'm Sorry! I am trying to get updates out but all of the usual lameness (work, school) is getting in my way! Lately everytime I sit down to write it's a paper due for school!

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Review #10, by taps_017 

2nd May 2010:
please, please, please update soon!
this story is fantastic, good work! :)

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Review #11, by Moodymu 

28th April 2010:
You have an insane ability to transmit feelings when you write, did you know that? I can't wait for you to update, because you are so talented that you manage to get me totally involved in the sotry. Besides the storyline is amazing and you've caracterized them so good... so yeah, soon? :D

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Review #12, by sparkypony 

19th April 2010:
Lovely. I'm hoping that Mira doesn't end up dating Sirius, as I feel he's a jerk. Personally, I'm rooting for Rabastan. My one piece of advice though would be, your story is beginning to drag on, because Mira isn't really doing much currently. I would advise you to pick up the action, without ruining the story's flow. Besides that it was great though
Update soon.

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Review #13, by lunalovegood23 

12th April 2010:
okay, you need to update soon, or i'm going to cry!
i started reading this story on friday, and now i'm done with chapter 12 already. therefore, you need to update so that i can find out what happens!
i really like this story, it's very different from all the other stories i've read. it gives you a different way of looking at the war, and relationships. it's very interesting.

so seriously, UPDATE SOON!

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Review #14, by EW4eva 

10th April 2010:
No! I want more... no i NEED more!!! Please update soon, this story is really starting to get good!!

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Review #15, by lilylow 

8th April 2010:
Please update this story. I've been waiting for so long.

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Review #16, by evelett 

7th April 2010:
I LOVE it!
This is an amazing story line and you have a wonderful voice as a writer. I can't wait for more.

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Review #17, by Megan 

4th April 2010:
I can see why this won most original story because it's really original and different from all the other sirius/oc stories I've read. I read most of the chapters a few days ago and just finished reading them today. I love this story so much! I hope you update it soon!

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Review #18, by soccerluvr21 

27th March 2010:
update update update update update update please!

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Review #19, by love the heart 

6th March 2010:
i LOVE this story SO much please continue writing it because i seriulsly NEED to read more!

this story is so amazing i lov ethe jealousy and the fight and the kiss and the whole pureblood conflict its realy well writen

so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more!!!

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Review #20, by AbigailElphinstone 

4th March 2010:
Love this story!!! Update soon please!!!

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Review #21, by Bree ammann 

24th February 2010:
if you don't update soon I think I might explode! I am so addicted to this story! I love the detail and the angst between Sirius and Mira. Update soon!

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Review #22, by RebelAngel123 

24th February 2010:
This is so good!! Why won't you write another chapter!! PLEEAASSEE!!!

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Review #23, by Rae 

17th February 2010:
As much as I love the love/ hate I can't wait for Mira to reLize she's no death eater puppet and start a secret affaire with sirius. Only with him will she be strong enough to leave her family.
Ps I just started this story today and by your notes I can tell it can take you a while to update. So please please update soon!!

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Review #24, by Matt 

27th January 2010:
Well this is a good story. I want more. Please?

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Review #25, by Singer Of All Songs 

21st January 2010:
OMG i am the worst reader ever but i couldn't stop to review! its just to bloody good! Well now that i have cuaght up to you i will faithfully leave you my adoring comments. Please do update ASAP! I can't believe how much i enjoyed reading this, I was actuly gripping my laptop trying to restrain myself from punching the screen whenever Bas came on!

Anxiously Waiting


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