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Review #1, by Sushmita 

14th November 2016:
What a cute proposal! And I must say that conversation between Moody and Sirius was really surprising and honest. Loving how these characters are all growing up!

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Review #2, by girly1393 

13th May 2011:
Lily and James. It seems so perfect, in the middle of the terrible war.

Bravo to you.

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Review #3, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
WOW!! THAT was unexpected. Truth be told, I was expecting the proposal to come way later. Way way way later. It completly look me by suprise! And so did Sirius and Moody's conversating. This chapter is just full of suprises. 12/10 for a wedding. (:

Author's Response: It surprised me too. I hadn't planned on that when I was writing this chapter, but it ended up just happening. I tend to think that when unplanned things just "happen" whilst writing, then it's more natural and should probably stay XD

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Review #4, by Casey 

27th January 2010:
It was good for Sirius to go back. I never thought he was a coward for leaving, only surprised by it and Im glad he went back although his reasoning for it sure is odd. And Lily, goodness she is as strong as she is weak, (I mean, she does cry here and there but shes got a fierce streak in here). And Sirius going to spy on the family, I bet he hates that and Moody with his words...I didn't expect such things from him, maybe a stiff shoulder punch or look but never something like that. It seemed a little out of character but after everything, I do believe he would have said something like that, especialy once I think back to how him and Tonks relationship was.

L/J got to love them although a little too soon to be moving in together? It sort of seems as though alot of things sort themselves out. But in a good way, not in a bad one. :D

Author's Response: Of course I always planned for him to go back! LOL. I can't remember his reasoning - but I think it was boredom, and he was tired of worrying about his friends without actually being there. I hope, now that you have gotten my response to your last review, that his reasoning might make a little more sense now. It's all for James - when you really think about it, Sirius has little else to even try to live for but his friends.

Sirius definitely hates having to spy on his family, but then, he knew signing up for this that he'd have to do things he didn't like doing.

Ah, Moody. I don't know about the shoulder punch - that seems more chummy that how I'd picture Moody, even after making amends with somebody. That said, perhaps you are right about his chat with Sirius being out of character, but I think it was important for Moody to let Sirius know that he does respect him, even if they have their differences and disagree on some things. I'm glad that you can relate this part of him to canon with Tonks, because it actually does concern me anytime I see the words "out of character" lol. I do try hard, and most of what I do that might seem off does actually have a reason for it.

Anyway - yes, things do sort themselves out! I think it's soon for L/J to be moving in together too given their ages and the fact that these things generally didn't happen so young in the 70's. But then, in a few months time, Lily will be pregnant - so I don't think I've got much choice, they're going to have to get married soon! I blame JKR, neener!

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Review #5, by ssdfger 

27th November 2009:
are you like dead or something? update!

Author's Response: Still alive!!! Just got distracted by other things, and lost interest for a little while. Sorry for the wait, I'll work on it in the next few days.

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Review #6, by lastingillusion 

24th November 2009:
So I found this story by the Awards page which led me to your marauderish website (which i love by the way...the videos, music, pictures are great!) and began reading In My Time of Dying there..i think i got up to chapter 6 when it started happening..it would say webpage not found...i was freaking out, until i realized if i headed here you had 26 chapter ready to be read...so HAPPY! Now i have finshed the last chapter on this website and i cannot help but feel frusterated..here you have not gone farther then 26 but your website looks like it has all of the chapters (into the 60s?) all ready to be read, but again it says webpage cannot be found.

I admit i am getting desperate, because i can hardly wait to see what happens next..i am cruelly reminded of JK Rowling and her books, having to wait a year or so fir each of her wonderful editions to Harrys life.so please do not leave us hanging...if there is no possible way to fix your website story please update here! :)

As for the actual story review...I am not sure i can go back and review all your chapter..so indead i will tell you the main points:
-I love the James/Sirius friendship/brotherness..i can definitely see that James is like a savior to Sirius, but also that James needs Sirius just as much!
-I can only hope that the Sirius/Lily friendship will become almost as strong??(as we find out from the letter it seems they have become more brother/sister as well...plus i love that relationship soo please?!)
-Remus and the werewolves...WOW that was a great idea..loved everything about it, but i was glad when the marauders were all together again!
-Peter and his feeling of alienation..i am finally starting to get interested in his character...every other story, pretends he never existed, or he is just somewhere in the background blah blah blah...but with you we find out about his alienation at home with the mother and brother...his feelings towards James and Sirius being BFFs and how Remus and Lily had a purpose in the group..and where was he? what did he bring to the group? thought it was FANTASTIC!..also loved that you didnt make the other marauders shun Peter, you could see they all considered him their friends (tho Sirius could be a bit harsh..but thats sirius) and it was more Peter himself who began doubting the friendship and turning away!
-My all time favourite thing in the story..I can't help it i am such a girl but JAMES AND LILY! I love their story soo much! Whenever anything James/Lily comes up in your story..i just begin to grin. hehe. they are perfect for eachother! I absolutely loved the proposal at the end of the chapter (another reason you are breaking my heart by not updating lol). Can't wait for their connection deeping with the engagement, marriage, Harry...i really am trying to not even think about them dying while i read your story, so that i dont become all sad...same with Peter's treachery, and Sirius inprisonment, and Remus' future loneliness...i figure if i can forget about it and enjoy the story...then it will come as much of a shock to me as it was to the characters in the story lol

okay okay well i do think i have rambled on long enough. sorry for the long review.
Again i love this story and cannot wait for the future chapters...or perhaps your website getting fixed? Well anyways THANK YOU for a fantastic read so far! :D

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you like the site. Everytime I find something of interest, I throw it up there lol. The story is only written up to chapter 26. It just takes me a while to put each one up on the website because I have to add in EVERYTHING and go back and redo links, etc. Which is why I have a full chapter list waiting to go - I don't want to have to change it every time I add a new chapter, so I just did all the work ahead of time. So don't worry, it's not broken - it says page not found because the page literally doesn't exist yet.

It takes much less time to update here, so it's much farther along here than on the site :)

Anyway, I apologize for leaving you hanging with the updates. I'm not trying to be cruel, i promise! Up until I won the awards, I had very few readers on this story, so I was unprepared and surprised by the sudden amount of people wanting an update.

I'm glad you enjoy the relationship between James and Sirius - theirs is one of the greatest in the whole series, I think. James was so much more to him than just a friend. As for Sirius and Lily, I'll try to portray their friendship more in the future. I always thought of it as strong, even when at Hogwarts, but I have so much to write about in this story that I haven't spent a lot of time on theirs. But with James and Lily getting married soon, it should give me good reason to explore Lily and Sirius's relationship more.

I was really iffy on the werewolf thing at first, because I didn't like splitting up the Marauders. But now that it's all over with, I'm really kind of glad I did it! And it gives good reason for Remus to act oddly enough that Sirius will suspect him in the future.

I'm really thrilled that you are understanding Peter so well. His friends do try to include him and they care about him very much, but at the same time, when they all have each other Peter is kind of easy to overlook at times, and they don't do it on purpose and don't realize they do. It really is Peter who changes things himself, you are right.

LOL now that James and Lily are going to be married soon, I'm sure I'll end up writing a lot more of their romance. I'm not a huge romance writer, but at the same time, I really want to include some of that in this story (which I always planned to have some of everything.) I don't want to think about them dying either and it's going to be a terrible chapter to write.

Thanks so much for reviewing, sorry for the confusion on the site! I'm really glad you've enjoyed reading so far, and I plan to work on an update within the next few days.

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Review #7, by Fairytale12 

22nd November 2009:
Update soon??? Please?

Author's Response: trying! I promise. It's taking forever because I slacked off. I'm so sorry. I'll be trying to get an update soon.

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Review #8, by xsdsawcd 

17th November 2009:
update, please! i love your story and i can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: Blah, I'm trying. :D

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Review #9, by art vandelay 

9th November 2009:
haven't begun to read yet but i was wondering if it was a Led Zeppelin tribute in the title, in which case i will read the whole story. if not i dont know.

Author's Response: It's not really a tribute, I just hear the song now and then and like the title, and thought it fitting for pretty much a story about the end of an entire era, the death of friendships and loss of life, etc.

I give credit to Bob Dylan, who recorded the original version, not Led Zeppelin (even if their version is better, they weren't the first and credit isn't theirs.)

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Review #10, by Lizzie 

8th November 2009:
I am so sorry this took forever to write! It should have been done ages ago but finally got around to it.

YAY SIRIUS WENT BACK. I knew he had it in him to go back, he is not the type to not fight and eventually he would have so yay that he did, must have been the boredom which finally did it! :P

And Moony being aloof. Although I don't blame him after the werewolf thing, it isn't as though someone bounces back completely from that sort of ordeal although is this where the 'seeds of doubt' are beginning to be planted?

And Lily, god I feel so so sorry for her. Its as though the world is just being awful to her on purpose. First her parents and now her flatmate can't pay the money. I would hate to think how many other people go through this all the time. It is seriously realistic as it isn't as though characters has an unlimited source of money, they struggle just as much as we do in life.

I wasn't too surprised with the fight between Fabian, Gideon and Frank. War rises tempers and everything, it was only a matter of time before someone else starts an argument. I could seriously feel the tension and anger in their words as though it was happening around me so congrats on making it seem so real! :)

And Sirius going back to his parents. Goodness the man can't get a break haha. But I don't see them taking him back immediately as though everything is good once again, he would have to prove himself to them. I wonder how Bellatrix would take it? Was Dumbledore trying to hint that Voldemort is keeping the Minister in Sirius's old house? Goodness that would be a cool thing considering all the things Sirius might have to do to get him out of there.

And Sirius apologizing! Ah, so sweet of him and my dislike of Moody is gone. I always thought he was a jerk for the way he treated Sirius but at the same time, I understood where he was coming from completely and you go that through wonderfully by his words and what he said to Sirius.

These have to be my favourite lines in the entire chapter: 'And also, Alastor added as an afterthought. You want to protect more than harm. Its why you let Regulus Black go. Its why you killed the vampire you thought wanted to harm James. I was just too blind to see it. You will never fail, Black. Never. Because if you screwed up, I don't think you would want to show your face around here again. If I had to choose one person at my side, Black, it would be you."

Truer words have never been spoken and I think you channeled both Moody and Sirius perfectly and how Sirius really is and why he fights. It was beautiful. :)

And finally I am so happy for Lily and James, I really hope the two of them are happy in this story. They deserve each other so much, its so wonderful that they are finally getting together at last! About time! :P

Author's Response: No need to apologize, considering it has taken me nearly a MONTH to respond! Although it wasn't just you, I am late in responding to everything from November. I saved yours (and one other long one) for last so I could take the proper time to respond.

Yeah, he went back! LOL I don't that was a surprise considering he was in the Order in canon all along. He just needed a break I suppose. I think it would be a combination of boredom, loneliness, and wondering what was happening to his friends while he was sitting at home - they could be dead for all he knew.

Moony and seeds of doubt - this isn't really where I plan to start anything with that - it's still a little early. HOWEVER - Sirius will remember these times later on when suspecting Remus.

I'm glad you find Lily's situation realistic! I love trying to be realistic (as much as you can be in a story about magic). I'm thrilled, and as for the world hating her - lol it always seems like bad things happen all at once, and then you go long stretches with a lot of good.

Glad you understand the arguing in the war (not trying to be short here, but there's a character limit on responses)

I think people are misunderstanding on the Sirius/Black family thing. It only just occurred to me whilst reading YOUR review specifically, but others keep saying it seems out of character. It's obviously in the way I wrote it if so many are confused, so I will have to go back and fix that. But Sirius will NOT be returning to his family. He is going to spy on them and try to find out anything they might know about the Minister. Dumbledore only said he could feign regret for leaving if he got caught - so they wouldn't kill him on sight. He is probably the only Order member who could get away with being there when he shouldn't be, if he's smooth enough with his words. But there will be no reunion for him with his family.

I haven't even decided if I will have him be caught or not yet, so there's a good chance he'll get out of this without ever having contact with them.

LOL I am glad you enjoyed the scene with Sirius and Moody. It's kind of a breaththrough for them and getting along. That quote is probably one of my best in the whole story so far.

I want to write more Lily and James. With all the Twilight buzz right now, I reread the first book (the only one I really liked) and now I'm in the 'romance' mood, but I'm really not good at writing romance. But still!

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Review #11, by spaghettiemandolino 

7th November 2009:
Wow, that was so perfect and natural! I loved this proposal :D
My favourite character is Sirius, so I'm really interested in what is going on in his mind and I can't wait to read about him spying on his family. I could read more about what is going on in Peter's ming too, that boy must be a complex one.
Good one, I think I'll come back to rewiew the other chaps when I'll have a bit of a time.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was a little disappointed in the proposal myself. Obviously, who doesn't want to read it as sweet and romantic and intimate and perfect? But I don't know, realistically - they are so young and desperate in this time of war - I think it would be kind of sudden like this. I'm glad you liked it.

I like Sirius the most too, which is why it's mostly from his POV. I don't know what to do about his family situation, I'm a little scared haha. What have I done??? Gah. it will work out.

Peter is great! I don't have a lot to do for him at the moment, he's just kind of there. I don't like stories that leave him out and I feel bad that I seem to sometimes, he's mostly just in the background, but i SWEAR if I ever get that far, I have really big plans for him later on and you'll see a lot more of his thoughts.

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Review #12, by Lily 

5th November 2009:
This chapter was so good! :) I've been waiting and waiting for James to propose, and this was the perfect way to do it. Just like James - spontaneous, completely out of the blue. The writing was wonderful.
I thought the idea of Sirius spying on his family was good, too. It seems a little different than the Sirius we know from JKR's books, but I think you can make it work really well. It's a good way to wrap up the Minister issue.
As for Moody, I absolutely loved that part when he talked to Sirius. I thought you really showed Moody well. Telling Sirius those things and admitting he'd been wrong made me respect him even more.
I can't wait until the next chapter! When are you thinking of posting it?
Can't wait for more! Lily

Author's Response: Thanks! I was really worried about him proposing... it's one of those intimate things that you want to do just right, and at the same time, given the war and era, you kind of have to figure it'd be a spur of the moment decision.

I am glad you like the idea of Sirius spying on his family! With Bellatrix being such a significant character on Voldemort's side, it has kind of bothered me that the Order has yet to encounter her and I really want to bring her in. I'm afraid I have a hard time understanding why you say it's different from the Sirius in the books - but that doesn't mean I am disagreeing. I just don't understand? It's an Order mission, and Sirius will do what he must, he knows what's important even if he doesn't like it.

Moody is kind of a tough character to write. I'm glad he earned your respect, he always struck me as the gruff sort with a big heart. It's nice to finally have him and Sirius work out their differences, and they still can't fully understand each other but at least they both realize why they are the way they are.

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Review #13, by Allacaya 

3rd November 2009:
You're my hero! Thanks for updating! I loved the chapter. I'm looking forward to the next. Yes I know, I'm insatiable. ;) I liked the chapter like it is very much.

Thanks again!

Author's Response: Thank you! It came out really easily, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm glad you're looking forward to the next, it's about halfway done right now. I'm having some trouble with it, but should have it done soon.

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Review #14, by KaiaRose 

3rd November 2009:
I loved this chapter and am so glad that there will be many updates this next month. If you are ready to write 50K, I am more than ready to read! This is currently my favorite story.

Author's Response: Thanks! I certainly hope I'm able to hit 50,000! I was hoping to try to write a chapter a day, so that I could only post 10 (which would be approx. 50k) I could have a backlog of 20 more to post, and so far, not so good lol. Iwasn't able to finish the chapter yesterday, so I'm going to try today. I have to, in fact, because I plan to post again tomorrow.

*goes crazy*

But I'm thrilled its your favourite story :)

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Review #15, by vivek 

2nd November 2009:
as always, this chapter was WONDERFUL, but i really don't think that sirius would accept dumbledore's proposal. first of all, there is absolutely nothing in the canon to suggest that sirius ever spied on his family, but it certainly might have contributed to dumbledore's suspicion. when you think about it, however, it is implied that everyone was astounded by sirius's supposed treachery, so it is possible that no one had even suspected sirius as the spy until lily and james's death. secondly, remus going to the werewolves is one thing, for he at least felt some kind of comradeship with them, and could sympathize with them. in sirius's case, however, he hated his family and didn't want anything to do with them. i really can't imagine him pretending to help them, even for the Order.

Author's Response: Thanks :D I'm glad you liked the chapter, despite your doubts about Sirius. To be honest, Dumbledore's suggestion just came to me on a whim, and I had realised I hadn't included any of Bellatrix yet, and thought I should so I let it fly.

Sirius really doesn't want to have anything to do with his family, so if I do end up carrying out this plan, it won't be with him making himself known to them. If he spied, he would be doing it completely in secret and would not get caught. Dumbledore's suggestion was just for realism (or perhaps word count.)

As far as nothing in canon suggesting he might have done such a thing, canon doesnt really suggest much of anything that happened during the war, but we know some things must have :) But I think I get what you mean - such as Bellatrix never mentioned it when taunting Sirius? But if she never knew he did, would that matter?

Regardless, I'm not trying to be argumentative and I don't mind tossing it out, but I'll have to give it some more consideration. I do need to get this Minister situation figured out one way or another! So I'll take your thoughts into account tomorrow when I'm trying to write more.

Thanks so much for being honest, I really don't want to screw something up this far in.

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Review #16, by pennyardelle 

2nd November 2009:
Yes! I knew as soon as I saw the title of the chapter that he was going to ask her, and it was so perfect, the way you did it! :) It was a really nice spot of happiness amongst some pretty heavy stuff. I especially thought the part where Sirius heard someone scream and then reflected on his own apathy was particularly moving.

Wonderful chapter!

Author's Response: lol I was worried about the title giving it away, but hoped people might think of it as a proposal of, say, a plan or idea. I'm glad you liked it, it was kind of awkward to write and i didnt want to screw it all up, gah!

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Review #17, by Fairytale12 

2nd November 2009:
Yay, another chapter! And a very good one at that. I'm so pleased that Sirius finally came back to the Order, and I loved that talk he has with Moody, so well written! I'm also very intrigued to see where his spying on his family is going to go. And yay that James finally proposed. I like that it was spontaneous, it seems more James that way, but it was still really cute. Thank you so much for the update, I really enjoyed it. Keep them coming!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I enjoyed having Sirius storm out of the Order in a temper, but afterwards it got a little boring without him benig in there lol. So I'm glad he's back too. I'm trying to think up something for the spying on his family - that wasn't in my plans. it just came out while i was writing, and I let it. So I'm working on that, I'm intrigued too haha.

I always thought the marriage would be spontaneous with the war and all. So much going on, and so much that they don't want to miss out on, I just always felt like one day, they would just do it.

Thank you for the review, glad you enjoyed ;) next update in a couple days.

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Review #18, by angahith 

2nd November 2009:
:) This chapter was so full of goodness and love. I loved every bit of it from Sirius going back to the Order, which I was mighty pleased about, to Moody's talk with him. I loved the things he had to say, I always though Moody was a huge jack--- but at the same time, I sympathized with him because I understood where he came from. But I loved what he said to Sirius, I wouldn't think that Moody would be so forthright with Sirius considering how he is but I think he might see bits of himself in Sirius sometimes.

AND LILY AND JAMES! Gosh they are so darn cute together, I reckon Lily needs James more than she admits it to herself. I was never very fond of her but lately, I've been liking her as a character alot. It was so wonderful them together, buying a house, getting married, all hurriedly and together.

I loved this chapter alot for some reason. I can't wait till the next one comes out. Good luck with NaNoWriMo, don't tire yourself out! :D


Author's Response: Great! I'm glad you loved it. I'm having a bit more trouble writing the next one. Now that I've tied up the loose ends with Sirius and the Order, and got the James/Lily thing rolling, it's time to move on to a little more action. And the suggestion of Dumbledore's to have Sirius spy on his family wasn't planned. It just happened, so now I'm scrambling to think of something to do with it lol.

But I'm glad you liked Moody's talk with Sirius. I think you are right that he wouldn't normally but himself out there like that, and it's just honestly something that I didn't give enough thought to. But on the other hand, I tend to think Moody is a big old softy underneath that tough exterior, so who knows. I guess it could go one way or another, but I really liked his reluctant acceptance of Sirius and admitting what he really thought about him.

Lily is going to experience James on a whole new level in the next chapter. She's never lived with him before, and for now I'm just kind of giving an overview on how different he is. I might end up doing more with it, but for the sake of nano, it is the way it is right now. Gah! I still think people will enjoy it, I just hope it doesn't seem too rushed. I didn't write about them moving or anything, so it's like, the next chapter, they are just suddenly in the house. Haha, NaNo is hard. heh.

Urg. Well, still planning to put out the next on the 4th. probably about 25% written today so far. Thanks for the lovely review :D

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Review #19, by Rumor 

1st November 2009:
Wow, right on time! This chapter was amazing!
Sirius' thoughts on Remus... ugh! I know what's going to happen and it's jsut so horrible! But it seems odd that it's happening so soon--Remus' "adjusting" is going to have to drag out for a while. Past Lily and James' wedding, past Harry being born, all the way up until Harry's a year old! It seems strange that it would last that long when Remus wasn't gone for more that a few months, but maybe other stuff will happen.
Moody... you know, he just got a whole lot more respect in my eyes. I always thought it was foolish and childish how he seemed to have a grudge against Sirius, but now I finally understand, and it's like... wow. I especially liked the whole part where Moody talked about how he would like Sirius, more than anyone in the entire Order (even Dumbledore!) to fight by his side! It's pretty cool.
And finally, James and Lily! Yay! I was so looking forward to the moving in part, but I'm so glad you added the marraige proposal in there too! I think it was alright that you ended it where you did, without Lily's reaction, because everyone reading this (hopefully) already knows what the answer was. But also, even if they had been two completely different characters in a completely different book, it's easy to see how these two just fit together so well, and that it would be ludricrous for her to say no.
I can't wait for the next chapter. Really. This is my favorite story on the site!

Author's Response: Hey Rumor! LOL i have to be on time and stay on top of this if I hope to get as much done as I want to. I have a terrible habit of slacking.

It's definitely a little soon for Sirius to be suspecting Remus of anything, and he certainly doesn't yet. He's just noticed that Remus is a little different, and he chalks it up to the werewolf thing, plus he's probably still mourning the loss of his father. Remus will be back to normal soon, so it won't be some weird long lasting thing :) But when the doubt sets in of a traitor later on, Sirius will remember this time. It won't be ongoing though :)

I'm glad you liked Moody! I think he has good reason for doubting Sirius, and at the same time, really stupid reason. But he is definitely smart, and I thought it would be saying a lot to have him prefer Sirius to fight with. Sirius doesn't fight for any reason but to prove himself, and if he screws up, he would probably be too ashamed to ever show his face again.

Haha, I kind of ended a little abruptly, but I'm glad you agree that it was a good place. I didn't want to go into this whole tears of joy, evening of romance thing, you know?? I am planning on the next chapter to be posted on the 4th (hopefully written tomorrow) and definitely thrilled its your fav. story on site.

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Review #20, by Moonylupin 

1st November 2009:
I really want to squee right now - James proposed! Obviously Lily says yes, but I really want to read that bit! YAY JAMES PROPOSED! I love the way he did it, he just went right into it, no ring or anything. That's how I picture James acting. I've seen stories where he has this elaborate plan, but I never saw him doing that. James would see it more as he does here - they're in the middle of a war, there's no time for anything.

Good to see Sirius finally joined the Order again. I can see this is where the seeds of doubt are starting to be planted. Sirius is probably going to see Remus's detachedness as something more than it really is and, unfortunately Peter will probably use that to his advantage. It has to be strange for Sirius - James loves just teasing him and Remus isn't exactly talkative at the moment. Things should get better, but that's probably not going to happen.

Wow, Frank was mad, but I have to agree with him. Death Eaters go after the Ministry to get power and they've got to stop that. I loved the conversation between Moody and Sirius. It's really great to see how much Moody does respect Sirius, even if he doesn't show it. The fact that he says he'd fight with Sirius more than any of them says a lot. Great chapter! I can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: I knew people were going to say that they wanted to see her response lol. Looking back, I'm not sure why I didn't include it. It just seemed like a really nice place to leave off, and I like to leave some things to the imagination. On the other hand, I think I could get a really nice response out of her (with her mind racing through everything, the war, their age, her parents etc) if I were to include it. So who knows, I might put in a little overview section in the beginning of the next chapter. Or I might add it to the end of this one, in which case, I'll let you know.

Yep, seeds of doubt indeed. Though it's still a little early and I intend to have things come around to normal again (Remus really is just trying to adjust back to his usual life), Sirius will remember this time when everything goes to hell in the future. As for Peter... I have so much planned for him. I can't say anything (but I really want to) but I can't.

I'm glad you agree with Frank. It's a tough situation and was included to try to show the types of things they have to decide on. Whats more important, this or that? It must be terrible to think of all the people that will die to the giants because they can spare nothing to help til the Minister is recovered. I can see the twins' side of it, too.

I think Sirius has very respectable morals. James and the rest of them do too, but with Sirius, it almost means more because of what he's overcome RE: his family. Glad you liked that conversation, I didn't want it to be all angsty or anything lol. But I did want it to happen because obviously Moody and Sirius get along fine in Harry's time.

Next chapter - hopefully the 4th. I'm going to write it tomorrow. I just hope I don't fall into my usual habits of slacking off.

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Review #21, by auror_snape 

1st November 2009:
Moody is a good man. I always liked him. And Lily had better say yes if she knows what's good for her.

Author's Response: I think he is too, but he takes some getting used to. And yeah, I think she'll most definitely say yes XD haha

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