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Review #1, by Secret Santa *hands you a candy cane* 

29th December 2011:
Hey! It's your Secret Santa. Wow, this chapter was definitely different. The last sentences really got me because I feel like Nellie is indeed growing up (in her own Nellie way). I like how she reacted to Remus's secret. From your preview I thought that you were going to have her react badly and that just would have been awful. Not to mention awkward since they were all stuck in a room together. I thought she should have acted a little more strongly though at the transformation of Sirius into a dog because if I recall didn't she once meet him as a dog? I don't think she said anything too meaningful to him but still.

I really thought she was going to break free from Regulus. He's such a...dark hole. His life is just over, you can really see how he plays both sides (bad and good) because you can tell that he wants to break free from everything he's supposed to believe in but he can't. I actually feel bad for him.

Toodles! :D

Author's Response: Heya :) And yep, Nellie really is growing up but Nellie has always accepted people, whatever/whoever they are. Yes! That was a little trick :) But it wouldn't make sense for Nellie to freak out as that wouldn't be who she is. Yes, I can see your point, I may reread and edit :)

Nellie will never be free from Regulus. He'll always mean something to her. And I feel sorry for him too. He wants to break free but he's trapped.

Thanks for the review and I hope you have a great day! Xx

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Review #2, by Rexy 

31st October 2011:
Ohmygawd hmwhy REGULAS why YOU WERE HER FRIEND (hp ref ;) ) that's looks odd really liked this chapter especially how Neille handled it all And naw at Sirius :D

Author's Response: I LOVE HP QUOTES. They're amazing. Haha, I'm glad you liked the way the things were handled. And Sirius was cute. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. xxx

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Review #3, by foreverfleur 

29th August 2011:
I understand that Regulus will always have a special place in Nellie's heart and that will probably never change as first loves never seem to leave us no matter what happened in the end but I hate that with that position comes the power to cause pain.

Regulus may love Nellie but more than anything he knows how to hurt her. The last part of this chapter was just so hard to read.

I'm really glad that Sirius could be there for her. I wish they could just realize that they are meant to be already haha. Clearly Im getting impatient--I'll try to stop that as your story is so well thought out--I know they'll come together when its right and only then.

Another great chapter! Looking forward to the rest!

Author's Response: Exactly! Nellie will always care for Regulus no matter what. No matter what he does or who he turns into. She might not love him in the way she did before, but she still loves him and that will always have a power over her. Regulus can always hurt her easily through his decisions because of the love that she held for me. He loves her more than anything, he just doesn't realize that he's going to hurt her or he can't stop himself. It's just something that happens. But he does hate it, he hates the way the look changes on her face. But he just gets so caught up.

Yay for Sirius! He's always there. Haha! Exactly! They'll get together...eventually. Maybe! Haha. I don't want to rush it & we've still got a lot of plot to go!

Thanks so much for the review! I hope you enjoy the next chapters!

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Review #4, by girly1393 

20th March 2011:
Oh good, she accepted Remus.

Yay, Regulus the jerkface has been put in his place!

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Nellie is so accepting of other people, so it made sense for her to accept Remus!

Yep, Nellie finally but REgulus in his place! It was so much fun to write :)

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the next chapter! I'll try to update soon & thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 

12th March 2011:
i thought reg mustv'e known about the attack on nellies parents. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yep, but he didn't warn or tell her, that's quite horrible isn't it? Thanks for the review, I hope you like the next chapter and I'll try to write the next chapter soon. x

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Review #6, by Ignorance 

6th September 2010:
Just when i think Regulus can't get any more crule :P still surprising me? Hell yeah you are!
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! ;)
10/10 (i would give you more but apparently that is the limit, i have never been very good at maths :P)

Author's Response: Aw! Really? That's awesome! Make's me so happy :)
haha, don't worry, I'm rubbish at maths too ;(
thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by ericajen 

17th August 2010:
Keelsters(: I'm here to give Nellie some love.

Reading this again reminded me why I adoreadoreadore this story so much! Nellie is just such an amazing character. She's fantastic. And her inner commentary is always worth a laugh. I love the way she reacts to Remus, especially when she thinks he is going to propose! That is just so Nellie. But, of course, in the end, she accepts him for exactly who he is because Nellie is a lover.

The conflict with Regulus is also really great. I love Nellie's inner turmoil because she's so emotionally attached to him even though she knows he isn't a good person and then when she finds out about how he knew about her parents and everything, it really shows Nellie's depth as a character.

You, my dear Keely, are awesome. As always.


Author's Response: Yay! I love love.

Really? You're far to nice to me, erica, cause you have serious skills, so it's awesome to think that you like my story. I'm glad it's worth a laugh, that's my aim, life is too serious man.

Haha, I just thought that would be amusing. If someone leant down, I'd probably think they were proposing too!

Yess, she really isss!

Yay! I love writing Regulus, too think he was only going to be in one chapter. haha.

Thanks so much, you've made my day.

you're amazing.
quite simply.


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Review #8, by CessZ 

17th August 2010:
As usual Nellie shocks me with her reactions!!!
Regulus...let's not talk about him...He's made me really angry...
Why is Nellie doing this to herself?? Regulus SO doesn't deserve her!!! :(

Looking forward for more...


Author's Response: Hehe ;) I'm glad.
Really? Not a fan then?
I don't know, it's complicated :(
I hope you enjoy the next chapters!
Thanks so much for the review :D

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Review #9, by quidditch77 

28th July 2010:
It has been so incredibly long since I've last reviewed! Sorry about that.
But gosh I adore this story. And I can't help but love Nellie and Regulus, I don't know why but I just adore them together. Its so sad that it couldn't work.
But I like Sirius and Nellie together too...
sigh.I don't know. hehe.

Author's Response: Hiya! I remember you! Welcome back! It's okay. I'm just glad you enjoyed the story!

I'm so glad you like them together. That makes me happy. A lot of people tell me that, I just had to go and make it a Sirius/Oc :P


Thanks for the review, you're amazing.

much love,

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Review #10, by katebabelovesharrypotter 

11th July 2010:
growing up is both a curse and a charm... its a whole lot of changes... I don't know yet if i like it or not... too bad I can't make it stop either way. good job once again!

Author's Response: I totally agree. In one way i's nice, but at other times, I get sad about it.

Thank you so much lovely.


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Review #11, by pendurhh 

24th June 2010:
For some reason this chapter doesn't have very many reviews, even though it's great!

But, oh favourite quote:

''Don't hate me, I love you.''

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to look for my jaw, I believe it is on the floor somewhere.

Author's Response: I think it's cause I posted up two chapters at the same time and everyone just reviewed the later chapter. At least, I think that's the case :)

I thought that was typical Regulus :) I really love that part too. It just enforces to Sirius that Regulus does love her. For once, he just didn't admit it to her.

Thanks for the review lovely!

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Review #12, by shayrocks50 

31st March 2010:
hey me again i really love your story i wish i could finish reading it but since this site is to bright and lame...well yeah im completely done with this site so I'm deleting my story from it:(

Author's Response: Don't! It's an April Fools Joke ;) It'll go back to normal soon. xxx

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Review #13, by MusicOfTheNight 

13th January 2010:
I have fallen in love with our story
Nellie's character is amazing. i like how she acts, how odd she is. But i also like how she knows how to be a normal teenager, and how she's not perfect.
I love Regulas. I have never really read any fics with Regulas being a main character. I love his character.
My favorite thing about this fic is Nellie and Sirius love each other, but Nellie also loves Regulas, and always will. I'm glad she'll never be done with him, even though Sirius and Nellie should be together. I love how you portrayed that scene.

Author's Response: Hey. I'm so glad you like it. I love the fact that you like Nellie, I work hard on her characterization; I just wanted someone that people could relate to and I'm glad that's coming through.

Thanks! I love Regulus too! He's a bit odd, but some of his comments; i just love how he has two sides.

Thanks. I've took it as you can never truly get over your first love, and you might fall in love again, but there will always be a special place for the first person who had your heart. Plus, they still loved each other when they broke up. I'm so glad you like the way that situation is; it's complicated, but fun :)

thank you for your lovely review. x

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Review #14, by Fireball Nymph 

6th November 2009:
I don't know what to think, So I'm just gonna read the next one...

Author's Response: Is that a good thing?

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Review #15, by HP FanFic Lover 

2nd November 2009:
I hate Regulus.
I do.
As much as Izzie.

Poor Sirius.
I love Sirius.
As much as Nellie.

Author's Response: Clever connections ;)

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Review #16, by Confused Fly 

1st November 2009:
Aww.. I think I couldn't get over Regulus, too. There's just something so addicting about him.. I dunno. Ohhh how I want him and Nellie together! They are such a lovely and funny couple!
Loved this chapter.
Update really soon!

Author's Response: I know. There is. There is also the saying that you never forgot your first love.
Haha ;)
thanks a lot.
i'm glad you liked it.

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Review #17, by (Y) 

1st November 2009:

Author's Response: haha, i'm glad you liked it.

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