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Review #1, by classicblack 

10th December 2011:
Hahahaha, I love how you lightened up all the seriousness (or should I say siriusness?) with the Voldemort war and the drama between Ursula and James with the Sirius/James fight at the end of this chapter. It really made me laugh! Spectacular job!
Happy writing,

Author's Response: Haha, you know, in rereading, that little fight between James and Sirius is one of my favourite moments. It's one where--contrary to what I said a few responses ago--I actually felt great about the way I wrote their friendship. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #2, by Noblevyne 

30th June 2011:
Loved this one too. Though by now, I'm not sure you'll be surprised.

The tension between James and Ursula is great - can't have things get too easy for him, can we?

Noticed what I think might be a mistake: “Pete’s still doing his from with McGonagall.” - I keep reading that sentence and can't figure it out. Looks like 'from' isn't supposed to be there.

Author's Response: Yay, more typo help! :D I'm pretty sure you're right about that "from". Thanks!

I've actually thought several times that I ought to tweak some of this James/Ursula story arc--I like where I took it from here, I think, but the stuff before has seemed to me to be a bit obvious or overdone, or something. Anyway, glad you're enjoying the tension that this aspect of it is causing...I think James may have deserved a *little* bit of difficulty thrown at him in this case. ;)

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Review #3, by doglover 

3rd January 2011:
haha that ending was really funny :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought the ending was funny! :)

Thanks again for all the reviews!

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Review #4, by girly1393 

8th September 2010:
I really enjoy this!

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Thank you again! I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter...if I remember, it was a fun one to write. :)

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Review #5, by Isannah 

15th June 2010:
I burst out laughing when I read the duel! I love this chapter!

Author's Response: This has been a pretty popular chapter since I posted it, and I'm glad to hear you like it, too! :) The fight scene at the end was pretty fun to write, and it's great that I managed to make you laugh.

Thank you again for all your reviews! I hope if you are or are going to continue reading, you keep on enjoying the story!

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Review #6, by Ana 

1st May 2010:
this chapter rocked it was awesome

Author's Response: Hey Ana! So glad to hear you liked this chapter. :) Thanks so much for leaving me a review!

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Review #7, by Kimco 

22nd April 2010:
I love your story! It's the best Lily/James story that I've read, like ever. I'm constantly laughing. I love your creative ideas. Your an awesome writer and you have great talent. It's amazing how your style of writing makes the reader see and feel what you want them to. Keep writing!

1,000/10 ^_^

Author's Response: Hi Kimco! This is such an amazingly nice review, so thank you for taking the time to leave it! :)

Huge compliment to say that it's the best Lily/James story you've read, as there's so many out there (and so many good ones, at that). I'm so happy that I make you laugh, too! I always consider that a bit of a weakness in my writing, but lately I've been having more and more people tell me they think I'm funny...so maybe I was being a bit harsh on myself!

And as for the compliments on my writing, all I can say is: thank you, thank you, thank you. :) That's so very nice of you to say, and I'm flattered!

Thank you again; you've certainly brightened my evening!

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Review #8, by CaribouProngs 

18th April 2010:
I LOVED this chapter, I just sat here, giggling and lapping up every word of it. Maybe it makes me boring, but my favorite parts are when everyone's getting along and having fun. I hope to see even more Marauder action in the coming chapters, and I hope SOMEONE gets Remus sorted out.

Author's Response: That makes me so happy to know you liked this one! I completely understand what you mean, too. Sometimes the nicest chapters are the ones that are just relaxed and drama-free. It definitely mirrors real life in that way--at least in my opinion!

I'm not as skilled at writing the Marauders as some others, but hopefully I did manage to add them in a little bit more here and there...that was one thing I had pointed out to me in reviews that I tried to take to heart. I'm not sure how well I succeeded, though! My real desire was always to write about James and Lily, so I think that's led me to sideline the Marauders a bit...anyway, it's a good place to continue improving, I suppose. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #9, by TheBrightSideofSiriusBlack 

10th February 2010:
Hahahaha loved that fight. I would love to watch a Sirius/James duel...

Author's Response: Well, you are sure making short work of the story! :) I'll take that as an indication that you're really liking it, which is fantastic!

I've always found that I have the most trouble with characterizing the boys--not necessarily on their own, but as a group--but I'll give myself a bit of a pat on the back here, because the fight in this chapter was one scene where I felt like I did it right. It doesn't happen often, but it did here! :P

And yes, it would be a pretty spectacular duel, wouldn't it? Probably very funny, too, because it would be light-hearted...well, unless it was an AU story where they hated each other, I suppose. Haha.

Anyway, I'm really happy you're still reading and enjoying! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #10, by RainbowVeins 

17th January 2010:
loved the last part with James and his friends i think u brought that back into the picture but the James/Lily hasn't set in yet its like Lily still doesn't like him at all but i still liked this chpt :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the last scene with James and his friends. :) I thought they probably would have given James a bit of teasing for being Head Boy, and destroying the dormitory in a duel does seem like something they would do.

Yes, that's the thing about this story...the James/Lily aspect of it does take a while, because I really DO think it would have taken a while before they started going out. I think Sirius said that "they started dating a bit", which really seems like a huge understatement if they'd been in a serious relationship for the majority of the year. Plus, they hadn't exactly been on good terms before, and I felt like it would be better to have them as proper friends before they started dating. I don't think that Lily likes James at this point, at least not as more than a friend...but she'll get there. :)


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Review #11, by DimondMoon 

16th January 2010:
lol that last bit of the chapter was making me crack up
great job
Rating: 10/10

Author's Response: Hi again!

You've made some good headway since you last reviewed! I'm really glad you're still liking the story. :) I'm so glad you liked that part with all the boys...I don't often feel like I capture them well, but I'm fairly happy with the way it worked out here.

Thanks for another review!

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Review #12, by pattybuns_hpf 

17th December 2009:
Awesome! HAHA!!! I can't stop laughing! This Chapter is totally the best, though I'd leave out the ones about the Death Eaters. Apart from that I really like the funny moments between James and Lily and the dueling between the Marauders! LOL!

Tha last chappie was alright, sweet though sad and prettty scary with all that Inferi. Whatever happened to Remus, I'm sure he's still okay, which of course he his since he is in this chapter acting okay. =]


Author's Response: Hi again, Patty! I'm glad you found this chapter funny. If I remember right it was one of the more light-hearted ones, except for the parts about the Death Eaters. I don't think I'm as good as writing humour so that's fantastic that it made you laugh!

I'm glad you thought the last chapter was pretty good, too. And yes, Remus is okay--well, at least in relative terms. Better than he was in the last chapter, anyway!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Harry and Ginny 

4th November 2009:
school is being mean to me!!! now i'm happy that i reviewed and i liked how Ursula was being stubnorn and ignoring James at Quidditch practice.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Haha--school is being mean to me too! :) I'm glad you got a moment to review the new chapters, though!


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Review #14, by Leigh Kelley 

31st October 2009:
This chapter was lighter, despite the mention of an attempted assassination on the Minister. I'm happy that Lily and James are still on speaking terms, and that she's taking his flirting without clamming up. I only just realized that it's the New Year and that they are still not together yet. Isn't that a sort of record for a Seventh Year Marauder fic? Just kidding, but it's rare to see them still at a basic friendship stage with half of the school year already completed. I think you're doing a fine job with keeping the progress of their relationship believable, which is something a lot do improperly.

I like the tension between James and Ursula. She's handling his rejection the way I would expect a female to, and not just going to rush off and try and get with the next best thing. It's good that she didn't just all of a sudden forget about it, and remembers that he's somewhat burned her. If a guy invited me out, proceeded to ignore me, then seemed a whole lot brighter when another female entered the picture, I'd be very upset as well. Maybe she feels, in a sense, that he was trying to use her.

Haha. Those guys are amusing. Honestly? Destroying the dormitory? Sirius's reasoning for having to hex James is funny too, and the fact that they turned on their other two friends for having 'terrible attitudes' towards the whole thing. Now I am seeing the strong bond between them even more clearly.

Another nice read, and fabulous writing throughout. Keep it up! And be sure to re-request when you get another chapter up.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Haha, I think you may be right about it being a record, them still not being together halfway through the year. But I really am just trying to make it believable, and I'm so glad you think so. I have a hard time thinking that Lily just one day woke up and realized "Oh-em-gee, I'm in love with J-Potter!" Haha. Anyway, they'll get there in good time. :)

And I'm glad you like the Quidditch-team tension. I think Ursula's irritation is definitely reasonable...I mean, sure, we don't really care about her feelings that much because she's a minor character AND she's not Lily, but I'm really happy you could sympathize with her to some extent.

I'm glad you found the dormitory scene amusing as well. I figure James would have at least gotten a little bit of a hard time from his friends for being Head Boy, and it was a nice moment to show their friendship.

I will definitely re-request...you are unbelievably fantastic, Leigh!! Thank you infinitely, I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it!

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Review #15, by lydia 

27th October 2009:
this is such a good story, thanks so much for writing it, you make me look forward to times when i would otherwise be totally bored. it's fantastic and you have to keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Lydia! Those compliments make me really really happy. To think that someone really looks forward to new chapters is amazing. And you know what? Writing this story keeps ME from being bored a lot of the time, too! It's excellent procrastination from everything else in life as well. :P

I will absolutely keep writing, and I hope you keeping reading! Thanks for the review; I loved hearing from you!

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Review #16, by Prongs05JP 

27th October 2009:
whooo i got a mention! i love this story - it's awesome :D i love the way they relieve stress - if only i had a wand to tear apart my bedroom with xD. ahh james giving out his first detention - thought that was pretty funny, must be his first chance at exercising his authority - but i do want to know which room they filled with snow XD
1000/10 :)

Author's Response: Of course you got a mention! I like to spread around the love to everyone I can, because I think everyone who reads this story is just wonderful! :)

Yes, wouldn't it be nice to be able to destroy things and then repair them with the wave of a wand? Haha. And really, I couldn't let James off on the whole Head Boy thing without a bit of hassle from Sirius.

Oh darn, I completely meant to go back and make it more clear which room they had filled with snow: it was the Gryffindor common room, of course! I really can't imagine James going so far as to give someone a detention unless they REALLY upset him, so I'm sure he'd yelled down from the window several times before he actually went out there.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I hope you keep loving the story!

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