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Review #1, by classicblack 

10th December 2011:
Yay! Lily and James are friends again. ") I like how you included Sectumsempra in there. By the way, I think you portray Slughorn extrememly well. Well done!
Happy writing,

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad Slughorn seems authentic to you. And the reunion (of sorts) of James and Lily is a nice moment, isn't it? :P

Thanks again!

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Review #2, by Noblevyne 

30th June 2011:
Great stuff. Snape really did end up pushing them closer together. Can't fight fate!

I thought the reconcilliation was just the right amount of awkward, and sweet. And pervy, on James' part. At least he never gives up!

Author's Response: Unfortunately for Snape in my stories, the fact that I dislike him usually means that I have a tendency to really make his life more hellish than it needs to be--like him being part of the reason that James and Lily reconcile, here. :P

The end of this chapter honestly makes me CRINGE now when I think about it...in fact, several parts of this story do, but people often tell me they like the end of this chapter, so I'm probably just worrying for nothing. :)


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Review #3, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley 

2nd February 2011:
Oh, that hug made me giggle like anything, very funny :D I'm still laughing.

Author's Response: I'd like to start off by apologizing profusely for taking so long to reply to your reviews--I really appreciate you leaving them, and I hope you won't think too poorly of me for getting to this so late!

I'm glad you liked the hug. I've always wondered whether that part was a bit TOO silly or awkward or something, so it's reassuring whenever someone mentions that they specifically liked it. :D

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by doglover 

31st December 2010:
haha i love awkward hugs :DDD

Author's Response: Hehe, you know, that scene was inspired by a real-life situation! ;) Who knew hugs could be so weird, right?

Thanks again!

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Review #5, by AlPadfootPotter96 

17th December 2010:
YES YES YES!! Friends at last! :)

Author's Response: Haha--I take it this was a chapter you really enjoyed! :P

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by girly1393 

8th September 2010:
Hugging! Hugging. I just wouldn't have thought of it. It's genius!

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: Ha, you know, I actually always worry that people think that part of the story (the hugging) is stupid--I've considered rewriting it more than once, so I always appreciate it when people reassure me and say that they like it. :)

Thank you!

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Review #7, by yogopogo 

5th August 2010:
this part is sooo adoraable. james :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much. :) I'm glad you thought it was adorable...James certainly has that effect on people, I find! :P

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #8, by Flower n Prongs 

12th July 2010:
Aww. This was so cute. I giggled a couple of times reading their conversation, it seems so natural and... well, the way I picture them. I was getting mad at James for "dating" that Ursula girl for a bit, but then I convinced myself that I was being a bit dumb haha. I almost feel bad for Snape, since he keeps trying to talk to Lily but never being able to apologize (or whatever it is he wants to say). Onto Chapter 12 now...

Author's Response: I changed this story quite a bit when I was starting out writing, but the scene in the staircase that appears in this chapter was one that survived those changes and made it to the final version...I guess I really liked it as a scene, and it's nice to know you thought it was good, too! :) I'm really glad to hear that the dialogue seemed very natural to you--I always get so thrilled whenever anyone tells me they think my writing is realistic in some way.

I feel a little bad for Snape as well, but I always tell myself that he has sort of made his own bed. And it certainly doesn't appear that he and Lily ever reconciled before her death, so it kind of only fits to have a real lack of conversation between them.

Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #9, by LoveTomRiddle 

27th June 2010:
Ha ha, Ursula. She sucks, but you can't help but feel sorry for her, after all, James did ditch her to talk to Lily.

Nice chapter and have an awesome day!

Author's Response: Well, now you're making ME laugh! :D The beginning of your review there made me giggle.

And you know, I'm so glad that what you took from this chapter was a) Ursula sucks, and b) you can't help but feel sorry for her. One thing that was on my mind in writing her small little story arc was that I didn't want to completely villainize her--of course, I don't expect readers to like her, since she's sort of wedging between Lily, and James, but you're right about James ditching her. I love James, of course, but that wasn't his most considerate move. :)

You have a nice day as well! Thank you again for the reviews!

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Review #10, by MrsSiriusBlackTheOneAndOnly 

9th June 2010:
I laughed but i think she should have given him a real hug even if it was half-hearted. Anyhoo, pretty much the same stuff i saw before. It was a little confusing at times, but i still liked it.

Author's Response: Hi again! Glad you're still enjoying the story. I'm glad this chapter made you laugh. It's a bit weird, and I'm not sure if I would write it the same way if I were to do it over again, but it is what it is. :P It's great if you enjoyed it.

Confusing? Please do feel free to let me know in a future chapter if you have an example of what might be confusing, because I really do appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. :) I'll take another look at this chapter and see if I can find places where it could be improved!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Helena 

6th June 2010:
Your story is gret, please keep going! And your writing is goot too :D


Author's Response: Hi, Helena! I'm so happy you like my story and my writing. :) The story does indeed continue (as you found out), and I'm currently posting the sequel, so don't worry--I'm definitely keeping on with it!

I really appreciate the review and your encouragement, so thank you!

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Review #12, by _hedwig_ 

23rd April 2010:
Awkward...*edges out of the room*.

Author's Response: Bahahaha...this made me laugh out loud, literally. Thanks for that.

And yes, definitely awkward. Hopefully you managed to edge out of the room without anyone noticing. ;)

Thank you!

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Review #13, by CaribouProngs 

18th April 2010:
Oh my God I HATE those hugs! Except I'm always the one giving the real hug, which feels much more awkward because you know that the other person doesn't really want to be hugging you! I really liked this chapter, my favorite so far, I think. The whole cold shoulder thing was really starting to depress me. I'm hoping that in the next few chapters, Anna and Mary will reassure Lily about the solidity of their friendship...

Author's Response: Hahaha, I completely know what you mean. And this scene was 100% inspired by a real-life experience. It always makes me feel reassured when someone else can relate to it, just because there are times where I feel like it's the weirdest possible thing I could have put in the story and have urges to delete it entirely. :P I need these sorts of reviews to force me not to rewrite stuff that's okay as-is.

The cold shoulder was definitely depressing...I remember it was unpleasant for me to write! Which is probably why I didn't have it last really long in terms of chapters. :)

Anna and Mary and their friendship with Lily is one of the threads in this story that you will be following for many chapters to come...you may or may not get your wish there! Or maybe you will AND won't, how would that be for confusing?

Thanks again!

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Review #14, by RainbowVeins 

17th January 2010:
YES to all above btw very nice chpt loved lily's concern for James when he got cut :)

Author's Response: Haha, "YES" is a good reaction. I like hearing that. And what girl doesn't feel at least a little bit of appreciation for a guy who puts himself in harm's way for her?

Thanks for another review!

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Review #15, by RocketBabyDoll9 

15th January 2010:
Hello there! I'm back. (:

I am a very awkward kind of person, so I can completely relate to the hugging thing! It's so weird for me to hug people, I just can't handle it. Hahah. So that part made me laugh. . . obviously. It actually reminds me of this time I got in a big argument with a guy friend of mine. The day we made up, he asked if I wanted to hug, and both our reactions were really funny, and (even though we didn't hug) it was a lot like James and Lily's situation.

Their reconciliation was adorable! And very believe-able, I must say.

Is it okay for me to dislike Ursula? I hope it's okay, because I do dislike her. There's nothing wrong with being self-confident, she's just so extreme!

And I don't like the way she handles situations. She gets up and leaves because James started speaking to Lily? Sadly enough, I know females who would react the same way.

You characterize Slughorn very well! Hahaha, he cracks me up. I've never liked Slughorn though, and you've made me dislike him here as well, so kudos!

I also really like Dearborn. He reminds me of a few teachers I've had in the past.

Also, you gave Remus and Pete detention! (: Authors always tend to leave out Peter in the whole detention thing, unless the other Marauders aren't in detention. And I'm glad you had him steal the cup! It's ridiculous that Filch has one of those. He's so odd.

I'm glad you didn't have Lily blow up at James for what he did to Snape. Sometimes, I feel really bad for Snape, but other times I just think he deserves what James says or does to him.

All in all, I really really liked this chapter! It made me smile. (:

Author's Response: Oh for...I just accidentally pressed the back button and deleted my entire response. Yeesh. Attempt number two...

Hi, Sara! Thanks so much for continuing to review...and with such detailed comments, too!

I'm a very awkward person, too--it's taken me many years to realize this about myself, but I'm totally cool with it. And actually, the hug scene was inspired by a real experience! So strange that you could relate to it in that way, too. :) It makes me feel relieved to know that this is something you could relate with, because I often wonder whether it works as a scene. To hear that you think that part was believable is really fantastic!

Um, yes, you can hate Ursula. :P I do feel a little bad for her, though she has reacted a little extremely, as you pointed out. I think she already was a bit on her guard with respect to Lily, though--it wasn't exactly a secret that James liked her. And really, James shouldn't have a) agreed to go out with her, because I think he knew that he didn't really like her, or b) paid her so little attention as soon as Lily showed up. Oh well, though--it's James, right? :P I'd forgive him a million times over.

I really don't think that, after what happened in OotP, Lily really would have had an overwhelming amount of sympathy for Snape. I think he really hurt her there, and probably in the time leading up where he was hanging out with such seedy people instead of her. I do have sympathy for Snape in some ways, but I do also think that he did some bad things in his life, and I don't like to treat him like he was always the victim.

Haha, I'm so happy you liked Slughorn and Dearborn, too. For some reason, I was actually reading that part the other day, and I do have to admit that I was pleased with my past self for writing Slughorn well. Dearborn reminds me of some of my own teachers as well, and once again, I'm really glad to hear that you can relate. I think that's one of the nicest things for an author to hear, that something they've written has resonated with a reader. :)

I get this funny joy out of giving Remus detention for some reason. I think maybe it's because he's always considered the "good" Marauder, and I like breaking that stereotype. And you know, I've never noticed Peter being left out of the detentions in other stories--I always imagine he would be a bit of a troublemaker, so it just follows in my mind that he would have received his share of detentions. Glad you liked that inclusion. :)

Thanks again for the review...and I'm going to go respond to the next one now!

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Review #16, by Abby 

10th January 2010:
I really like that James took the cruse for Lily and then they hugged to make up! It was so sweet!

Author's Response: Hi Abby! Thanks a lot for the review!

I'm glad you found this chapter sweet. :) James did have a bit of a knight-in-shining-armour moment there. Good to know that you enjoyed it!

I really hope you like the rest of the story, too! Thanks again!

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Review #17, by saffy 

1st January 2010:
ahhh i love this chapter the dynamic you have between james and lily is perfect.

Your writting style is sophisticated and entertaining to read.You have this perfect mix of humour and drama i cant stop reading (which is not really a good thing i haVe major amounts of HW)

In other words this is absolutle perfection and my favourite ever james and lily story cant wait to read the rest. Thanks !

p.s sorry if this hard to read im dsylexic

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for the review, and don't worry a bit about the readability. I read through it just fine, and I would appreciate a review even if it was written in another language, or hieroglyphics, or something like that, and I couldn't read a word of it. :P

That makes me so happy that you like the dynamic between Lily and James. It's something that's very important to me in this story. I'm glad you find some humorous moments in there, as well, since I always feel like I fail a bit in that department. :P It's so flattering to know that this is your favourite Lily/James story--what a huge compliment!

Speaking of having other things to do, I really need to dash out the door, but I'll say thanks now for all the rest of your reviews. Since I'm already late somewhere, I'll have to put off responding to them until tomorrow, but I really do appreciate you writing them! I've read them all and they're so nice.

Thanks very much for this review, also! Until tomorrow!

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Review #18, by pattybuns_hpf 

16th December 2009:
That last bit about hugging was weird, brilliant idea, but so, so weird. x] And yay Lily and James are maybe-friends again!!!

Last two chappies was very informative (a little excitement placed in between a few lines), but to be honest it kind of made me sleeply to boredom, though I stuck through reading it as I would always do when I read an awesome piece of writing.

PS. Like the last review I left, I couldn't stop reading until now to review, usually I don't stop reading to the very last and recent chapter to place a review for the whole thing I've read. =]

Author's Response: Haha, the hugging thing IS super-weird, which I can vouch for because it's actually inspired by a real-life situation.

I'm sorry the last ones weren't so exciting...I can't even remember now what happened in them beyond the Quidditch match and the one Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson. Maybe it was the fact that Lily and James weren't really speaking to one another which made it less interesting? Anyway, it's nice to know that you still found the writing itself enough to keep you going. I'm sure reading a story like this all at once is pretty tiring!

And really, I can't tell you how nice it is that you're going out of your way to leave multiple reviews throughout the story. I don't know if I've ever had anyone do that (besides for review requests) before! Thanks for this review, and all of the others!

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Review #19, by Leigh Kelley 

30th October 2009:
You know, the whole Ursula/James thing reminds me of Ron and Padma. He didn't want to do anything with her, similar to Ron at the Yule Ball. I do wonder why he was so nervous. Was it entirely because of his friends and the fact that they were pressuring a relationship between the two of them? I thought he would want one, considering the fact that he asked her. Hm. Glad to see him and Lily on speaking terms again, though I can understand Ursula's annoyance. I'd be irritated too if a guy I liked wasn't paying me much attention.

Hm, Snape's being really possessive. I can't believe that he actually expected her to willingly accompany him, especially after he used such a dangerous curse on her 'friend'. Ugh.

And I'm happy that James and Lily made up. His suggestion for them to hug made me laugh, but I'm glad that she gave in. Finally the boy got some contact; hope it doesn't make his uh...obsession with her worse.

Eep, these are getting shorter. Sorry about that, but I feel I've been getting redundant with my well-deserved compliments xD.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: I never really made that connection before, but I suppose you're right--it is a bit like Ron & Padma! I think the reason why he was so nervous/reluctant was mostly because he was really trying to force himself to give up on the idea of Lily, but it wasn't really what he wanted to do and it was making him a bit miserable to even try. I think some part of him knew that his heart wasn't really in it, even if he kept telling himself and his friends that it was. Of course, their pressuring didn't help, either. Does that makes sense at all? Haha.

And once again, I'm so happy you're able to step into the shoes of another character and see their perspective (with Ursula). I always hope that readers will do that, so I try and write things in a way that allows them to...the fact that you have is really encouraging in that respect!

I share your "Ugh" sentiment. Snape's getting a little desperate, I think...maybe he can sense that Lily's getting closer to James and he's making a last-ditch effort to get her back.

:) It made me happy as the writer that they made up as well, and I'm glad it made you laugh! Sometimes I just love to make things really awkward, because really...doesn't that happen so often in life? (And actually, this hug scene was in small part inspired by personal experience!)

And it's okay; I feel really bad because some of my responses are getting shorter! Your wonderful, kind reviews are leaving me a bit speechless in some instances! Thank you so much!

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Review #20, by Harry and Ginny 

17th October 2009:
another review and this time, i managed to not take so long, lol. anyway, the friendship between James and Lily has been restored although it took some time 4 it to happen.

I liked how James protected Lily from Snape and how he took the Sectumsempra curse. i also liked how worried Lily was about James being hit but it was ok after all. now i'm going to read the next chapter.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the moment of re-friendship. :) I was kind of giddy when I posted this chapter--like, "Yay! It's finally here!!" You know how when you're going to write a story, there's certain scenes that you think of and they just stick? They stay pretty much word-for-word the same, even if you write them months before you post them? Yep, well, this was one of them. :)

And I had to give James a knight-in-shining-armor moment, because it's just SO him. Don't you think?

Thanks a million for the review!

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Review #21, by Jimmette 

14th October 2009:
Yay! They are friends again!
I loved that awkward reconciliation, and I'm glad that you didn't have them throw themselves immediately into a relationship

I completely agree with what you said in your response to my last review about Lily missing him as a friend but being stubborn.
It would be pretty unrealistic for them to be madly in love with each other at this point, so I'm glad you are taking it slower.
It makes it more authentic, and more enjoyable.
After all, the chase is half the fun ;)

Oh, and I also liked the way you added in the 'jealous girlfriend' thing with Ursula, but didn't overdo it.
So many other fics have James being with another girl who is infuriatingly, obnoxiously overly jealous/affectionate/stupid, and I read them and think
"wow, NO girl I know acts like that. Ever."
So I take my figurative hat off to you, for once again creating a believable character!

(Oh and I completely sympathise with your mounting workload, I feel your pain!)

Author's Response: Yes! They are friends again! I love your reviews because you're always tuned in to exactly what I'm trying to do, and I think, "Yes, I'm doing this at least SORT OF right." :P It would be weird if they were suddenly madly in love with each other, wouldn't it? And even if I had written it that way, they obviously wouldn't actually be in LOVE, just some kind of infatuation. Or at least I think so, but I'm kind of a hopeless romantic so someone else might think otherwise.

And I have to admit, I seriously seriously considered deleting Ursula's part in this chapter altogether. Actually, she had a much larger part in the original version I wrote of this story, and I scaled it down because it was getting very cliche. The only reason I decided to keep it in was because I thought it actually ADDED a bit of realism to the story--like I think you said a couple reviews ago, I didn't want to make James into some lovesick weirdo who only ever thought about Lily. I kind of see both of them as having gone on dates with other people before (I think traces of that have been dropped through the story). But rest assured, Ursula is going to play a very very minor part in the rest of the story, and her obnoxiousness will be limited to the Quidditch pitch. (And let's have a moment of honesty here: James WAS a bit of a jerk to her, even though it was all for Lily so we think it's justified. Right?)

Well, once again, thank you a million times for your reading and reviewing! I went through and edited the next chapter last night so I'll probably post it later today. :)

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