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Review #1, by alicia and anne 

23rd May 2016:
Awww Harry is such a diamond, not wanting to worry Mrs Weasley and that being the reason why he went into the hall to tell her where he was going. He's so sweet, bless him.

I don't think that those three will let each other out of their sights for quite some time to come.

I love the idea of comparing Molly to a lioness, she is definitely a lioness when it comes to her babies.


You tell him McGonagall! Harry needs to rest and he needs to take orders from someone who is going to make him listen.

I definitely think he's hiding there.

Another wonderfully awesome chapter! And as always, I can't wait to read more of your amazing work my lovely!

Author's Response: Occasionally, Harry thinks like a rational human being instead of a teenage boy. I decided this should be one of those times.

And yes, those three have been through SO much together. Unfortunately, they will have to be separated for a while as Hermione tries to find her parents.

Please don't burst! That would be very messy and I don't want to have to clean it up!

Yes, Harry is very much hiding. But can you really blame him? He thinks he singled-handedly caused a war! Poor kid.

Thank you so much!

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Review #2, by victoria_anne 

27th February 2016:
Hello again! I hope you're enjoying your day as much as I'm enjoying your story! Honestly, it's so well done, and you write the characters as if they have jumped straight out of the book. I see why you won a Dobby for this now!

"Fred's still alive." This. Gave. Me. Goosebumps.

I can't wait to keep reading, a fic hasn't given me feels like this for a while!

Author's Response: Thank you! And even though it was a year ago, I'm quite sure I enjoyed the day, especially since I was the recipient of all these amazing reviews! I'm still blushing!

And thank you for the compliments! It makes me happy to know you enjoyed it and felt the characters came to life and were how they should be.

:D Fred should always be alive. Glad you approve!

Thanks so much!

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

15th September 2015:
FRED IS ALIVE! AAAH! *shouts of joy, hallelujahs from the sky* :D

Oh my gosh, that was crazy. I felt the tension, and the baited breath, and the overwhelming joy. Best AU decision ever. And really, it's kinda canonically sound, according to what we know from the books. Like, they thought he was dead, but this picks up right after that. It's plausible. (and wonderful, because FRED!)

*happy dances*

I'm still nervous that he might not pull through and that it could all be cruelly snatched away from me, but still. I'm excited!

In the absolute chaos that followed, Harry couldn’t help but wonder how he could be crying so hard and so completely happy at the same time.
--I liked this line

I loved what you did there at the end with McGonagall. She's so snappy. I love that, even now that he's the hero of the wizarding world, to Minerva he's still Harry, her student. She's willing to give him the shove he needs. That's so like Harry, not to want to presume or intrude, but to be desperately wishing for home. I love how she phrases the whole thing, like, "Obviously your home is the Burrow, Harry! Honestly."

Sometimes you force me to wonder if you would have made it through school without Granger’s help. Yes, home, Mr. Potter – the Burrow!”

“She’s not very good at listening when her children are involved,” McGonagall said curtly.

--These two lines were gold! I wanted to smile and laugh and cry at the same time! You nailed that!


Author's Response: Again, woefully late! But, finally here!

And yes, Fred is alive. I couldn't help myself - it just had to happen.

You don't know how happy it makes me that you can see how it COULD almost be canon. I mean, I tried not to contradict ANYTHING that was said in the books. Even the epilogue doesn't mention Fred, so he COULD have been alive in it. I tried really hard to make this work. SO glad you agree!

I like your happy dance, by the way.

And yes, he's hurt really badly. I won't deny that. I knew I could save him, but I couldn't do it without him getting pretty hurt.

Aww! Thank you!

I have a really fondness for McGonagall. I like getting to write her, and this scene was fun. And I needed someone who would treat Harry just like that - normally. Not like he was a hero.

And now I want to smile and laugh and cry at the same time because of your words. THANK YOU! This review made my night all over again as I read it to reply.

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Review #4, by HeyMrsPotter 

11th September 2015:
YES YES YES YES! Fred is alive and all is right in the world again!!

I have to commend you on your ability to write all of the canon characters absolutely perfectly. Like, your Molly and how protective she is over her children. Then Harry insisting that he stay and help with the repairs. And then McGonagall♥ omg she is the most perfect, that line about Harry not making it through school without Hermione, that could have come straight from the books.

I'm so excited to read on!


Author's Response: Grinning like a mad-man here. Thank you so much!!

And yes, Fred being alive makes many things all right in the world, doesn't it.

Aw, thank you. I'm not sure I write them perfectly, I do try very hard to keep them how they should be.

(I had a lot of fun with McGonagall here, btw.)

Thanks again! This was so much fun to read.

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Review #5, by TreacleTart 

10th September 2015:
Hello there!

I'm in the proccess of reviewing all of the stories that were nominated for a Dobby, so congratulations on your nomination!

Warning: Some of this review may verge into shouty rambling!

OMG FRED IS ALIVE! FRED IS ALIVE! *happy dances all over the living room*

In cannon, Fred's death is literally the single hardest death within quite a few really awful deaths. I mean there's Sirius, Dobby, Colin, Remus, and Tonks just to name a few, but there's something particularly gut-wrenching about the idea of Fred dying. Maybe it's because he'd leave behind a twin. Maybe it's because he was always the life of the party. Maybe it's because he's so young and full of life. Either way, I'm so happy to see that in your version he's alive at this point!


I love how fierce Molly is when she sees Fred and George being taken away. I've always felt that her kids come above everything else and I doubt that she'd have taken to kindly to not knowing what's going on with them. And Arthur is there being the calm voice of reason to her rage. You captured both of them quite well.

I always imagined that Harry would've stayed behind at the school and helped with the repairs. He seems like the type to want to busy himself with work to keep his mind off of the tragedy of the war. Plus, you pointed out something in this chapter that occured to me too. Harry doesn't really have a home per se. I mean of course Molly feels that the Burrow is his home, but Harry would never just make that assumption. Someone would have to explain it to him first.

I was happy to see that Professor McGonagall is keeping an eye on him and trying to encourage him to leave Hogwarts for a bit. She knows that he needs a break and some time to heal, but he's a little to stubborn to see it yet. I think a firm nudge in the right direction is just what he needs.

From a technical point of view, this chapter is quite nice as well. The grammar and spelling all look good. It's easy to follow what's going on and there's enough detail to imagine the scenes as they are occuring. The dialogue seemed realistic and all of the characters fit within the realm of cannon.

Good work! I'm on to the next chapter right now!


Author's Response: You know, I'd forgotten this was nominated for a Dobby. Seems like such a long time ago, and kinda a whole different lifetime considering all that happened at that time. Still, I thank you so much for taking the time to read all those stories, including my little one!

Oh, and I'm TOTALLY okay with shouty rambling. In fact, I love it.

I really like that Fred is Alive Dance. :)

Can I just say "amen" to everything you just wrote about Fred's death? All those reasons and more for me. It STILL breaks my heart and I refuse to read the last 2 chapters of Deathly Hallows. Fred dying is just SO wrong. And why I keep having to write stories that fix it.

Would you feel better if I promised that I don't kill him? Really, I don't,

I love my Weasleys. The kids, the parents. All of them. So this compliment makes me so happy. Thanks!!

Harry is such a lonely character, really. He's surrounded by people who care deeply for him, but he's been conditioned to not be wanted, so it takes someone literally pointing it out to him, sometimes even bashing him over the head with it, to realize that people WANT him around. I was trying to point that out, and I'm so glad you caught exactly what I was trying to say.

I also think the Prof. McG has a soft spot for Harry. I loved getting to play that up here.

Thank you! This is a marvelous review! Grinning again, almost a year later, as I re-read it!

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Review #6, by ginnypotter242 

11th July 2015:
Eeep! I'm so happy right now, I actually squeaked when Molly got George's note! Please don't let this be a distraction- he's not going to die in the hospital, is he?

Oh, how I love Ron. He's so under appreciated. I like how he just screamed at everyone to shut up. Poor Ron, he's so frustrated, and then he walks in to the Great Hall to find his family screaming at each other and his dead' brother and twin of missing. I can see how that would make him a tad ticked off. And Harry! Of course he can be crying and happy- I would be too if that happened to me!

McGonagall is the best. Seriously, she;s amazing. I liked Harry's reaction- "are you kicking me out?" it was so like him! And everyone referring to The Burrow as his home- that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I'm so happy for Harry! He's so happy about it, it made me smile when he said the word 'home' himself. He's very right about Molly as well- she doesn't give up! And I wouldn't put it past her to start sending Howlers.

I just love your writing style! You're writing his story so well, and the emotion in it is so realistic and I can practically feel what the characters are feeling. All your characters so far are in perfect characterization too- there's not anyone that OOC. This was another great chapter, and it's very interesting to read. I like the idea you have so far, and I'm very interested to see where this goes. Great jpb on this so far, I really like it!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: I'm so glad I could make you so happy! That's what I was hoping for when I wrote this story - to fix the horrible sadness of Fred dying.

I promise not to kill him from his injuries in the hospital. Is that better?

AH! You loved my Ron moment! So many people just miss it. But Ron needs more love - and he's capable of being grown up and in charge of things.

McGonagall and I have an understanding - teacher to teacher. I actually really love writing her. And this was a fun scene to do. For her to be caring, and yet exasperated and giving Harry the push he needed to see things correctly.

Thank you so much. I'm blushing! Your compliments make me so happy! Thank you for reading!

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Review #7, by looneylizzie 

17th May 2015:

So I've finally managed to scrounge up some time to do some reading and reviewing...and of course, I had to keep going with this!

I'm only two chapters in, but I seriously cannot wait to see what's going to happen here. Firstly, with Fred, and then seeing what happens as everyone is recovering from the war.

The way you've written all of the characters are really true to what I'd expect of them! Molly is just spot on! And Harry is so...Harry. He's weary, and he feels broken, but there's so much kindness and generosity pouring out of him.

My favorite part by far is the ending conversation with McGonagall. The whole concept of home...because at this point, Harry has the Burrow, but as he says, he'd never do so much as assume that. So Hogwarts is really the next option, since it very much feels like home as well.

But the fact that McGonagall and Molly are both practically yelling at Harry to go home, and really meaning The Burrow...that's just heartwarming. I LOVE IT!

Anyway, another great chapter!! This story is so well written and the characterizations are just spot on...I can't wait to see what's next!!

I'll be reading the next chapter soon! Promise!

Author's Response: Hello again, my friend! Look, two years and a few months late getting to this. It's amazing you are still talking to me. LOL.

I'm still amazed you like my writing so much. Seriously, amazed - all the time. I don't get it. But I love you for it.

And you are making me blush - again. I'm glad you love the characters the way I write them - it makes me really happy.

You know, my favorite part of this chapter has always been the McG bit as well. I've come to realize I just love writing her, we kind of have a teacher to teacher understanding I think. And her helping him figure out where home is. It was cathartic to write.

Molly and Minerva ganging up on someone - they wouldn't stand a chance, would they.

Thanks so much! I'm glad I found these reviews I'd forgotten all about, and I hope you can forgive me for forgetting and not replying sooner!

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Review #8, by merlins beard 

27th April 2015:

Since one review isn't a lot, I'm here again.

Let me just say: I'm with Molly on this one. If it were me, I'd be at St. Mungos faster than anyone can say Quidditch.

Oh my god I'm so glad Fred's really alive. I would have hated for everyone to get their hopes up to be disappointed again.

It's just like Harry to hide out at Hogwarts. He needs to get over himself and learn that a last name isn't everything that makes a family.
Molly Weasley has been his surrogate mother for years, he should finally accept that. He'll always have a place to go to as long as one Weasley is still breathing.

Ha! Minerva McGonagall scared of Molly Weasley. That is something I can picture perfectly. Molly is not usually the scary type, but when it comes to her children, she's exactly the fierce lioness Harry saw in her earlier.

Still loving the story very much... I'll be back, you can count on that.


Author's Response: So glad you are here again! Loving these reviews!

Molly will be very glad that someone agrees with her. She feels very upset that most of the family conspired against her vote on this one.

I really just can't leave Fred dead. I. Just. Can't. I refused to believe it when I read it and I still refuse to believe it now. So, yeah, it's pretty safe to say that Fred is alive. :D

I think Harry has huge self-esteem issues in some regards. Everyone in the wizarding world "wants" him, but no one really does at the same time. He struggles know where home is. BUT, you are right - he also just needs someone to smack him upside the head and remind him that he's already been claimed by a family and they are waiting for him.

I LOVE that thought that he will always have a home as long as there is still one Weasley left! So true!

I'm not sure that Minerva is SCARED of Molly so much as scared of the thought of how annoying she will get if Harry continues to ignore her. hehehe

Thanks again! Still loving your reviews!

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Review #9, by marauderfan 

15th November 2014:
Hi! Here with your review!
Since there were no specified areas of concern in your request, be prepared for a structureless, gushy ramble...

Mum, Dad, get to St. Mungo’s right now. Fred’s still alive. – George -- YES. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE AMAZING. :D

I think you did really well capturing the Weasley family confusion after the twins have disappeared - particularly Molly's outrage that she doesn't know what has happened to her children just after one supposedly died. So yeah, that was very true to character - of her and all the Weasleys. I have the suspicion that you are actually a Weasley yourself, since you seem to know them and all their behaviours SO WELL. :p

The second part with McGonagall was so sweet too - it was always evident in the books that even though she's so strict, she always did have a fondness for Harry. And I think it's natural that Harry would want to clean up the school and put all of this weight on his own shoulders, because he's been doing that his whole life, being the chosen one and everything, and what McGonagall says to him is right on point - you've perfectly managed that balance between her sternness and care, as well. And I love that she as well as the Weasleys recognize the Burrow as Harry's real 'home'. :)

Two points of possible CC:
1. Why didn't Harry go with the Weasleys to St. Mungo's? I would have thought that was a big deal for him as well to hear that Fred is alive. Did he go with them, and then return to the castle to clean up, or did he just remain at the castle while the Weasleys went to the hospital?

2. “Are you kicking me out? Do you want me to leave?” -- Harry seems a bit hasty to come to this conclusion here. Especially after all he's just done for the entire wizarding world. If that's the way you intended it to be, for him to jump quickly to a conclusion, then ignore the rest of this paragraph, but if you were interested in changing it to make it seem more like blank confusion, you could modify it to be something to the effect of "What? You want me to leave?" (or whatever.) Anyway, just something to think about.

Overall: It was a lovely chapter. Your characterisation is, as always, spot on. I am glad that Fred is still alive :D And I'm really looking forward to a reunion scene/ what happened to Fred. You are awesome.

Author's Response: Just for the record, I am totally fine with unstructured, gushy rambles whenever you feel like giving them. Just sayin'.

Awww, and now I'm blushing. Did you really just call me Amazing? You are WAY too nice to me.

But you KNOW I can't leave Fred dead if I can help it. I just can't.

ME, a Weasley? I wish! I would jump at that chance! Does this mean I get to have one of the twins? Oooh, which one to choose...

Of course the Burrow is Harry's real home. Everyone knows that, except possibly Harry, but he's getting there.

Okay, to answer your concerns.
1. He stayed at the Castle while they went. Which, I know is a little odd, but here's my reasoning. Harry is in that guilt mode he has - thinking everything is his fault, including that Fred was killed/is hurt. He felt like it was just for "family" to go to Fred right now and he's still not convinced this applies to him. Hence why McGonagall has to set him straight a little.

2. I honestly didn't mean for Harry to sound hasty and harsh there. But I did mean for him to sound dejected. He's lost and adrift. He doesn't even KNOW where home is anymore, and he has been kicked out of most of them he's known. So I guess he figured McGonagall was coming to tell him it was time to leave.

Thanks again for such a great review! Glad you started reading this one. Hopefully you will have time to come back for more sometime!

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Review #10, by DougA 

3rd November 2014:
OK, Scene One - I love the Weasley chaos, and that Ron is the one to demand - and get - calm. An interesting insight into Ron. Also nice is the part of Ginny siding with, and imitating, her mother. This is also a nice setup for what looks to be your major break from cannon, what with Fred having survived.

Scene Two - Very nice interplay between Harry and Minerva, intimating how fond she is of him. And how intimidating Molly can be. Of course, Harry has a case of the guilts, which I attribute to his time with the Dursleys, where everything WAS his fault, or so he was told. Amazed that he got away with not going to St. Mungos. I do think his first thought should have been to talk to Ginny, not Molly. Of course, I thought that after DH. The boy may have a bat bogey in his future if he is not careful.

Well done.

Author's Response: Ron is an underused character in my opinion, and so I do try to fix that when I can. Show that he has also grown during all this mess and it has given him a maturity that gets overlooked.

Yep, that's my major break with canon - for now. I just can't handle writing fics in this world I love without Fred in them, so I brought him back. Hopefully no one will mind too much.

I love the dynamic between McGonagall and Harry - how she is stern and very much his teacher and never plays favorites, and yet you can see that she does care for him very much, maybe even a little more than some of the others. This was my way to express that a bit. And to show that everyone knows the Weasleys are his family, even if Harry is the last one to see it.

Ah, Ginny. Don't worry, that scene is coming. They will talk. But remember, at this time, they aren't officially a couple, so it makes sense in my head that he would take care of some other stuff before opening that door again.

Thanks again! Enjoying these reviews.

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Review #11, by toomanycurls 

24th September 2013:
This chapter is very unfair. I'm on the edge of my seat, dying for news of Fred (which there is a bit with George's letter) but there's not happy "you're alive" reunion scene. Fine, drag out the drama and turmoil. :) well done with the suspense. At least people know he's alive. But, yeah, I need Freddie screen time.

It was also nerve racking to read about the Weasley family trying to figure out what happened to Fred and where he and George got off to (considering that one of them was dead). This struck a chord with me as I've hoped in the past for a loved one to have gotten back up from their death bed. Considering how emotional this subject is, I think you write it with a good mix of humor and sadness. Enough sadness to be real but humor to take the sting out.

Harry and Minerva's discussion about going home was very bittersweet for me. It warmed my heart to have the Burrow stated as his home but is also made me sad that Harry's first reaction to hearing that he should go home was confusion about what that meant.

My emotions were poked at quite a bit while reading this. I definitely felt the post-war emotional recovery in a very real way. I'm just going to have some ice cream now.

Author's Response: Sorry for the unfairness of chapters.

I wasn't trying to be inherently mean, but I didn't want to give things away TOO soon. And I needed to get Harry into the story.

Maybe the happy you're alive reunion scene can happen later? hehehehehe

Yes, I'm very good at dragging out the drama. I do try. LOL.

Don't worry. Freddie is half of my pair of favorite characters. There will be lots of him later, I promise.

As for the humor, I do try to add it into my stories, and yes, it probably creeps in at some not quite as appropriate times, but I can't help it. I can do angst, I really can, but sometimes you just have to have a laugh or two as well.

You caught my secret love of Minerva again, didn't you. She keeps popping up in my stories.

Sorry poor emotions. I would try to promise you it gets better after this, but I'm me, so that would be a lie. By, maybe.erm...there could be cake? *shrugs*

Thanks so much for reading. Hope the ice cream was good.

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Review #12, by Illuminate 

9th September 2013:
Hi! I'm back!

The first half of this chapter was super exciting! Fred's still alive, yay! xD I loved the line starting with "In the absolute chaos that followed" because it neatly illustrates exactly how the characters would be feeling in that moment. I would personally like to see a little more of what happened afterwards, but for all I know that is explored more later :)

The second half of the chapter was very interesting. I think staying to help clear up the castle would be exactly what Harry would do. I think your characterisations of him and McGonagall in that scene were great. Again I would like a little detail of what had happened and what Ron and Hermione were doing while Harry was doing that. Basically just more! xD

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Cool! Welcome back and thanks for coming again! This surprise review made me smile.

Glad you are okay with Fred living. I really didn't want to write a story where he was dead. I just couldn't handle it; so I fixed it. But that means I broke canon, so I was afraid people would be mad at me.

As for the second half, I just felt like I needed to give Harry a little time to himself to process what had just happened. So it felt right to me.

As for your suggestions, thank you so very much. I have a tendency to write too many scenes that are two long, so for this fic, I was purposefully trying to use less. I wanted to see if I could convey the same feelings and tell the story without getting stuck showing every little moment. Not sure how it's working, but it's been good for my writing, however.

Thanks so much for going on with this story! Means a lot.

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Review #13, by MargaretLane 

2nd September 2013:
I love Molly's reactions in this. "She took my children." Makes them sound about five, but I guess they will always be babies to her. Particularly at a time of crisis like this.

I think you have her completely in character.

Fred's still alive? It was beginning to look that way in the last chapter, but I didn't entirely believe it.

It does fit with canon though, not that fanfiction even has to, but now that I think of it, this could well happen even in the book and it wouldn't change anything we read.

I also like the way McGonagall says Harry made HER proud. It fit with the side of her we sometimes see in canon.

*laughs at McGonagall's comment about Molly resorting to Howlers* And love the comment referring to Harry as one of Molly's children. I can well imagine she'd think of him that way.

Author's Response: Molly cares so much for her family and children, I don't see her ever NOT seeing them as five-year-olds to some extent. And I don't mean that in a bad way towards Molly, just the way she worries for them. Also, thank you for the compliment! Sometimes writing Molly can be very hard!

Yeah. I did it. I surrendered to the cliche and brought him back from the dead. But, I just couldn't handle a Harry Potter future without my twins!

I tried really hard to try and find a loop hole that would let this story happen without getting me on the Canon Police Hit List, LOL. Not sure I completely did it, but hopefully it's better than it could have been. And you caught the trick I was playing on. Technically, I didn't change anything from the book - just events afterwards, which to me are fair game.

I really do think McGonagall had a soft spot for Harry and I like playing that up a bit when I can.

Thanks so much again for reading! I'm loving these reviews.

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Review #14, by unexpected error 

11th January 2011:
I love the fact that Fred is alive! :)

Author's Response: Me too. :) One of my main reasons for writing this story.

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Review #15, by FriendofMolly 

29th November 2010:
I like the flow and content of this. Of course Harry would want to stay and help, with the benefit of not having to confront the rest of the world. I loved how you portrayed Professor McGonagall in this one. She still has to project her authority, but she feels a bit motherly towards Harry. Good One.

Author's Response: Again, thank you! It is really lovely to have you reading my little story. I do an outline for my stories, but it's usually just thing really big stuff. A lot of the little scenes are rather "spur of the moment" so to speak, as were the two you mention here, and so it's always nice to see that readers feel they fit. And writing McGonagall, while difficult, I found a lot of fun. I might have to return to her at some point.

Thanks again!

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Review #16, by schoenemaedchen 

26th August 2010:
Hi there, here's the next official review for my project on this story :D

Well, honestly, I don't know what to say. I could repeat what everyone else has said in your overwhelming, if not exclusively positive reviews!

There is just something about your writing.

What you certainly have is your own style, which I think is great What perhaps brings your style close to all these comparison to JKR I'm seeing, is how amazingly and flawlessly you engage the reader in your writing. It just flows so naturally from one point to the next and you are able to tell such a great story.

Your characterizations are also marvelous. Here you do feel like your reading a real HP book because they are so spot on. I also love Harry-McGonagall reactions. We all kind of know at this point that old McGonagall can be a big softy under that thick skin, but she shows it more and more as the books developed. You pulled that out very nicely, def my favorite part of this chapter!

Otherwise, its just such an absolute pleasure to read your work. I'm looking forward to the next chapter when I get a little bit of time! Take care!


Author's Response: Yes, I skipped a review. I promise I'll get back to it, but I'm tired tonight and it was such a deliciously long one I need to do that one when my brain is opperating on more than one cylinder, otherwise it might not make any sense at all. Hope you understand.

"There's just something about your writing." - You do realize you just made my year right there with that statement, don't you? Because, you did. I'll admit without reservation, I am easily discouraged when it comes to writing. I love doing it, and I have tons of story ideas jumping around in my brain, but life seems to want to keep me from having time for it. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Then I get reviews like this and I know it is. So thank you.

I'm honestly not sure how to respond to such a great review. I'm blushing, honored, humbled by your words and compliments. It makes it worth the time it takes to get the sentences or paragraphs as good as I can get them.

Thank you for the comments on characterizations. That is something I really do work hard on as it's important to me. Always nice to read that people think it's working. And I also love McGonagall. I think she's more fond of Harry than she can or will let on.

Thank you again for such support and encouragement. You really don't know how much it means.

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Review #17, by Pixileanin 

21st August 2010:
"Wounded but not slain"

I love your opening quotes. And the chaotic scene with all of the Weaselys trying to make heads and tails out of the disappearance of Fred and George and how they almost took out the owl. (which would have been entertaining, but unnecessary!)

Then Harry's struggle with the word "home"... I think on some level, he understands that when he stops moving long enough to let himself think about what actually happened, he's going to have a lot to deal with. You captured that brilliantly, just like I imagined it would be. Not ready to deal... dreading the moment when he will have to.


Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I love doing the quotes. It's a habit I picked up in the Andromeda fandom that's stuck with me, although I've noticed it's not nearly as popular here. Glad someone likes them.

You liked the chaos, huh? YES! Score with that one. And yeah, I decided to spare the poor owl. Soft spot for animals I guess.

Also glad you liked Harry's struggle. I've never been one to think Harry would just live happily ever after instantly. (Oh, I think he gets there, I think it just isn't as easy as people think at first.) But on the other hand I didn't want to spend chapters and chapters in angst right at the beginning, so I'm glad you liked the balance.

Thanks for reading and being patient while I slowly get review responses out!

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Review #18, by pennyardelle 

17th August 2010:
Your writing is exceptionally like JKR's, you know! I feel like I could be reading the first chapters of book 8 (well, hypothetically, of course). You write the characters very authentically and have the same rhythm and diction as JKR, so while this might be an AU story, it's remarkable how much it reads like one of the real books.

Professor McGonagall was particularly well-written in this chapter; you really captured her personality perfectly. I also loved how you had Molly faint--like Harry said, it was unexpected, but it was wonderful because of that, not in spite of it.

This was a great line: "In the absolute chaos that followed, Harry couldn't help but wonder how he could be crying so hard and so completely happy at the same time." It communicated so much emotion so succinctly, and was just a beautiful bit of writing.

Author's Response: Wow! That is like the highest compliment ever! And you don't know how good that makes me feel, because I usually spend hours reading the books and feeling very depressed because I can't make my writing and characters measure up to the ones we love in the books. You have honestly just made my day, again, re-reading this two months later.

Glad you liked Molly fainting. I just had to throw that in there for the, like you said, unexpected factor.

Again, thank you so much for such wonderful praise. You are giving me a big head here.

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Review #19, by melian 

16th August 2010:
Yet another good chapter, but then I expect no less from you. The reaction of Molly Weasley, first to the confusion around Fred, and then to Harry remaining at the castle, was so absolutely spot on that I wonder if you weren't channelling her. As McGonagall said, she's not very good at listening when her children are involved - and as a mother I can thoroughly relate to that. Ensuring that one's children are safe and happy is indeed the number one priority.

The confusion around the disappearance of Fred and George was masterful. Of course Molly would have wanted to go to the hospital right away, and of course Arthur wouldn't have wanted to get his hopes up. He'd already started grieving Fred, he didn't want to have to go through that process again. I loved Ron bellowing at them to shut up and explain things, too - Harry just thinking of doing it but Ron actually following through. And Ginny's absolute resolve that she was going to the hospital too was no less than I would have expected from her. I can only imagine how they would have felt when that owl arrived wigh George's note, too - from despair to hope in a split second. Human emotions are strange and wonderful things.

The second part of the chapter, with Harry and McGonagall, was also spot on. Of course she would ask if he was helping or hiding - she's not the type to mince words, even when they're words of advice - and her reassurance that the Burrow was indeed "home" for Harry was lovely, and exactly what he needed to hear. I can really imagine Harry hiding out after the battle using the idea that he's helping as both a cover and a justification for his actions, but he'd need to go back to real life eventually. Why not a now-joyful - or at least non-grieving - Weasley household?

Onto chapter 3!

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Hey Mel!

Just so you know, this is the third time I've answered this review. The cyber monster keeps EATING IT! And then I get discouraged and leave it, so it gets even later in responding. So, fair warning, if it's a little loopy and confusing, there's a reason.

Channeling Molly? ME? Seriously? That is like the ultimate compliment, especially coming from you! I hope I wrote her okay, and I tried really hard to get inside her head, but to actually hear someone say that. Really makes my day.

Glad you liked the chaos scene. That was really hard to write, just because there were so many characters there and I didn't want to leave people out and just zero in on one or two, but I also didn't want that lame, limping along feel you sometimes get in stories when you have too many characters to deal with at once. I'm very pleased you thought it well done. As for Ron bellowing, I figure he's changed a lot since the beginning of book 7. He'd do that now, even around his family.

Writing McGonagall was fun! I've never done it before, but I think I just might have to try my hand at it again. It was fun (but REALLY hard) trying to find the right mix of stern and proud and a little bit soft.

Yes, let's get Harry to that Weasley house and start mothering him, right?

Thank you so much for reading! I can't tell you how much it means to have you, one of the best authors around, reading my stuff.


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Review #20, by PrincessPadfoot 

16th August 2010:


*calms down*

Okay so I'm really anxious to find out what happened to Fred and when you switched POVs I nearly cursed at my computer. Which is a good thing I promise you. It means that your writing evoked emotions in me strong enough for me to have a verbal reaction. Which rarely happens.

I really liked the scene between McG and Harry. I never thought about it much before now, but there relationship would have changed at least a little after the battle. She WOULD have more respect for him, she WOULD offer him a place to stay in Gryffindor tower, she WOULD be concerned about his welfare. I doubted at first, but after thinking for a moment I decided that the scene between them was very much plausible. And it was quite a pleasure to read too.

Give my love to Felix and Ike!

Author's Response: Glad you didn't die on me there, PP! And considering how long it's taken me to respond to this review, I'm hoping you've calmed down a little.

Now, yes, you're right. Fred is alive. :D Does that make you happy or mad? I hope you didn't hurt your poor computer's feelings, cursing at it like that. Anyway, so glad the fic got you emotionally invested. That's always a great compliment! And sorry for the shift in POV, but I tend to do that a lot, so you might want to try getting used to it. LOL.

Writing Harry and McG was a fun thing to do. There's not much done between the two of them in fic, and I think there should be. She's been his mentor forever, I think she would be rather proud of him and want him to know that.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading.

And Ike and Felix got the message, although Felix is in the doghouse right now for eating my story.

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Review #21, by Ronsgirl29 

16th August 2010:
Well, you did get me hooked enough to keep reading (:

I'd have to say my favorite part of this chapter was how happy Harry was to call the burrow his home. That line about how 'he'd never voiced that hope out loud' was just so Harry. And also Molly demanding he come home fits her character perfectly as well.

I also smiled when McGonagall said "She's not very good at listening when her children are involved." because I love that Harry is practically one of Molly's sons. He never got a real mom, so it warms my heart to see him loved by Mrs. Weasley


Author's Response: Cool! That's always a plus!

I loved letting Harry call the Burrow home. Any chance to get to show how Harry has been accepted into the Weasley family, even when he sometimes doesn't even realize it, I'll take. And writing a protective, caring Molly is always fun as well.

Thanks so much for reading! It is always a pleasure to attract new readers, and especially such wonderful ones!

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Review #22, by writeyourheartout 

15th August 2010:

...Now that's out of my system... Hello again, farmgirl! Ah, good to be here again. Another great chapter, though I can't say I expected much less from you.

Once again I find myself marveling at your incredible ability to write these canon characters so on point. Truly, I don't know how you do it - especially with Harry, who is such a complete character in J.K. Rowling's eyes that capturing him has to be exact in order for it to be believable. You, of course, pulled it off with graceful ease. Nothing was forced, nothing made me question his character, and nothing struck me as inaccurate in the slightest. That's such a feat to accomplish with Harry, too, so really, very well done.

The Weasley scene - so perfect! Haha Each one fit beautifully into place, playing off each other with the exact family dynamic that is the definition of the Weasley's. Even just the simple one-liners that some characters had were still just what needed to happen in that moment. You've got a grasp not only on individuals, but groups of people - the way certain characters work together and it's the best for me to be able to read about.

I think I would have liked to see Hermione described just a little bit. She only has that one-line that's followed with 'Hermione said.' and it might have been nice to get just a small description of her state at that moment. A minuscule detail, however.

I'm wondering what happened directly after the note arrived announcing Fred's survival (yay!), but I'm gonna just assume this gets covered (by another characters perspective, perhaps) in a later chapter, and will have to push my burning curiosity away for the next chance I get to review! *sigh* :-p

While this chapter was wonderfully written once again, I wasn't quite as invested in it as I was in the last chapter (but this could be an unintentional bias, considering my adoration for George and his POV). However, the ending really did grab me. The part about The Burrow being termed Harry's home - ugh, rip my heart out, why don't you? Harry's just been through so much and now he finally has a real home and I have such a soft spot for that and I loved the way you described it all. I also love that you chose McGonagall to be the one there with the news of Mrs. Weasley's persistence about his return because I'm such a sucker for the sensitive McGonagall. Those small moments with Harry when she just can't help but be tender and caring for the boy, gah, I love it. And then you put the magic flip on her that sends her right back to her normal self and you truly just nailed her character down.

The truth is that all of the canon character's you write about are always so in character that they might have come from J.K. Rowling's head into your story directly. That's such a difficult thing to accomplish, a full understanding of all the character's, but you do it so flawlessly that it makes me so incredibly (angry and jelly) happy to continue reading about these characters in such an honestly believable way. Your ability to simply understand these characters as individuals is a true gift and I love reading your stories because of that.

What more can I say? I can't wait to get to chapter 3! I find myself unable to predict where the story is heading and as much as that drives me a bit insane, it also makes me so excited to have found a story that is going to take me on the journey as I read it, rather than fulfilling my predictions.

Keep writing. This is golden. You're a true talent. Congratulations on another wonderful chapter. :-)


Author's Response: So, this is what happens when school starts each year. My hobbies and activities I do for fun just go right out the window. I appologize for being so horribly slow responding to this!

Now, on to the response.

*HUGE GRIN* So you like that Fred's alive, do you? I'm awfully glad that you do, as it was one of my rather non-negotable points in writing this story. And your flattery and praise never ceases to make me blush. Thank you.

I am honestly blown away by your compliments on characterization. That is the part of my writing I always feel I struggle with the most. I write something, agonizing over it, post it, and then I get reading other people's stuff or going back through the books and I feel so inadequate in characterization that I feel like pulling it down or re-writing everything. It's reviews like this that stop me from doing something rash like that. Well, that and laziness, thinking of all the WORK it would take to rewrite everything.

I'm so happy that you like my Weasleys. They ARE my favorites after all, and so I'm always excited to include them, but once again I'm not always sure I do them justice. They are just too fun to write though. And the more of them in the room, the better fun it is!

Now, Hermione. Blast it. You found my weakness. For the record, I adore Hermione. And I firmly believe she needs to be included in good Harry Potter fic. BUT, I have a devil of a time writing her. I don't know why, I just can't get inside of her head. I usually try to cheat and include her by having her there, but the chapter from someone else's POV, but as you caught here, that doesn't always work. I will try to include her more in the chapters where she's there, but feel free to point out to me if I'm cheating her again in the future.

Sorry for not including the imediate aftermath of the note's arrival. Again, I was cheating. I didn't want to deal with that HUGE amount of emotion, so I pulled a writer's trick and skipped a bunch of time. Hopefully what I did in the next chapter makes up for it though.

And also sorry for the lack of George POV, bit I DID warn you! LOL. You know though, it's really funny. For Fred and George being my favorite characters, I sure use Harry's POV a lot. And I'm not sure why. I actually tried at one point to write some of these chapters from George or Fred's point of view, but they just didn't work until I went back to Harry's. I decided not to fight it, but I honestly can't explain it. And as for the ripping out of your heart...sorry? hehehehe But I'll take it as a compliment.

I really am truly blown away by your reviews. They constantly make my day. And I can say I've read this one over several dozen times while on my self-imposed exile and trying to figure out how to reply and it never failed to make me smile. I don't think I deserve all the praise you heap on me and my writing, but I won't be so silly as to say I don't like it. Thanks so so so so so much for reading and for such wonderful words of encouragement. I hope you continue to enjoy the story, slow though I may be at putting it up.

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Review #23, by Abhorsen 

2nd August 2010:
Once again, I can find nothing big to point out. The second scene of the chapter with McGonagall was very well laid out and you kept everyone there perfectly in the lines of his or her character.

The first scene of the chapter was understandably chaotic. Those are the moments when life has a life of its own. I really want to know what happened with Fred. But I suspect I'll find out if I read on. Thank you for requesting. Feel free to request again.


Author's Response: Thank you! You're reviews are awesome. McGonagall was difficult to get in character, so that is a great compliment.

Yeah, it was chaotic. And guess what, writing chaos is HARD! Glad it worked out in the end. I will certainly re-request for more chapters so you can find out what's up with Fred as well as the rest of the gang.

Thanks so much!

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Review #24, by icefire_lioness 

18th March 2010:
OH MY GAWWWD! He's alive! *dances*

I love you. True story.

I love that Fred survives, and I really love this chapter, it's really sweet. I like that Harry stayed at Hogwarts, and I think you definitely got that bit right - it's been his home for seven years, and I think he needs time to say goodbye to that. And oh, McGoogles! So sweet!

I pretty much just love everything about this chapter. It's brilliant, and you're brilliant and...*sigh* I'm off to read the next chapter before I joygasm myself into non-existence.


Author's Response: Hehehehe, yes, he's alive. :) I couldn't keep one of my twins dead.

Love? Wow, strong word. You have me grinning again.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. It is so much fun to write this story, but it can be a lot of hard work, too. Reading reviews like this remind me why I do it. So thank you!

Now, don't send yourself into non-existence! They you wouldn't be able to finish reading!

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Review #25, by simplyshiny 

16th March 2010:
Oh man, so Fred IS alive? awesome. I've read stories where Fred just doesn't die...he didn't even get hurt, but I like this idea much better! I also love the idea of Harry staying behind at the castle and not wanting to leave..did Ron and Hermione leave too? or are they off having some little lovers get-a-way? I'd imagine they'd stay, but it's your story so we'll see! Anyway, this is a very well written story, it's hard to find that in fanfiction. Great job!

Author's Response: Yes Fred is alive. :) How could I not have him alive? The twins are my favorites!

I'm glad you like the way I brought him back. I had to think long and hard about how to do that.

Harry staying just felt right. I thought he needed a little while to say goodbye to the first place that had ever been a real home for him. As for Ron and Hermione, they aren't actually there with him, or off have a little snogging time either. Ron's helping his family and being there for Fred for a bit, and Hermione's getting ready to go look for her family. I didn't write all that because it rather took away from the things I wanted to focus on in this chapter, but hopefully you can get the information in the chaptets to come.

Again, thanks so much for a wonderful review!

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