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Review #1, by Bella Buechter 

9th January 2017:
Wow, this was one story I won't forget. I mean I have read many a Harry Potter fanfic, but this one tops them all. The pureness of it all was quite overwhelming and I couldn't stop until the very end.

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Review #2, by Ankita 

1st January 2017:
Um...I want to say so many things but words would just not form.I silently cried while reading the last chapter.it was bittersweet. I hope Ron wouldn't have died...neither would have Draco...but life doesn't work the way one wish, does it? It was nice to see that Hermione could move on..could dance again...it was nice to see the love Draco and Hermione shared...it's nice to see there is hope afterall. I just wished that Draco would have lived...that they would have grown old together..wished that there was indeed a happily ever after unlike the real life we lead... Arabesque..no better name for their daughter... You know you have a way with words that reaches directly to the heart. :) I don't know if you'll even read my review...afterall it's been a long time since this story was published..but if you do read it even after many many years I'll be happy that my words reached you.

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Review #3, by Nailu 

28th August 2016:
This story was great, but I hoped for better ending. You make me cry! Only a few (three to be accurate) books made me cry like this. So sad end of one love.

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Review #4, by Potterhead07 

17th July 2015:
This is simply beautiful.

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Review #5, by Mrs.G 

18th June 2015:
Ugh, I'm crying right now. Why did he have to die??? Such a perfect ending, though. Really well done.

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Review #6, by melani 

14th June 2015:
I don't know where to start on this review. I want to hate this story, for the obvious reasons of Draco and Ron's outcome, but at the same time, it's what has me attached. I fell in love with the overall dancing aspect that surrounded this story. I used to be a dancer growing up, but after an automobile accident that messed up my knee I basically had to take up another sport, so this story is a bit dear to me in the sense.

Let me just say, I've fallen in love with many stories, but I've never been so enthralled by a story on this website until having the honor of reading your fanfic. This story could be done outside the harry potter universe I believe and it would still be absolutely brilliant! I can't remember the last time I read anything that had me feeling all the emotions that occurred while reading this story.

And Narcissa's escape, as tragic as it was, I applaud you for it. The most intense, heart wrenching, yet beautifully written chapter.

I don't know what else to say, but bravo and thank you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read this masterpiece. Please, don't ever stop writing. I'm not sure if writing is your passion, or just a past time, but continue. You definitely have a talent, and I will forever be honored to say that I had the chance to read some of your work. Job well done!

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Review #7, by dramione_goddess 

29th May 2015:
I don't know what to say.
I read this story a long time ago and only rediscovered it yesterday. I remembered almost nothing but the dancing and that I felt so many emotions while reading it.
Once again, those emotions are tearing through me. It is not alright for words, fiction, to do this to a person. But, it is a story. If a story doesn't make you feel things, if it doesn't change you, then it has failed at being a story. I am here to informe you that you have done beautifully. I laughed, cried, yelled, and cried some more throughout this entire story. It is beautiful.
The way the characters developed, their background, their emotions; all of your amazing, beautiful work is causing me to feel such raw grief and sadness. I have known people who died, and the way that you portrayed death in this story was simply beautiful.
I applaud and thank you for everything this story put me through. You truly did an amazing job.

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Review #8, by Fireablaze 

17th March 2015:
This is a truly touching story. I don't have much more to say.

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Review #9, by Crookshanks11 

5th November 2014:
I loved the story, it was really well done! Although it does peeve me that Ron literally died to keep Draco alive for Hermione and then you kill Draco off anyway... It kind of lessens his sacrifice in my opinion. But other than that it was well worth the read!

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Review #10, by Annie 

5th November 2014:
Why did he have to die

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Review #11, by PinkRose 

13th July 2014:
Awe, that was so beautiful

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Review #12, by harry et ginny toujours 

15th April 2014:
Eh bien ..
Je pense que c'était une bonne histoire, mais il pourrait se tenir sur son propre n'étant pas une fanfic HP.
Toute la danse (qui, soit dit en passant, j'ai pensé que vous avez écrit Parfaitement) est un peu exagéré par Draco. Quand at-il apprendre à danser? Je ne crois pas que son père serait considérer que l'utilisation adequate de temps.
Et ils ont à peine utilisés magique, tout était moldu fighting.They ne mentionne pas Voldemort jusqu'à la fin, et l'histoire n'a pas fonctionné. 7e année, encore à l'école, Voldemort evidemment pas une priority, et Dumbledore en vie? Sans Speaking Rogue?
Je pensais que c'était une belle histoire, avec quelques trous dedans!
Quoi qu'il en soit, J'ai bien aimé l'histoire!

J'ai pris la liberté de traduire ce, pour vous faire gagner du temps
Well ..
I think it was a good story, but it could stand on its own is not an HP fanfic.
All dancing (which, incidentally, I thought you wrote Perfectly) is a bit exaggerated Draco. When did he learn to dance? I do not think his father would consider using adequate time.
And they barely used magic, everything was Muggle fighting.They no mention Voldemort until the end, and the story did not work. 7th year, still in school, Voldemort obviously not a priority, and Dumbledore alive? Speaking without Snape?
I thought it was a good story, with some holes in it!
Anyway, I liked the story!

I took the liberty of translating it, to save you time

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Review #13, by cath91 

5th February 2014:
What... what just happened? Did you really kill off both Ron and Draco? I've never ever seen someone have the guts to do that. Or the cruelty. Haha, but seriously what a fantastic fanfiction! So many tears, I'm actually embarrassed.

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Review #14, by wilddarkhaunt 

1st January 2014:
One of the most beautiful fan-fictions I have ever read before. No, wait. Scratch that. One of the most beautiful stories I have ever come across before, in my life.
So completely astounding and incredible, hauntingly beautiful.
I love the "real"-ness of the characters, and this exhilarating twist you've brought to the traditional Dramione stories. Actually, never mind that. It is not worth comparing this work of art to those others.
Thank you for writing this. I haven't reviewed before here (was too lazy!) but you've made me.
You are a beyond- wonderful writer. Please never stop writing, never stop making these beautiful things.

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Review #15, by wolfgirl17 

29th October 2013:
Utterly Beautiful. Astounding.

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Review #16, by Danielle Felton 

29th August 2013:
I hate this story.but I love it...so much that it hurts.I was looking forward to the happy Dramione ending...but it broke my heart.like it's literally in pieces! I've fallen in love with this real Draco character! It isn't like most of those fluffy untrue ones you usually come across.This was an amazing read! I would read it again but i cannot bear the heartache of this terribly beautiful ending. *hi five*

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Review #17, by Holly 

7th August 2013:
Wow. I found this incredibly moving. I never enjoyed Draco/Hermione pairings, but your writing is incredibly powerful, and you succeeded in converting me...

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Review #18, by natalialea 

26th July 2013:
No :( DRACO cannot die :( I'm crying!

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Review #19, by Littlemissfrench 

9th June 2013:
This is so beautiful and so so sad ! :'( :'( :'( youre an awesome writer

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Review #20, by YourMothersEyes 

6th May 2013:
Wow. I'm speechless. I was sent here by a response to a review that I read by singerhotti24 on her story Pirates, and that was only this morning. I've spent my day glued to my IPod screen. I couldn't wait until tomorrow morning to review!
This was beautifully written and I don't think that anybody could complain about how it ended. I hope you still read your reviews, even though it was written a few years ago because you really do deserve the praise you get for it! It wasn't cliche, it wasn't all romance and fluff. It was reality - and I think that it must have been so difficult to write a story the way you've written this because in all honesty it's absolute perfection. Not many stories make me cry, but this one made me burst into tears! You genuinely are a wonderful writer. I could write an entire book about everything that's beautiful in this, but 6000 characters will leave it as a short book! :(
I loved that it wasn't one of those “Draco is destroyed from his past and Hermione's helps him through it” fanfictions. Because as entertaining as they are, there are so many. This was different in every way and you have a brilliant mind and brilliant creativity to have done this. I was so confused when I finished Chapter 24 and saw that Chapter 25 was the last one, because I thought it was far too soon to end it, but every word from this chapter tied the story off beautifully. The fact that you made Hermione the vulnerable one for once grasped my attention immediately. You really should be proud of yourself - I know I would be if I had talent like this!
Maybe I've written far too much, so I'll be quiet now!
Thankyou for taking time out to write this story, I officially love you :)

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Review #21, by Sarsh 

29th April 2013:
your story was so beautifully written! i could stop reading. but why oh why did you have to go ahead and break my heart?!?! Its so sad and yet so beautiful and I am in absolute tears :'(

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Review #22, by KeeganH 

28th April 2013:
Wow!! Just wow! An absolutely amazing story! You are a great writer!!

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Review #23, by Siobhan Faloh 

15th March 2013:
This is actually one of my favourite stories and it has the perfect ending. I like the way that it isn't so cliche that they end up living 'happily ever after'. This story made sense and it actually almost made me cry.
It's also very well written.

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Review #24, by dracos lover 

5th March 2013:
Omg i absolutly love this book, but iv got to admit im crying loads at the moment because i cant believe draco died. was arabesque their daughter??! Anyway please write more amazing books.

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Review #25, by kris 

24th February 2013:
Bravo! I loved this, definitely a favorite. I've read a lot of different dramoine stories, but this one is by far unique and attention grabbing. I got bored with other pieces after a few chapters they all are the same, however I was greatly entranced here. Keep up the great work, as for me i'm going to check out your other stories =)

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