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Review #1, by HartOfARebel 

20th September 2011:
I really liked this chapter!
Ulfric is a really good character, and I'm really glad that he allowed Remus to heal the Alpha.

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Review #2, by girly1393 

13th May 2011:
I love irony. Mm, to be banished by werewolves.

Bravo to you.

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Review #3, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
I love what you've done with the werewolf community, they're all actually good at heart, but they have to follow Greyback's orders. It's quite interesting to read your Beta and Alpha stuff too. I'm afraid for what's going to happen to Remus when he mentions to Moody that he healed the werewolf he'd been trying to kill. ...10/10 again!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked my wolves! They are pretty much the only OC's I have at this point. And you are right, I wanted them to be good (but guarded) people. There are TWO sides to every war, and the Ministry makes them look like monsters - nobody bothers to look at it from their POV, and I wanted Remus to have that realisation.

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Review #4, by Casey 

27th January 2010:
Its good to know that even in war they can still smile. I love the interaction between Lily and Wormtail and battle scars haha. You really do know how to add in a little bit of laughter to ease the tension although I think that they are probably like this anyway.

I got chills when Dumbledore said that the Minister had been taken. I guess it won't be long before the Ministry falls into ruin from his disappearance.

The thing I will always love the most is how James stood up for his brother (I'll consider Sirius his brother for this bit haha) and how it was not James to disarm Sirius but Peter, showing that the boy does have courage and I think the thing I loved more was how Sirius did not react, I mean, he didn't even reply or start up an argument, he took it and then stormed off. I don't know but it seems like such a great insight into his and theirs characters.

I'm so sad there will be no more werewolf insights. I really do admire Ulfric and the way that he is. I hope he survives this war...I'm going to be sad if he doesn't. Nice of Remus to heal Rolff although dangerous because he is a wizard. Ugh, I'm so sad because Remus is leaving them. Some of them seem really nice.

Author's Response: This whole kidnapped Minister thing was absolutely not a part of my original plan! I had Dumbledore meeting up with his Order again, and he began to talk, and omg, it just came out! And I rather liked the idea, but afterwards, it was like 'oh god, what have i done...' But I am glad it gave you chills - at least it's a thrilling story if nothing else!

I consider them brothers for the most part too, so you aren't alone there. JKR always said they were like brothers, or closer than. They did live together, after all, even outside of school :) Anyway, there was something about Peter that just made me want to make him the one to step up like that.

I'm pleased you'll miss Ulfric and the werewolves. Don't worry, he does survive the war and lives for many years after. In fact, in Harrys day, when Remus tells him he's been trying to warn the wolves of V's return, I expect that he'd be returning to that very same back. 15 years later, the grudge is gone, and I think Ulfric would be happy to see his old friend.

I don't think Remus could sit by and watch Rolff die, knowing that he could actually do something about it. he's still pretty fresh from losing his own father, and he wouldn't want Ulfric to go through the same - even if Rolff isn't his real dad, he did take Ulfric under his wing.

I'm glad you'll miss them :)

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Review #5, by liciaxox 

2nd October 2009:
this is awesome! fantastic story...please write more!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, more is on the way :) I have about 70 chapters planned in all.

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Review #6, by Lily 

2nd October 2009:
this is a really amazing story! i read all 24 chapters so fast, and i was sad when i got to the end. i loved how you took small details from the story and used them so well. please keep writing - i'll keep reading! i can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am really surprised you read all 24 chapters in short order. That's a lot of chapters, not to mention the huge word count in them. I love small details and I'm glad you liked them too :) I am working on writing the next chapter, just having a hard time with it, and also a hard time managing my own time now that the school year has started.

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Review #7, by Allacaya 

27th September 2009:
Hej, it's me again. thank you so much for your response to my review. :) I'm really desperate to know how the story continues. You would make my day, but no pressure there ;).

I wanted to add my name to the list of people that have complemented you on the way you portray Peter. I think it is very realistic and almost scary. Because so far it seems lack of appreciation (or the impression thereof) from different sides (family, friends, in general people of trust (like teachers)) drives him into betrayal. Add the war situation. Of course, in the end it is his choice, but still. I've been wondering did he really betray the Potters willingly or under torture? His later life as a rat does not necessarily contradict that. Sirius can have a vile temper (being framed classifies definately as provocation), is a powerful wizard and holds old grudges (Bellatrix, his mother, Kreacher). Still Peter would have to stay in a shape to be able to frame Sirius, so he can't have suffered physically too much or must have some how recovered quickly enough. Or his breaking point is indeed low enough. How disgusting such practical reasoning sounds!

Still this plot twist would add to the tragedy of the whole situation - he could have even blamed Sirius for convincing James to choose him as a secret keeper and chosen to frame Sirius because he did not dare confront the Order and the Ministry - ok wild goose chase here.

But condemming friends to death without a flicker of an eye is also sickening, especially Lily, who doesn't seem to hurt Peter at all. Ok, the others as well, at least not intentionally, just carelessly... .

I think you established rather successfully so far, the seed of doubt regarding Sirius, at least in everyone outside the Marauders (incl. Lily - excl. Peter who doubts everyone in everything, he's a "special" case). What I wonder is how you will go about to sow distrust between Sirius and Remus. Unless I missed s.th. they have not given each other cause for that. Remus simply withdrawing from the rest? Do they have an unfortunate argument over Regulus? OK, Sirius has already broken Remus' trust once in the Willow incident... .
Somehow I feel there has to be more.

The werewolves, I noticed you have all given Scandinavian names relating to wolf. I was just wondering, did they already have these names? Of course Fenrir and Remus also give away their condition in their name... . Just I guess I can't imagine Fenrir choosing his victims by their name, so I was wondering whether it might be a custom among werewolves to choose a name relating to wolf when they join the pack. Could be to shed the last link to a society that rejects and ostracizes them.

It is really tragic Regulus' final choices are not at all recognized for what they are (until DH through Harry). As Snape would phrase it "if you haven't noticed [...] life is not fair". But still, without criticising the status quo thre can't be evolution. I wonder, if Regulus wanted to talk with Sirius about the Horcruxes... I mean, he is his older brother, he has to know Sirius cares about him and he cares about Sirius, otherwise he wouldn't have stood in Sirius flat. It must hurt feeling replaced by James... .

Enough rambling. I do impatiently await the following chapters. I do hope you find lots of inspiration (and yes then of course time) for them. Maybe some ingenius plot lines in dreams... .

Author's Response: lol! It makes me happy to know how badly some people want it to continue. It must not be too bad of a story if people want it so much. I will try to work on it today (Tuesday). Before, I had all the time in the world, but ever since my son started school (he's 5, so this is literally his first year of school ever) and I've been having to drive my niece to her school 15 miles away, I find myself without much time to write. My son is only half day for this year, so its almost like the second I get home from dropping her off, I have to turn around and pick him up. I've also had motivation troubles now that I have bigger things on my hands. I am going to try to write every Tuesday morning. On Tuesdays I don't have to drive my niece to school because her mother is off work, so I have a little more time than I normally would.

I think its great that you are asking about Peter's betrayal. First of all, I am glad you like how I portrayed him. I've tried really hard to include him and to make him somebody that can actually be liked. Sometimes I feel like it still isn't enough, but he'll get his big moments later on and you'll see even more of him. I have important plans for his betrayal that I really dont want to reveal yet. I can say that I personally have never seen his betrayal happen this way before, so I think it's original and I think people might even be able to forgive him in the end. I think it could add even more tragedy to the situation than what JKR set up, or what you are suggesting. There will be eye flickering before it happens! lol

Remus and Sirius do not distrust each other yet. I think you will start to see Remus withdraw a bit, which, when things start to heat up with Voldemort and a traitor, will make it easy for Sirius to suspect Remus. Remus will be withdrawn and a little "different" after living with the wolves for what, 3 months in total?

I can't say whether the wolves have always had their names. I just did what JKR did as far as naming them goes. lol she doesn't seem to mind the unlikelyhood of her characters falling victim to the very things their names imply, so I don't either. It's her world, so I just try to keep with the naming thing she does :)

I love Regulus to death. I had him try to talk to Sirius back just before Christmas, but his pride got in the way. He is supposed to die in the current year I am writing, so I still have time to possibly have him try again if I wanted.

Thank you for the wonderfully long review! I love reading people's thoughts on this!

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Review #8, by Confused Fly 

27th September 2009:
And that's it? End of Remus's mission? Oh, well.
I LOVE THIS STORY way too much to be healthy. :D
It's really abnormaly good. :)
So .. My favourite characters in this fiction are - Sirius, Regulus and Remus. Lily .. usually I like Lily very much too, but here she doesn't seem to be in her character, but that's only my opinion. And her reletionship with Sirius, how he can read her so well, [methoughts] isn't very visible. Sorry. :(
But I really really ADORE this story. I always love fictions with much Voldemort and deaths. It makes story realistic. Oh, but Regulus .. I think I'm in love! :D Just how everybody judges him is plain cruel. Damn you DH! It made us all realise that he's very brave and is with the good side. And Sirius. Omg when Moody punched gim, it was just .. I don't know .. shocking but still amusing. Well, I laughed. :D
Can't wait for next chapter! Please, update very soon!

Author's Response: Yep, that is it for the mission! I didn't want to have Remus away from the group for TOO long, yet I wanted to try to keep it realistic - obviously they can't always stay together just because they're friends. Do you think it should have gone on longer? Did you enjoy the mission? important questions! XD

I'm really glad you like the story, and you don't have to apologise for your own opinion. Actually, I really don't understand Lily very well and I can admit to that. It's why the story is in the POV of mostly Sirius and sometimes James (even though most females write in the POV of a female - usually an OC or Lily). I just don't get her. I don't understand her characterisation. You aren't the first one to mention that she's a little OOC here, which is fine, I just don't understand where people are knowing so much on her when we saw her so little in the books? At any rate, I tried to make her kindhearted and loving (I figure she was for what she did for Harry, right?) and yet have a little spunk (we saw her with James..). I'm not surprised if I've done it wrong, and she's just somebody I have a tough time with.

Thanks for your opinion on her relationship with Sirius - I really liked this idea of them being good friends but I haven't explored it very much except for in chapter 10. Now I know I need to go back and put in some new scenes, perhaps :)

I really like Regulus myself! I love what JKR did with him, and I've considered writing a Regulus based story after this one is done. Haha, I do try to bring the drama into it, I'm glad you found Moody amusing XD Well, I kind of figure raw emotions would come into play in a story like this, and sometimes they just can't help themselves from lashing out.

Thanks for your opinions, they were helpful in seeing what can be improved on, and thank you for taking the time to review.

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Review #9, by SephoraThae 

26th September 2009:
Your story is written very well, and is a pleasure to read. A few facts didn't seem to quite add up, but that's probably due to college and late nights taking their toll.
Can't wait to read whatever comes next. ^.^

Author's Response: Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it :D And also I wanted to thank you for your honesty. I am curious about what you find that didn't add up very well - I worked hard on the story so far, so if there is something that I missed, I would really like to be able to correct it. Or if it is indeed late nights taking their toll, I'd hope to be able to help you understand what happened, perhaps through better explaining within the chapter.

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Review #10, by FreeWords 

20th September 2009:
Amazing! absolutely bloody amazing. You fill in this whole plot line, develop most of the characters, craft the dialogue, and post it for us to read taboot? you should be given an award or something. I have spent the past 2 hours reading and find myself utterly hooked. I cannot wait for your next installment. Keep up with the superb writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm absolutely thrilled whenever I hear that somebody has spent some great amount of time reading this because they couldn't stop! I think that's like the highest compliment anyone could ever give, because its not about writing style or proper grammar, its about plot and characterisation and something deeper. Thanks so much for reviewing to let me know what you think, it makes my day :)

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Review #11, by lunahermione181 

20th September 2009:
this is an absolutely brilliant fanfiction. It's one of the only marauder stories that make getting from A to B fun. I started reading it yesterday and i could hardly stop. I think this is exactly how JKR would have written it and I'm not surprised at all that it won two dobbys. Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Wow! I can't believe you started reading yesterday and have already caught up. I must admit that I am thrilled that getting from A to B is fun! When writing a story as long as this one, it's been a frequent worry whether people would be able to keep interest throughout the entire thing. I keep trying to include little things to keep the plot going forward, even on the filler chapters (which probably makes them not filler in the end), and I'm glad you liked it so much. Thank you for giving such a long story a chance, and for enjoying it.

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Review #12, by Liisarr 

21st August 2009:
I've been reading this story since yesterday, and I've really enjoyed it so far. It's refreshing to see a story that's about what likely happened instead of what could possibly have happended.

Looking forward to the next chapter! =)

Author's Response: Hi Liisarr! I can't believe you are already caught up after just started yesterday. That was a lot of reading on your part!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's a lot of fun to write, and so far I've been quite proud of the way the story is going and the fact that it's not like the typical Marauder/OC fic.

Thank you so much for the review, I can't wait to hear from you again!

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Review #13, by auror_snape 

20th August 2009:
Brilliant, to use Regulus to plant the seeds of doubt, if that is what you're actually doing. And that was a nice way to release Remus from the mission. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I love Regulus and think he's a really great character. I can't resist trying to squeeze him in now and then. I'm glad you liked how Remus was released, it's been a long time in the works. Now I just need to retouch all of the werewolf parts, they've been a little rushed.

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Review #14, by Lizzie 

18th August 2009:
OOO YAY! You cannot imagine how excited I was when I saw this story updated. I wanted to know what would happen so badly after such an important fight and event.

I loved that little conversation/bit between Lily and Peter. Everyone usually leaves him out of the story just because he was a traitor so no one ever really involves him in anything so I'm really glad you did. After all, before he was a traitor, he was their friend and companion and maybe he wasn't as brave or handsome as the rest of his friends, but he deserves to be written about anyway.

And poor Sirius, he always gets himself into a worry I've noticed whenever he senses bad news approaching and I'm thoroughly glad no one was seriously injured.

And bloody hell, I got chills when Dumbledore said that the Minister had been taken, he's such a prominent part of the wizarding community and now he's in the hands of such disgusting people. Although I did half suspect that something like that would happen because even if the battle is over, the war is still left.

And Moody getting into the midst of everything and shouting to the world about Regulus. I do get where he is coming from, I mean, he's seen hundreds of people die from Death Eaters and seen people being tortured and all that and he probably wants the war to end more than others. But at the same time, I can completely see Sirius's side, like I said in my last review, Regulus is his brother and I don't think Sirius has lost complete faith in him, even if he won't admit it. And Peter's little bold act made my heart melt.

You know, even though the werewolf's did what they did at the Ministry, I couldn't help but feel sorry for them as well when they were all crowded around Rolff as he was dying. I kept wondering that someone should have done something to help him and I guess that's because you showed the werewolves as something more than monsters, you showed them as people who feel and love and even though they are on the other side of a war, it doesn't mean that they aren't still people.

And I'm thoroughly glad Remus didn't something as I would have done the same if I had been in his situation, even if it meant I was putting myself in danger.

You just have to love Ulfric really, for the kindness and friendship he has shown Remus in this chapter. As happy as I am that Remus is going back home, I do feel as though he would have been much better suited in the company of the werewolves. They may be against the Death Eaters right now but things change and it would be vital that the Order knew what the werewolves were up to as they now have to no link to them.

I wonder if Remus will ever see them again? Or if they will encounter each other on the battlefield on opposite sides? It would be interesting.

And what about the Minister? I hope he gets back in one piece, it would be dandy if Sirius saved the Minister, I reckon that would shut Moody right up for causing him so much pain.

Well, loved the chapter! As you can see by the long review haha.

Author's Response: I like Peter a lot, so I try not to leave him out. I know he's the cause of James/Lily's death, but at the same time, he was their friend for a very long time and maybe he simply made a bad decision. So I agree with you completely, and I'm glad you liked the conversation between him and Lily. I can't wait til I get farther along in the story because I have bigger plans for Peter regarding his betrayal.

Poor Sirius! Though I think they probably all worry when they sense danger, you just only see it from Sirius because this is mostly in his POV XD

Chills! Chills are exciting. I'm glad you got them and that the chapter affected you in that way. I am surprised you suspected it because it wasn't even something I planned. It just came out while writing, and I thought it would be a good idea. Now I need to consider things in order to continue since it wasn't something I had anticipated having happen.

I'm glad you can see both Moody and Sirius's POV's. It must be hard to fight on the same side and have such differences. Luckily, by the time the second Order comes around, they get along better!

If you felt sorry for the werewolves, then that makes me happier than anything else. That's what I wanted. Sort of to show there are 2 sides to every war, and the werewolves aren't bad in their own eyes. They were put out, and when the opportunity came to fight back, they took it. Can't blame them. You love Ulfric! I am so happy, because so far he is my biggest OC (though I wish I spent more time developing him.) I think Remus is also currently feeling he fits in better with the wolves, but hopefully will adjust soon. I see what you are saying about the Order still wanting that link, but at the same time, the wolves aren't planning to be attacking anything else anytime in the near future.. ha! Remus will see them again in Harry's time, where he mentions he went off to the wolves to try to convince them not to join Voldemort. I was thinking about doing a one shot about it eventually - he wont see them again in this story.

Thanks so much for the beautiful review. Very long from you!

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Review #15, by Moonylupin 

18th August 2009:
Yay, Remus is going home! YAY! You don't know how happy that makes me, especially considering that the title of this chapter and the quote you had for the summary had me worried. That's not a punishment at all and I love the Ulfric knows that. Makes me love him even more. Though I feel horrible for him, getting his entire arm severed off and then using it to block a rampaging Fenrir Greyback? The guy has guts, I'll definitely say that.

I love the way you write Moody, I want to yell at him for the way he's behaving towards Sirius. Moody's been fighting so long he's developed a coldness, sort of, to what he does. Sirius, I believe, has always acted on emotion rather than logic and I don't think Moody can understand that. And Moody definitely took it too far when he pointed his wand at Sirius during the meeting. I'm just glad James was there to stick up for his friend. And if Moody knew what Regulus did before he died, he wouldn't have said half of what he did. And the fact that Peter stepped in the way he did, that was awesome!

You know, I never liked Rolff because of how he treated Remus, but I felt sorry for him, being hurt so bad that they were all just waiting for him to die. And Greyback, finally someone had the courage to tell him that Voldemort doesn't care at all about him and that he's stupid for trusting him. I loved the moment when Remus was fighting with himself in his head, trying to decide whether to heal Rolff or not. Really, there wasn't anything he could lose. The shock of the pack was great and that they let him do it.

Brilliant chapter! I can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: I knew you would like this chapter, given how much Remus is in it, as well as the good news that he would be going home! Although I think he has mixed feelings about it. It's going to be a big adjustment to be living in society again, and as much as he loves the Marauders, the werewolves are now his friends too. I'm so glad you love Ulfric. As my only OC, I am quite proud of how he handled things and I'm glad that others are too. I had forgotten that I had taken his arm off! It's been a while since I looked at the chapter again (sorry, and reviews...)

You're right about Moody. He has a reason to think the way he does, and he doesn't trust anyone, and he's not exactly wrong about his views, though he would do well to back off and not be so harsh about it. I think you have nailed Sirius - he goes with his heart and not with his head most of the time. Though he and Moody are on the same side, they really are complete opposites, aren't they! I think Moody has proven himself to act on impulse in Harry's time, so I thought I'd throw a little of that in here with his wand pointing at Sirius. Part of him still doesn't completely trust Sirius - the trust was building, but diminishes when he sees what Sirius will risk for a Death Eater simply because it's his brother. I had to give Peter a moment to shine, he hardly ever gets them!

I think your reactions to Rolff are pretty well where they should be. He's a hard old man that's kind of like Moody in a way. He's not a bad person, he's just seen a lot of bad things and doesn't really trust this intruder dressed in wizards' clothing joining his pack. He's not exactly likeable, but I'm glad you felt sorry for him.

Oh how I hate Greyback. It was a lot of fun writing that little confrontation with him. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

Thanks so much for the review!

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