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Review #1, by girly1393 

13th May 2011:
I don't remember, did Remus go too? God I hope not.

Bravo to you.

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Review #2, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
What the heck Moody?!? That was so out of line. I loved the battle, but I'm a bit confused by it. The werewolves didn't start attacking until everyone was flooing, which is understandable. However, what were they doing before this? It was a long night, and they couldn't just control themselves not to try to find something to attack...maybe I missed something?

Author's Response: It's okay to be confused about this chapter - it confuses me sometimes, too. It is one of those chapters where I thought I had worked out the details, but when it came time to write it was a confusing mess... It will definitely be edited sometime in the future.

That said, they began attacking the second the Order entered the building. The Order just didn't enter until just before other people. That's not to say that the wolves didn't run wild and destroy things all night - but they certainly didn't attack any people, because no people were there until the Order showed. (They were intended to be released upon the general public - they weren't anticipating people to know they would be there ahead of time, and they weren't anticipating a battle with the Order)

The Order waited so long because they knew they wouldn't be able to take the pack down by themselves. I believe werewolves have thick hides to defend against spells, for one, and they are vicious... So the Order waited until they knew other people would be arriving to work for the day. That way, they knew others would back them up upon seeing the battle.

I know its confusing lol

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Review #3, by Casey 

27th January 2010:

I like how it started out with the simple things which happen after death, like the house and all that. It made it so much more realistic, no one thinks about that, usually stories go off on the a-wall about how the characters start drinking and blah.

It seems so surreal when Dumbledore was telling them about the werewolf attack. I can't imagine the fear running through their beings in that moment, I mean, their own lives are in danger and so is so many others.

I always knew, somewhere deep down in my being, that Regulus was as capable of alot of good although he chose such a wrong path. It would have been extremely interesting to see if he had chosen the right one.

Author's Response: THIS chapter was SUCH a pain. Such tiny little details had me stuck... such as how I could get werewolves in when I had already made it a point of talking about the Ministry's security in chapter 2. It was so bad. But I'm glad you seem to have liked it so much!

You are right, nobody really does think about all that needs to be dealt with after somebody dies. Just a few more stresses on Lily, and a way to show her financial situation right now. I don't see Lily as a drinker, so you won't find that here lol.

I can't remember Dumbledore's words on the werewolf thing, but I'm glad you found it to be surreal. That's always a good thing, and I do try to picture in my head the way things are being said and the looks on people's faces.

I really REALLY enjoy Regulus. I'm going to have to kill him off very soon in this story, which I am absolutely dreading - but I am glad I was able to bring him into the story a couple of times prior to that.

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Review #4, by allie_0608 

16th August 2009:
Oh wow. Sirius and Moody going at it again, eh? And muggle fighting! [:
Loved it!

Author's Response: Yep, those two just can't get along :) Sirius comes from the very people Moody hates. Muggle fighting? Either you or I am misunderstanding something XD There were no Muggles in this chapter - those who walked in and joined the fight were Ministry wizards. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Alyssa 

14th August 2009:
Great story! I'm loving it!
Please, update soon.


Author's Response: Thanks so much, will do :)

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Review #6, by auror_snape 

12th August 2009:
I still think Sirius made the right choice. Regulus seems to be realizing that he's in way over his head. And no one else may know this, but he offered to free Remus.

Author's Response: I'm glad you think he made the right choice - I really like Regulus and I agree with you. I don't think he likes what he has gotten himself into. perhaps he is trying to redeem himself by trying to let Remus go, and later by stealing the Horcrux.

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Review #7, by Moonylupin 

11th August 2009:
Wow, this was a tense chapter. It was like the whole time you're just nervously waiting for the big explosion at the end (and that didn't disappoint). You really made me love Regulus in this chapter. You showed his steady breaking away from the Death Eaters (because, really, it's not that long before he dies). He's kind of the opposite of Peter, when you think about it. The conversation between Regulus and Remus was brilliant. The way Regulus seemed betrayed that he would find Remus among the werewolves and Remus having to act like he wanted to be there was heartbreaking to read.

Poor Lily. I can't say it enough. She really does need her sister and I hope Petunia will come around eventually and talk to her. Neither of them can grieve on their own and even if Lily has James and Petunia has Vernon, it's not the same as having a family member who knows exactly what you're going through around.

The Order meeting was great, the way they were all hanging on Dumbledore's words and realizing everything they fought for could be lost in one night. I loved Sirius's thought that maybe Lily's parents had gotten the better deal. They don't have to go through the hell everyone else is going through and, when you think about it, Sirius, James, Remus, Lily and Peter are only kids. I think of them at this time as completely grown up, but compared to everyone else they're just kids and they've had to grow up so fast.

I loved the attack in the Ministry and Peter's irrational behavior, transforming into a rat. It really showed that terror can get you to do anything. My favorite part by far was Sirius letting Regulus go and his admitting it to Moody. Moody can only see Death Eaters, but Sirius can see someone he really cared about. That had to be terrifying to see, dozens of werewolves and Death Eaters. It's amazing none of them were bitten. I loved this chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I have doubted this chapter more than I have doubted any in a long time. I'm really glad you loved Regulus! I think Regulus is wonderful and I adore him. I always have so much fun trying to squeeze him in in little bits to show how he is turning. And yeah, poor Remus, it must have been awful to have to lie like that.

Petunia will come around. I dont feel so bad about saying that and spoiling it, because we know Petunia sends lily a vase for christmas (which harry broke!) and stuff. They arent going to be best pals or anything, but they'll come to an understanding.

I'm super pleased that you have been reminded that they are still just children. I remember what it was like to be 18, 19, and its really not much different from being 14 or 15.

You're the first so far to mention Peter's transformation! I felt like I hadn't given Peter enough attention lately in chapters 10-20, so I've been trying to get him in more here and there. I'm glad you understood how terrified he was and how he tried to make his escape. Luckily everyone was so busy, nobody noticed.

I cant wait until you get to read the next chapter, that is where the Sirius vs Moody thing really comes out. You are right, Moody can only see the threat and enemy. Makes me think hes never really had anyone important in his life.

No, nobody was bitten, although there is minor injury - you just dont get to see it til the next chapter. Thanks so much for reviewing. I'll be heading back to yours in a few days. I'm trying to review for you everytime I post a new chapter.

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Review #8, by Lizzie 

11th August 2009:
Don't worry about the emo thing you mentioned in the reply for the last chapter. People feel so much things and its better to have characters who feel than characters who are just as emotional as a brick. :)

And yeah Lily's emotional reaction is wonderful, its so hard to try and let go of something which was so important to you, especially since she probably won't be able to say goodbye properly. O the woes of not having any money and I guess her pride got in the way when she wouldn't let James pay for the house but I would have done the same thing for sure.

And Regulus asking to help Remus was just too cute and wonderful! I am really beginning to like him as a character and I feel so sorry for Remus, poor boy with what he had to do to Regulus but really, it was to protect the both of them.

And the build-up to the battle was quite intense in such a situation where the community of thousands depends on an event is nerve-wracking and you wrote it wonderfully.

I don't understand though, why they didn't tell someone or perhaps send out a news thing very early to say that the Ministry atrium was out of order or something along those lines to stop so many people from coming in. But I guess it would have tipped off the werewolves and then they wouldn't have been able to capture as many as they did.

And poor poor Sirius with his brother, I knew he would never have hurt Regulus is he saw him in the fray, and damn Moody for getting so angry but it would be in his character to do that.

Also Sirius and Regulus's little thing in the midst of the battle reminded me of this quote about siblings, it went something like 'If you cannot understand how you can love and hate your brother/sister at the same time then you are obviously an only child.' or something to that effect.

Anyway this chapter was lovely, full of suspense, intensity, brotherly love, and alot of wonderful things.

Can't wait for the next chapter and poor Sirius, first he gets hurt by the train and now knocked out by Moody, which would probably leave a rather large bruise/bump.

Author's Response: wow, Lizzie, what a deliciously long review from you!

I agree that its better than having characters that show no emotion at or character at all. Part of me thinks "go on, her parents have died!" and part of me thinks "nobody wants to read your sob story of a novel." LOL! But I'm glad you liked her reaction here, I actually had no fear of this one being too emo at all. It seemed fitting; I agree, why can't we all have money like James and Sirius?

I'm really starting to like Regulus too! I love him! I really want to write a novel length story about the Black brothers prior to entering Hogwarts. It would be a prequel to my other prequel, but sounds so fun. His part here was spur of the moment - I didn't plan for it, it just happened. I hadn't even thought out fully whether or not he was even there until I wrote him in.

I'm so relieved you liked the build up to the battle! I have been so worried. This battle is supposed to be pretty huge - this is the first major attack on the Ministry. I was worried I hadn't done it well enough.

Thanks for pointing out what you didn't understand. I have no clue if people get it unless they tell me! I had it planned originally that they didnt want to stop people from coming in - with the Death Eaters and werewolves, they knew they were outnumbered. There are only 16 of them (not counting Aberforth, who wasnt there, and Marlene, who is now dead). So the plan was to be the first into the Atrium and engage the enemy in the hopes that others would walk in on it and help out.

I hope that made more sense. Granted - I probably should have had the Order notify the Aurors and have the battle fought in the middle of the night rather than do it in the morning. Regardless, thank you for pointing out your doubt about it, I will probably be making some changes. This chapter still needs some major edits, but I need a few days to distance myself from it first.

Aww, yeah, poor Sirius. I dont think he could hurt Regulus, however much he pretended he hated him when talking to Harry years later. That is an excellent quote.

I'm glad you liked this chapter!! I think this is the first one since chapters 14 and 15 that I have had major doubt and slight disappointment in, so its good to hear all the good things you thought it contained.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Lizzie!

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