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Review #1, by girly1393 

12th May 2011:
The way you ave possession of the objects Remus had with him at the end of the chapter--the Cloak and the mirror--was nice; I really liked it, how you tied him back to the "real world".

Bravo to you.

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Review #2, by robinwiz 

15th December 2010:
Hey. This is my first ever review. I just wanted to say that I am really digging this story a lot. I think you capture the characters, especially young Sirius, VERY well. Far better than any other Maurader fic I have read.

I think your idea of gillyweed as a magical drug, i.e. pot, is an excellent one. Of course, teen/ young adult wizards would experiment in drug use just as Muggles do.

Also, I was wondering- and you may not have an answer to this but I'm going to ask anyway- what's the deal with lycanthropy and magic? Meaning- is being a witch/ wizard necessary for being made into a werewolf? What about vampires? In Rowling's books, only a magical person can become a ghost, so is this true of werewolves and vampires as well? Your story seems to assume that being magical isn't necessary for the transformation into a werewolf, because some of the werewolves are completely unfamiliar with magic. But maybe they were outcast at a very young age and thus know very little about magic? Or they were born werewolves- if lycanthropy is hereditary, in your story at least?

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas about answering these questions, please share.

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Review #3, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
Wow, Remus' undercover spying has obviously helped a lot. And for Lily and James, I figured that would happen. (: 10/10

Author's Response: I am glad you think so! It has actually been a worry of mine that he hasn't gotten enough accomplished whilst with the wolves - but for what he's done, it's been pretty good.

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Review #4, by Casey 

26th January 2010:
:) Sorry for the long gap between reviewing, I really wanted to do it all in one go but school...meh. But now I am back and you have to listen to my boring ramblings. Lol.

(From what you said in a previous reply to a review; I do like Sirius's emo moments, he has alot to be depressed about and sad about, he has his up moments but I guess the poor guy feels as though the whole world rests on his shoulders some days)

I would have torn Moody apart if he had stopped me trying to get to a friend's death. Nothing would have stopped me from going, I felt so frustrated in that section, instead of hanging around chatting, they should get a move on. Ugh, Moody and his stupid comments, some days you know.

Ugh, it was heartwrenching when they were going into Marlene's house. I liked her so much and now she's gone...so so sucky...but so well-written, you could feel the sadness in the air.

Sirius reaction to James finding him and the Gillyweed was like a child about to get scolded so they react quickly in order to cover it up. Really made me laugh for some reason.

The scene with Lily and James was, I don't know, seriously speaking romantic scenes make me so uncomfortable but it was sort of...lovely. I mean, they weren't trying to jump each others bones, they weren't going to have sex just to have it (I guess you could say) and it wasn't a plea of desperation (although I swear Lily sounded a little desperate there for a second). Although kinda weird in Remus's bed (haha poor dude).

I do love Ulfric, he's such a nice, patient man, its a shame he's surrounded by people who don't respect him the way he should be respected. And Greyback, ugh, I was shuddering the entire time, goodness I hate him SO MUCH! Probably more than Bellatrix because he ruins lives completely and I guess most people he bit would rather be dead than have to live with lycanthropy.

Author's Response: Wow, it looks like I have a lot of great reviews to respond to!! Don't worry about long gaps between reviews, we all have lives, and it takes me a day or two to respond sometimes :)

I'm glad you understand Sirius's emo moments! He really does have a lot to be depressed about, but he seemed to be able to forget such things when he was with his friends, at least from what JKR wrote. At the same time, I feel like the war might bring some of those things to the forefront of his mind, considering how active his family is. I still hope to tone it down a bit later on.

I am certainly happy you were feeling the frustration in this chapter of having to wait. It was probably eating away at all of them, but then, they all know the importance of doing things the right way, waiting for the command, etc. They know what they signed up for, even if they don't like it!

I'm sorry you are missing Marlene. I still feel bad that I didn't get much into her character prior to her death, but hey, that's what rewrites and edits are for (as soon as this monster is complete in the first edition!)

LOL I always picture Sirius to be the one to venture into those sorts of things. He knows James won't be thrilled about it.

I'm so happy you liked the scene with James and Lily! You have no idea! I struggle so much with romance, and I try hard not to make it anything cliche or cheesy or lame. Romantic scenes make me uncomfortable also. I tried to make it more of an actual appreciation of the thing, and not a "let's do it!" like you said. I can't remember exactly what I had Lily saying, but as it's right after a death, I can imagine... And you aren't the first to comment on Remus's bed! I never even gave it a second thought. I figured it was better than doing it at James's parents' house.

I'm so glad you like Ulfric, too. As my only OC with any amount of an actual role in the story so far, he was pretty important to me. I don't think he's your typical OC... lol. He is respected somewhat, being the elder's son (more or less), but he probably takes a lot of teasing and stuff too for it. Anyway, I'm so happy you can react so strongly to some of whats in this story. Thanks for this really awesome review.

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Review #5, by XxArixX 

2nd November 2009:
i am lovin this story so far, stag night, i can't wait to read the rest of it. i love the way you describe Remus, he's my favorite character. :D


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I actually have a little trouble with Remus, I just don't feel as familiar with him as I do with james and Sirius (though I do love Remus a lot!) I'm glad you like him :)

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Review #6, by allie_0608 

1st August 2009:
This chapter was amazing!

Author's Response: aw, thanks. It was tough to write. I hate writing reactions to deaths and terrible things. Too angsty.

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Review #7, by Moonylupin 

23rd July 2009:
I just need to get these comments out first... I hope the sheets on Remus's bed get changed, I never knew you could smoke Gillyweed and you made me almost cry just with Dumbledore's comment about Marlene's little girl. Just that one simple question because Dumbledore clearly had no idea what had happened. It just seemed like a question he would ask and then he looked around at everyone. I don't know why that got me so much.

I love the conflict you wrote with Sirius. He felt horrible about being so horrible to her at Mr. Lupin's funeral, yet you can't blame him at the same time. He had just laid one of his best friend's fathers to rest and he had cold-bloodedly killed someone. Sirius obviously wasn't in the best state of mind at the time. I liked that he realized just how much the McKinnons suffered and how it affected everyone, even him and he didn't know Marlene that well. You make me love Dorcas - the tough soldier who was reduced to what she was when she saw one of her closest friend's bodies. I could never imagine going through that.

I love the way you write James and Lily. You don't make them disgustingly romantic, you make them realistic. The way Lily kept saying she wanted to make love to James, yet he was hesitant about it because he wasn't sure she was thinking properly. But James really does love Lily and you show it so well. Another thing that really got me was James saying the way live to see the end of the war... oh dramatic irony. Those sort of things get me in the worst way because we all know the fates of the Marauders and Lily and it's terrible that people like them met such horrible ends, especially in terms of James, Lily and Remus. They had children to live for.

I feel bad for Ulfric. He's a respected member of the pack but he's treated like a prisoner. You can't blame Remus for it really, he had every right to leave. But I feel bad for the way their punishing Ulfric. Ugh Greyback. I hate him so much. He thinks he's important but he's terrible. The way he talked about the plan, he could only see their victory and wouldn't even consider what the others were saying. You write him brilliantly, he's sadistic and horrible. I really hope Remus informs the Order about the attack in time. Excellent chapter! I can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Oh geez, James and Lily just had this landmark night in their relationship and you, as always, are concerned for Remus and his sheets! As for the gillyweed, it was a little something I mentioned in my one shot and just had to include it in this story. It will probably happen again the next time someone dies :P And - wow, I never thought that line from Dumbledore would cause such a reaction! (but I am really thrilled it did).

I'm glad you can understand Sirius. I think he does a lot of things that seem excusable but he later comes to greatly regret. I think that when death touches somebody you know - even if you had never talked to that person before, but you still know them (like somebody at your school or something) it still affects you greatly. The Marauders did actually have a moment with Marlene in one of the chapters (9 I think?) but it is something I added in only recently. I'm so glad you love Dorcas! I've been making a great effort to include more of the Order members now that I've got the Marauders settled into the group (hence the edits and additions in earlier chapters)

I am so relieved to hear what you said about J/L. I have such a HORRIBLE time with romance. It literally took me all day long and a small bit of yesterday to write that scene between them. It always seems like too much or too cliche or too awkward, or the wording is too cheesy and laughable... It was such a struggle and I'm glad you loved it. I agree with you about the way they all died. I'd be quite happy if they'd lived forever.

Yeah poor Ulfric. First punished for even bringing Remus there, and then because he let Remus escape. No of course Remus can't be blamed :) haha, you love him. Though, given the reason for him being there in the first place, he did have every right to leave. They just don't know that! Hooray!!! I'm thrilled you like Greyback, I was trying to create somebody you could really hate!!!

Thanks for the wonderful review, I will try to get another chapter or two down on yours as well tonight.

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Review #8, by auror_snape 

23rd July 2009:
Wow. I sure hope Remus can warn them in time. Maybe, if the attack on the Ministry is a rout, that might convince the werewolves to turn against Voldemort.

Author's Response: I can't wait to write that Ministry scene, but it's going to have to wait a few more chapters first! Thanks for reading :)

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