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Review #1, by knicoles 

3rd March 2014:
One last exploration before he turns his back on her for dating Remus, I guess. I'll miss these explorations as siblings.

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Review #2, by crazybibliophile 

31st August 2009:
I always wondered why no one investigated the Chamber further in canon... you'd think they'd be at least a bit curious about it. And it seems kind of gross to leave a huge basilisk carcass rotting away in the bowels of the school - not to mention wasteful, given how useful and rare basilisk parts would be as potions ingredients.

And I love Severus's enthusiasm. He's like a little kid, it's so funny.

Looking back it does seem a little callous of Harry to have killed the basilisk without trying to talk to it - yeah, it was trying to kill him, but... still. You'd think he would have been able to reason with it somehow. I don't think it said anything during that whole scene in canon - maybe it was enspelled.

"A teenager --- frozen in time forever." said Severus with a shudder. "Proceed."

Never thought about it like that. He must despise all the teenage ghosts wandering around the place. xD

Author's Response: This is the last Kerri-Snape bonding chapter before things turn really nasty. They're about to spend a solid year feuding with each other.

And yes, there are a lot of unanswered questions about the Chamber of Secrets. It's kind of nice because it gave me a lot of material to play with.

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Review #3, by Bella_Portia 

25th July 2009:
First of all, this made me a little sad, knowing it was the last of the "brother and sister," Severus-and-Kerri scenes. It was such a nice scene. I felt so sorry for the basilisk. He didn't ask for the job, any more than Nagini. The division of the jewels was an inspired bit. I'm rambling. Lovely scene.

I went back and looked again at the passage about the gems. It seemed unusual that Severus, dividing them between them, commented on something to be passed on to the next generation. He presumably knew he'd have no direct heirs. He was thinking of a next generation through her, to which he could pass his portion of the gems? (Or am I overthinking it?)

Once again, I thought you nailed Hagrid as to the way he would have reacted to an Azkaban stint. He always indicated it was awful (or so I remembe without actually checking). It makes sense that he would want to talk about anything but, and that he would be overwhelmed with emotion.

Yet another wonderful chapter.

Author's Response: I feel sorry for the basilisk too. Nasty little boy going down there into it's home and killing it.Did the little brat even try talking to it? Of course not.

And yes, this is the last of Snape and Kerri's friendship for quite a while. In year four when she sees "Moody" giving him a hard time Kerri will try to make friends again. In the meantime the passwords on her office tend to be things like "Severus Snape is a stupid jerk." It's Remus I feel sorry for, stuck in the middle.

Way back in the first story I think it was, Kerri had a little birthday party at her house for Snape. I think that's when he was talking about how she'd have to be the one to have children and keep Slytherin blood alive. He expects her to have children.just not with "That Werewolf" as he refers to Remus.

I felt Hagrid's part was a little rushed, actually. I was concentrating more on Snape.

Thanks for the review --- for all of them. You're one of three people I can count on to review every time. And now I'm going to go post the last chapter.

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Review #4, by Orabella 

24th July 2009:
dun dun dun the graduation chapter is next!! ahh im so excited haha. oh and responding go the last reveiw response you left me yes i did know that remus would be teching at hogwarts but i was still excited haha. have you seen the movie yet??? haha streak... *rolls eyes smiling*

Author's Response: No, I haven't seen the movie. I didn't watch OoTP because I'm fond of Sirius and didn't want to see him die. Now there's a gap between number four and number six so I probably just won't bother. And you couldn't pay me to go see DH. I bawled all the way through the book --- I'm not doing that at a movie !

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Review #5, by morgana67 

23rd July 2009:
Oh, I love the opening with Severus' letter. Very typical of him to recount the facts but avoid giving "my boyfriend" any credit.

Kerri's slight annoyance at being outwitted by a 12 year old is in character and understandable, although you also show that she doesn't agree with Snape's views on the kid.

Hagrid was very sweet as usual and I love the description when you compared Kerri's reaction when she saw him to how Fang would have behaved.

Your description of the chamber was fantastic and the emeralds a nice touch. I wonder if Kerri will pass them on in the end.

So, only one more chapter to go. Wow! It seems that this story has come and gone so quickly but at least I know there is a part 3 to follow.

Great job!

Author's Response: Of course...Snape is probably annoyed that "your boyfriend" wasn't expelled for being mixed up in the Chamber of Secrets mess.

I would completely agree with Kerri. How did a twelve year old manage to pull off what grown wizards didn't? Even Dumbledore couldn't figure out where the chamber was.

I have plans for those emeralds. I need to find a website or something where I can get an idea as to what they might be worth. Easy come, easy go.

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Review #6, by Margravine 

20th July 2009:
Oh my goodness, the second year/story is drawing to a close... cue nostalgia!

Congratulations. This is a really original AU tale, compelling enough for your readers to stick with it over the months. Well done.

Also looking forward to Remus meeting Snape. I am curious as to one thing though - will you remain entirely AU or eventually reconcile with canon? or is that classified information :P ?

Author's Response: Hi, I don't think I've seen your name before. Is this the first time you've reviewed? I'm glad that you did.

Personally I always hated AU so I can never shake the feeling that this story is inferior because of it. (Which really makes me want to win a Dobby award for it when that time rolls around again.) I had this story in my head forever before I began writing it because of my dislike for non canon stories. Eventually the inspiration just became too strong to fight and I had to begin work on it.

I try to keep it as close to canon as I can. The actual Harry Potter story line will be kept the same.

Remus and Tonks will not marry each other although I do intend to marry both of them off. Remus at the end of year five, Tonks at the end of year six. I never liked the Remus--Tonks thing. I could never understand Rowling's reasoning for it. I always just sort of felt that she had the sudden desire to throw in a romance and looked randomly at single characters to push together. I always thought Remus and Tonks completely unsuited for each other.

Another change will be in the next year. Hagrid will still be teaching, but he'll be splitting up the students between himself and Kerri. He'll take Gryffindor and Slytherin and she'll take Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Off the top of my head I can't think of any other changes I plan to make. I plan to end the series exactly as Rowling ended it except I plan to change some of the deaths. I also intend to kill off some of my original characters but I'm keeping a tight lid on those details yet.

Hope this this information that you find interesting. It should at least give you a good idea of where the series is headed. My plans for future stories are actually fairly detailed. I know exactly when weddings, births, and various other things are going to take place. (Yes, Tonks will still have a son named Teddy)

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by crazy4fred2 

20th July 2009:
Lovely Chapter. Once again I'm reading this in summer school so I have to keep it short.

I can't wait until the next chapter :) I'm so excited for the next year. Any hints on what will happen?

Author's Response: Well, Tonks has a new boyfriend. I just finished writing that part today. And Kerri is starting to think that she wants to take her relationship with Remus to the next level. (Which will probably scare him to death when he finds out).

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