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Review #1, by Singularity 

9th August 2011:
It was really nice to see another side of Petula. She surprised me there, but she really does have a lot of strength and bravery. There was a part where Arthur was thinking about how he was too young to be dealing with murders and dark arts and just wanted to focus on Quidditch and school work and his girlfriend. That just screamed Harry to me. It just reminded me that it may be a different time and a different war, but the issues faced are exactly the same. It was a really nice addition and extremely realistic.

"He leaned in and whispered to Molly, his lips next to her ear, It won't be for us. I promise. I'll make sure there's more than war and death for you.

^Beautiful. Just beautiful. Lines like this are really demonstrative of their relationship and how they grow from the teenagers they are now to the canon couple we know and love.

You wrote the Quidditch scene really well! I'm impressed :) I always shy away from writing action scenes like that because they seem awfully complicated. Afterwards, when Molly tells him he was brilliant, I was strongly reminded of Ron and Hermione :P It seems like the type of interaction the two of them would have. Hermione, telling Ron that he did really well, and Ron knowing full well she has no idea how well he did, but appreciating the sentiment anyway :P

The ending with Molly jealous of her brothers hits a bit close to home :P That is such a realistic sibling relationship! When you have siblings, you try to find your own niche, your own area that you can excel in and a way you can be "special." When your siblings invade your territory, it can be bad news :P Speaking from experience here :P If only I had sweet Arthur Weasley to talk me down. ;)


Author's Response: Petula *is* a Gryffindor, after all. A lot of her dramatic hysteria is deliberate, because she enjoys drama. Shame Hogwarts doesn't have a theater club ;)

I really think the Harry-era Voldywar, while different in its ways, would have felt so very horrible to the older witches and wizards because they'd already been through the same thing once before. They did it already, thought it was over, and I think that also helps account for all the head-in-the-sand-ism at that time period: they really just don't want to believe it was happening again because it was so awful the first time.

Ah, relief - sports are not my thing, and I was worried about writing Quidditch. I put Arthur on the team just to make myself write a game - I actually left him off the team in Unsinkable deliberately not to have to write a Quidditch game. It was hard to write, and I tried to focus less on the finer points of strategy and game play (because I'm not sporty) and more on the feelings and actions. I've been so relieved that it's gotten a positive response so far.

I can also speak from experience on the siblings homing in on your territory :p I know just what you mean. If only we all had a sweet Arthur ;) hehe.

Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by theelderwand 

23rd February 2010:
Petula's neighbors! Yikes. Again, excellent way of bringing the coming storm home to everyone at Hogwarts.

The Quidditch match was exceedingly well written. Glad to see that Arthur has the makings of a real star. As I'd mentioned earlier, it would have been so easy to just make him a carbon copy of one of his sons, yet you've managed to write him as uniquely himself. well done.

Didn't see Molly's jealousy of her brothers coming. Interesting twist here and logical. My sister would agree that a younger brother always underfoot can be a real pain. LOL.

Author's Response: I do think Arthur's quite similar to his sons, but he is still his own person. He has half the number of brothers as one of his sons would, and that does make a difference in one's personality.

Molly really liked being the star there, and I remember feeling that way about my little sister when she'd home in on something I felt was "mine". Sibling relationships can be tricky. Thank you again for the review!

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Review #3, by Historyrepeats 

1st August 2009:
Cant wait for the next chapter!

Love this so far!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm hoping to have the next chapter up this weekend.

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Review #4, by 21always 

31st July 2009:
I absolutely love Siobhan! Her character is great.

Author's Response: Thank you! I like her too.

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Review #5, by Georgia Weasley 

29th July 2009:
Another excellent chapter. I wish I could create such in depth characters as you. I think I need to study at your feet to learn to be able to make these realisitc people just jump off the screen. Petula's grief, and the interaction between Reid and Cecilia are just beautiful details in the story that make this so good. I love Arthur's confusion about women in general, and why Molly and Francine are friends now.

The part about the Prewetts being natural deuling talents foreshadows the future, as well as the line about Arthur intending to make Molly's life more than death and tears. We can see the way they started, and how it created the couple they would become years later. You always make sure to weave in details from canon to make this so believable. I've told you before, I always think of this as canon, too. I'm supposed to be voicing Molly for the 'Ask an HP character' podcasts. One of the questions was about why Arthur calls her Mollywobbles, and I can only think the explanation you gave of it in Unsinkable is better than anything I've ever heard. I'll ask you about it later. Love this story!

Author's Response: I think it's cause the characters all live in my head, and sometimes it feels like I'm just writing and not even thinking, like they're alive. I'm probably crazy.

Molly will have death and tears, obviously, first her brothers and then her son, but she's got Arthur and all her kids and I think that makes it for her. Did I explain Mollywobbles in Unsinkable? I don't remember that. I actually think that would have been a marital nickname, post-birth of Bill - I've always pictured it (but haven't written it, yet) as her lamenting the changes in her body after having a baby and then some schmoopy couple conversation that is cute to them and embarrassing to anyone overhearing with him reassuring her that he still finds her very attractive, and the nickname comes from there. That's how it went in my head XD

Thanks for reviewing, m'dear, I always appreciate reading your reviews, they make me quite happy :)

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Review #6, by RonsGirlFriday 

17th July 2009:
"There must be a better way to bring everyone's mail," she said. "I had owl droppings in my tea yesterday."

^You know what? It's about time someone pointed this out. Throughout the entire series, the idea of owls bringing the mail every morning during breakfast really did not sit well with me. :-)

I love love LOVE this line: "It won't be for us. I promise. I'll make sure there's more than war and death for you." It's so sweet. How could somebody not love Arthur, the way you write him?

Great chapter! You did the Quidditch match really well. I think my favorite part was with Molly and her brothers in the dueling club, how all three of them are talented at it...even though I didn't care much for Molly's reaction. I thought it was funny, how she's always bothering them to be more responsible, and then when they show aptitude at something it irritates her. It's probably because she'd like to think that success only comes about as a result of hard work, and it bugs her that someone can goof off and get by on natural talent.

Author's Response: I kept thinking that about the owls, too. If they made a mess in the Ministry as interdepartmental memos, imagine them over a table of food. Yuck.

lol. Oh Arthur. Charlie is my secret Weasley crush only because I would never try to take Arthur from Molly (who could?).

Thanks so much for the comment on the match. Just thinking about writing it had me spooked, I kept putting it off (hence the long delay between chapters) and finally made myself just do it. The duelling club I thought was fun. That's definitely part of her reaction (goofing off but still getting good grades), but mostly it's that she thinks of herself as the DADA talent in her family, so her brothers coming along and getting all the attention really tweaked her nose. That plot point isn't over, and she will come to terms with it :)

Thank you so much for the review! I always love reading reviews from you :)

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Review #7, by Harry and Ginny 

17th July 2009:
i liked the scene of the game. great work with this chapter. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I will try :) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

17th July 2009:
You really have a knack for describing Quidditch! It's so hard to make each play different, but you really got it down. I was glad that Ron's Quidditch talent didn't match his dad's. You also got down the jealousy of siblings. I have a little sister, and I've been in Molly's position a lot. All I can say is, it was a smart move Arthur didn't tell Molly she was jealous. She may just have blown up in his face. :P Great job, once again! 10/10!

Author's Response: Oh thank you! The Quidditch scene was killing me, I'm really not a sporty type and I just sort of sat down and wrote and hoped it didn't suck. I was thinking how he has 5 kids (maybe 6, we don't know if Bill plays) who are talented at Quidditch in different ways. Since Ginny seems to have a natural aptitude for the Chaser position and that's what Arthur plays, I sort of treated his playing like hers but... Well yeah, I'm glad it turned out all right.

I have two younger siblings and it is REALLY annoying when you feel like you have a "thing" and they come along and decide to copy you. Especially when they're better at it lol. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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