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Review #1, by Sushmita 

14th November 2016:
I found it odd that ppl in the order were using unforgivables when the reason James and Sirius didn't want to join the ministry was just that! However, since its the middle of the war I guess tactics change. Very interesting to see the characters developing and the introduction to the Weasleys.

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Review #2, by girly1393 

12th May 2011:
The war is now upon them, instead of sneaking behind them like a Peeping Tom.

Bravo to you.

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Review #3, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
I didn't even notice you actually went off canon, I've come to just accept your story as a second nature. (: As for the HBP thing, I didn't notice that either, but it's pretty ironic. Another great chapter, good job! 10/10

Author's Response: LOL well, I don't really consider it to be truly off canon. I really don't think JKR intended it to be the way it comes off - I think she just mixed up something. It just doesn't make sense to me that nobody died prior the summer of 1981.

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Review #4, by Rachi 

7th February 2010:
I am absolutely luvvin this story so far. Just a quick question- was the baby that Mrs. Weasley holding Ron?

Author's Response: Hi Rachi, I'm really happy you like it! I believe the baby that was being held was one of the twins, as they are two years older than Ron and Harry (who were born in 1980) - this is 1978, and Fred and George were born April 1st - they'd be about 8 months old..

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Review #5, by Casey 

23rd January 2010:
I'm slowly beginning to like Ulfric, he seems genuine and rather civilised compared to the others werewolves although I get their distrust of wizards who have been so prejudice against them in the past.

It was interesting how quickly the nervousness spread during that Order meeting. Suddenly everyone was getting the jitters. Funny how close Benjy lives to the Weasleys, I mean, people seem to run in very tight circles in the wizarding world. And Lily falling into the pond, it really sucks how people think you stole that idea. They need to get their facts straight, now don't they?

That was another awesome battle, its really easy to visualize what is going on and I could see it all happening inside of my head. Dorcas is a really cool character, I do like her quite alot. :D

Oh and the ending, goodness I almost had tears in my eyes as the Patronus stumbled around. Poor Marlene.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Ulfrik. He's not so much more civilised than the others in the pack, but he's a little more friendly and less wary. He's spent the most time with Remus - if others had been with him, too, perhaps they would be nicer as well.

Nerves were definitely high! I think they could go through a thousand battles and still be nervous. I never really thought about the proximity of where wizards live to each other, but I did kind of figure that if one lived in an area, a few more would, too. Like they might cluster a little bit. Who knows XD

But nobody actually accused me of copying the movie. Most of my readers saw this chapter before the movie came out. I just didn't want any future readers to think I did :) So after it came out and I saw it, I had to add the note in.

I'm glad you like Dorcas, I've been trying to make her kind of fearless and ruthless, a true threat to Voldemort since it was said he killed her himself.

Poor Marlene, indeed.

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Review #6, by Allacaya 

20th September 2009:
Hej, awesome story!! I'm thoroughly addicted. Hope you write more soon.
Rather gruesome chapter, with the riots and now the McKinnons. I think you handle the battle cenes and missions well. I was at first a sceptical. It has to be difficult to come up with suitable scenes and describe the athmosphere right, after all all we get in the books are allusions an hints to what has happened. And I wish everyone reading this they never have to be caught up in a war.
I have to say though I really liked the bit with Fawkes. I know probably not appropriate to focus on that detail, maybe it's inner denial to blend out what could happen surrounding it, but I just couldn't help smiling when I pictured him - now was that because of him being a phoenix (after all that's his specialty: making people feel better and if necessary heal them) or simply because he turns out into a vulnerable babybird that, phoenix or not, would need protection.
(I suppose turning to ashes even as a phoenix would be at least somewhat stressful especially when it's not yet the proper time to do so, I wonder how often a baby phoenix could be reborn ... .)
I hope you update soon. Spend my whole Sunday reading your story, but I do not regret it in the slightest.
Oh btw. I think it is a good twist of the plot to have Moody suspicious of Sirius. I always wondered how everyone could so calmly just turn against him after the Potter's death. So effortlessly in fact, that they would not even try to hear his side of the story. This makes it far more believable. Also Remus torn between werewolves and wizards, sort of... .

Author's Response: Thank you! I have been having a hard time with writing recently. My 5 year old has just started Kindergarten and its been nothing but running around dropping off, picking up, blah blah lately. Its been hard to get in the right mindset to keep on writing, and its also been a while since I had any new readers here, which hasn't done much for keeping me excited about writing!

I am so glad you left a review, because it makes me want to pick it up again. I've left it sitting for about a month now, and its wonderful to see some new input.

I dont blame you for being sceptical, because I was too. You are right, it isnt easy writing all these battles and things, especially since they all start to sound the same. They are all spells and wizard duels and there's only so much new things you can do, and its been extremely hard to try and keep it all interesting. I can't not have them if I want it to be realistic, and at the same time they sound repetetive.

I'm glad you liked Fawkes. I think there are so many different details in this story that it doesnt matter what you focus on, and Fawkes sounds good to me :P I think I sometimes put those little things in there to give a bit of a distraction from the battles. Anyway, I am glad you found baby Fawkes to be endearing.

I will definitely work on updating soon. Tomorrow, perhaps, I will try to write. I suddenly feel excited about it again. And I'm glad you like Moody's suspicion - sometimes I fear people will think I have him being too mean considering how he seemed to get along with Sirius in OOTP. But he's so paranoid, I'm glad you understand what I was getting at with that!

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Review #7, by allie_0608 

22nd July 2009:
Huh, that's right. I'd forgotten about that. (In your Author's note).
Anyhoot, I thought it was a lovley chapter. And I liked the way Fawks was thrown in there to protect Sirius :)
Can't wait for the update!!

Author's Response: The timing of the photo and what JKR did is something that's always bothered me - it just doesn't seem very logical. I hate deviating from canon, but having nobody die til the end just isn't going to work for this story (and it's pretty unrealistic considering how easy it is to get killed with just one curse).

I was wary of having Fawkes do the same thing he did in OOTP, but then I just shrugged it off. Why not? :D

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Review #8, by Moonylupin 

15th July 2009:
So Remus is back with the werewolves. I felt so terrible for him when he realized how detached he felt from everything when he was back home. It must be so hard for him, losing his dad and being caught up right in the middle of the war. His return to the werewolves wasn't nearly as tense when he went the first time, which has to be a good thing since he knew that they wouldn't attack him the way they had the first time. The transformation was brilliantly written, especially the part where he was listening to the child and relating that to himself when he was young.

Poor Ulfric, I felt bad for him, especially when Rolff was calling him irresponsible for Remus's getting away. Hopefully Ulfric and Remus will both be alright.

That battle was excellent. Putting Sirius and Dorcas together fighting was an interesting combination. I really loved Sirius's reaction when she killed the Death Eater. And I love Fawkes for saving Sirius. That bird is really Dumbledore in bird form, I believe. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like for all of them to have to go through that. And I can see a bit of Peter pulling away a bit, I'm really eager to see how you do his change to the Death Eaters.

Poor Marlene... that's a good point you made about the continuity of it. Interesting. Great chapter! Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Aw well you shouldn't feel too terrible for him. Very soon his presence will start to prove to be very valuable there, and then once that is played out, I can bring him back to the marauders again :D Can't wait. I'm really glad that you, whom I consider to be like the master of werewolf transformation, enjoyed this one.

Ha! I'm glad you felt bad for Ulfric! I was trying to create a 'bad guy' that was likeable. Although Ulfric hasn't really shown too many bad qualities, he was banished for a reason. I should probably make some edits and write his story. But I'm glad you liked him and felt sorry for him. He's like a replacement friend now that Remus can't be around his usual friends.

God I hate writing battles. It was such a nightmare and I've been putting it off for ages. Glad you liked it - I was a little wary of having Fawkes do the same thing he did in book 5, but what the heck. It doesn't hurt, does it? I'm glad you liked him.

I can't wait to write Peter turning. Though I don't think he's quite pulling away just yet as much as he feels a little uninvolved, underappreciated and slightly ignored a lot of times. I really didn't give him much in this chapter, and I might, in the next few days, add something in for him.

Glad you can see where i was coming from on the continuity - it is something that has been bothering me for a very long time. I hate trying to stay canon, and then canon screws up all my plans. But I really don't think canon can possibly be right this time.

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Review #9, by auror_snape 

15th July 2009:
Actually, I've looked, and Caradoc disappeared a couple of months after the war ended. It was like in January or February of the next year. So you have time to make that happen, if you even need to go that far. I assume this story will end right around the time Dumbledore ships Harry off to hell for the next ten years?

Author's Response: Yep, this will end around the time that James and Lily die and Sirius is arrested. It isn't so much Caradoc that I am worried about - I can still have him disappear that late. But how can a war go for three years with no deaths, and then like 8 people drop like flies all in the end?

Not to mention the fact that Moody says the first time he ever met Aberforth was when that picture was taken. How can the Order exist for years and he never met one of its members til the very end?

It's just something I've had a lot of doubts on, and have decided to go ahead and change one small thing - the timing of the picture. I will have to do some research - if the only hint of his death is '6 months after the Order photo' then he'll be dying quite soon. But if there is something else that proves he died much later on, I'll go ahead and stick with that.

Thanks for reviewing :D

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