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Review #1, by LadyMalfoy23 

12th March 2011:
Oh wow! that was amazing. So Dramatic and tense. It captured what some of the good slytherins really could have been like in the war!! Celtic i have said it time and time again you are an amazing writer!! I loved how you could balance out an entire one shot of horror with one paragraph at the end!! amazing truly truly amazing!

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Review #2, by TenthWeasley 

5th March 2011:
The opening to this piece grabbed me right away - it was quite deep and foreboding, and it just made me want to keep reading. Not like I was going to stop anyway, judging from the other stuff of yours I've read!

I love how you've portrayed the Slytherins here - much more human than most writer seem to write them, which is SUCH a relief. As a Slythie myself, it's hard to deal with all of the evil stereotypes sometimes, and I think you've done a great job at attempting to push through said stereotypes here. ^^

What can I say? The more stuff I read of yours, the more I like it.

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Review #3, by Clair Clementine 

17th August 2009:
I really liked the last sentence. "This was definitely not part of the plan." That was good! I really liked the girl leading all the Slytherins and her speach she gave at the end. Also the fact that it's true, not all Slytherins are bad. I really enjoyed how you made it so that there were some Slytherins who didn't believe in what most were. That was really good!

One thing a that I found a bit confusing though, was what the actually plan was. But it was still very good. I think there could've been a bit more description though. Like for the fear they were all feeling or more about the night and the battle. I'm a total sucker for description and it's kind of my pride and joy. I did think there were a few discriptive things you had, but there's always room for more :D

But thank you so, so much for requesting. Anything else you'd like me to review I'd be more than happy to! :D Thanks!

Clair Clementine :D (EvelynCullen09 at the forums)

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Review #4, by goodbyetoyou 

9th August 2009:
Awe, this was really lovely! I like the Professors words of picking the side, because at a place like that you really cannot tell anyone what to do. Great story, and I really loved it!

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Review #5, by timeturner 

9th August 2009:
Absolutely gripping opening. Dark and foreboding from the very first sentences. Fabulous way to suck a reader in. I like how you've given her so much responsibility, especially the thought about the first years being so young...it was very telling of her character and how she thinks of others rather than just herself. Which, of course, is an unexpected trait from a Slytherin but you manage to sneak it in there and make us believe Slytherins can be human after all :P

I like the innocence you also depict here. We are so accustomed to knowing all about the battle (since JKR provided it to us) that it's easy to forget that 99% of those at Hogwarts were out of the loop, so to speak, on the thing that were occuring around them. You did an excellent job at showing the fear and confusion they must have felt as the situation escalated at the castle.

I'm not a Slytherin fan (obviously) but you've done a great job throughout this fic in showing the side of them that is often missed. The questionning of the younger ones at the end is very well done and will make most readers question the normal version of Slytherins that is so common in fanfic today. Excellent work!

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Review #6, by AntigoneBlack 

8th August 2009:
You haven't done anything wrong. I actually really enjoyed your chapter. I like how you brought in the idea that the Slytherins were the ones that notified the different populations of the forest to come and help.

And any story where you can see that being in Slytherin does not equal being evil are really needed out there. I think that we have such a distorted view on the house because our heroes and main characters in HP have a grudge against slytherins.

Well done.

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