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Review #1, by Kandra466 

16th March 2017:
I just wanted to share my story with you. I read your fan fiction back in 2010, when I was like 13 (completely ignoring the M rating). So this fic was definitely a part of my upbringing, almost 7 years ago. Lately I have rolled in and out of the fan fiction world, and re-reading your story helped me roll back in. It was so wonderful to re-read it now that I am older and the majority of the jokes dont go over my head ;) I want to say that you write beautifully and re reading your story was like going back in time to the person I was in 2010. I enjoyed reading it again as it had been so long, it was almost like reading it again for the first time, it was a very surreal experience, and I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you for bringing me back to this magical world of Harry Potter that I have always loved so much, and has played a huge role in who I am to this day. As always, please continue to write wonderful things, and I look forward to seeing what comes next for you in the fanfiction world.

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Review #2, by Harry Potter rules 

25th November 2016:
What's the sequel called?😇😇🙃🙃

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Review #3, by Dev 

23rd November 2016:
This was such a great story! It was (not literally) but such a page turner!

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Review #4, by ScarlettBlack963 

21st October 2014:
Aah I love this story so much!!! I always get a little sad each time I finish it, but yay for sequels! The way you've given Sirius a happy ending is amazing, I love the idea and it's so unique and well written. And it's not outlandishly unbelievable, I like to believe JK would approve of this fic ;-) Thank you for bringing this to life, and writing one of my all time favourite stories x

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Review #5, by MagicQuill 

29th March 2013:
Oh. My. Gosh. You are amazing. I almost never review, but that was so fantastic that I had to tell you so. I am so happy there is a sequel and this is probably my favourite Marauders fic. And they're my favourite. Keep writing cause you are amazing.

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Review #6, by LilyLou 

31st October 2012:
This story was above all amazing. I don't believe I have ever read anything more hilarious, thrilling, mind bobbling, and touching. It was perfect and I enjoyed every word, syllable, and sentence. It made me cry, laugh, and hyperventate (from laughing so hard). It was absolutey heart warming and just absolutely perfect. I can't wait to read the next book! Which I am moving on to, just as soon as I finish posting this. You have an amazing gift for writing and it is astonishing. I love how you incorperated Darren and Damon into the story, which, above all, were my two favorite characters. Especially Darren. I loved Stephen as well, may I add. Anywho, just wanted to let you know how in love I am and was with this story and it has topped even famously published books that I have read. ~Lily Lou

Author's Response: I just. Wow. I can't even. I wish I could convey how thankful I am that you feel this strongly and chose to share that with me.

Honestly, I love this story and these characters more than anything. I basically grew up with them while I was writing this in high school, and that someone else feels that they were as great as I think they are, well, I just can't really explain how wonderful that feels for me. So there really is nothing I can say other than thank you so much!

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Review #7, by Cait 

10th June 2012:
It was amazing I read your story in 3 days and remember nothing about them other then reading. I cried and laughed so hard during this fanfic. I know j.k Rowling would approve

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear it! I love to hear that my story has emoted a response!

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Review #8, by Shay_Gryff 

6th May 2012:
Oh my god! I LOVE THIS STORY! I really like how you put in memories of James (and Lily). I also like how you finally made the title of this story make sense. I'm totally going to read the sequals!


Author's Response: Thanks! I was feeling nostalgic while writing, so I thought it was only appropriate.

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Review #9, by I<3Padfoot 

6th May 2012:
I was sitting here, after this last chapter, with tears dripping down my face because it was over and the last few chapters were so sad! I truly admire you for being able to write James' and Lily's death scene - I'm writing a marauders era story, but I'm changing the ending because I just can't bring myself to write it. This is my first time reading this story, but it definitely won't be the last! Also, have you tried writing next gen? I think you'd be great at it! Love always, :)xx

Author's Response: I did have parts of a next gen fic drafted (they were a continuation of Polychromatic and it's sequel, Versicolor) but they got deleted in a broken USB debacle a few years ago.

Since then, I haven't been writing as frequently. I don't think I'll ever get around to writing that far into this series, but I really enjoyed it at the time.

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Review #10, by septumsempra 

24th February 2012:
Fourth time reading this story, still as good as the first time. Amazing. Talented writer :)

Author's Response: Aww! Yay! Thank you!

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Review #11, by DancingNargles 

18th February 2012:
I have absolutely loved this story and cannot wait to start the sequel! Great job! :)

Author's Response: Hope you enjoy the sequel just as much!

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Review #12, by Ariel 

28th January 2012:
So, I just finished reading "Polychromatic" for the third time. Yes, the third. Every time that I am in the mood to read HP fanfics I somehow make my way back jto this one, because it is one of my all time favorites. I just wanted to tell you this and mention how much I absolutely love this story. I love the characters, the plot, and the way that I can't read this in a public place because there is no way that I can hold in my laughter. There have been times where I have literally had tears running down my face from the laughter. So, to finish, you are a fantastic writer, and I am no going to go read the sequel!

Author's Response: Oh, gosh! Thank you! I say it a lot, but reviews like this are really what keeps me wanting to finish my stories when real life catches up to me! Thank you! :)

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Review #13, by Mia x 

2nd January 2012:
Your story is brilliant! I'll admit that it is not my favourite Marauder fanfic, but that's just because I like the ones that are based in the future, but are talking about the past (if that makes sense). Either way, your story is definitely up there with the best of them. Keep doing what you are doing and trust me, you will go far ;) x

Author's Response: Aww thanks! Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about - I like those to. Kinda formatted like How I Met Your Mother? (I love that show!)

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Review #14, by OhSoSwiftly 

22nd November 2011:
Okay, so I've read this story 7 times through because I love it OH SO MUCH!! It's bloody brilliant. Anna is my FAVORITE. Mostly because her personality is almost EXACTLY the same as mine which I find slightly creepy but also awesome as well.

Author's Response: Wow! 7! (I don't know if you know, but 7 is a trend number throughout the story. It's my favorite number. :D)

Well, if you're like Anna you must have a lot of fun! :)

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Review #15, by BellaCamille 

19th November 2011:
I'm making it 100 reviews! (on this chapter)

This was really an amazing story. Truly one of the most original, inspiring ones I've read. Anna was so much her own character, completely separate from all the other Marauder era OCs out threre. And even the canon characters, were so original and fun and had all there own believable, cute little quirks.

If there is one word to describe this story, I'd say epic. And not epic like "oh my gosh, dude, EPIC.!" but more like, in it's length and how it was such a novel. Not just a little story that sons over a year and a few things happen and it's all good in the end. No, like an honest-to-god novel. The characters grow up with each other and the reader can grow up with them too. (I know, SUPER cheesy. I couldn't help myself.)

I mean, Anna alone was such a real- life girl, you made her come alive and she definitely created her own little world and sucked the reader right in.

I'm just love this story so much.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh. I never would have believed I'd have 100 reviews on any chapter of any story. Until Poly, I don't even think I'd gotten 100 reviews on an entire story!

Oh my god, your words never cease to just make me swell up with pride. I'm honestly, so proud of my story, and to hear great things about it just makes happiness bubble up inside of me!

All I know is that I definitely grew with my characters, and I'm glad others can too.

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Review #16, by Charlotte Flame 

14th November 2011:
This story has been staring me in the face for a longtime. I am very glad I decided to read it. Excellent job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you could make it all the way through! :)

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Review #17, by >OpenAtTheClose< 

6th November 2011:
I don't know how long ago you posted this but I still have to leave a review. This story is amazing. It made me laugh and cry and feel emotions that I hadn't in a while. Thank you for putting this into the world, you made it a happier place! I look forward to reading your writing in the future.

Author's Response: It is CRAZY for me to think about, but I posted the first chapter of this story almost four years ago, and the last chapter about 2 and 1/2 years ago!

I'm so glad you feel that way and thank you for letting me know! Writing this had always helped me stay positive when I was younger, and I'm glad it could bring happiness to others as well!

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Review #18, by Lexi Black 

31st October 2011:
Aww! Brilliant stuff. One of the best stories I've ever read.

Author's Response: Thank you! It really makes me smile, inside and out, to know you feel that way. :)

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Review #19, by gocnocturna 

30th October 2011:
I really enjoyed the way to turned it around. I'm glad you went AU. I always like next generation better because it isn't constrained by the known fact of the past, but you didn't let that hold you back, which is what makes this marauder fic better than so many others, it was really great!

Author's Response: Part of my inspiration for the ending was reading a bunch of Marauder Era fics where, after a hilarious story, the ending would undeniably be filled with sorrow and sadness. The next best thing was a story that just ended before they got older. I just decided to write it how I would have really liked to see it end. I'm glad you thought it was a job well done. :)

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Review #20, by the midnight avenger 

29th October 2011:
ah polychromatic is back! this makes me incredibly happy! thank you so much for going to all the trouble to get this back up. it remains my favourite fanfic of all time.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're back to see it again! At first I got discouraged because it took so much, but the more I thought about it I couldn't let all the time and love I put into the story go to waste! It's readers like you that helped me get it back up. :)

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Review #21, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 

28th October 2011:

Author's Response: In all honesty, most of the time it just wrote itself.

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Review #22, by Lillylover22 

26th October 2011:
this chapter made me have tears in my eyes. it was really sad. i liked the flash backs in this chapter. it was beautiful. i love this story. you are a very talented author. so... off to the sequel. 10/10 =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I thought the flashbacks added a lot, especially because all I could think about while I was writing it was all the great times that they had together.

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Review #23, by Twins dancer 

23rd August 2010:
I have read this story at least three times, and only the first had I ever finished it. I always get sad and stop, because I know whats going to happen. This time I am happy to say that I have passed my emotional block and finished the story. Thanks for making my life filled with laughter and fun.

Author's Response: It is such a sad ending, isn't it? :(

Thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #24, by Taylor 

10th August 2010:

Author's Response: YAY! Thank you!

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Review #25, by fine_young_punk4u 

16th July 2010:
oh my god girl! it took me nearly a year to read this but i am so glad it did! this has got to be one of the best stories i have ever read! ever! thank you for writing it and iw ill so read the other 2 you wrote!!!xoxo Des

Author's Response: Aww thanks! Haha it took me almost twice as long to write it! Thanks for sticking out the whole time and I appreciate the review!

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