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Review #1, by Singularity 

8th August 2011:
I love all of the little details that you're throwing in to this chapter. Just little things like not knowing what the Dark Mark is and not being afraid to say Voldemort (although Hattie's slight stutter on his name was a great detail and telling of things to come I think).

I'm so glad that Molly is over her jealousy about Francine. It was really big of her to apologize.

The bit with the dueling club was my favorite, especially Reid and Cecilia's banter. (When she hexed him and them kissed him in apology was especially hilarious). I really do love the two of them together.

A really awesome chapter. I continue to be amazed at how seamlessly you're able to interweave the war with the school year.


Author's Response: This is just at the start of the really scary heyday for Voldy, so nobody would yet know the Dark Mark - though they certainly will learn to fear it soon - or be too afraid to say his name. I'm glad you noticed Hattie's stuttering over the name, no one else had mentioned that! Yay. I love when people get it. :D

Molly is a good person at heart, and a brave Gryffindor, so I think she'd do the right thing and apologize, even though it would be really hard to do. The dueling club scenes throughout the story are a lot of fun, and open up a lot of possibilities in the story too, so I really liked writing them. Ah Reid and Cecilia. They're a trip.

Thank you so much!

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Review #2, by theelderwand 

23rd February 2010:
The Redillia (sp?) interplay was excellent. And again you've managed to interweave the blood purity mess into the story quite gracefully. I wondered how Molly would deal with that and I like the way you've approached it.

The duelling club is an excellent flourish and I thought you resolved the Francine issue very well. Finally, Arthur's off the hook. Just curious, is the Rita that was in the library Rita Skeeter?

Author's Response: Yes, that was Rita Skeeter. She made a brief but uncredited cameo in Unsinkable (Molly bumps into her but her name is never mentioned) so I thought I'd bring her back. Her social circle is totally different from Molly's, given their age difference and different houses, but they would have been contemporaries.

Duelling club seemed logical. If they were willing to let Lockhart run one, it must have existed in the past. And who wouldn't want to go to that? Other than Hattie and Petula, that is ;) I really enjoy writing Reid/Cecilia, they're both so funny to me. Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Georgia Weasley 

29th July 2009:
"It should. It means you're on the side of the angels in all this. "
I am not sure why, but this line just struck me. It spoke to me of the greater battle that raged between good and evil in the entire series, and how later Molly and Arthur stand on the front lines of the war with their children like God's own warriors. Just breathtaking in that simple phrase. I don't know if you thought about that choice of words as much as I did when you wrote it, but it just proves to me again your complete and total talent as a writer. Well done. (And I like the rest of the chapter, too! :) )~GW

Author's Response: I really liked that line when I wrote it, so I'm glad it struck you too. I hadn't extended the thought to the war for heaven, but I love the analogy. The image is great, the Weasleys definitely were like God's own warriors. Ah, you rock, Shanon :) Thanks for this review, I loved it!

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Review #4, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

5th July 2009:
Another good chapter. I was relieved Molly and Arthur made up and even happier that Molly swallowed her feelings and apologized to Francine. Molly was so bitter that it was nice to see she did the right thing. And the duelling club idea was great, and made perfect sense. Nice work!

Author's Response: I think Molly is willing to do the right thing, even when it\\\'s hard, like swallowing her pride and apologizing to Francine, who had done nothing to her after all. Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #5, by krissy87 

18th June 2009:
Poor Molly, I would expect anyone's first time being called a derogatory term would rattle them...I'm sure the first time someone called Arthur a 'blood-traitor' he would have been more than a little rattled by it.

Love your writing. Please update soon! =o)

Author's Response: Yeah, he still doesn't like it, he just reacts differently than Molly. Thank you for reviewing, and for your kind words! I'm hoping to have the next chapter posted next week sometime.

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Review #6, by The Short Witch 

17th June 2009:
Okay, so the other day I was in the mood for a Harry Potter fic but I wanted something different. I found "Unsinkable" and fell in love. It took me two days to finish it along with "What It's Worth". I love it. I love how to see how Molly and Arthur were when they were in school. I noticed that you were not going to post their elopment in this story but were going to in another but are you going to include the birth of any of their seven children?

Author's Response: Wow thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you liked Unsinkable. No, the elopement will be its own story and will be posted as soon as What It's Worth is finished. I hadn't thought about going through the kids, I do have some other fics posts about Molly and Arthur with the kids at various ages though. I might do a short story collection about each of the kids joining the family, that's a good idea. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Harry and Ginny 

17th June 2009:
is Petula's family alright? i'm glad everything is ok between Arthur and Molly. now u made me curious and anxious because i can't wait to read the next chapter. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: You'll see more on Petula in the next chapter. I'll have it up as soon as I can. Probably next week. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by laughhard91 

16th June 2009:
Alright, so I don't really get how the title fits this chapter, but that's alright. Anyway, not much to say I suppose. Very nice chapter, although I didn't quite catch why in particular they were calling Molly a blood traitor. And I'm glad that Molly got over her jealousy, makes everything so much nicer when she's not arguing with Arthur. And do we get a follow up on whether or not Petula knows the family that was killed?

Author's Response: Oh dear, I thought that was clear. I'll have to go over this and see if I should edit. Molly is getting attached, in the eyes of some, to the Weasley blood traitor reputation as a side effect of her relationship with Arthur. She and Hattie discussed it in chapter 3. Yes, we'll hear more about Petula and the Yorkshire family.

"Blue Is My World" is a rather mournful reference to Molly's getting hit left and right by troubles. One thing is solved and something new rears its head.

I guess I should let this one percolate a bit more and go back and try to edit the chapter for clarity? I feel very uncertain now. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #9, by RonsGirlFriday 

16th June 2009:
Yay, another chapter! When I saw that you'd updated this, I bumped it straight ahead of all the other updates I was about to read! :-)

"was it a row if only she was doing the shouting?" -- That was really funny (and a good question, I might add... hmm...)

I'm loving Reid and Cecilia more and more with each chapter. I'm really glad you got them together -- they're excellent fun to read, especially in this chapter where they were trying to hex the daylights out of each other. Repressed agitation, I guess. Wish I could have a good excuse to hex people. Seems therapeutic. :-)

Glad the whole Francine problem is cleared up, though I wonder what Arthur is going to do next to cross Molly.

The blood traitor thing was awful, although I do like Cecilia's take on it. Seems like Molly's going to be forced pretty soon to decide what her priorities are -- whether she's ultimately going to decide it's ok to be called out for doing what's right and sympathizing with Muggles, or whether she'll want the security and comfort of being a pureblood and not being picked on.

Great chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Och, I love your reviews. I'm always happy to see them :) Reid and Cecilia, yes, definitely both quite aggressive types. It's probably best I can't hex people, my husband would have been in St Mungo's by now lol.

I hope the blood traitor remark made sense. I thought it did, but now I see another reviewer didn't make the connection. Hmm. Now I feel like I put this chapter out too quickly. Sigh. I love the way you phrased the dilemma Molly has about her priorities. She really does want to be with Arthur despite the Weasley rep, and admires him for his principles, but she has never faced that sort of gossip before, being a proper pure-blood young lady.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

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