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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd February 2015:
Bo Peep from the nursery rhyme and I had never seen so much leg on her in my entire life.


“Thanks, James. I think I will ask someone to dance.” He stared at me for a minute, surveying my expression.

He’s going to ask Lily. Oh poor, poor Wes.

Albus and James are going to have a big blow out I can see it now and poor Lily. Oh man and Avery and Emerson? YUCK! He’s a prat and he’s just going to try and use her for ‘one thing’ to really grind James’s gears.

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Review #2, by Jaime88367 

3rd September 2013:
It's going to be hilarious when Lily finally explodes on his arrogant butt. She is her mother's daughter after all.

Author's Response: Oh yes. Lily really only has so much patience for her older brother. Or anyone, really.

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Review #3, by Christiana 

14th September 2012:
love this story!
i wish albus would go for paloma so she can stop trying to get in james pants.
i wish james would man up and go for avery..
i HOPE he doesnt stupidly sleep with nia.

Author's Response: Yeah, that would probably be a terrible idea. Not to mention a little gross and cause some self-loathing. Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Zainab 

12th August 2012:
Okay. I don't get it. I seriously don't. WHY does Avery let him get away with it? I mean seriously, regardless of how close they are, a person needs some damn space. She just comfortingly smiles at him while he hexes her guys and tries to control her life?
No. Just..no.

Author's Response: Avery is a different breed of person. At this point, she knows she's not interested in Emerson, but she feels bad for him all the same. And she knows the entire history of Emerson and James. She just understands. And James amuses her a lot. He doesn't "try to control her life." If she thought he was controlling her, she'd put her foot down. She knows he is just protective and that is the way he has always been. The truth is, if Avery was actually interested in for-real dating someone, she'd sit James down and have a talk with him, but since she hasn't been interested in anyone, she lets James play pretend. Thank you for the review! Hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #5, by ABC123 

8th June 2012:
I loved this chapter! I really want to know who Albus was dancing with and I really want James to finally realise his feelings for Avery.

Author's Response: One day, James. One day. He's such a weirdo. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #6, by Manga_girl 

8th March 2012:
Another great chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

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Review #7, by MoonyistheBestMarauder 

11th October 2011:
Oh, it's about time James hexed Emerson! He was starting to annoy me. Poor Al, James means well, he does! This is one of my favorite chapters so far, great job!

Author's Response: Emerson should get paid full time to annoy people. He certainly annoys James enough. I'm glad you liked this chapter! I'm rather fond of it as well. It was a blast to write. I'm a sucker for anything that can be turned into a sha-bang. Thanks!!

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Review #8, by roxyroxtheworld 

24th June 2011:
you got it yes what the heck, Albus?? whens he gonna get the courage and finally go talk to paloma? and also WHAT THE EFIN IS JAMES POTTERS PROBLEM? lol jk but still whats is? i love part of him but honestly some times he's the hugest jerk in the entire school (besides the slytheryn gits of course) if i was lily id do more to get him back. and i dont know why he wont finally admit that he likes avery cuz wow lol. wes is gonna hate him soon if he doesn''t stop being a jerk and saying its really cuz he's an overprotective brother i don't buy any of that crap from him lol and i am so glad my brothers aren't like that anyway love this story and can't wait to read what happens next!!!

Author's Response: Albus is so the opposite of james. No girl courage at all.

james's problem is the wonderful green shade of jealousy in terms of Avery, and protectiveness over his baby sister. He still think she's a baby. That he needs to watch over her. He's starting to get better. Maybe.

He wont' admit he likes Avery because he has no idea :)

Thanks so much!

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Review #9, by munchies 

19th April 2011:
"She won't tell me,” I replied in wonderment. “That probably means I won't approve of it." - favorite part :)

This chapter seemed like a lot of fun to write! Seeing everyone interract with each other, and would you look at that! NIA! She tries so hard, its so funny.

Avery :)

Author's Response: So, so true.

And yes, this was actually one of my favorite chapters. So many of the James-intoxicated chapters are my favorites to write. I'm so mean to my poor boy. But it's worth it ;) Thanks!

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Review #10, by Lillylover22 

16th April 2011:
i love a drunk james. oh so entertaining!! My favourite quote was

Not my stupid roommate with his color coordinated socks and Victoria-loving ties.

James always has to bring his pink pygmy puff into things. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Trust me, much more drunk James to come, haha! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #11, by busybusybeta 

2nd February 2011:
Ok. I REALLY want to know where bink is constantly disappearing off to!
And james needs to control his macho idiot urges. Hahaha

Author's Response: Oh, Binkie Binkie. Why would James control his urges? It just makes for far too amusing. haha. thanks!

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Review #12, by me_thehplvr 

2nd January 2011:
“Sucka!” I added, just for effect.

Bahahahaha that chapter was rather awesome!

Favorite hexing? Emerson's of course darling!

Poor Jimmy he barely got to enjoy himself with all of these girls to protect/gawk at.

AL. Who is this mystery fourth year?

Can't wait to find out(: OH and I'm 1/3 of the way finished with what you have written!!

Author's Response: Seriously, this chapter cracks me up EVERY TIME. Especially James going up against Emerson. Just a riot! Thank you so much and I'm so happy you're enjoying it :)

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Review #13, by Mafalda Hopkirk 

9th August 2010:
the plot thickens! javery is the next posh and becks?. i adore this story!

Author's Response: Posh and Becks? Loving that, seriously. I'm thinking so! Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by sara 

2nd August 2010:
you must really like armaretto sours...

Author's Response: I am a fan of them. They taste fantastic. Thanks for the review.

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Review #15, by MagicallyClumsie 

21st March 2010:
haha...suka..haha funny stuff.lol.i love the whole avery thing about how james is overprotective(:

Author's Response: James is like an older brother...or...something else :) thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by doglover 

1st February 2010:
he needs to figure out he likes avery.

Author's Response: One of these days I do hope...thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Ziska 

28th January 2010:
I love the chapter title. Poor James (and poor Lily and Avery). I am so glad that James hexed Emerson. Wes really didn't deserve to be hexed though. I think James should just let him dance with lily. He can do whatever he wants to Emerson. I love how even when James is drunk he is still looking out for people and trying to protect them. This was a really funny chapter and I enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Ah, I love that title too. One of my personal favorites. Wes never really "deserves" to be hexed, but then again...it's James, so everyone deserves it. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by radicallyali 

3rd January 2010:
Just realized that Avery and our dear Jane Perry enjoy the same drinks. Haha.

Oh what I would give to see James at Halloween all drunk and dishy. So much. I would give so much haha. Darn that whole fictional thing. Gets in the way all the time.

I'm sad you had to change the best part of this chapter, but it was fabulous none the less.

Now that I'm rereading it, I'm seeing all the hints you dropped. And you just blow my mind the way you do it so subtly.

James really just needs to give Lily and Wesley a break. They'd be such an adorable couple. I mean c'mon, he took her out to the pitch to watch her fly.

Lovely =]

Author's Response: They do...they are alike and yet SO different.

I actually laugh like an idiot every time I think of drunk James. He's so ridiculous. More scenes should ensue. I agree about the changes. I miss the chapter image the most.

I'm glad you're seeing the hints! I was placing them VERY carefully because I was scared people would see it coming. Maybe two or three people did, but that's pretty good compared to the 390+ favorites I'm sitting at from seeing it.

I agree, James should give them a break. But do you think he will? Nahh. :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by lokita95hp 

23rd November 2009:
I'm really enjoing this so far..!!..
keep writing [it's a gift only a few have]

Author's Response: Oh, James. What a riot he is. Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by Bertle 

24th July 2009:
Hey again, sorry I forgot to add something on to my review for chapter 14 and it wouldn't let me review again so I had to write it on this one. I forgot to thank you for the dedication on that chapter :). I love knowing that authors appreciate my ridiculously long reviews and don't just think that I'm insane ;)! And also, just a sidenote that I noticed: Have you realized that all of the parts of the story that I find cute end in a punch??? Seriously! Look back to chapter 13!

That's all I had to add! Respond on the chapter 14 review because I'll forget which chapter I wrote this on :).

Author's Response: Haha you're so right! If you see this, you're very welcome for the dedication. And that's hilarious about the punch! Thanks!

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Review #21, by Fireball Nymph 

22nd June 2009:
Great chapter as always, ad I'm off to read the next one! I loved Freds costume.

Author's Response: ah, me too! Isn't Fred just so crazy and adorable? Thanks!

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Review #22, by James2009 

22nd June 2009:
i am really starting to get annoyed with Albus, especially because he is being so stubborn.
keep up the excellent story

Author's Response: Ithink there might be more to Albus than this Paloma business. WE shall see though, he's stubborn just like his brother...and his parents. Poor Al just gets the best of both worlds, haha. Thanks!

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Review #23, by invisiblemaurader_1 

18th June 2009:
Oh geez. Naughty Avery. Naughty Emerson-woo hoo! Naughty Nia (you know, that has a ring to it). AND naughtly Paloma. Plus one drunken James, one missing Bink (who I suspect is off somewhere snogging Rose in a closet, either that or gay. But it would kill me if he were gay.), a barn, a straw floor, and some convenient hexing of Wes and Emerson (STILL my favorite), and you've got something like that ridiculously awesome fort. Only it's not a fort, it's a chapter, and it's bleeding brilliant. That's all I have to say.

Author's Response: Naughty everyone, am I right? Bink is off somewhere...maybe he found the fort and built a sunroom, who knows? I'm glad you liked it, this and the next were so stupidly fun to write. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #24, by Annachie 

18th June 2009:
I can't be the only one here who wants to smack James around the side of the head a few times :)

Author's Response: I don't think you are, but don't be too harsh on dear James. He's an arrogant adolescent boy. He's still growing :) Thanks!

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Review #25, by Bertle 

16th June 2009:
Hey, great story so far! I want James and Avery to get together :(. That would be so cute! I hate Nia and Emerson:(. Haha, I love how into this story I get ;). Get a new chapter out soon!

Author's Response: Aw, you hate Nia and Emerson? Maybe they'll grow on you...but then again, maybe not, haha. They're seriously fun characters. I promise to have the next chapter out once I'm finished with edits!

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