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Review #1, by BellaCamille 

8th June 2012:
Oh dear god... Sirius and Jason are SO, stupid. It's adorable.

Author's Response: Stupidity runs rampant around this lot. :)

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Review #2, by kassandra466 

11th May 2010:
OMG!! that was crazy!! haha! i love how Anna was like
“Now, tell me why mine wasn’t that easy,” Anastasia demanded, leaning against me and grimacing at the baby that hadn’t yet been cleaned.

“Because you were trying to make it go back inside,” I reminded her.

“Oh. Right.”

haha!! it made my day!! : D

Author's Response: Oh silly Anna! :)

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Review #3, by fullmoontonightO 

22nd August 2009:
"why wasn't it that easy for me?!"
"because you were trying to push it back in, remember?"
"oh. yeah."
^-^ i love anna banana! she's so silly! and yaaay harry! don't forget to metnion sirius as godfather! (not THE godfather, but you know...)

Author's Response: Silly, silly Anna. :D

Sirius is mentioned as Godfather a bit later. (I can't remember if it's in this one or in Versicolor.)

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Review #4, by Cedrics_gurl 

5th July 2009:
I'm crying. Because it's so perfect. And because it's so cute, and because I know what happens. That's the worst thing - I know what's going to happen, and all the while, I'm praying it won't. I mean, we know they're going to die, we know (although without knowing how or why) that Sirius ends up alone, and has no child while Harry's growing up. What the hell happened?

Why does something so perfect have to go so crappy? You know what...I'm going to be like Anna - if the worst happens, I can always re-read all of the happy chapters over and over again. Happy in a bad situation

Never have I loved a novel on here of this length, this much. It's awesome! :D

I bow down to you x

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much!

Exactly! If there\\\'s something that we can all learn from Anna, it\\\'s that you can always turn a bad situation into a good one!

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Review #5, by Queen_of_Stars 

1st July 2009:
Sirius has a rather odd way of getting Anna to be serious... or perk up... whichever applies... lol! the dark was kinda overshadowed by the humor...

Author's Response: Yeah, Sirius has a way with Anna that no one else does.

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Review #6, by Lillylover22 

27th June 2009:
Ana got a little depressed there. BOTH BABIES ARE BORN!! YAY!! 10/10 =]

Author's Response: Just a little bit . . . But for all the times she helped someone else feel good, she can get a little sad. (Good thing Sirius was there to help her out of it.)

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Review #7, by HOLEY like a SAINT 

18th June 2009:
I love you for putting in all this star wars!

Author's Response: Isn't Star Wars fantastic!? :D

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Review #8, by GrayLady 

13th June 2009:
Anna standing over a pot of pasta eating it raw. Wow. That is such an awesome mental picture.

"Any bets on his first word?" I think it will be of the not-so-nice, four-letter variety.

How did you pick Aldan's name? Does it mean anything? It's kinda cool.

They are never too old to be called the Marauders. Never.

Between Anna and Sirius, that last part is one of the best anti-Voldemort inspirational speeches I have ever read. It totally keys into what I'm about: having fun, and you have to kick someone's butt to get them out of your way so you can, then so be it!


Author's Response: Yeah, ooo, that could be a fun fact! I've got to right that down . . .

I can't remember why I picked it, but it's meaning is fitting. Aldan, similar to Alden, means "old friend."

That's what I'm saying, man! You can't fight evil with anger and hatred, you have to have a reason for fighting! One that's actually worth it!

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Review #9, by unicorn_fan 

10th June 2009:
lol! :D
two babies in one chapter! wow! :D
nooo! why do they have to be marked already? i think its totally unfair, me and 3 of my friends have a thing against harry because we have found out that every person that dies in the harry potter series is because of harry, EVERY single one of them!
so yeah we dont like him.
anyway after the rant... great chapter!! :D

Author's Response: I don't like Harry either . . . But it's mostly because I think he's a whiny little kid.

He's not the first kid to have the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Ugh, I could rant about that for hours, actually.

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Review #10, by Moon Woman 

10th June 2009:
I've just reviewed chapter 71 and then remembered that I hadnt done this one, shocker!

so yeh, LOVED IT!!! =D


Author's Response: Haha, well, thank you for going back. Unnecessary, but always appreciated. :D

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Review #11, by WHATIF_booksarecool 

9th June 2009:
I love it! Another fabulous chapter--one of my favorites ever! So many cute wittle babies!

Author's Response: Babies are cute. :D

Thank you!

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Review #12, by DefyingBoundries 

9th June 2009:
Omg exciting!
Voldemort *evil glare*

Author's Response: Exciting? Yeah? :D

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Review #13, by flamingolover 

8th June 2009:
ha! There it is!!! Thanks so much! Really, that was awesome. Wow, you sure went through quite a lot of time in just one chapter didn't you? I like it!!! I can't believe you're so close to the end now. I really hope your ending is as awesome as I think it will be.
Question: is Anna ever going to grow up?? I mean, she has a kid... will she be that boy's mother or playmate???

Author's Response: Well, the ending is particular. I can't give away too much, but I feel like people will either hate it or love it. Personally, I'm hoping for the latter.

Anna WILL grow up . . . To an extent. She's already making progress, I think. As Sirius said, she has a maternal instinct about her, even if it's not always in tact. But, because of who she is, she'll never grow up fully, in the way that you see most adults. What I mean to say is that she'll never loose her sense of fun and childhood, as many adults do.

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Review #14, by woohoopolychromatic 

8th June 2009:
oh, how lovely. unfortunately i didn't have enough time to read it Sunday. but i have time now! lovely and mush are now my favoritewords now, by the way. interesting chapter. more chapters!!! mush!!! onward!!!

Author's Response: Haha mush. It makes me think of Snow Dogs. :D

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Review #15, by ShivaniParmar 

8th June 2009:
I fell off my chair when I read that Anna tried to push the baby back in.
Great Chapter!!

Author's Response: Wow! I'm glad it was that funny! :D

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Review #16, by the_marauders_rock 

7th June 2009:
how super cute! =] I just love how Anna tried to push Aldan back in...thats just so typical of her lol
great chapter 10/10
update soon!

Author's Response: Isn't it just so typical?

Next chapter on Tuesday! :D

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Review #17, by siriusismyhubby 

7th June 2009:
thats scary knowing that yr new born child is in that much danger.

Author's Response: Yeah . . . Poor Lily and James.

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Review #18, by AbiRoss 

7th June 2009:
Yea!!! Wittle babys!!! Alden, what a cute name. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yaay! Babies! lol :D

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Review #19, by harrypotterfreak1414 

7th June 2009:
Another great chapter! It so sad- the end is near! But then there's more again! lol

Author's Response: Yup! Two more whole stories to come! :D

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Review #20, by Saria 

7th June 2009:
i know i have only reviewed maybe once on this story, but i love it! it is by far my favorite story on hpff... i love anna and sirius they are just so damn CUTE! you write everything so well... there is never a chapter where i dont laugh at least once... i just wanted to let you know you have one more person who loves your stories:)

Author's Response: Aww, well thank you! And I appreciate every single reader, whether they review one time or seventy-seven times.

That doesn't mean I don't love when I get reviews, lol. Anyways, I'm super glad I could make you laugh lots! :D

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Review #21, by SlytherinBabe_x 

7th June 2009:
loved it as usual =)
Sirius' POVs are my fav for this story because you can really tell how much he loves Anna... you write his POV really well.
Baby Aldan!! Such a cool name haha =)
BIGGEST smile ever on my face reading this.
You are so awsome! xx

Author's Response: I have the biggest smile ever on my face reading THIS. :D

Haha, believe it or not, Sirius' POV is usually my least favorite to write. But it usually comes out as a final product quite well.

It's funny - the reaction to the name Aldan is very split. Everyone seems to either love it or hate it.

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Review #22, by SparklesNGTGirl 

7th June 2009:
Awh! I love it.
I can believe that Sirius and Jason forgot about Anna. lol.
Kinda not sure what else to say haaha, just the usual. LOVE!

Author's Response: That 'forget about Anna moment' was a bit self inspired. So many times I'm rushing to do something quite important and get distracted, forgetting about what it is I needed to do. Oh, well. XD

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Review #23, by kittikatlova 

7th June 2009:
I read it wrong, and thought it was Monday this was supposed to be up, so what a pleasant surprise! I am not sure how I feel about the name Aldan.it is not pretty but hey, at least they had the baby!!! And yay, Harry is born! This was a good chapter, it filled a lot of time, but was still really interesting and well written. Only Anna would try and push the baby back in. I cant wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I originally had the baby named Emmett, which I liked much better. However, ever since the Twilight craze, many things Twilight-related have begun to put me off. (No offense to anyone who likes it, of course.) So it ended up being Aldan.\

Haha, she decided she didn't want him a little too late, didn't she? :D

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Review #24, by Obscure Deity 

7th June 2009:
Babies are funny looking. I liked what Anastasia tried to do while pushing it out...xDD

Author's Response: I learned that from my friend in AP Bio. They watched a video, and apparently the baby came out with yucky white nose plugs and it looked diseased.

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Review #25, by thebakerwhowouldntcook 

7th June 2009:

uh yeah...dammit do you know how hilarious you are? because you are :D

I love the name omg. Almost like almond. I love almonds...

Two babies, one chapter. Boo-yah-kah-sha!

Author's Response: Isn't Anna the funniest? I tried to think of the weirdest, most Anna thing she could do, and I came up with having the baby while watching Star Wars. :D

I'm hilarious? Why, thank you! :D

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