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Review #1, by alias093001 

5th August 2011:
Oh, darn. Not much of explanation here either.

The manor sounds really nice. For some reason, I'm imagining a lot nicer-looking version of Malfoy Manor.

Christopher and Zoey seem rather pleasant as well. I'm sure that Hermione can get along with Christophe given each of their love of books. And Zoey will give Hermione someone to talk to.

The fact that Pansy also lives there concerns me quite a bit. If Hermione is supposed to be protected, I'm not so sure that there will be much protecting going on while Pansy is around.

alias093001, Slytherin.

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Review #2, by absibi 

26th May 2010:
I love this story so far its awesome and Draco with wings cool! xD and I gasped when I saw the word Coventry thats the town where i'm from ^-^ :D now to read more !

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Review #3, by Blue Biro 

9th May 2010:
W-O-W! why the capitals? becuase that was a bloody amazing chappie!
so.draco has wings?.well thats.abnormal?
im supposing more will be explained? jeez i hope so!
again, your writing continues to astound me!
chapter 3 already?
chapter 4 then!
fav quote?
'“Bite me, Pamela!” loving the chapter! (as i've already said!)
your fan becky!
you rock! (fact!)

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Review #4, by Erminia 

30th December 2009:
Love the Christopher/Draco interaction. XD Hilarious.
The plot is amazing and original, Jenny! I think it's brilliant.
Excellent fic so far! I'm off to go read some more of it.

- Mini

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Review #5, by Ardeel 

14th December 2009:
I just want to say first of all if I haven't mentioned, your banner is gorgeous; one of my favorites. I'm a JA on TDA (Ardawling) and I just love this banner. =)

Second, I really like where this story is moving because it's so different from most of the dramoine's on here. Great job!

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Review #6, by rainbowsocks 

3rd December 2009:
*begins to rant*
will someone please explain this to be before i die ?
xoxo ~

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Review #7, by xxbrokendreamsxx 

24th November 2009:
Oh wow, this is absolutely amazing and so far I just adore the comments between Christopher and Draco, please update soon!

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Review #8, by Midnight Writer 

21st November 2009:
Once again, very good.
A few typos, but those are fixable. I really like this story. (:
Keep up the good work, it's very intriguing.

Excellent Job.

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Review #9, by LittleMissRachel 

26th October 2009:
:D Okay, I love you even more now. Lol. I know they're not angels, exactly, but still... I LOVE IT!

Draco is so hot. So, so hot. And I loved the banter between the guy in the library and Draco. It made me LOL quite a few times. Especially when Becker said he looked like a Victoria's Secret Model. XD

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Review #10, by the_elder_wand 

26th October 2009:
omg omg omg omg omg exciting!! ownder what will happen enxt:)))
great story:)

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Review #11, by Breatheonme 

7th August 2009:
Great plot, cant wait to read more.

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Review #12, by Veronica 

30th June 2009:
HEHE I guess I should have seen this coming, i looked at the banner before reading the story, it sort of reminds me of Maximum Ride by James Patterson, hehe, Quite interesting..

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Review #13, by LadyLikable 

7th June 2009:
grrr you tease! I wanna know what's going on!!

Author's Response: XD my bad.

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Review #14, by gwen marie 

7th June 2009:
This story is really interesting so far...I'm glad I started reading it :)
Great job!


Author's Response: thankyou! i'm glad you started reading it too :P

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Review #15, by Britt_anyyy 

5th June 2009:
I am really enjoying this story, I LOVE Beckers personality I do have one suggestion though...one of my favorite parts of Draco is his snarky attitude, the little digs and innuendos that he places in every conversation...so I do hope to see some of that in the future, but I love this and I'm glad I cam across it. I added it to my favorites I hope that an update is added soon! =]]



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Review #16, by extant 

4th June 2009:
You've got such an extremely interesting premise going here, it's so unique and intriguing, congrats ^_^. And Becker is adorable, and so funny! Amazing.

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Review #17, by tyrosine 

4th June 2009:

Draco is a bit OOC though, but other than that the story is FANTASTIC! I love Becker's personality and comments! The story is very different from others in a GREAT way!


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Review #18, by gitgit 

4th June 2009:
nice i loved how you brought in the witching trials
and im excited about reading the next chapter
and what story you come up with to go with all of this ITS wonderful!

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Review #19, by Cullen8 

4th June 2009:
Damn what a place to end. I love cliffies almost as much as I hate them (you understand right?). I absolutley love this chapter, the dialogue and the hint of what's to come was so wonderful. So glad you finally updated!

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Review #20, by alannalove2009 

4th June 2009:
OH NO! not a cliff hanger! this is such a good story! please update soon!! i cant believe they got wings! EPPP!! i love this story!

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Review #21, by Ellaoptimistic 

3rd June 2009:
ohmycheezits, you have me in suspence here. I love this story! Your writing is brilliant, one of the better style I've seen.

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Review #22, by llyralen 

3rd June 2009:
You know what Jenny! Why don't you just curl up and die. THIS STORY IS AWESOME! Nevermind that it's Dramione, because I don't care. You've kept them canon (and that's rare and beautiful), I an IN LOVE with Becker (Malfoy's found his match, definitely) and to top it all of, you've given me a dose of my own medicine. I don't know what the heck is going on and that fact makes it so impossible not to read on and be caught into the web that is your genius :)

Amazing story Jenny loff! Definitely one of your best! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: um... hi, my name is jenny, and i'm so totally marrying you.

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Review #23, by jenrabbit 

3rd June 2009:
I'm totally confused...
update, Update, UPDATE!
Completely awesome, but seriously, more info please! 10/10, as always! ^.^

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Review #24, by padme_alejandra 

3rd June 2009:
Oh my gosh. This was excellent! The plot thickens. I am so utterly and completely addicted. This is fascinating and so amazingly unique and creative. Major kudos! I'm on the edge of my seat, wanting more! Update ASAP :)


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Review #25, by Elesphyl 

3rd June 2009:
Your talent has no limits, Jenny darling. You managed to pull off a potentially cliche scene with absolutely flawless spledor. ILY!

Author's Response: thankyou thankyou thankyou! you know how happy your reviews make me, ms awesome.

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