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Review #1, by lol. 

22nd July 2010:
You know I really like this story.. but the authors notes at the end of the story which are begging for reviews are kind of irritating to me.. I hate the authors who beg for reviews in promise of faster updates..

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Review #2, by georgina_bass 

18th September 2009:
nice...kinda...nothing important-ish.well,the end of the chap was.pporr sirikinns:'(

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Review #3, by sreduaram 

11th July 2009:
no not rabastan! i want her to say no to him, and then castrate him or something (i really do have a growing hatrid of him)
and oh my god! that kiss at the start. sirius certianly seems to like (or potentially even more than that) her.

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Review #4, by wumpie88 

1st June 2009:
awesome! absolutely fantastic. i just hope she ends up with Sirius as he's just so much better for her.

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29th May 2009:
WOW!! Worth the wait RED! Serves Sirius right for thinking all girls are playthings. Even if he is in love with Mirabelle maybe he should have acted a littel quicker. HMPH! I do like the fact that she let her friends in on what is going on! It hurts too much to keep it all bottled up inside! Get it out and become stronger. Great chapter!

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Review #6, by potterwriter340237 

26th May 2009:
Who! I am so glad you updated!!!
I really like this chapter! Alot! I love the kiss between Sirius and Mir, very tender but sexy at the same time!
I feel bad for her :( so confusing!
I also like that both R and S have different nick names for her but it makes me sad that she has a relationship with both and cant figure it out!
And as much as I shouldnt like Rabastan I really do, blast hahaha but I think that is a sign of an incredibly gifted writer!
You have managed to offer pathos and likableness to an otherwise horrid person who believes in Pureblood supremacy.
Any ways a fantastic job and hopefully your updates will become more frequent!
p.s I am also glad she told her friends everything, I think there support will definitly help her!
34816304716 / 10

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks! I'm now extremely glad I decided to procrastinate and check this because that review just made my day! lol I have a thing with nicknames, don't ask me why (it's probably because I have so many! RED being one of them lol) but I felt like nicknames distinguish who you are with or to a person and that it would outline the different relationships with each guy nicely. And don't feel bad about liking Bas. I actually have a couple people rooting for him over Sirius! He's not all bad but he DEFINITELY isn't all good either and I needed Mira to see his good side first because otherwise the conflict would be really dull (or nonexistant) and she'd look completely stupid for giving him the time of day! And I thought her friends should know from now on because, well it just seemed like time! lol
I will try my best to update more often this summer before I get into the mess that is bound to be my junior year. But at the moment things are just the tiniest bit hectic. I do have the next chapter about half way done I just probably won't be posting it until after I get back. But after June 7th hopefully it'll calme down and I can get my readers the updates they deserve! Anyway, Thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #7, by casa_bella 

24th May 2009:
Wow, it is amazing!
I so do not like her outfit though! I agree with the boys, CHANGE! =P
Good chapter! Update soon. And I hope you did well in your finals.

Author's Response: Ha ha! Thanks! And I did pretty well. Not perfect but hey, I passed with my GPA in tact! lol

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Review #8, by sofia 

23rd May 2009:
I forgot to add one thing: You're so damn good at writing romantic scenes!!! Like the one where Sirius kisses Mira for example. I've noticed it in your other stories too. I'm so jealous of you, haha :P

Author's Response: Really? Those are always the scenes I worry about. I try to make them realistic but am never sure if I've gotten it down or not. Nice to hear someone thinks so though! lol =P

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Review #9, by sofia 

23rd May 2009:
I really like this story. You're a great writer. I wish I could write as good as you do, haha.
The kiss - YEY
Mira saying yes to Rabastan - NOO, why!? I'm just hoping that Sirius will save her from the pureblood world. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! That's an awesome compliment to get- one of the best for me! And I guess you'll just have to keep reading and see! =P

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Review #10, by emocut_or_blackrox 

23rd May 2009:
fantastic but
when will u update next?
i wanna read
i am so hungry for words
so update okay
it was really good
i like some of your descriptive words like insurgent

Author's Response: Already got the next chapter started but I'm going on vacation in six days so I'm not exactly sure if i'll get the update up before then but I'll try!

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Review #11, by mystic05 

23rd May 2009:
yay an update!!
ok so what the hell man stupid girl
hopefully she gets some sense knocked into her seriously. Though I get a feeling its not gonna be so simple. Anyways a round of applause on the fact that she and Sirius snogged the living daylights out of each other. Awesome chapter

Author's Response: Everything in this story is complicated! lol Thanks for the applause but you may not like me next chapter =\ But don't worry she's still got quite the rollercoaster ahead of her!

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Review #12, by Fireball Nymph 

21st May 2009:
Ummm I'm thinking more along the lines of "WHAT THE FREAKING HELL WAS SHE THINKING!" I so wanted her to get together with Sirius. Screw her family. Who cares if they want hero marry Rabastan? I don't! I know that eventually, Sirius and Mira will get together. I prefer sooner, though! :)** Wink Wink** Don't you want them to get together?. I was so happy when they snogged. At least Mira didn't push him off right away.

I love the paragraph when she realizes that all the things she was thinking in her head sounded so cliche. Like how their breathing mingled. Cliche or not? But still, I love fluffiness. And drama. And this story.

I love the title of this chapter. "The Complicated Love Life Of Mirabelle Rose" was so ironic. It captures thee meaning of the chapter so well.

I don't think that this cahpter seemed rushed at all. It was really good. And I'm not biased. Just because your one of my favorite authors doesn't mean that I'll tell you I love your chapters. I always love them though!

I love the last line. When Mira said "It's... complicated" So true. Loved it. Shear genius!

My favorite paragraph was when Mira accepted Rabastan's date offer, and then she saw Sirius looking at the pair of them, with his cold steel gaze. YOU can tell that Sirius is actually in love with her, and she's not another conquest like one of those other toys Sirius played with.

But I think that Mira has a right to not trust Sirius. I mean, he toys with girls emotions. I wouldn't trust him. And Mira's his best friend. Doesn't she know him best? So, she shouldn't rust him. Sirius has to prove himself. And I bet you, now in the next chapter, he's going to find another toy to play with to make Mira jealous. Isn't that how it always is? Or will your story be different.

I love the line whe the boys aske "Do you want him to shag you?" or somehting along those lines. FUNNY! I cracked up at it.

When I checked my feed thingamabob, and I saw that you had updated this story, I squealed. And I rarely squeal. Actually, I only squeal when you update a chapter in any of your stories. I can't help it.

Well, I cant wait for more. thanks for this awesome update. I'm so happy now! Thank you thank you thank you! And I love Sirius! Though he's such a player!

Author's Response: Uuuum, I'm thinking "WOW THIS IS AWESOME LOOK HOW AMAZINGLY LONG THIS REVIEW IS!!!" lol
But that seems to be the common reaction to this chapter. As well as the "screw her family" thing. And I agree!
But, if I had her immediately fall into Sirius's arms and live happily ever after, what kind of story would that be? A boring one.
So I'm going to make Mira go on a rollercoaster ride to make things more interesting! =P
Yeah, Mira is the kind of girl who gets a bit disgusted with cliche mushiness if you couldn't tell, ha ha, but every Romance has to have fluff!
I toyed with several chapter names before i came up with this and I was alittle leary about it but it was the best I could think of at three in the morning so I'm glad you like it! I'm glad you didn't think it was rushed and liked the different humorous bits I tried to incorperate too!
And yes, Mira does have some trust issues. Especially where Sirius is concerned now. She's very sensible, not one of those girls who gets so caught up in a guy that she can't see his flaws or that it's very possible he may not feel the same way.
I'm glad I got you to squeal (don't worry it happens to the best of us lol). And thank you thank you thank you for the fantastic review! It made my day!

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Review #13, by luvario 

21st May 2009:
Ughhh! I'm so sick of Rabastian. I just want Mira to get with Sirius already!! I was in shock when they kissed. They would be perfect together! I hope they get together soon? Are they going to? How many more chapters is this story gonna be? Update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you were in shock! I was worried it was too predictable. And if I told you, what fun would that be? I'm not sure how many chapters it'll be but I'm thinking along the lines of thirty or so. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by d 

21st May 2009:


GREAT CHAPTER!! hope fully MIRA & RAB will fall in LOVE!!

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Review #15, by s_black5 

21st May 2009:
Great chapter! Poor mira she must be feeling so confused!

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Review #16, by emilysoxo 

21st May 2009:
very good indeed!!!

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Review #17, by azsuks818 

20th May 2009:
omg omg omg im so loving thos story you are the best writer ever love all your work you bettter start wirting more quicker love it please continue

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