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Review #1, by girly1393 

10th May 2011:
Oh, James. Your nobility gives me hope in humanity.

Bravo to you.

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Review #2, by spangles 

14th February 2010:
Poor Sirius! The whole Black family thing is really starting to get to him. I loved Peter's line about the war, he really showed that he knew what was going on. Come to think of it, I just really love the Peter you've created in general, I've never read a fic where he starts off as a decent person and I love it. I mean, come on people, there was a reason why his betrayel came as a suprise...you did a great job at showing why they were suprised. 11/10 (:

Author's Response: Sirius really is afraid of turning into one of the very people he's been running from. And I am thrilled you enjoy Peter here - I still do not have him in as much as I would have liked to - but it's hard to try to squeeze him in where I feel I don't have room for him. I don't want it to seem forced. I might edit him into some more scenes later :)

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Review #3, by Casey 

22nd January 2010:
The interaction between James and the vampire was extremely heartfelt. It seemed a little rocky but I think the vampire knew James wasn't a threat or perhaps she didn't perceive him as a proper one considering his age. On some level I want to believe that Sirius did it to protect James and the rest of them but on the other, I can never justify death of any being. Nothing you can do about it though, whats done is done.

Author's Response: I am not sure what you mean by a little rocky! Do you think it could have been better? or do you mean it as the conversation went as it should - rocky. I think the vampire knew what James was there for - perhaps she was spying on their camp when she caught their scent. She never meant any harm to anyone, even Lupin - but as he killed her lover, she got him back. She only wanted James to take her message.

Sirius did what he did for a mixture of reasons. A large part WAS to protect James; Sirius didn't realise the vampire wasn't hurting him. But some other things slipped through as well, such as a loss of his control, or a sense of duty. He went into this mission expecting to have to kill the vampire, and he didn't stop to think about it when he found her.

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Review #4, by Bethany 

17th January 2010:
My mouth is literally hanging open.I seriously don't know what to say, I mean, I know in a war people have to die but I thought the Marauders would never commit it... well Sirius I half expected to have killed someone..I need a drink

Awesome chapter though, it really brings to light what a war is like. Heck I wouldn't survive for sure being only seventeen.

Author's Response: I hated the thought of the Marauders killing people also, and I struggled a long time with the idea of having it happen. On the one hand, I thought it was a good lesson for them to learn... and on the other, I couldn't imagine these wonderful characters killing people. But then, that is what war is, pretty much, and it'd probably be unlikely they'd survive if they didn't kill now and then.

I wouldn't be able to survive it either, and I'm even older than you! lol

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Review #5, by Marauder'sGal 

3rd November 2009:
I am loving this story so far!!!you make it sound so realistic with what they feel and go through.i cant believe sirius killed that vampire,,,even though he had to save james's life.and i forgot to add that i love how you include peter in the story.he is always left out :(

nice chapter.i'll try and review them all!should have started from the beginning lol


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I was really on the fence about having Sirius kill the vampire. I was really unsure of this entire incident for a long time, in fact, but I decided to just leave it alone and now I don't think it's quite so bad.

I really enjoy writing Peter. The hard thing, though, is that I still feel like I leave him out a lot simply because it's not in his POV and he's not always here :(

Thank you so much for enjoying the story, and for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Cool Chick 91 

20th August 2009:
im new to this whole harrypotter fanfiction thing and your story is one of the first i have read and it has really touched me. It really seams to fit with what happen from the time Voldemort had risen to power.

One thing i would like to say about this episode is that im glad you didnt put the vampire in the wrong i mean its both side fault because i am also a fan of the twilight series and it just remembered me of them so thanx

And I love your fanfic so far still have lots to catch up with


Author's Response: hey cool chick (I like the name lol)

I'm really happy to be one of the first that you have read. I can still remember when I was new, and the first story I read. I'm so glad the story has touched you.

I was really iffy about including this at all in the midst of all the twilight craze. This chapter was out around the time Twilight was in theaters. Suddenly, so many twilight crossovers and vampire fics popped up! I was worried people might think this was going to turn into one, but I'm glad I included them now. I'm glad you enjoyed how they were depicted here - I like to think that Remus wasn't the only "monster" exception and that other outcasts might have been kindly, though wild.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by Moonylupin 

10th June 2009:
Wow, that was one of the saddest chapters I've read. And, I just remembered you asked about Remus's encounter with the werewolf and how it compared to others I read... It was different in that he didn't succeed at all. In another I read, he only spoke with Greyback in some dark pub in Knockturn Alley, in another he actually fit in with the werewolves until he saw Greyback and ran for it.

Anyway... this chapter was, like I said, so sad! And frightening. The way James woke up and saw Mr. Lupin and how much he looked like Remus, that was scary. It could have been the same thing as waking up and seeing one of your best friends dead. I feel a little bad for the vampire, she hadn't done anything, but Mr. Lupin was just trying to do his job. He didn't deserve to die for it, but the vampire's mate probably didn't deserve it either. The exchange between the vampire and James was interesting. James held himself well. Sirius... I was a little afraid of him. He said he didn't do it out of spite or revenge, but it was still frightening to see him kill. But I'm of the mind that Peter has - if any of them expected to get out of the war without killing, they should quit. I like that we see a little of the regrets Dumbledore has had in his life in this chapter, like letting such young people into the mess and having to learn that one of them killed. The fight between James and Sirius was brilliant with both of them trying to explain themselves and then it all coming down to what they were going to tell Remus. Now I have to go see!

Author's Response: Yeah I knew you'd be unhappy with what happened to Remus's dad. But, since Remus never ever mentions them in Harry's years, I figure they must not be around. If they were, they probably would have had something to do with Teddy also, and not just Tonks' mother. I'm happy to hear that Remus's encounter with the werewolves has gone differently than others you read. But don't be so quick to think he didn't succeed! :D He was caught, and he thinks it's all over, but not necessarily. I've got a lot planned (or maybe not a lot, but a fair amount) for the werewolves.

I'm glad you made note of how much Remus looks like his father, because I included that just to try to show the severity of the situation (I feel like some people might see the vampire thing as a joke, considering Twilight and how popular vampire fics are lately - I almost hated to include it, but it was canon that the magical dark creatures were part of things.) I'm glad you're feeling torn between the vampire and Lupin - she really didn't deserve it, but neither did he. But at least you can see how difficult (hopefully) the decisions can become, and the war is only just getting started.

I'm glad you agree with Peter - its reassuring considering I was doubting having them do such things. Poor Sirius - if he'd have known she meant no harm, he wouldn't have killed her. But he saw James tied up, saw the vampire advancing on him, and snapped. And poor James, he hates seeing Sirius do such things.

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Review #8, by auror_snape 

28th May 2009:
Could Remus use the death of someone close to him by the hands of the dark forces as sort of leverage to sway the pack? He doesn't have to say the vampire who did it wasn't evil.

Author's Response: Hmm, thank you for the suggestion. I've gotten the next chapter about half done - basically it's all done except for Remus's parts. And I'm holding off on finishing until I decide what to do with him there. I don't want to write myself into a corner, so I need to do some plotting and figure out what I want to happen.

And that was a great suggestion as a means to possibly try to change the pack's mind about who they support. I'm leaning towards Remus not trying to change their minds now that he has accidentally admitted to being a Voldemort supporter himself. But your idea really intrigues me and has me thinking and it could be really interesting if he suddenly changed his pace.

Hmmm. Thank you so much for the suggestion and I will definitely throw it into my list of what "might" happen.

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Review #9, by Gorillaz4Life 

20th May 2009:
Thank you so much for updating! This is my favourite story on this site by far, it's the most realistic and extremely well written. The relationships between the characters are spot on, it's subtle at times and other times more obvious, but it's perfect. I especially love the friendship between James and Sirius, they behave just like brothers, you show that there's a lot more between them than pulling pranks together. Well done and keep updating whenever you can =]

Author's Response: Thank YOU so much for reviewing! I was starting to worry that I had let it go too long, and all my readers had left (I wouldnt blame them.)

JKR always said they were like brothers - sooo many of her characters said it. I get tired of reading Marauder fics where James obsesses over Lily and ignores Sirius. I don't think its right. I try to have a bit of a balance, but since I like Sirius so much, I'm afraid I include him more than I do Lily lol. But I'm glad you like their relationship - it is my personal favourite.

And thanks for the well written compliment. I'm a perfectionist and I'm constantly editing :)

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