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Review #1, by searching4neverland 

28th December 2009:
This piece is a world inside a world. You deserve credid if only for the fact tha that you have created an entire race of beings in a few thousand words. This was what impressed me most in this story. It seems that you have fit everything else in this quite nicely: It makes sense that a new, more dangerous kind of conflict would unite people toghether. NIcely done, I loved the ending line.

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Review #2, by lost_in_imagination 

14th August 2009:
I LOVE your (author's) pen name; genius! I wish I could have thought of it first... Well, I'll get back to the real point, your story:

Exellent plot; entirely new creatures, treathning the human kind... A bit like an alien attack - they have the tecknology we don't, but we use what we have and fight with our hearts;p -, but I love it! Every good story has some form of cliche in it. I think it's great writing, you (author) have a very good way of introducing the characters, at least Hermione and Luna. The ending was good as well:) Didn't get to know how the fight played out, but what does that matter; it's the courage and spirit you want to spread out and you did that well (,author). It was an ending you could live with; it was neither 'we won and everyone lived happily ever after' nor did it end in some horrific way that would just depress me. It didn't quite end, but I liked it:) Good vocabulary too! Thumbs up for that;D Only thing I have to pick on is the paragraphs. A teacher once told me to choose between the intervals between the paragraphs or a 'cut in' if I can phrase it like that:s Don't know any english terms for it (I'm not english;p). And I have to agree, it does look better if you just have the one (I prefer intervals; gives the eyes a bit more of a break;))

Conclusion: love the story, ADORE the pen name;p

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Review #3, by ParkerGirl 

1st August 2009:
Brilliant story! Very unexpected but i loved it =) PG

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Review #4, by singerhotti24 

14th July 2009:
Incredibly written.
I really liked the story on a whole, and really enjoyed the fact that you capitalized 'They, and 'Them, when talking about 'The Others'. It was very awe-inspiring.
The writing was brilliant, and by brilliant I mean eerie and captivating. Hermione's character was dead on, and I like how you talked about the before and after Voldemort. It was very cool! On a whole, this post was well worth the read. Brillaint job!


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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday 

10th June 2009:
Loved it! I'm glad you wrote this from Hermione's POV. You've made her so strong and determined. There was so much resolution in the phrases like, "Humankind was the reason I had signed up to die," and "Hermione Granger does not break her promises."

It was eerie and suspenseful, and it kept me engaged the whole time!

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Review #6, by Pookha 

3rd June 2009:
This is a very different story to find here. I like the way the Protectors band together to fight this horrifying enemy. It has the sense of desperation and fear that's needed for a good horror story.

You make me want to know more about these Others. Are they fast zombies, or genetic experimentation gone wrong, or something else?

Intriguingly atmoshperic and tightly wound. A thumbs-up from me and it makes me want to look at your other work.

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Review #7, by Violet Gryfindor 

2nd June 2009:
I agree with the previous reviewers that this is a really good premise for a longer story. The elements of horror and fantasy you've added in with these "others" made this an exciting read. I was a bit surprised to see Hermione as the main character (it could just as easily have been an OC or next-gen character), but that let you work more into the house unity aspects, how the trio had gathered all their old schoolfellows for this battle.

Wonderfully done! Hopefully you do end up doing more with this idea. :D

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Review #8, by lyrix82 

18th May 2009:
Excellent piece, I like how you wrote the house unity part in without it being blatant. I seriously hope that you'll consider extending this into a whole novel, it's an intriguing plotbunny (awesome as a oneshot too though!).
Thanks (and...GO GRYFFINDOR!)

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Review #9, by Another Weasley 

18th May 2009:
Wow - unexpected! Brilliant piece of writing. Would love to know what happens next.

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Review #10, by Celtic_Dreamer7 

17th May 2009:
Wow. Completely different and unexpected. This sounds to good to be a one-shot. You should consider making it into a series or a least a novella. Good job!


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