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Review #1, by sambonifi9 

13th September 2015:
Wow, I actually felt bad for Emerson after reading that last part.

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

21st February 2015:
Why not go up to her and say, do you know my pops is Harry Potter? You know, bloke that killed Dark Lord Whathisface?”

Ah yes, the greatest pick-up line of the century.

I didn’t, but now that you mention it I hear the little brother is quite a good snogger.

Head, meet desk.

Uh. Fine Nia isn’t that bad but it’s not going to work out. Sorry Nia, go date Emerson or something.

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Review #3, by DancingMooncalf 

22nd June 2014:
I simply love the fact that they desite to build a blanket ford. Boys!
The whole story is great btw. I love the fact that those boys are real boys.
Lovely story :)

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Review #4, by Jaime88367 

2nd September 2013:
Haha blanket forts, makes me wish I still had as many blankets as I used to.

Author's Response: Me too. I haven't made a blanket fort in ages.


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Review #5, by tovsy 

27th September 2012:
What is so striking about this story is that James is actually a boy, not a fangirl's dream guy. He's so real and very nuch a 17 year old, hormone striken, teenage boy That's so rare. I love that he has interests in other girls not an unrealistic unrequited love for just one person. Can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying my take on James. To be honest, I'm with you. I wanted to write James because I was very sick of seeing him in so many ways I didn't think he would be...of course, it's just my opinion. Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by hiddenbyhair 

24th March 2012:
felt like saying my fave character is meta

Author's Response: Your favorite character is Meta? you know what? I absolutely love that. She's a great character. I love to loathe her, haha. Thanks!

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Review #7, by Manga_girl 

8th March 2012:
Another great chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #8, by Hammy 

10th December 2011:
Didn't think James would smog Nia, thought he would smog Avery, but still loved it.

Author's Response: They're best friends, haha :) No snogging for them! Thanks!

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Review #9, by alexisgabriela 

30th July 2011:
I'm not entirely happy with the Nia portions simply because I'm rooting for James and Avery. ;-) She does seem to be nice but she is no Avery. I do like how you're creating a real story aside from throwing James and Avery together at the beginning. It certainly gives credibility to it. Great chapter!

Author's Response: You & me both. But Nia is an absolute riot. And she fancies James. A lot.

Thank you!

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Review #10, by roxyroxtheworld 

23rd June 2011:
lol dang james is so mean...this was his chance to actually get to know edward...well no wonder...dang james you...i'm so totally on averys side about edward. i feel bad for him. anyway at first i was gonna say avery probably put the doxys in james dormitory to get back at him or sum thin but now that i'm thinking more about it it also could have been Al that did it cuz of what James said to paloma or well lol i am excited to read the next chapter and find out lol and james snogging Nia isn't really a surprise lol figured it would happen soon.

Author's Response: He may have been mean in that sense, but I think he's had seven years of Emerson making him so unearthly mad that it wasn't going to change because they made a fort. He had the opportunity. And didn't take it. Because james knows too much about him.

thanks for the review!!

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Review #11, by munchies 

19th April 2011:
That chapter image of Meta so shows that shes a total B-word. But also very pretty. But hey, usually the pretty ones are the total control-freaks (like Meta...)

But I also cant help but enjoy her. She's a character that even though you cant stand her, you want to see more of her. She's crazy, and a lot of times -unpredictable. I adore it.

Avery :)

Author's Response: EXACTLY. Meta is stunningly beautiful. After all, she does attract male attention. But she isn't a pushover. And is a total b-word. But I love every moment of her. Thanks! I'm glad you like Meta!

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Review #12, by Lillylover22 

15th April 2011:
I loved this chapter!! i have so many favourite quotes!! My favourite two are:
It wasn’t my fault I was so terribly good-looking. Apparently the mix between Mum and Dad had something going for it.

Eww. Gross parental thought.

Trust me, those plants got pretty kinky.

I also love the fact that they are building a blanket fort. A BLANKET FORT!! how epic!!! I love the doxy infestation!! 10/10 =]

Author's Response: Ew! Gross parental thought! haaha. Oh, James. I love blanket forts. Do you make them often? I made a sorry-excuse-for-one the other day. I should have taken pictures. Thanks!

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Review #13, by busybusybeta 

2nd February 2011:
i just awwwed when james helped out albus by talking to paloma for him. that was such a sweet thing for him to do, even if the two of them don't get along so well.
i also feel that james could stand to know a little bit more about the war his father fought in. he just comes off as self-centered whenever the topic of the war comes up.
wow. so james and nia, huh? she seems like a nice girl. i guess i'll just have to wait and see what happens there.
okay, where did all of those doxies come from?!
i couldn't stop laughing when james suggested a blanket fort and the guys immediately jumped on the idea. (i LOVE MLIA) i did feel sorry for emerson though. he doesn't seem so awful...

Author's Response: Oh, I completely agree. James could completely try to know more about it. But he is very focused on the fact that he doesn't want to have an identity based on who his father is. He wants to make his own name, which Harry also doesn't understand. You'll see more interactions between them in the future and hopefully it will make more sense.

Yes, she seems like a nice girl. Nice and crazy :) hehe

Emerson isn't SO awful, but he is awful. More on that comes later, haha. Thank you so much!

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Review #14, by me_thehplvr 

2nd January 2011:

How did this manifest??!?! I guess I'll find out when I move forward to chapter eight which I'm positive will be as amazing and funny as this one(:

“Do you have anything valuable up there? Kay’s bra or something?”


Love it(:

Author's Response: Darn sneaky Doxy letter-outers! hehe.

Thank you so much!

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Review #15, by MagicallyClumsie 

21st March 2010:
hahaha epic fort(: i want one(:

Author's Response: You and me both! Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by Ziska 

28th January 2010:
Wow, interesting way to study. I guess it works for James though. It is cute how excited he gets about building the fort. He should have saved Victoria from the doxys not his broom cleaning kit (although it is funny that that is what he saves.) I like that he helped Albus in this chapter. He is actually quite a nice guy. I love this story and can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Don't knock it until you try it I guess, haha. For James anyway. He probably should have saved Victoria, but I'm sure he knew she was safe in her cage. Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by doglover 

22nd January 2010:
"Ew, gross parental images" haha!

Author's Response: I got the images. Ewww. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by thereallilypotter 

5th January 2010:
awww nia is soo cute! She kinda reminds me of myself (not the sl*tty part, just the pretty-but-unexpectedly-smart part. yeah, that one.),which is nice. But seriously, Avery and James *belong* together. they are adorable

Author's Response: I really like Nia. She's the one character I have that can go from super smart to "what the heck are you thinking" in a matter of seconds. She comes in and out of the story quite a few times. Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by Lostaroundlondon 

2nd December 2009:
it's super late now, and I haven't done ANY of my homework! so this is a short review! I actually kind of don't mind Nia now. she seems more sane at least. moving one, it was a GLORIOUS chapter once again!

i go read next one now! :D

Author's Response: Nia will drift in and out of insanity for a while I'm sure. Thank you for the review! (do your homework!)

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Review #20, by Mim 

29th November 2009:
I love this story so far. It's absolutely riveting.
One question; VICTORIA? Was she devoured by evil doxies?
I suppose I'll just have to keep reading.

Author's Response: She's in her cage and under the bed--don't worry about dear Tory. I'm glad you like it so much! It's really so much fun to write. James is just a riot. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #21, by lokita95hp 

22nd November 2009:
it was funny..!! I liked it..!!... I'm really enjoying reading this story..!!...
keep writing [it's a gift only a few have]

Author's Response: i'm glad you're enjoying it. I really love writing it. Let's me explore the mind of a crazy 17 year old boy. Few females have gotten the pleasure. If I had no limits, the story would be far crazier, but ah well. :) Thanks so much for the review! I appreciate it.

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Review #22, by Lionheart 

19th June 2009:
Excellent part, hope those doxies get blown up

Author's Response: Blown up? hahahaha. We need the Weasley Twins for that! Thank you for the review!

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Review #23, by gitgit 

16th June 2009:
oh my looks like james had fun
that was definitely an interesting chapter
and i wonder if avery ever liked james
lol that would be interesting wouldnt it

Author's Response: That would really be interesting, I agree with you. Thank you!

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Review #24, by tableau 

30th May 2009:
Aw, I feel kind of bad for Emerson even though he's supposedly kind of d-baggish. I'm off to the next chapter now!

Author's Response: Yeah, I feel bad for him at times but I feel as if he gets what's coming to him. If he wasn't such a dbag he wouldn't be treated like he was, you know? Thanks!

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Review #25, by Evanthe 

22nd May 2009:
Favourite quote: "Because she asked me for my notes not too long ago and she called me Amon."

"Least she got the first letter right."

I was really laughing out loud =D! (And I'm still smiling now...)

And seriously, a doxy infestation??? Someone must have put them in their room...
I love the blanket fort, a pity that Emerson can't join in (that's a first, I actually pitied Emmerson this chapter in a non sad way, if you know what I mean).
Great chapter, and I'm on to reading the next one!

Author's Response: oh, Doxies. Indeed. Emerson would totally be able to join in if he wasn't totally ridiculous, you know the drill. Thanks so much for the review, glad you loved the spat between Al and James, was one of my favorite parts to write!

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