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Review #1, by Singularity 

7th August 2011:
Molly's discussion with Hattie and her questioning whether she might have some prejudice was so realistic. I think any one who grows up in an enclosed environment eventually hits a point where they are exposed to the bigger world and start to wonder if they might subconsciously have some prejudices that they hadn't realized before.

I love how you are incorporating the coming war into this story and introducing issues related to blood purity bit by bit. The part with Hattie was especially great. She's in the murky gray area that doesn't really get explored much in canon. Not really an advocate for pureblood supremacy, but still holds some prejudices about Muggles. Very interesting.

To slightly lighter subjects, Molly really impressed me in this chapter. I'm glad that she didn't shout at Arthur and try to talk him out of Quidditch too much. Plus, she decided to be supportive, despite obviously thinking he's crazy and wasting his time (Oh, the Hermione parallels increase :)).

I'm pretty frightened for the jealousy of Molly to come out in upcoming chapters. It easy for me as a reader to dismiss her concerns as silly since I know that she and Arthur end up happily married with loads of kids. Molly does not have that same certainty... This could be interesting...


Author's Response: In canon, Ron sometimes spouts things from his mother that show a sort of unconscious and very minor Muggle prejudice. I doubt he even realizes it, or that Molly does. I think it's so ingrained that they don't even see it, unless they're confronted with it. I wanted to show Molly's growth there through Hattie, who has her own growing to do.

Molly was the only one out of the Weasley family to NOT attend the Quidditch World Cup, in GoF - even Hermione went, and she's not into it at all. So I think she (a) saw that as a delightful excuse to relax alone, which as a mother to 7 had to be insanely appealing to her, and (b) just doesn't care about Quidditch. Much like Hermione, her happiness doesn't depend on Arthur's goal-keeping ability ;)

It is kind of easy to gloss over teenage jealousy when you know in 30 year they're married and have a boatload of kids, but yeah, Molly doesn't know that. To her, it's very real and scary. Everyone's insecure now and then.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by TheWorldISee 

30th March 2011:
Hahahaha I love this line "if this was how he wanted to waste his time" it's so great. She's trying to be supportive but she can't help that she sees this all as a waste of time. Great job with that one. :)

Hattie's development with her mum potentially marrying a muggle is a great twist. It's really interesting to think about how the pureblood families operate and how they think about muggles. As Molly thinks, she's never been around a muggle, she's only seen them in passing and isn't sure what to think about them. And her squib cousin that was pretty much ostracized from the magic world (another one of your great details that you pull from the books), it's all really interesting to think about. Because I personally am more like Arthur is in this case. I think there's no reason to be prejudice and no bad time for tolerance but it's hard to feel differently when you have grown up being taught to think a certain way. It makes it easier to see how the Slytherins, like the Malfoy's feel the way they do (although I don't think they are right). It just makes for an interesting debate I suppose.

Anyways, now that I've spent a lot of time not making much sense I'm off to read the next chapter. Oh, and silly Molly for being upset that Arthur is "flirting" with someone. Hehe.

Author's Response: Thanks! I was going for that exactly; she's determined to support him but she still thinks it's stupid.

Hattie's really a good person, but she was raised pureblood and never even realized she might have a prejudice. Some of the things Ron says in the books makes me think pureblood kids - even the Weasleys - are raised with unconscious stereotyping of Muggles. And I think it's likely it came from their mother, love her though I do. She doesn't have Arthur's interest in them, and she does have a cousin who was a squib. I thought Hattie's subplot was a good one to bring out some new growth in Molly's character as well.

She is silly, isn't she? Arthur could only ever love her. XD Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by theelderwand 

23rd February 2010:
I like the buildup of the blood purity prejudices. You've found really interesting ways to interweave it here and it just fits into the story so naturally. well done.

I really didn't think Arthur was going to get through that Quidditch discussion with all of his parts still attached. I actually cringed when the cat got let out of the bag early. Nice touch that Molly's real concern was loss of time with Arthur. You resolved this very well.

And now the green eyed monster raises its head. Francine. Molly's claws are about to come out in a big way.

Really enjoying this.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, she is a Scorpio after all, and she gets quite jealous and doesn't really know how to deal with it. Her normal reaction to these things is to shout at people, after all, and she doesn't really know Francine, so she holds back. Not good. I often find myself going "Poor Arthur" when I'm writing. I throw a lot at him, I know. He's a good guy.

The blood purity issue is so pivotal at this point in wizarding history that it had to be pivotal to this story as well. I've tried to illustrate many of its facets. I think it pops up in unexpected ways sometimes. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Georgia Weasley 

23rd June 2009:
Jealousy rears its ugly head! And Arthur had just gotten himself out of trouble! Drat! Do we really all become our own mothers? I'm in big trouble! But that conversation was brilliant. And I knew that Molly would back down to Arthur after he made the team. She starts out tough, but he can always win her over. We'll see how well he fares with this new delimma! Poor Arthur.

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I've already turned into my mother. I say things to my kids sometimes and then remember her saying it to me and my siblings. Sigh. Oh well, my mom's pretty rockin'. Arthur does have a way with Molly. She put up with 30 years of him, so she really does love him :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday 

6th June 2009:
Oh, wow, what a loaded chapter! I like the wizard/Muggle tension you're building in, and hints of Molly's uneasiness about being part of Arthur's family because of how much difficulty it might cause. And you really wove all these things into the chapter effortlessly - Hattie's problems, Siobhan's relationship with Roddy, and Molly's trifecta of problems with Arthur - his family, the Quidditch, and Francine. I think this will be an excellent story. :-)

Author's Response: Yes, wizards v. Muggles is probably the biggest theme in this. Molly, Arthur, Hattie, everyone is dealing with some aspect of it. Thank you so much, this is such a great review. :) You are too kind *hugs*

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Review #6, by luvjamesnoliver 

30th May 2009:
I haven't heard anyone say Groovy in a while, but it is one of my favorite words. I totally see Reid liking it. It's one of those fun to say words. heehee
Wow! That's really surprising about Hattie's mum. Though I don't really think that Hattie is a bad person because of her thoughts. Most people are a bit way-ward of unfamiliar things. I really hope things work out for her.
And leave it up to Cosmo to break the quiddtich news to Molly for Arthur. Molly really needs to not worry so much, even if it does make her Molly. She is right in that we're all watered down versions of our parents, she does act like her mum.
Oo! I wonder how Molly will handle this 'rivial', even though we all know Arthur loves Molly to death it's interesting to see how they act when they fell their love life is in danger. Wonder if Gib and Fab will lend a hand to help their favorite sister?

Great chapter! I can hardly wait to read the next!

Author's Response: I am working on chapter 4 still, I'll post it as soon as it's done. It's been a little crazy around here lately and I can't seem to finish the chap. Hopefully soon.

Molly does need to relax, but looming exams are not helping that. The watered-down versions is an observation I made to my mother and thought I'd throw it in here too.

I was worried everyone would decide Hattie was a "bad guy" for being a little superficial and prejudiced. She's a very traditional person and a pureblood, so I think it's only natural she'd have some prejudice and worry about her mom, even though she does have a good heart.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'll try to get chap. 4 up soon.

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Review #7, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

9th May 2009:
This is definitely going to be a darker book, I can tell. What with Hattie worrying about her mother and Molly and Arthur having to work out differences and Voldemort rising... I like the difference. Although the cliffhanger is killing me! Poor Molly, though... The last thing a girl needs is the boy she's practically ready to marry 'talking' to another girl. Anyway, nice work! I love how this story is turning out! 10/10

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm working through some issues for the lot of the cast in this one. Everybody's going to get some crap thrown at them to make them grow up more this year and start becoming the adults they will be... Thank you for the review!

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Review #8, by madelgranger 

7th May 2009:
oh my goodness! much drama. fun chapter thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by laughhard91 

7th May 2009:
Love it! Typical Molly response. I really enjoy the way that you take Mrs. Weasley's personality and manage to make her seem like a plausible teenager, but still most definitely Mrs. Weasley. I also really like the new chapter images, they're really great. It makes me sad about Hattie, but it also seems plausible. So often in stories people try to change the prejudices that exist during Harry's time before that time period, and that just doesn't make sense. So it's rather sad, but also very realistic. I think that's what I like so much about this story: it makes good sense.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I wrote Hattie as a very traditional type in Unsinkable, and she seemed most likely to have buried prejudices about Muggles, so she's getting this plot. Petula's mother is Muggle-born and Siobhan is Muggle-born herself - though you'll notice Molly, a pureblood, is Hattie's best friend - so Hattie's not a pureblood snob for the most part, this is just hitting a bit too close for her. I think there were a lot more prejudices back 40 years ago than there are now, so at least one of the Gryffindors had to have some. It also helps bring out some of Molly's insecurities, as she also has some buried prejudices which she later unconsciously passes on to her kids (Ron says things sometimes...). I try for some realism :)

Thanks for reviewing! I really appreciate it.

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Review #10, by Harry and Ginny 

7th May 2009:
wow! this is interesting. I like to see a jealous Molly. how is Arthur going to react? what's going to happen now? will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: You'll have to wait and see what happens next :) Thanks for reviewing!

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