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Review #1, by Toujours Padfoot 

1st March 2013:
What an interesting alternative to what could have happened! For a moment there I thought Harry was going to die thrashing down there in the water. When Snape of all people saved him, I had all but forgotten that Snape was of course hiding in the trees somewhere, as he was the one to have produced the doe patronus. It was lucky he knew enough to cut the chain; the fact that he had to drop the sword back into the pond because Harry hadn't rightfully earned it yet made me a little indignant. Poor Harry! The last thing he needs is another dip in that freezing water to try to get it again.

I was feeling much better about the state of things, with Harry's vitals starting to improve, until Snape started smearing ash on his forehead and chanting funeral rites in Latin. I quite honestly did not know what to make of that. Was he trying to get Harry to die?

Your descriptions were really lovely, like the 'cross' at the bottom of the pond and the way light played off the water. There were a few passages that could have been simplified a bit, simply because they were on the wordy side and everything seemed to happen in slow motion because of the attention to minute detail; but on the whole I was very pleased. I also liked reading Snape's thoughts on Dumbledore - Dumbledore's request when he was already half-dead, and keeping his promises, and it made me think of something I hadn't really thought about before.

Now that Dumbledore was dead, according to Voldemort Snape would have no reason to pretend to be loyal to him anymore. Sneaking away to the forest to help Harry could easily have cost his life. What would have happened if someone had gone up to his office while he was gone and reported his absence to Voldemort? What if one of the portraits in the Headmaster's office tattled on him after overhearing his conversations with Dumbledore's portrait? There were so many ways this could have ended badly for him, but he risked it anyway to help a boy he could barely stand. Call Severus Snape whatever you like, but no one can say that he's a coward.

Great one-shot!

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Review #2, by anna 

27th April 2010:
that was really sweet, how snape was looking after harry yet the whole time thinking of lily. good job

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Review #3, by Anthony E. May 

14th December 2009:
Great Job. I truly appreciate your writing! Thanks for many hours of enjoyment!

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Review #4, by epsilon 

4th December 2009:
cool wish you could carry this on but i suppose you won't :( because from that you could totally change the story

Author's Response: Yes, in more ways than i first thought. My intent was to repair the story lines (harry saying, "that doesn't sound like it would work") was supposed to negate Snape's actions because Harry is a far stronger (luckier?) character and I imagined he could easily do that. But readers have suggested at least five major forks off of canon based on the little "funeral". Lots of possibilities. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep up the same pace in a longer story as I did in this one-shot. I can pour far more energy into something I know has an ending.

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Review #5, by essenni 

1st October 2009:
Original view of the scene and much more captivating than the original. The characterization of Snape is perfect.

Author's Response: The original is really hand-tied with having to hide most of what is happening. All the threads are running along together in this version and that really helps the depth, I think. Plus yeah, Snape. *Pets lovely Snape.*

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Review #6, by Aether 

19th August 2009:
Great piece. You characterize Snape very well. :)

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Review #7, by micking 

20th July 2009:
Snape produced the Patronus of a White Doe? Wow, it could of been Lily 's Patronus. I think Harry felt it. Snape saving Harry is great. Just wish they were not such enemies and hated each other so much. A really good short story. I love your descriptive writing. It really does pull a reader into thinking they are actually there in person feeling it with Harry. Look forward to anymore short stories you decide to write.

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Review #8, by AnyaAndMerlin 

6th June 2009:
"...the deer plodded" Isn't that a bit unsuitable?

Author's Response: I'm one of those people for whom words are pretty mungible. (Heh)

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Review #9, by snapeangel 

9th May 2009:
I like this version of the 'geting the G. sword' from the pond much better than JK's

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Review #10, by D 

8th May 2009:
amazing! very well done

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Review #11, by X 

5th May 2009:
nice piece of writing, as always :)

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Review #12, by seraphis 

5th May 2009:
nice story!
does this mean that harry wouldnt reawaken after voldemorts killing curse? or that they would both remain dead?

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Review #13, by monkeemary 

4th May 2009:
Ooooh, a new greengecko story! I saw this last night when I popped over to check on Revolution, and FORCED myself to not read it 'til today - as a reward for after my workout, with some good coffee! I really enjoyed it. You do a mean one-shot. I wish you'd do more of them - sort of like a break from the resonance trilogy...

You could go on with this one, you know. You've basically sealed a new fate for Harry now - he won't move on once he gets to King's Cross because Snape did the ritual. THEN where will we be?

But as a stand-alone it's lovely. Particularly the descriptions of Harry's feelings as he follows the doe, bookended with Snape's feelings as he remembers casting it, and all that implies. Beautiful.

Author's Response: I think I fell short on making this one point really clear. You can interpret it however you like . . . but my intent with Harry's late comment about "Doesn't sound likely to work," cancels out the ritual. He also rubs all the ash off. Harry's way stronger than Snape in the story, in general. Poor Snape tries to do the right thing, but it's the wrong thing, but it's not going to make any difference (and we don't want it to). He's completely powerless. But despite that, the gesture isn't actually empty. (This is all a symptom of reading way too many *real* short stories and dissecting them. Yeah. I'm reaching, I realize. Lol.)

Anyway. That was my intent. Book 7 is supposed to go on as it does in canon. But it doesn't have to if you prefer to think of it the other way. That Harry doesn't come back. In which case there is more to the story, you are correct.

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