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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

21st February 2015:
Being a seventh-year virgin was not a big deal. It wasn’t. I was picky, right? I was waiting for the right moment?

James is waiting for the right moment. That’s sweet. So was I and I will say I was a virgin for at least four more years after him. Pathetic or sweet? Huh. No comment. Anyway, please tell me he won’t hop into bed with Nia. That would be awful. He’s going to date her now, isn’t he? Just so that he can have a girlfriend and experience…well…experiences.

Of course the ladies always had a bit of a fancy for me (it was the freckles), but ever since I pinned on the Captain badge it was all over. I had to peel them off me at meal times.

Oh James, you’re not cocky at all…*snorts*

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Review #2, by Jaime88367 

2nd September 2013:
I love the "I sneezed. I was allergic to organization." line. Yay Nia is getting more of a personality other than being a (add in 12+ word).

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by Jaime88367 

1st September 2013:
I love the "I sneezed. I was allergic to organization." line. Yay Nia is getting more of a personality other than being a (add in 12+ word).

Author's Response: Yeah, Nia isn't just a flat character ... but she really does know what she wants. James. Just James, really.


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Review #4, by Christiana 

13th September 2012:
noo paloma!! i want james and avery. ): i love avery.

Author's Response: Me too! Avery is such a great character with a good heart. Fabs! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #5, by Shindig 

30th June 2012:
James is hilarious in this chapter! Haha he's so innocent and sweet. And when avery suddenly changed er mind and said to ditch nia I laughed so hard!
See ya!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! James is such a unique character. Manly, but with a soft heart. Innocent, but also snarky. I love it. Thanks!

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Review #6, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne 

27th June 2012:
I love the male lotion names XD. they're hilarious. It's so true though, what would Knife Wound even smell like?
Funny male centric chapter, I love it!

Author's Response: You don't even want to know. Probably like raw man sweat or something awkward. Thank you so much!

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Review #7, by DumbledoresArmyRocks 

29th March 2012:
Great chapter! I really love this story so far! And by the way; Wesley Jordin is cute in the character photo!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're enjoying it so far :) I hope you like the rest! And oh goodness, he is so attractive! Thanks!!

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Review #8, by Manga_girl 

7th March 2012:
Another great chapter! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks :) :)

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Review #9, by DracoGal 

18th October 2011:
OMG! I absolutely love this story! James is so arrogant its freaking hilarious! 10/10 for the amazing work!

Author's Response: Arrogant doesn't even begin to describe it :) I'm so happy you're enjoying it! I can't wait to see what you think of the rest!

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Review #10, by MoonyistheBestMarauder 

11th October 2011:
Oh, Al's jealous! It's so sad!! Great chapter, great story!

Author's Response: It's adorable. I want to squeeze Al's cheeks. Seriously. He might as well throw a tantrum and storm off. Thank you!!

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Review #11, by applecake 

28th August 2011:
Just reading this story :) so far I really like it ! I just needed to write a review at this point because I was taken aback a bit... with harry oO
That you said harry kind of was obssesed about talking with James about dark arts and stuff and doesn't understand why James is so interestend in Q.?? Thats a cleary out of character Harry Potter...I was just abit in shock because you kind of poryated everybody really nice and real! Okay I will continue reading =)

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm glad you decided to leave a review on the story! :)

Here's the thing about Harry. You'll learn a lot more about the conflict later. But it's out of character for teenage Harry. In my opinion (and everyone is different), I think that Harry really got consumed in his work and the knowledge that people should concentrate on the important things in life--saving people, etc. He knows his family very well and really wants James to be involved in something else. He's not saying James shouldn't be interested in Quidditch. He just doesn't understand James's OBSESSION with Quidditch. In reality, Harry wants James to branch out in life. He wants him to meet other people other than his team and the pretty girls in his House. He wants him to try other things to see if he'd like them. However, as you could probably tell from the first few chapters, James is a highly unreliable narrator. His opinion and biases are what fuels the story. I don't think that makes Harry clearly out of character. It's just my take on the relationship Harry and James have with an unreliable narrator. I hope that helps. You'll gather a lot more on the conflict as the story goes on.

I hope you continue to enjoy the story! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by alexisgabriela 

29th July 2011:
Just as you said, "He's quite the guy, that James." No better way to describe him. Wonderful chapter once again! Loved the hang out time with James and Avery. Those two are just too much. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of your totally amazing reviews!

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Review #13, by roxyroxtheworld 

23rd June 2011:
wow lol james needs to get control over himself hu. and love how he's the captain and it only tells about how his practices are making him tired but not no one else lol

Author's Response: Limited narration, haha. James works his team to the bone. He wants to be the best. :)

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Review #14, by munchies 

19th April 2011:
gahh, i love this chapter :3 You write it so well, it's like you're writing your own life :) Great job!

Off to the next :D

Avery :)

Author's Response: Haha you'd be surprised how many of these silly situations come from inspirations from my actual life. Or stories that other people tell me. James is definitely an extention of me. Just totally extreme, haha! Thanks!

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Review #15, by Lillylover22 

15th April 2011:
i love james and his manly thoughs!! My favourite quote was
“You might want to ask her what she wants,” I offered, trying to be a sensitive bloke since I was wearing manly lotion. I made a mental note to try and find the Knife Wound in Hogsmeade during our next trip.
A classic!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: James tries so hard to be the manly-man. Don't tell him he's failing. Thank you!

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Review #16, by peevelicious 

14th April 2011:
Knife Wound. Classic.

Author's Response: This reminds me of the line in The Hangover when Alan asks Stu if his hair looks like Phil's and Stu says, "Classic Phil." haha. Thank you!

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Review #17, by busybusybeta 

1st February 2011:
Uh oh! Drama between the potter boys!
I'm really enjoying this story so far, and i can't wait to see where it goes. =)

Author's Response: Poor Al & James. Sometimes they just don't seem to see eye to eye. Bring on the salmon patties! Thank you!

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Review #18, by me_thehplvr 

2nd January 2011:
“And if there’s anything Gryffindors aren’t, it’s Hufflepuffs.”

Dang straight they aren't! Haha


He is quite the kid isn't he?

Hmm, a change of scenery, eh? (Yeah I just went all Canada on you). I'm prepared for this!


Author's Response: DARN STRAIGHT. I feel bad for my amount of Hufflepuff hate, but seriously, there is far too much Slytherin hate in fics about Gryffindors. With Darian Bay as a Hufflepuff, how could you not hate him? CANADA. Seriously. Eh. I think I might be intoxicated on lemonade right now. Oh my.

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Review #19, by invisiblemaurader_1 

21st December 2010:
Really, again? I'm so remiss as a reviewer!

James is such a boy. I wonder what he'd do if Paloma REALLY started coming onto him. Especially if Albus was watching.

I love that James has Avery time, and that he calls it that. I hate that there is no Emerson in this chapter. Every chapter should be all about Emerson, as he is OBVIOUSLY the main character. :)

In all seriousness though, I do feel bad for Nia. She's got it bad, and James doesn't really care. That has to be tough.

Looking forward to the next!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, if Paloma really started putting on the charm...I couldn't imagine! Though I am right now. And laughing.

You're right. I need to change up my tactic since Emerson is so obvi the main in this story. Emerson/Giant Squid is the ship.

I agree about Nia. It's sad, but not at the same time to me. It's sad because she is so head-over-heels for him, but it's also obvious that it is partially for the wrong reason. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #20, by a cloudy day 

5th July 2010:
Love it! James is so cute but I think Al is a bit too much of a dork though XD but still i love the story! Can't wait to continue to read =)

Author's Response: Haha, I don't think Al is too much of a dork! He could definitely be dorkier. Thanks so much for the review, glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #21, by radicallyali 

20th June 2010:
Awww, Wesley is a cutie.

I almost dated Meta
Oh wow. That probably would have been the most disastrous relationship EVER.

It's okay that you're a virgin Jamsie. No one is judging you. Again, this shows that no matter what kind of front James puts up about being a total playboy and getting all the ladies, he has morals and such. What a sweetie.

I sneezed. I was allergic to organization.
I don't think organization and neatness is something that you can really be allergic to. Just sayin'

"You'll find someone, James."
AKA you, Avery!

I'd have to get some Mountain Rush or Ginormous Avalanche or Knife Wound.
Definitely one of my favorite quotes of this whole story. I'm pretty sure Knife Wound isn't a scent currently, but James should invent it, hahaha.

James is such a horndog. Keep it in your pants, boy!

"How long is this situation gunna last?"
For some reason "The Situation" from Jersey Shore just came to mind. No idea why. But it should leave cause that show is trash.

Poor James. He is so distressed about the Albus/Paloma thing. I don't like it when James is distressed. But then again, you are the author so what else can we really expect? You just love to make all of your characters go through hell and back, but it makes for an interesting story, that's for sure. I wouldn't read it if it was all rainbows and butterflies for the whole story. Boringg!!

Albus narrowed his eyes from behind a Charms book.
No bueno. At all. I hate it when siblings fight, I hate it when I fight with my sisters, not only because I get yelled at by my dad [which is the scariest thing I have EVER seen in my life. Scarier than tornadoes and other inclement weather], but because those are my siblings, my flesh and blood.

Basically you're better than homemade guacamole. =]


PS. remind me to teach you how to talk basics.

Author's Response: James and Meta would have been like the end of the world. 2012 stuff right there. Bingo!

James definitely has morals. Which he tries to hide at all costs.

The knife wound line is also one of my favorites. shocking that it is one of the first things I actually wrote for the story and it simply fit right in. Fabulous.

Did you just get the image of the Situation being at Hogwarts and tanning outside with dark tanning oil and working out with the Giant Squid? Maybe that was just me.

Yeah, my poor characters. I do feel for them. I do. Sometimes.

I hate the word flesh.

Oh, you just totes reminded me I have to make the guacamole in the fridge!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by georgina_bass 

2nd June 2010:
Loove Jamie:)his thoughts rock:)
hahaha..paloma is...well?mean:D
and i really liked the Nia stuff;)

Author's Response: I wouldn't say "mean" exactly, more unaware of what is going on haha. Thanks so much and Nia absolutely cracks me up! Thank you!

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Review #23, by MagicallyClumsie 

21st March 2010:
bahahaha i have a feeling that al is gonna hex james into the next eon soon(:

Author's Response: Yeah, more than likely. He's gearing up for it. Thanks!

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Review #24, by Ziska 

28th January 2010:
I love James in this chapter. Just the way he narrates the story is great. I like that they have their team meetings in the kitchens. James really takes advantage of the fact that his brother and cousin are prefects. I also love Victoria and the fact that she eats socks. she is a very good way to get revenge on Emerson. (I am very glad that he was not really in this chapter. I think I hate him as much as James does.)

Author's Response: James takes advantage of everything, haha. He is that sort of guy. I think everyone hates Emerson, but in a "he's a sweet character but ticks me off" sort of way. Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by doglover 

22nd January 2010:
ahaha james is funny. he should like play qudditch against his dad and get creamed!!

Author's Response: haha I'm not exactly sure he would actually get creamed, but you never know :) Thanks for the review!

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