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Review #1, by BellaCamille 

9th November 2011:
I love Remus so much. And I'm so in love with you're Fun Facts, it's ridiculous. Darren WOULD prefer muggle contraception... So appropriate. I wonder if he'd still prefer it if he knew about Remus's fool-proof charm? (;

Author's Response: It's a shame that Darren didn't show his appreciation for Muggle contraception before getting a girl knocked up. lol. Or maybe it's a good thing, because we wouldn't have Oliver!

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Review #2, by kassandra466 

11th May 2010:
OMG!! that was a crazy chapter! im glad that Remus confesed, to Dora!! : D

Author's Response: As long as the Marauders are around there sol always be crazy chapters!

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Review #3, by Rose Cassidee Thomas 

24th September 2009:
haha. bassoon. that is soo james. :P

Author's Response: James is always good for comic relief. :D

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Review #4, by Queen_of_Stars 

1st July 2009:
group hugs do show love... even if it ends up in one big pile... yay for dora & remus!

Author's Response: I love big pile-ons!

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 

21st June 2009:
i wonder wat ana will do when stephen comes bac?? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: It'll be a pretty low-key meeting.

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Review #6, by woohoopolychromatic 

2nd April 2009:
i agree w/ you about the music. jessica simpson sucks. and i don't want anna to go to hogwarts without the marauders. SAD DAY!!! :'(

Author's Response: Yeah, not the greatest music out there, but it's so fun to listen to every once in a while. :D

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Review #7, by Billie 

27th March 2009:
Yay! A day in the life of Remus!! XD

I almost forgot that they wern't going back this year... How will Anna cope???!

-Oh yeah, theres the next chapter to read haha. I'll go do that now. :P

Fab as always!

Author's Response: :D

A day in the life of Remus . . . Almost as entertaining as a day in the life of Darren. :D

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Review #8, by fullmoontonightO 

25th March 2009:
i'm gonna end up hurting myself real bad if i keep having to slap my hands over my mouth to shut myself up... NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING IN THE LEAST!!! keep going with what you're doing!!! **makes puppy dog face** stay funny! pwease? this story just keeps getting better and better and betterer! (my family must thinks i'm goin nuts what with all the laughing coming from my room... not that they didn't already know that, you know...) oh hey, how's your USB problem going? and your shoulder, is it better yet? oh hey, just popped into my head: what's anna's patronus? is it, like, a dog or something? oh and what do you think of the word "polychromous"? i found it on a thesaurus website. also there were "polychrome", "polychromic", "motely", multicolored", "varicolored", "variegated", "versicolor", and "versicolored".
as you can see, i'm poking around for ideas. and failing. miserably. i'll probably htink of something in the middle of the night or something then forget about it and be all frustrated-like forever later... but for now **shrug** i'll survive. cya next review!

Author's Response: My USB problem? I've mostly solved it by keeping it in my computer most of the time, and taking it out whenever there's a reason to. My shoulder is doing lovely, thank you for asking. :D

Anna's patronus is a dog. A big, black, furry, bear-like dog. Sound familiar? That's because it is. :D

Oooo! You did it! You found the name for the first sequel! I had a name for Polychromatic (Polychromatic, obviously) and a name for the second sequel, and now I have one for the first sequel!

Here's how it goes, I'll probably post it with the next chapter, as well:

Marauder Era: Polychromatic
Hogwarts Era, Sequel I: Versicolor
Next Gen Era, Sequel II: Technicolor


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Review #9, by mickey 

20th March 2009:
“You know,” Anna began. “The only thing I don’t like about this place is that it’s in an alley.”

Help. Help. Loss . . . of . . . brain . . . cells.

omfg, that was hilarious!
great job, when are you updating?? im excited for the next chappie!

Author's Response: Updating, er . . . Probably not for a while? I'm temporarily on my Writer's Block, so as of now, I'm writing in the future for a bit, before I get struck by a clever wave of platform 9 3/4 activities. :D

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Review #10, by XxEatYourHeartOutxX 

19th March 2009:
I agree.
Bad music.


And I may or may not have a broken arm.
And it hurts.

I loved this chapter a LOT.

Author's Response: Ooo - broken arm? Ouch - I know where you're coming from. You're talking to someone who's sprained both ankles, a wrist and broken one shoulder. I REALLY hope you're not broken, because that sucks.

Hope you get better! :D

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Review #11, by flamingolover 

18th March 2009:
HI!!! great chapter, I really love this story!!! Remus is so weird... anywho, about getting a banner, I think your best bet would be to get into the Dark Arts and request a banner there. There's a link to it on the HPFF home page-- it's on the left, close to the bottom, and it's in black and whote. It's not hard to request a banner, but you do have to read through a lot of instructions for how to do so. But i've never had a bad experience with them: those guys are AMAZING!!! and their banners always come out lovely. As for the youtube videos, I don't really know a whole lot about that, but I can tell you that if you really want a very nice video, a simple software isn't going to cut it; video-editing is HARD!!! (or maybe I just think that way because of my own experiences). Anywho, I seriously can't wait for your next chapter, and I really hope you update soon!!! I hope this helps you...

Author's Response: Yeah, I've gone through the Dark Arts twice and come out with stunning banners both times. The only thing is, they won't make a banner until you have at least one chapter submitted, and since I'm looking for a banner months ahead of time (if only I was like that with my school work . . .) I don't think I could get one.

But the good news is that I've got someone to make me my banner and graphics, and someone was making me a video/trailer. I feel so loved at the moment. :D

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Review #12, by Tadoremoi 

18th March 2009:
yeah looking forward to this next chapter. Some more character definition on Dora'd be good.
btw, I'm actually amy who reviewed the last chapter. I just logged in this time.

xx amy.

Author's Response: Dora won't be in the next chapter, actually, but she will be in the following one for a bit. :D Over the course of the year, she should become a little more developed.

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Review #13, by pop_girl06 

18th March 2009:
Aw, it's so sweet!
But totally loving Darren, hating Damon at the mo'.

Author's Response: Isn't Darren such a reformed little pervert? Haha, poor Damon is being hated on soso much lately. It's not his fault, he's only a hormone-ridden boy. :D

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Review #14, by DefyingBoundries 

17th March 2009:
ok. now i may have been following this story and know about its sequels. but i can not cum up with a decent trilogy name to save myself!

all ive got is the 'kaleidiscope kids' and the 'idiots guide to being an idiot parts 1,2 & 3' lol

told you i couldnt do it to save myself. hahaha =D

Author's Response: Actually, I really like those suggestions! :D I've gotten so many good ones - I wonder if there's a way I can combine them . . .

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Review #15, by AbiRoss 

17th March 2009:
Yea! Another chapter! I can't wait to read the next! Sorry I'm not much help with the editing and stuff like that. :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed this one. :D

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Review #16, by KarateGirl 

17th March 2009:
Good chapter as always.

I was wondering about the music. I'm like. but, but, Jessica Simpson. That's not right. It's nothing like the other lyrics you usually put up. Which reminds me, I've never said, I love your taste in music.

No!! It's almost over? How many more chapters to go? When will the sequel come out? So many questions so little time.

10/10 as always

Author's Response: Haha. Jessica Simpson. Ha. :D

Well, almost over was probably an exaggeration on my part. There's probably somewhere from 20-30 chapters left. But they'll be rapid fire, as I'm planning on being done with Polychromatic by June. The first chapter of the sequel will be posted directly after the last chapter of this. :D

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Review #17, by kittikatlova 

16th March 2009:
I am so proud of Remus! It seemed like a bit of a filler chapter, but still really well written. I am going to be sad to see Anna go back to school on her own. Can I hope for some Anna/Sirius action sometime soon? Great job. Oh yea, will the sequel feature everyone's kids...or? You should leave us a couple of hints...get us psyched for the sequels, not that Im not already!

Author's Response: It was a fit of a filler chapter, to be honest. But the letter at the beginning was a set up for next chapter, and the interaction between Dora and Remus is (slightly) important for a bit later in the story.

Hints? About the sequel? Well . . . Maybe.
The first sequel - I'm still unsure about the title - will feature the Hogwarts Era. (That's all I'm saying about that.)

The second sequel, which is entitled, Technicolor, will be set during the New Gen. (And that's all I have to say about that.) :D

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Review #18, by Saria 

16th March 2009:
I really really love this story!!! ik i have yet to review (save for now) but i have been watching for updates like every day. I really love anna and the marauders!! they are always so happy and anna is always so random!! and the way it is written is amazing too. i have read quite a few stories on this site and this is by far my favorite!!!


Author's Response: Awww, thanks for all the lovely compliments! They go wonderful with the sun that is (finally!) shining outside.

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Review #19, by mandapanda1234 

16th March 2009:
AW...HUGS!! i love hugs.

Author's Response: Hugs are nice. :D

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Review #20, by silver_serpent 

16th March 2009:
me telling Dora I get really hairy and angry once a month and run around all deadly-like = best.line.ever

Author's Response: Haha - glad it was funny. :D

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Review #21, by DeuteroAurora 

16th March 2009:
I was gonna make a trailer anyways (already started. 8 seconds. I'm a very. . . .i guess you could call it thorough vidder. Hehe. . .)

Author's Response: Ohmigosh!?!?! Really?!?!? Ah! :D I'm so fricking excited!

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Review #22, by hogwarts_author_cs 

16th March 2009:
YAY!!! Awesome chapter!!! I loved it so much! Your story is always so great.
Fav quote- Cue the completely mental best mates.
haha... loved it!!! I can't wait for the next chapter... put it out as quickly as possible, please!!! :) :)
Oh, and sorry I can't help with graphics or anything. I can do real, real simple stuff, but nothing good. (See my own banner for proof :)) I have a friend that does a lot of that... Ah well. I hope you find something!
Ooh... a preview on Youtube would be sweet!!!
FANTASTIC CHAPTER!!! :) Loved it so much

Author's Response: Yeah, the next chapter is mostly unwritten (but almost completely formed in my mind.) :D But it's just a really short, transition chapter. I might actually put up the next one a few hours after that, since the first one's going to be so terribly short.

Yeah, I've seen lots of fanficiton trailers on Youtube, and they just look like so much fun. :D

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Review #23, by pensiveprincess 

16th March 2009:
looking forward to the next chappie. maybe anna's epiphany that she loves sirius will pop up... :) haha... great job! loved it! anyways... update soon!!! :)

Author's Response: Hoorah for the next chapter! (We're back in Anna's point of view - and it's time for school to start.) :D

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Review #24, by marauderette (; 

16th March 2009:
near the endd?!
ahh, this truely honestly is my most favourite story of all time
and i would track it, and add it as best story or whatever,
but i dont know how to. its the thought that counts right?!
annas going to hogwarts all on her own! (with darren)
that must be a bummer,
if i were her, i would force the guys to go to hogsmeade on every single trip,
and also have the other half to the mirror thingys
and maybe just smuggle them into hogwarts.. whatever works best i suppose :L
OR maybe they could get a job there.. like dinner ladies!
even though there are no dinner ladies in hogwarts, and they want to be aurors
plus sirius really isnt the hair net/bingo wings type dude
ahh well, :D

Author's Response: Near the end, is more a relative phrase, I think. I'd give it a good 20-30 chapters. And updates should come pretty frequently - I'm hoping to have this done by the end of the school year.

The other half of the mirror? Yes, she will have that. She'd probably cry without it, I think.

Actually, it's a coicidence you said that - in my original draft of Anna's Seventh year (written way, way back - and scrapped a couple months ago) Anna had a total breakdown/argument/fight thingy with the Marauders, and they ended up returning. However, it went bye-bye because it didn't exactly work with how everything else was going.

Don't worry, though - I doubt you'll be disappointed with Anna's Seventh year . . . :D

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Review #25, by GrayLady 

16th March 2009:
Well, at least Remus and Dora can live happily ever after now, right? That was such an incredibly sweet chapter. It definitely contrasted with the psycho-drama of the last one. I can't believe it's almost over! I may cry.

Remus walking in on his parents so much kinda explains a lot.


Author's Response: Almost over . . . was probably an exaggeration on my part. However, this second part of Polychromatic (post-Marauders) is turning out shorter than I originally intended. My plan is to have Polychromatic finished out by June. :(

I seriously think I'm going to cry when I post the last chapter.

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