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Review #1, by MagicQuill 

28th March 2013:
His last name was never mentioned. I checked

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Review #2, by brianne 

25th June 2012:
Anna's newly disclosed size reminds me of my own body :')
Too large breasts, HIPS, presumably little waist?
Anyway, I'm a way late reader, and I'm positively adoring every moment!
love, brianne

Author's Response: Late reader, or not, I appreciate you all! I hope you're enjoying!

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Review #3, by BellaCamille 

8th November 2011:
Finally! I was really, really starting to miss the usual Sirius/Annaness. Also, I'm kinda falling in love with James tight now. I guess it's my thing for slight geeks who are just TOO COOL.


"Oi! You lot!" James shouted to no one in particular. A new faces turned towards him. Far many more did so after he ripped his robes and uniform off in one fluid motion and began to parade on top of the Gryffindor table in only his red, Quaffle boxers and his fancy shoes.

Also, I just generally love him. It's basically unavoidable.

Ok, I though about it, and I can't really pick the one I love most. THEY ARE ALL SO AMAZING.

Author's Response: You can't really beat someone like James. I mean, he's attractive and hilarious, smart but also sort of dorky so you don't feel so intimidated. It's a shame I'm more of a "jerk-Darren" type.

Haha, I remember reading this story a long, long time ago where the Marauders burst into the Great Hall in little black dresses and sang "Man! I Feel Like a Women!" up on one of the tables, and I thought it was so hilarious that I used it as a mini inspiration for that.

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Review #4, by kassandra466 

10th May 2010:
OMG!! thats crazy, yea you gave Damon a last name, i cant remember what it was.

Author's Response: Damokoles. :)

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Review #5, by dark_angel_14 

6th October 2009:
I loved that chapter...i got to head off to school now but next chapter this afternoon!


Author's Response: Ugh, school. It's so . . . Ugh.

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Review #6, by Queen_of_Stars 

1st July 2009:
that was a rather odd moment to confront Sirius about ignoring her... it was amusing though =)

Author's Response: Well, Anna does have the best timing ever. :D

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Review #7, by GrayLady 

23rd June 2009:
Did Jason basically just encourage his little sister to go out and get pregnant? That is not the type of behavior one normally sees from a big brother. Then again, Jason is not a normal big brother and Anna is definitely not normal.

Why didn't Sirius just start strutting around completely naked? That would have made more girls happy and gotten him more detentions than decking James.

I went to this one restaurant and my family ordered the Roman Orgy, which is like a giant platter of brisket and pork and chicken and bowls of potatoes and carrots and all this fruit like grapes and melons piled up on a platter. Then I texted all my friends to tell them I had had a Roman orgy. They just wanted to know who all was involved, where was I, and could they come join. They are total pervs.


Author's Response: I don't think he quite meant to encourage that, but, in essence he did.

I personally wouldn't have minded if Sirius did that. Or . . . Have you seen the Proposal? It's that new movie with Sandra Bullock and the best looking man to ever grace this earth - Ryan Renolds. Now I would DEFINITELY not mind if he decided to walk around completely naked . . .

Haha! Your friends sound fantastic! In all honesty . . . I probably would have replied something like that, as well. ;)

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Review #8, by Lillylover22 

15th June 2009:
I love it!! the bathroom idea is great!! gee jason was helpful!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Isn't Jason just ever-so helpful? :)

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Review #9, by fullmoontonightO 

21st March 2009:
darn... i was way off with my version of the jason letter... ah, well. it stands that i am not jason--or you--so yeah. i probably was gonna get it wrong anyways, but... I HAD FUN DOING IT! YAY! (oh yeah, and before i forget, is darren oliver woods' dad?) oh, and as for your USB, maybe you should but if on a lanyard or something and hang it around your neck... or put it in a special thing next to or with your laptop? or maybe leave a copy of the story in a few computers and have it emailed to yourself as well? (i know the feeling of a lost... everything...) good luck, and remember: THINK ANNA! (people everywhere shudder in fear...) ^-^

Author's Response: Haha, nah. I like your version WAY better. I think Anna's going to need some more advice, just for the purpose of my being able to use part of that letter. Really. :D

Yeah, Darren's Oliver Wood's dad. :D

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Review #10, by The Arethusa Got Lucky 

3rd March 2009:
I don't know if the slang James uses is out of its time period or not, same for the phrase "got all up in his grill." All I know is that it just feels out of place to me, even if I can't find any conclusive evidence on it.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm almost positive that "got all up his grill" and the fingers in the z-formation thing are COMPLETELY out of this time period. If by some chance they're not out of place, I'd be totally shocked. However, I decided that I'd break my rule about time-periods and such just once, for comic effect. :D

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Review #11, by woohoopolychromatic 

23rd February 2009:
USBs are sometimes dangerous.Check in the chapter when Anna first meets Damon, he had a last name there. Oh and I especially like the part in the story when James gets all up in Sirius' 'grill'. Funny!!!

Author's Response: USBs - those things man, so confusing. Yeah, I found the last name - thanks. :D

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Review #12, by DefyingBoundries 

7th February 2009:
ok im gettin sick of all this 'you have already reviewed for this chapter' stuff. Anyway i was just checking up on how you went with the old cam advice and i am sooo glad you liked it. New Zealanders arnt so stupid after all lol. Cant wait for those next chapters ae keep updating. Ill be here for some advice if you ever need it radda radda radda.im blabbing now arnt i? time to shut up. see ya!

Author's Response: Yeah, thank you so much for that suggestion. It's now my life's quest to find the \perfect picture of him to use. You wouldn't happen to know a picture where is hair is just a little bit longer than the buzz crop he seems to wear a lot?

Oh, and all that 'you've already reviewed crap' does get annoying. You can always sign out and review, though.

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Review #13, by bunnyboo19 

5th February 2009:
Ok so it would not let me review again on the last chapter so here is my answer:
I think the banner that is currently up is the best one and I also think a young Heath Ledger would be a perfect picture for Darren
Like a picture from 'A Knights Tale' for instance

Author's Response: I love love love my banner. I'm glad you do too. :D

Ooo, thanks for the Knight's Tale suggestion. I found a really great picture, I just have to figure out a way to touch up his hair a bit darker ...

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Review #14, by MrsNorris17 

30th January 2009:
yay... Anna isn't a freaky little stick :] she is normal in at least one sense! :D

surprises, woo! me likes surprises :]
apologies, but i don't remember if he had a last name :S hopefully someone else will!
anyway- lovely chapter!
you're the best author for updating :D yayy

Author's Response: Haha, aren't those little facts brilliant? All these things you'd never actually know . . .

I know! Aren't suprises awesome!?

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Review #15, by sreduaram 

30th January 2009:
ooh james strutting up and down a table in boxers :D that sounds good.
and theyre back to their normal relationship again, and loving the advice from her brother.
i have no idea about the last name thing, but yes! shes a normal size!!
birlliantly excellently awesome, as per usual :)

Author's Response: Wowsers, there's a lot of reviews. :D

I know, doesn't that sound really nice? Granted, he's not as fit as Sirius, but still very, very nice. ;D

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Review #16, by Werewolf_love 

29th January 2009:
Lol sorry I cant help you there. hmm. I have to say Damon/Darren confuses me for some reason lol.
Brilliant chapter! Oh man, I do NOT want to know whats going to happen in the tub...rofl
yeah right. Are you kidding me!? I'm bursting with curiousity to find out!
And the thing with the zipdisk happened to me once. Except it was on a USB. Scared the crap outta me. Amamzing chapter! Cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Yeah, when I first started to write this story, I used to switch them up. (Actually, I also used to use the name of the person that Darren was kind of based off of, but then Darren took his own character, and I stopped doing that. :D)

Zip disks . . . Oh, wow. I totally accidenatly lied. It was a USB that I have - I just keep calling it a zip disk for some reason. Man, I haven't used a zip disk (or as I used to call them - Floppy Copys) in ages! :D

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Review #17, by Perri 

28th January 2009:
Oh. I forgot - you used Paramore lyrics. Paramore is luff. And Pessimist/Optimistic (I'm too lazy to write out the entire title) is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Except maybe Brighter...and Fences.and - er, shutting up now. Heh. Anyway, just thought I'd add that.

Author's Response: I love Paramore! I heard they're experimenting for their next album, and I'm kind of interested to see how that turns out. :D

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Review #18, by Perri 

28th January 2009:
"Burn! Oh snap! In your face! Don't make me snap my fingers in a z-formation!"
*bursts out laughing*
I also love Jason's letter.
Ah, Darren and Remus need to go start a manwhore club.
*huggles Damon*
Whoo. Sirius and Anna are back to normal. Well, as normal as they can be.
Was reading other reviews and your responses and HOLY CHOCOLATE. If you do max. for all of those time periods you'd have...50 more chapters. And then a sequel. *Dies*. I am exceedingly happy right now. I was worried that it'd be finished soon, but I guess I was just being stupid.
Eurgh. Have to go.
Excellent chapter, though (:
*Does happy dance because story is not ending anytime soon*


Author's Response: Haha, isn't James a love? :D

Haha, isn't Damon awesome. He's like a slightly less girl version of Sirius.

It's only an approximation, but, yes, that's where it's around. And because I just can't keep a secret, I'm going to add a second surprise to the next chapter. But . . . I also feel like I want to let that one out now . . .
Okay here it goes! - The first sequel (first! yes, there's two!) is in Harry's Era. The second sequel is during the Next-Gen Era.

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Review #19, by rowenaravenclaw94 

28th January 2009:
good job! hehe. 10/10! i wouldn't turn down an orgy with the marauders! lolz... poor lily! at least she can play quidditch...
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: I know! Doesn't any orgy sound thrilling? :D

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Review #20, by ginnyweasley_potter 

28th January 2009:
YAY! anna and sirius, the devil duo, back again! woo hoo! I came on and checked before i have to get started on school( online schooling, heaven. most of the time) and i practically peed my pance when i realized you had updated! YAY! i love updates. theirs always a dry spell around... the school year... and it gets really annoying when you have like 300 stories on various sites that you REALLY want updated and nobodys updating.

I think you gave damon a last name, because Mrs. Potter introduced ANna to his dad, and that wouldn';t be by first name.

Losing things sucks. My computer crashed(oh, a year ago) and i had all my fanfics on it. and the hard copies(various notebooks) were... somehwhere. finding things in my room, not so much a pleasure. at all. seriously, you ever read ZITS? that cartoon about teenagers? anyway... my room is that bad. my mom is afraid to go in itl. everyone is afraid to go in it. lol. so... needless to say... updating... didn't turn out to well. :,(. but yay for you finding it!

Author's Response: Online schooling. Ooo. Is it college? Or somehow high school?

I hate that - that whole not updating thing, so I try not to get too attached to stories. (And I usually only read completed ones anyways cause there's always a huge chance that the author won't finish the story, no matter how far in they are, and how many fans the story has. For example: Have you ever read Match? I read my way through 40-something extremely long chapters, and nothing's been posted since summer. It's hopeless. :(

I've never read ZITS, but I have an idea about the room; I'm sure mine is close to that (before my mom throws a hissy fit and I have to clean it, anyways.) :D

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Review #21, by hpfan45 

28th January 2009:
yeahh!! they're friends again. thats good. i like how ana solved that promblem that she had forvever ( or it seemed) in one short convo with sirius
theres ana for you
anyways good chapter

Author's Response: It didn't sorta seem like forever, huh? Sometimes, all you gotta do is talk it out. :D

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Review #22, by sofai 

28th January 2009:
I like your story. You've made the characters a bit different from other fanfics, but they suit this story. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like how this has worked out and stuffs. :D

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Review #23, by Tara.Seanan 

28th January 2009:
Damokles Theophilus, son of the Greece Minister of Magic.

Anyways, "James got all up in Siriusí grill." I love your random little gangsta phrases! They sound like something me or my friends would say. You know, just being weird.

Oh, and are we gonna see another prank some time soon? After all, it is the marauder's 7th year, aren't they gonna do something to say goodbye?

Anywhose, your chapter updates always make me jump for joy, and this one was no different. It's like crack for poor people! :P

Author's Response: Aweeessome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I remembered that part, but I couldn't find whether or not I'd given him a last name, and I haven't gotten as far as those chapters editing yet.

You will see another prank sometime soon, actually. It's not exactly the large scale one that you saw at the beginning of the year, but it's just enough to remind you that they ARE the Marauders.

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Review #24, by pensiveprincess 

28th January 2009:
woot woot! another great chapter! :) glad an-na-na and sirius are better! so are we going to get to read about this fabulouse pool/bath??? it sounds rather entertaining. haha!!! update soon please? :)

Author's Response: Nah, you don't get to read about the pool/bath - I figured them just goofing off and having fun would get repetiive. It does sound fun, though, doesn't it?

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Review #25, by the_marauders_rock 

27th January 2009:
"Burn! Oh snap! In your face! Don't make me snap my fingers in a z-formation!" Favorite line of this chapter!
Great chapter...a bit short but still awesomeness!
James liking Michael Jackson? That's just creepy!
Darren is another manwhore lol
Sirius is a sweetie and NOT a manwhore like he is in every other story!
And finally a girl in fanfiction who is normal sized! you are my hero! lol
update soon please! (Tuesday?)
10/10 as always!

Author's Response: Haha, wasn't that line great? It was an inspiration - I'd like to thank, uh . . . I actually don't know, but I was probably eating cereal at the time that I wrote it. (I usually am late at night.)

Haha, James liking Michael Jackson - isn't it great?

And that's good about Anna. It's probably the most annoying thing in the world when the character is "stick skinny yet with curves in all the right places." You've got to pick one or the other, and since Anna is a relatable, real character (ie - void of any special powers, or super metabolism, or veela-like beauty) she's normal sized. :D

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